‘Arrow’ Season 3 Casts J.R. Ramirez as Wildcat

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DC Comics Wildcat Arrow Season 3 Casts J.R. Ramirez as Wildcat

Arrow has already introduced several heroes and villains ripped straight from the pages of DC Comics. Season 3 of Arrow alone promises to bring viewers characters like Count Vertigo, ArsenalThe Atom and even League of Assassins leader Ra’s Al Ghul. Now we can add another character to that growing roster of DC icons making their way to the small screen.

According to Deadline, actor J.R. Ramirez has been cast as Ted Grant (who is better known by his alter-ego as superhero Wildcat) for season 3 of Arrow. Although no casting was previously revealed, executive producer Marc Guggenheim announced at Comic-Con that the character would be joining the series. Ramirez has previously appeared on shows like 90210 and Emily Owens M.D. and can currently be seen on Starz’ new series Power.

On Arrow, Grant will be a former boxer with a mysterious past and will reportedly play an integral role, likely as a recurring character. However, considering that Wildcat is an important member of the Justice Society for America in the comics and a mentor to characters like Black Canary (an established figure on Arrow, it should be noted), it’s looking pretty clear that DC is building to a small-screen superhero team-up that will mirror what the films are doing starting with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. That development (or least the continuing buildup towards it) would certainly explain the importance in keeping Arrow and The Flash connected via cross-over events.

JR Ramirez Arrow Season 3 Casts J.R. Ramirez as Wildcat

J.R. Ramirez

If Ramirez’s casting is further proof that a small-screen JSA is, in fact, on the way, it would certainly be an ambitious endeavor and an idea that Smallville flirted with over the years (without ever really giving fans the steady flow of team-up episodes they wanted). In fact, pulling off a small-screen superhero team could give DC the chance to best their competitors at Marvel, which is launching its Netflix series starting with Daredevil next year – and building towards a Defenders event miniseries, thereafter.

At this point, it’s too early to see how either comic book empire will fare in this regard, but it is clear that Arrow is taking full advantage of the deep well of DC characters. Do you think that Ramirez’s casting is a sign pointing towards a small-screen superhero team? If so, who would you like to see added to the roster next? Sound off with your thoughts below.

Arrow season 3 premieres Wednesday, October 8, 2014 at 8pm on The CW.

Source: Deadline

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  1. It was just a matter of time after weeks speculating who’d play him. Sounds good but it makes me wonder, will Laurel have to take up the Black Canary persona due to Sara passing that mantle onto her and going back to the League Of Assassins full time or will Sara die?

    • I thought Sara will die in the end of Season 2, but I feel that she will someday. Her death will push Laurel to be the Black Canary.

    • I really wish they would change their minds about that.

      Josh Radnor warned HIMYM writers that the audience wouldn’t like their plan to end the series, they did it anyway, and a lot of true fans of the series (like myself) were very frustrated.

      Just because the writers have ideas and plans doesn’t mean that’s what’s best for their final product. The show they are making is amazing (imo) and the story they are telling is equally good, but the casting of Laurel and the arc her character has been on, as far as I can tell, have been disliked by the majority of viewers (or at least those invested enough to take to forums).

      On the other hand, people seem to LOVE Sara (and Caity Lotz).

      I really hope the writers listen to their feedback and alter their plans ever so slightly, rather than steamrolling ahead with a good idea that is being executed very poorly. Even if Laurel’s involvement increases tenfold (which it shouldn’t — there are a ton of other characters to juggle already, and Diggle / Felicity are already vastly under-utilized), I think people just dislike Katie Cassidy.

      TLDR; Save Sara. Ditch Laurel.

      • That’s the weird thing about it though. I disliked Laurel but I can see why they’d have her as Black Canary since she’s overcoming her own issues and she’s been set up as Oliver’s true love, the one he could never stop caring about, which would all transition nicely into her becoming the Black Canary we all know and love from the comics.

        Saying that, you’re right, I think Caity Lotz has been a great physical presence to the show and I’ll miss her if she ever left.

        By the by, I thought the HIMYM ending was the only way they could’ve gone for the same reasons (being Ted’s true love and finally ending up together after years of false starts). Maybe it’s just because I’m an old romantic at heart and I’d like to have that same happy ending with my own true love someday.

        • I completely agree with the HIMYM sentiment, I just think it cheapened the relationship Ted had with the mother by being a story about how he was really in love with someone else the entire time. What a terrible story to tell your kids: “Hey kids, I loved another woman my whole life, but your mom appreciated how I pronounced encyclopedia so she was pretty cool too.”

          Anyway, back on topic: I really like the story being told in Arrow. I understand that Laurel is supposed to be Oliver’s “The One” but I don’t get why. In the first season, we could have believed that his love for Laurel is what gave him the strength to keep going – because he needed to get back to her. But now that we know he had Shado and Sara and possibly even Katana while away… it just doesn’t make any sense to say that they [Oliver and Laurel] are destined to be together, or that their bond is stronger than anyone else’s.

          From my perspective, Laurel is being dragged through this narrative because the writers want her there in the end, not because the characters’ lives or interests are bringing them together.

          • I guess my response would be that he never knew if he’d ever get to see Laurel again so he fell for Shado and he had something with Sara due to their affair but Laurel will always be his girl, he’s just resigned himself to pushing her away because people around him tend to die.

            As for the HIMYM thing, again, it happens and generally, the children of long-lost loves get behind their parent for finally being with the one person who made them feel truly happy. Happens in real life so why can’t it happen on a TV show?

            • True. I can see Oliver being with Laurel because that connection is still there but then again it seems to me that they are moving the love interest more towards Felicity. What if they pull a Affleck type move and decide that Felicity is the next Black Canary, LOL? That would be rather interesting and would throw people completely off. As for the HYIYM reference, I do agree in which I did feel a little put off not because of how Ted ending up with Robin but more with how the final season was handled. If there wasn’t a real importance with the mother, then why spend 99% of the season on a wedding that had no real importance. That was what really annoyed me most along with other fans. If felt like filler episodes to just get to that last 2 episodes that really mattered.

      • I’m sorry, this has nothing to do with the news here, but what is a “true fan of the show”? Seriously, please explain. Are you only a “true fan” if you agree with everyone else? Because I felt the ending of HIMYM was (like life) bitter sweet, because you can’t always have happy endings. But I must not be a “true fan” then.

        • +1

          I hate this “if you’re a true fan, you’d feel this way” mentality. It’s either “you can’t be a true fan unless you love it” or “you can’t be a true fan unless you hate it”. Can’t people be “true fans” but still have their own individual opinion instead of following groupthink and flock mentality?

          It’s funny how people are told as children “celebrate what makes you different from others, treat everyone as an individual” but then those children grow up to only like or hate something if a large group of peers feels the same and then they adopt that way of thinking to try and fit in because being an individual is apparently a social no-no.

          No thanks. I’d rather be my own man and if I can’t be loved then I’ll be hated as long as I don’t become a sheep.

          • Well said..!!

      • Another reason why Save Sara / Ditch Laurel may be an appealing idea: Caity Lotz has proved that she can take on a lot of the physical challenges that comes with being Black Canary… Katie Cassidy, on the other hand, hasn’t yet… but she may surprise us!

      • In Arrow, the last thing the writers should be doing is listening to fans for the most part.
        Keep Sarah(it’s got an ‘h’ btw ;) ) but have her be The Canary which is all they’ve called her and come and go as she’s part of the LoA. Have Laurel be Black Canary, they had the passing of the torch, the actress can pull it off and has been working out this summer and now they actually have a storyline to write for her. And seeing as Felicity is just overly quirky and annoying and was meant to be nothing more than her 1st episode she’s being utilized just fine, and Diggle’s getting the fatherhood arc/subplot this season

        • Sarah usually has an H but I think in this case, the writers removed it for Caity’s character.

    • IMO Felicity should be the one for Oliver, she is by far the best female character.

  2. Its interesting to note that there were rumors of an Hourman show on cw in the works. Btw so happy to see Wildcat on tv.

  3. Something that I always loved about Smallville was that I was able to see characters that probably would never been done as live action characters. I’m glad that Arrow (and the Flash) is continuing this for me.

    • So funny you mentioned that as I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and said one of my favourite episodes of Smallville was called ‘Justice’ when we had Flash, Green Arrow, Clark, Aquaman and Cyborg all taking down one of Lex’s labs. I really appreciated that they brought in the foundations of their universe’s Justice League so well.

  4. Live action Justice League: Unlimited?

  5. Stephen Amell posted a picture while filming the second episode. He was standing in a boxing ring. So it seems he’ll show up rather quick.

    Question to anyone. A lot of fans say they want Nightwing to show up. He’s been my favorite for years, but I feel like Red hood would be a better fit in the Arrow world. Anyone think any of the robins will eventually show up, or even just be mentioned? And which would be the best fit?

    • Honestly, with the amount of Bludhaven references since season 1, Nightwing seems most likely to appear.

    • 100% support for Nightwing to turn up. They’ve mentioned Bludhaven multiple times and with this season featuring Ra’s, I’d really think he’d be a nice addition. Just as a recurring character perhaps like Canary was last season or Ollie/Green Arrow was in Smallville Season Six.

      Nightwing is the closest Batman property we’re going to get (apart from the shared villains) and I think introducing him slowly this season would be great. Possibly save Red Hood for next year when Nightwing and Arrow have a good basis of friendship/trust to team up.

      Having Robin may be too hot to handle without mentioning Bats, which I’m sure the show is not allowed even to say his name. That doesn’t mean Ra’s can’t refer to ‘The Detective’ though!

      Looking forward to next season immensely though even if we don’t see Dick Grayson.

      • As much as I hope Nightwing will show up eventually I’d be just as happy if they just mention Dick. Ra’s could compare Arrow to him or something. With Ra’s being a (presumably big part) of season 3 there’s a lot of huge ester eggs he could casually mention in conversation. Picks up his phone and we hear someone say “Im coming for you” and It’s one of the robins. A lot can happen this season. The show always delivers so hopefully it stays as god as the first two seasons.

        You think Harley will have some sort of role anytime soon? If she gets featured in an episode with Deadshot I’d lose my Sh*t!

        • Me too. Mainly because I’m a huge fan of Harley (paid handsomely for expensive statues and such of her plus hers is the only ongoing comic book I actively collect every month, everyone else can wait until the Trade Paperback volumes release).

          • Do you think with the Gotham series, Harley may be something that could be exclusive to Fox since she has ties to Joker? I would love to see Harley at some point in Arrow but feel she might be a Fox property now with Gotham now a full go.

            • I’m not sure because they could use her beyond the season 2 cameo in Arrow and she’d fit right in because of her Suicide Squad connections in The New 52.

              If we get Harley in Gotham, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was just a young girl in a white coat playing Doctors with friends (if you guys have that over there, just young kids pretending to be ill and another pretending to be a doctor) as a hint while the adult version could return in Arrow and join Task Force X while a movie version could follow the New 52 version (in that she’s been apart from The Joker for some time and can function without him to a certain extent).

        • @ Justin

          I lost my s*** even from that small Harley cameo voiced by Tara Strong last season lol Seriously jumped out of the chair when I heard her!

          I believe in the New 52 comics that Harley is indeed part of the Suicide Squad and the writers have the perfect lead in now for this. We have Amanda Waller in a bigger role and an already established Squad (where Harley was locked up with them) and Deathstroke has been captured now too.

          I’d love more of just a cameo this season from Nightwing or Robin, but I’d settle for one (as you described) if they can’t get a regular appearance.

          • Unfortunately for me, Arrow aired in the UK 8 days later than the US (meaning if it aired in the US tomorrow, the UK would get tomorrow’s episode next Thursday) so I knew about Harley’s cameo and waited all episode for it.

            Luckily, I’d recorded it and saw the next day and was able to rewind and watch again a half dozen times before I stopped fangirling, wiped the tears from my eyes, let the goosebumps settle back down then continued watching the rest of the episode.

            • @ Dszz

              Haha, brilliant! I just normally stream it as I can’t wait the week for it to air here. Things like Game of Thrones I don’t mind as it’s the next day on Sky Atlantic, so I just avoid some sites until I see it. I noticed actually Tara isn’t voicing Harley in Assault on Arkham but she is doing the voice of Billy Batson in a Shazam! series. The reason I want to see Assault on Arkham is because to get an idea of how the Arrow writers could fit her into the Suicide Squad as this animation does.

              • I got mine pre-ordered too. Disappointed it isn’t Tara voicing her but hey, it’s Harley so it doesn’t matter, lol.

                I can’t do the whole waiting thing now. Ray Donovan airs here Tuesdays but I usually watch on Monday online because I’m getting impatient with my shows these days. Plus I might have to get rid of Sky Digital to save a little money and my TV and films viewing will have to be online if that’s the case (I’ll miss the Sky Sci Fi/Horror HD channel constantly showing Dredd every few days, haha).

              • I actually just seen Assault on Arkham and whoever voiced Harley Quinn in the feature really didn’t disappoint. She’s a real lunatic in this one! But unless Arrow writers intend to do an episode in Arkham Asylum, Harley won’t be necessary for the Suicide Squad.

                • They wouldn’t need to have an episode going into Arkham, they already lost a team member in that episode so Harley could easily replace him).

  6. Ever since Arrow and Agents of SHIELD launched, I’ve felt DC has won out on the small screen. Marvel’s trying to connect the small screen with the movies severely limits what characters they can bring in because big stars won’t go on small TV shows for that little pay (and they don’t have time with Marvel’s strict schedule) and characters brought in on the TV series probably won’t even make it to the big screen. This ensures two things; one, that people won’t feel left out if they haven’t seen either or (the movies OR the show) and two, ensures that Agents of SHIELD is limited in what it can accomplish.

    But Arrow (and now Flash!) are separate from the DC Cinematic Universe, and they are FREE to do whatever. I would not mind AT ALL if they eventually brought on Batman and Superman onto this series as guest stars and made a Justice League of American TV event (2-3 2 hour episodes) that brought all these heroes together. Since its self-contained in the television world, Arrow and Flash and any other future DC TV series have free reign on what characters they can bring in at what time and in what version without worrying about any cross overs.

    That being said, if Green Arrow is ever in a future JLA film and it’s not Stephen Amell (Arrow version or not) I ain’t seeing it.

    • The reason I wanted the tv and movies to be connected was because I can’t see anyone else being Arrow. If im being honest, I can’t see Green arrow in a movie anytime soon. But if he is and Stephen doesn’t play him, they’re making a huge mistake.

      • Before Amell was cast, I was a supporter of Todd Lasance playing him and have always supported Lasance as a movie Green Arrow since then.

        By what Guillermo del Toro says, Constantine may or may not tie into his Justice League Dark film, depending on how they feel further down the line but honestly, not seeing any of the TV versions cast in the films is a great thing in my view.

        There may be an actor who plays Green Arrow better than Stephen Amell and to limit that potential by saying “only this actor can play him” would be their biggest mistake. Plus, like I said many times before, they can do an Elseworlds type thing with alternate versions of characters. Especially since Scott McNairy is rumoured to be the film version of The Flash.

      • I understand what you’re saying. To me, I’m against the two universe being shared. I doubt we’ll see Green Arrow in the cinematic universe. The huge problem you need to take notice is The Flash. How I see it, the one only problem keeping the two separated is having two Flash.

        • Thank you, exactly! They are shooting themselves in the foot having two concurrent versions of the Flash. What they will probably do is make the cinema flash Wally West, but then that screws with any hope for a Teen Titans and it makes the camaraderie between Barry Allen and Hal Jordan nonexistent. Unless they make the new Lantern John Stewart or Guy Gardner, and then it will be moot. But then there’s a wasted opportunity there for a good buddy movie with roots in the comics.

          Of course, they could always use Bart for a Teen Titans movie. But the only really good Titans stories are the ones from the 80s with Raven and Cyborg and Wonder Girl and Terra and Beast Boy. But then that involved Deathstroke– ahhh! they screwed it all up!

          • Well, like I said, if rumour last weekend was to be believed, Scoot McNairy is playing Barry Allen in Batman V Superman.

            Which is good because as much as I liked Grant Gustin as Barry in The Flash pilot, I’m glad someone else is playing him in the films.

          • I don’t understand why it would be a problem to have a Barry Allen on a TV show and a Barry Allen in a movie at the same time. It’s almost as if people aren’t capable of differentiating between the movie universe Flash and TV universe Flash.

          • How exactly will they shoot themselves in a leg? Please explain this part and not your thought on what Flash must go on screen. I fail to see the problem at all.

        • Agreed, but don’t you forget that the Justice League movie is 3 years away, if you believe the schedule, which I do not. I can’t see them doing BvS in 2016 and JL in 2017.

          So let’s say that JL is 4-5 years away, Arrow and Flash might not even exist by then.
          I’m seriously starting to wonder if that’s their plan. Finish both these shows right before Justice League.

          • I thought they were shooting BVS and Justice League back-to-back which is why we’re having to wait until 2016 for BVS.

            What I said is just hearsay though, but it makes sense.

    • But they won’t bring Batman or Supes to the shows. Ben Affleck is not going to come on the CW and parade around as Batman. And they can’t even mention him or Supes. So we have a universe of heroes free to do whatever they want and completely free of the holy trinity of that universe. What’s a DC universe without Bats, Supes and WW? It’ll just be 52 but without Booster Gold!

      I know I’m just a ranting DC fanboy, but I think they are going to realize how empty both of their universes are without each other.

      • Empty because of three characters being missing?

        I honestly can’t understand this type of thinking.

      • No that’s the thing, because the TV and movie universes are separate, they CAN bring on Supes and Bats at any time they want with no problem, it’s just a matter of not making them the stars

        • Is there not rights issues and stuff? I thought I remember this issue coming up with Batman to be mentioned/appear in Smallville but, as Nolan was making his films, the writers weren’t allowed to use his name or image.

          This wasn’t an issue though for Birds of Prey in 2002 as no cinematic Batman was being used.

          • I’m sure I read that as long as movie continuity wasn’t screwed up by the TV shows, any character is fair game other than Superman and Batman, meaning we won’t see them on TV until DC change their minds.

            • Oh yeah it was fine for Birds of Prey back in 2002, but they actually showed Batman on screen and name him a lot back in that programme. It wasn’t quite up to Arrow standards to be fair, but certainly if CW keep having success with DC characters on TV, then I think they could perhaps have another shot at it. But would be tricky to do if they’re not allowed to mention Batman while his trademark/copyright is tied up in the Snyder films.

    • I totally agree with you Vojeto. Marvel has so far dominated the silver screen while DC’s superior big screen feature has only been Nolan’s Batman Trilogy. However, TV and animation is where DC strives. Marvel really messed themselves up with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. While S.H.I.E.L.D on the big screen looks flawless, TV S.H.I.E.L.D looks like a complete knockoff. Yet, they’re one in the same. DC doesn’t face this problem on TV because projects such as Arrow and Gotham are more grounded to reality. And their animation is way more superior in comparison to Marvel’s Animated Universe. How you guys seen the animated Marvel Universe on TV? Yuck.

  7. Okay is arrow having more heros than batman vs superman ?

  8. this show just keeps getting better. I wonder if they will have Yolanda Montez eventually take over for him. Probably not, but that would be interesting some time down the line.

    Anybody know if they can use Martian Manhunter or is he being reserved for the films? They are giving such a good treatment to these characters, I would love to see what they did with him.

    Hell, a J’onn J’onzz show that introduced the more cosmic elements of DC would be astounding.

  9. Kelly Frye has been announced as the actress playing Plastique in The Flash.

    • I wasn’t familiar with her character and I had to google her. She is mostly a villian in the comics? The synopsis for the episode she will appear in hints that the Flash helps her.

      • Yeah, she’ll be an ally of The Flash but if that lasts, we’ll never know until we see her arc play out.

  10. I like Sara as Canary. But it seems inevitable Laurel will take up the mantle.

    She’ll never be able to fight like her sister.

    So, why not just give her a mutate power– the Canary scream. Maybe Argus kidnaps her and does experiments on her.

    • All you haters are just bitter.