‘Arrow’ Season 3: First Look at Roy Harper as Arsenal

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Arrow Season 3 SDCC 2014 Roy Harper as Arsenal Arrow Season 3: First Look at Roy Harper as Arsenal

Until the playing field gets really crowded this year (with shows like Gotham and Constantine) it’s easy to call CW’s Arrow the king of DC Comics TV show adaptations – and maybe the (current) king of superhero TV in general.

The story of Oliver Queen’s evolution into DC Comics’ Green Arrow may have been a little rocky in the beginning; but since the midpoint of season 1 and through season 2 the show has grown immensely and hit the bullseye in terms of story and tonal balance between gritty realism and pulpy comic book fantasy.

After an introduction like that it should come as no surprise that Arrow season 3 is being viewed with high expectations by fans – and today, we are getting a first look at something fans have been waiting to see since season 1.

EW has released the first photo of actor Colton Haynes’ look for season 3 – and it is quite the wardrobe change. After being discovered in the slums of Starling City by Thea, young hoodlum Roy Harper (Haynes) turned toward the good side of things, training under Oliver Queen/Arrow in season 2 to overcome the Mirakuru drug, which gave him superhuman abilities but made him violently unstable as well. By the time the final battle against Slade Wilson came, Roy was ready to fight as Arrow’s sidekick. In season 3, he’ll have the costume to prove it:

Roy Harper Arsenal in Arrow Season 3 570x757 Arrow Season 3: First Look at Roy Harper as Arsenal

Roy Harper as Arsenal (CLICK FOR FULL SIZE)

The costume looks like it fits in line with the overall Arrow aesthetic, which has generally been the same mix of gritty realism and faithful comic book pulp as the show’s tone. Though, the entire Arrow lineup of villains and superheroes (male or female) have gotten a better shake in terms of wardrobe than other superhero shows have pulled off (looking at you, Deathlok in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.). Arsenal continues that trend.

Arrow Season 3 Casting Arrow Season 3: First Look at Roy Harper as Arsenal


Arrow will be previewing this and more season 3 goodies at Comic-Con 2014 – especially during a DC TV panel hosted by the show’s star Stephen Amell. Be sure to stay tuned for more details in the days to come.

Arrow season 3 Premieres on Wednesday, October 8th @ 8/7c on The CW.

Source: EW

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    • Agreed

    • That’s what I thought! And better looking than Arsenal in the New 52 *sigh*…oh the trucker hat.

    • Hell yeah it does!

  2. Looks good!

  3. I can just hear his voice through the voice changer…

  4. Part of me was hoping that he’d become Speedy…but I gotta admit jumping right in as Arsenal makes way more sense, and it’s more epic. Now if only Ollie would grow the goatee, then its hello classic 70s look…almost.

    • Hell yeah it does!

  5. am i the only one who thinks this guys a terrible actor? Nice costume though.

    • No, you’re right. The actor who plays Roy is terrible. He’s even worse than Stephen Amell. And that’s saying something because Amell is AWFUL!

      • Stephen Amell is awful?? Nonsense.

        • Nonsense? I’ve never seen the lead actor of a show look so uncomfortable delivering lines! Can he move his arms or neck when he talks or is that too much for him? He has the least expressive face I’ve ever seen also. It looks like he got a full body botox injection when he’s talking.

          • It seems so in Season One though I thought he acts like that due being in the island for 5 years. Throughout Season Two he got a lot better. But if you see it that way, it’s cool.

            • You’re right, he has gotten better in season 2. But, in my personal opinion he’s still hard to watch sometimes. I’m not saying he won’t grow into a good actor or that the show overall is bad. I’m just not currently an Amell fan.

            • Yea exactly, s*** if anyone was trapped on a “Hellish Island” for 5 years, it would definitely change a person and many different ways. and I guess Oliver chose to put up a guard and has become serious and tough with his emotions and body language.

          • All criticisms about Stephen Amell’s acting is compensated by the fact that he’s the only action star on TV that does his own stunts.

            I mean, c’mon!

            • Plus his parkour workouts for the show are insane.

      • I’m with you. He’s not a good actor. He’s ok ,but He’s not good enough to break TV and do movies. He looks the part and people love the show so that makes a lot of people raise his acting status. If you watch he’s scenes with his family it looks more then acting then one would have a natural conversation with his sister or mom. I’ve always said the same for Tom Welling from Smallville and people got butt hurt. I said you wont see him in Movies except small roles.

      • Yea, you don’t know what you are talking about Stephen Amell is not a bad actor, he acts like that because that is they way they wrote his script and all the stuff the character has been through he has formed a very serious and tough exterior. Think about how Oliver was before he became the arrow, he was all lose, had a higher pitch voice and charismatic. I mean he is not the best actor but is no where near the worst.

        But Colton Haynes how plays Roy, yea he is a terrible actor. Played in Teen wolf and his acting was the the same; awful.

    • Why do people say he’s terrible?? Is it something I can’t see? At the very least, I think he gives a decent performance that doesn’t take me out of the show.

    • I really hope they address the fact that he killed at least one cop when he went on his Mirakuru rampage. I don’t want that to be swept under the rug and never brought up again.

  6. I dunno…it’d be cooler if he didn’t have a hood so there’d be a little more difference between his and Ollie’s costume. Still pretty badass, though.

    • How about a trucker’s hat…. if you know what I mean.

  7. That outfit looks fantastic. Stephen Amell has teases he’s getting an updated look as well. Looking at this, he’s going to need one. Can’t have your sidekick look better then you.

  8. Can the ARROW Costume Department please help out Agents of Shield.


  9. Yooooooo it looks even better than Green Arrows costume lol

  10. i was really hoping they would recast. im not a guy to pick up on bad acting. it just goes over my head but this guy. i can see it a mile off so that cant be good. his angry faces are the best.

  11. Only problem I have, and this may just be an angle problem, what purpose do the hip bolts serve. It doesn’t look like he’s got a hand cross bow and those won’t do him any good with his bow. That’s one of my pet peeves when artists or costume designers throw stuff on that don’t serve a real purpose.

    • He will definitely have a crossbow. While it may be an angle issue, he may also, just not be wearing it in that photo shoot.

  12. Haha move his neck lol you don’t have to be great actor to lead a successful comic book tv show. This is what they’re looking for in shows like Arrow and Flash:
    Good looks, worked out, strong physique? Check
    Do some of his own stunts, remember lines? Check
    Can he be paid a small TV budget and promote his own how at events, premeires,etc.? Check
    Lol trust me, Gotham didn’t look for a 6-time Academy Award Winning actor looking for 1.2billion dollars per episode hahhaha I crack myself up

    • I know. That’s why I said I still like the show. He doesn’t have to be a good actor to make the show work. But, that doesn’t mean my point about him being a bad actor isn’t a valid point.

  13. Haha move his neck lol you don’t have to be great actor to lead a successful comic book tv show. This is what they’re looking for in shows like Arrow and Flash:
    Good looks, worked out, strong physique? Check
    Do some of his own stunts, remember lines? Check
    Can he be paid a small TV budget and promote his own how at events, premeires,etc.? Check
    Lol trust me, Gotham didn’t look for a 6-time Academy Award Winning actor looking for 1.2billion dollars per episode hahhaha I crack myself up! ^.^

  14. Thats right@JMW Felicity is funny but she’s not a great actress either and if you look at their instagram(Colin and hers) I think they’ve smashed each other lol friends with benefits and omg I lost my train of thought

  15. Arsenal?? Not Liverpool or Manchester United? LOL he looks fine. We anticipating for the 3rd season as also for flash.

  16. Im a little dissapointed it won’t be Red Arrow but yeah Arsenal makes more sence although he might loose an arm a la Young Justice

    • So he won’t be Red Arrow then . Still a bad-ass costume. Very urban and gritty.

  17. I still think it’s better than he’s called Arsenal but the fact he has his own red-tipped arrows means they’re gonna have to differentiate between him and Ollie now.

    Get ready for him to finally have his real Green Arrow name by the end of the season.

  18. So he won’t be Ted Arrow then . Still a bad-ass costume. Very urban and gritty.

    • Ugh! My post was a reply to Tablet.
      Don’t know why it double posted. SR could you please erase the double post? Thanks in advance.

  19. I really like how they went with dark red with the costume. In other news Plastique has been added to The Flash cast. We already have Deadshot, Clock King, recently Plastique & all we need is Captain Boomerang to complete Task Force X! Crossing my fingers they do introduce in either show :D

    • I’m surprised your comment lasted this long, my one mentioning that Karen Page was cast fro Daredevil was deleted.

      Aren’t you forgetting a certain psychiatrist locked up with the rest of the Suicide Squad? Blonde, Brooklyn accent, hangs around with “Mistah J”? I have a feeling they’ll bring her back and take cues from the old Task Force X teams as well as the New 52 versions.

      Captain Boomerang could always debut on The Flash at some point and be drafted into the team (how awesome would that spin-off be? Flash on Tuesday, Arrow on Wednesday, Suicide Squad on Thursday).

  20. Not sure if true or not, but it’s a shame that Arrow won’t be called the Green Arrow on the show. I forgot where, but I’ve read that one of the producers or writer said that they won’t be going with ‘green arrow’ name. I think a major reason they went with Arsenal and not Red Arrow is becasue they want everything to be more “realistic”:

    The Arrow
    The Canary
    The Arsenal
    I’ve read that Professor Zoom will be just Zoom.

    • I’m pretty sure that Oliver goes by ‘the Hood’ or ‘the Vigilante’.

      • He’s referred to as “the Arrow” right now. The producers have said that the reason the show is called ‘Arrow’ and not ‘Green Arrow’ isn’t because they wanted to change the name, but because Oliver isn’t at that “hero” status yet.

    • I believe I read somewhere that they actually are planning on giving him the title of Green Arrow, but they’re taking so long between each new title given to him to showcase his evolution from a vigilante fighting for vengeance to more of a public symbol of justice. The article I read said that they were just waiting for the proper moment to make the final leap from Arrow to Green Arrow, and Roy becoming Arsenal seems like a perfect opportunity to do so. With two similar archer vigilantes running around town, newscasters will likely differentiate them by calling Ollie the Green Arrow and Roy the Red Arrow, with Arsenal being used later in the series.

      • You make a good point, hope that’s the case. However, I wonder how Ollie will come to terms with being called Green Arrow. In season 1, Malcolm Merlyn suggested it and Oliver said it was “lame”. I though that was the producers way of telling the audience that “Green Arrow” won’t be used because it’s kind of a dumb name.

  21. Did they definitely say he was Arsenal? I remember them saying they were going the Arsenal route, but I feel like right now he’s Red Arrow.

    Note the use of bow and otherwise lack of arsenal. Plus the fact that (at this point) he’s still Arrow’s sidekick and the use of red.

    If Arrow had a partner in red it would make sense if they called him ‘Red’ Arrow. Finally right now there is no reason, based on what we see here, for anyone to call him Arsenal.

    • Yep, he’s confirmed to be called Arsenal.

      I think the lack of guns in this version of the character is pretty obvious. Guns are bad and they shouldn’t promote heroes using them so good move by the writers.

      Ollie could still have a reason for calling him Arsenal (combat skills for example) but like I said, I think his red arrow tips will lead to the two being distinguished that way.

      Quentin Lance could ask about his name and be told “My name is Arsenal”, to which he could turn to Ollie and say “Ok, so what do we call you now, Green Arrow?”.

      • guns are bad? hahahaha

        You always seem to be able to top yourself with new asinine comments, euro. #golfclap

      • I think they’ll use Arsenal as a call signal. If Oliver is standing next to Detective Lance, he can’t very well just say “come in Roy”. He’ll probably use Arsenal as a code-name to protect Roy’s identity.

  22. Don’t know what you guys are watching but a show doesn’t become this good and liked if the main actor cant act???? But I will say I agree with roys character though, he is terrible as an actor. The reason (in my opinion) amell acts so stiff and rigid is because he is portraying some one who has spent a lot of time around people that didn’t have people skills so he him self lacks them.

    • I could name a ton of shows that became universally praised but had wooden actors but won’t go into that. I’ll just agree with you because I haven’t seen anything wrong with Amell’s acting.

  23. that looks so sick

  24. @Dazz I’m right there with you
    Pretty Little Liars
    Vampire Diaries
    The 100(please, seriously?)
    Lol 1st grade acting and 2nd grade cliches but all still running strong proves literally, and I repeat, LITERALLY anyone can become an actor, especially if there are shallow directors and execs only looking for eye candy lol

    • you gotta remember that this is the CW so their version of success is 3 million or so viewers, so strong acting ist the calling card. although Manu Bennets’ Slade Wilson was pretty much perfect. And I disagree about Amell and happen to like his portrayal of Green Arrow. But anyway I was just saying that you happened to name almost exclusively CW tv shows, aside from PLL.

  25. This looks so cool, I hope Ollie gets some upgrade too.

  26. I hope Oliver gets a costume upgrade too, Because Roy looks bad ass. So now I wonder how much of an arsenal will Roy really have as Arsenal?

  27. I won’t say Amell is the greatest actor, but I think the problem most people have is with his choices, not his skill.

    In other words, he chose to play Oliver stiff and reserved because of the character’s intensity and experiences on the island. Compare and contrast that with the Oliver scenes before and on the island and you can see some range from the actor.

    Again, he may not deserve an Emmy, but I like him in the role (although it may have taken some breaking in for me).