Full ‘Arrow’ Season 3 Trailer Features Ra’s al Ghul

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Whereas Arrow season 1 was more or less Green Arrow by way of Christopher Nolan’s Batman (with some CW drama mixed in for good measure), season 2 upped the ante considerably by adding Deathstroke the Terminator, superpowered villains, Barry Allen, the Suicide Squad, and more. Plus, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) himself became more of a “superhero” than a vigilante; now he sports a green domino mask like the one he wears in the comics, he goes by “Arrow” instead of “The Hood,” and he no longer kills as he did in the first season.

Good news, Arrow fans – everything we know about season 3 indicates that it’ll up the ante even more. Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) will play Ray Palmer, who becomes The Atom in the comics; Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) will become Arsenal; a new Count Vertigo (Peter Stormare) is in town; Katana will join the festivities; and a major crossover between Arrow and The Flash will take place starting in episode 8.

Last night at Comic-Con 2014, the Warner Bros. TV panel premiered a lot of DC superhero TV show footage, including the world premiere of the Gotham pilot, a (second) screening of The Flash pilot, a trailer for Constantine, and the full Arrow season 3 trailer (above). You’ve probably seen most of the footage from the Arrow trailer – featuring Ray Palmer, Vertigo, Arsenal, and more – as we already wrote about it a couple of days ago. But this new trailer tacked on about 45 seconds of extra footage featuring one of Batman’s greatest villains: Ra’s al Ghul.

Arrow Season 3 Trailer with Ras al Ghul at Comic Con 570x294 Full Arrow Season 3 Trailer Features Ras al Ghul

This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to Arrow fans, as Ra’s al Ghul was name-dropped several times throughout season 2. Furthermore, the Canary was once a member of his League of Assassins (and again by the end of season 2); Arrow season 1 big bad Malcolm Merlyn was a member; and al Ghul’s daughter, Nyssa, made two appearances last season, first as an enemy and then as an ally.

What’s particularly interesting about this trailer is that it seems to set up Ra’s al Ghul as the major villain of season 3. “If half of the stories I’ve heard about Ra’s al Ghul are true,” Oliver says, “we will all pay.” While we know that Vertigo and Merlyn will pose a problem to the Arrow gang in the coming season, they both seem like small potatoes coming after Deathstroke and his army of superpowered psychopaths.


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Ra’s, on the other hand, is about as big a threat as it gets. The only question I have is – will they reference Batman at all? Of course, we know that neither Batman nor Superman will make an appearance on the show (and that the TV and movie universes will be kept separate), but all I want is one off-hand remark from Ra’s about “the detective” and I’ll be happy.

What say you, Screen Ranters? Are you looking forward to Arrow season 3? Are you glad that Ra’s al Ghul will be making an appearance? Drop us a line in the comments.

Arrow season 3 premieres Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 @8pm on The CW.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hits theaters August 8th, 2014.

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  1. If only they could get Liam Neeson for the role….if only…..

    • there is the possibility…he did come back to voice qui gon gin in the star wars clone wars show, he could be the master of resurrection again

  2. That looks awesome. I for one like that the shows will be separate which means they can bring in who ever they want

  3. Hearing Ra’s mention “the detective” while fighting Arrow would be perfect. Or mention any of the Robins. A lot of fans talk about how much they want Nightwing in the show. Getting Jason or Tim would be just as cool. Hopefully Ra’s starts a trend of more Gotham characters showing up.

    • Well, we sort of already had Batman and Catwoman’s daughter from another universe – The Huntress – appear and an upcoming episode is called The Oracle so who knows? Totally excited for this.

      • In the Suicide Squad episode we got Harley Quinn :)

  4. I’m excited but they steal Batman VILLIANS like it’s nobody’s business lol. Green Arrow has some great VILLIANS all in his own. I know he doesn’t have a large gallery but….Batman must be like get your own enemies haha. GA ha always been a poor mans dark knight

  5. Ra”s: what is with American billionaire orphans and vigilantism??” Haha
    “I must admit emerald archer, you’re almost as formidable as the detective”
    It’s be cool if Ra”s gave Ollie the ramrod archer nickname like he age Bruce the detective name. Or just archer

  6. they should cast the guy who provided Ra’s voice in Young Justice for this show.

  7. Ra’s Al Ghul! Yes Ollie & Malcolm would have no choice but to team up to fight him.

  8. Just when you thought they had moved past making Green Arrow be a Batman expy.

  9. So stoked for this!! I know The Flash will be brought justice this time around and the production team knows how to handle their stuff, can’t wait for further surprises from and for the DCTVU!!
    *Especially the two-hour back to back crossover special!!!!*

  10. @ Rob

    From listening to comics artist Neal Adams talk about Green Arrow on (Fatman on Batman), Mr. Adams has said the same thing that Ollie was the fighter for the Everyman, staying up against the oppressions. I can’t believe how a second season went so huge with Deathstroke, the League of Shadows, and now Ra’s al Ghul. ‘Arrow,’ in my opinion is the BEST show on any network, if they conutine with how big of a scale Hong Kong can be for season three.

  11. Absolutely, I think doing Ra’s Al Ghul without mentioning Batman would be a cop-off. We already have characters like the Huntress, Black Canary, and Harley Quinn in the show, in addition to Nyssa Al Ghul, so I don’t see the problem.

    In the closing moments of the Flash pilot they mentioned a “merger” between Queen Industries and Wayne Tech. So I don’t see why Batman’s peripheral existence in the show would harm his appearances in other continuities.

    • When was Harley Quinn on the show, or are you refering to Gotham?

      • She was in a prison cell during the Suicide Squad episode in season 2, played by one actress but voiced by Tara Strong, who took over voicing Harley from Arleen Sorkin.

        • Yup, not to mention that she’s all but confirmed to appear in S3 with the Suicide Squad.

  12. Ra’s al Goool…. is dead!

    • Dr. Crane isn’t here right now, but if you’d like to make an appointment.

  13. They keep trying to make this Batman. But it’s not.

  14. Maybe they’ll get an actual Arab to play Ra’s.

  15. Alexander Siddig should be Ra’s for TV. That would be perfect.

    • He’s already playing doran martell, so I doubt he’d drop that for Ra’s

    • No, Oded Fehr would be perfect…

  16. Just disappointed they pronounce him Raz instead of the authentic pronunciation of Raysh. Still look forward to the arc though.

    • His daughter called him Raysh in her appearances.

  17. I was kind of mad when they took one of batmans greatest foes deathstroke and put him in arrow but after seeing season 2 i was happy they did but about ra`s al ghul i keep expecting big because batman begins version set the bar high for that character

    • Yes Deathstroke was awesomely portrayed in Arkham Origins but I wouldn’t call him one of Bats’ greatest foes. Aside from Infinite Crisis I don’t think he’s made much of an appearance or impact on Bruce.

      He’s much more of a rival to Ollie considering they had the same trainer and there was also that incident when he crashed Green Arrow’s and Black Canary’s wedding.

      If he’s anyone’s greatest foe its Dick Grayson and the Teen Titans.

  18. Did I miss something, who did they cast in the role of Mr. Al Ghul?

  19. Actually this is what Geoff Johns said: “You’ll see a lot of DC universe characters [on 'The Flash' and 'Arrow' TV series]. You won’t see Batman or Superman,” he explained. “We’re on production on ‘Batman v Superman’ now. So you’ll see characters like The Atom or Firestorm, but not Batman or Superman right now [on TV].”

    Johns continued: “It’s a separate universe than film. Filmmakers can tell the story that’s best for film while we explore something different in a different corner of the DC universe. We will not be integrating the film and television universes.”

  20. Key words were Not Batman or Superman RIGHT NOW [on TV].

  21. didnt deathstroke like almost kill the teen titans speaking of teen titans does anybody remember in i am legend there was a batman vs superman movie poster and a teen titan poster bvs is already happening why cant teen titan.

  22. So excited for this! Can’t wait!

  23. Why is Ra’s Al Ghul on a Green Arrow T.V. show? I thought he was a Batman villain only? Did Ra’s Al Ghul cross paths with Green Arrow in the comics? Where can I find that certain comic?

    • League of Assassins has crossed paths with Green Arrow (Merlyn being the real biggie member to cross paths), so by extension there is logically a place for Ra’s Al Ghul to be connected.

      Considering the far reach of the League of Assassins and ARGUS (and by extension the Suicide Squad/Deadshot) in the DCU, I find it ludicrous to consider them Batman-exclusive character devices. They deserve to be prominently used in a tv serial, and now they’re getting that treatment; that’s a good thing.

      • Actually, in the original “Green Arrow” stories there was no “League of Shadows” as is currently being promoted.

        This is just a lot of nonsense for the younger generations…

  24. Does anyone else think that the voice at approximately 2:50 that says “He was so very glad to hear it, because he so very much wants to kill you himself” sounds like Ollie’s mother?

    • It is Moira. It’s a quote from episode 2.08 when she was talking to Malcolm Merlyn.

  25. YES! Now here’s hoping that they do Ra’s Al Ghul right and actually pronounce his name right! Plus I am praying to god that they include Talia Al Ghul, she NEEDS to be seen more. Screw Gotham and their Baby Characters give me Talia and Ra’s on Arrow!

  26. Even though I don’t know 3/4 of the characters getting name-dropped in this post (not a DC fan) I’m excited about Arrow S3. Great show. Hoping the Flash will turn out well, also.

  27. Though I enjoy “Arrow” seeing the recent news for the third season leads me to believe that this show is going off the deep-end.

    It seems that the writers can’t provide enough hyped-up villains to face “The Green Arrow”, which is making the tried and true lore of this super hero seemingly ridiculous.

    From what I remember in the original stories of “The Green Arrow” he didn’t really face off against a lot of super-villains, since like Batman he was Human with a lot of capabilities. And Ra’s al Ghul certainly didn’t play any part in the original story.

    From what I am seeing, the super-hero genre is becoming overly exposed with a lot of nonsense for the younger generations that don’t have the access to the original stories, which in my opinion were much better designed than what is now being promoted.

  28. I’d like them to bring back Moira Queen. To me, the sub-plot that involved her and her new husband, the Black British guy, was an extremely interesting aspect of the entire show.
    I’d like to see these two get re-married.
    I loved the family dynamic of the show, the 2 kids, Oliver and Thea, with their mother and step father.
    The family aspect of the show kept it real so that it wasn’t just a show that teenagers could enjoy.
    The diversity in the casting of the show is beyond excellent. The producers should be praised for this.

    I also enjoyed the sub-plot that involved Moira Queen running for Mayor. The show needs more sub-plots like this in order to keep the whole thing real and to prevent it from becoming too much like a cartoon for young kids.
    I’d also like to see John Diggle have a more important role in some of the episodes and be less of a second fiddle.
    Some of the characters that they introduced in the second season were interesting especially the (Black) Canary and Blood. But the writers need to really work on keeping the superhero characters very real. How come their fighting skills are so impressive? Why are their reflexes so quick? Where did they get their special weapons? Do they have kevlar in their uniforms? Can they take a bullet?
    I hope that season 3 does not devolve into a show that is very much a cartoon suitable for 5 year olds.

    I’m hoping that season 3 will be very good but like I said, for me, I’d like to see more of Moira Queen and her Black British husband.