‘Arrow’ Season 3 Premiere Images: The Calm Before the Storm

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Arrow Season 3 Premiere Arsenal Roy Harper Colton Haynes Arrow Season 3 Premiere Images: The Calm Before the Storm

Arrow is arguably the most popular superhero TV show on the air currently – which could change if shows like The Flash have anything to say about it – and that’s thanks in large part to the producers’ decision to up the ante and expand the universe. While the show was once Batman Begins for TV (more or less), it quickly became an honest-to-goodness DC superhero power hour.

Now, with the season 3 premiere little more than a month away, we’ve got images from the episode to whet your Arrow-loving appetite, featuring Arrow himself (Stephen Amell), the recently revealed Arsenal (Colton Haynes), Laurel and Quentin Lance (Katie Cassidy and Paul Blackthorne), The Canary (Sara Lance), and Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards).

Check out the images below:


Arrow and Arsenal in Season 3 Premiere 570x399 Arrow Season 3 Premiere Images: The Calm Before the Storm

Caity Lotz as Canary in Arrow Season 3 Premiere 570x379 Arrow Season 3 Premiere Images: The Calm Before the Storm

Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak in Arrow Season 3 Premiere 570x384 Arrow Season 3 Premiere Images: The Calm Before the Storm

Stephen Amell as Arrow in Season 3 Premiere 570x379 Arrow Season 3 Premiere Images: The Calm Before the Storm

Stephen Amell Katie Cassidy and Paul Blackthorne in Arrow Season 3 Premiere 570x425 Arrow Season 3 Premiere Images: The Calm Before the Storm

Obviously, there’s not a whole lot to glean from these images, as they mostly feature characters from the series doing some pretty mundane stuff. The standout image is probably the one with Arsenal, as it gives us only our second look at the character of Roy Harper in his new superhero digs – and he appears to be working rather well with Arrow.

Arsenal, of course, is based on the comic book character Speedy, who functioned as Green Arrow’s sidekick for much of his career and is perhaps most famous for his teenage heroin addiction. Later, he went by the codenames Arsenal and then Red Arrow when he replaced Green Arrow on the Justice League. And later still, he lost an arm, got addicted to heroin (again), and was convinced that the corpse of a cat was his dead daughter. (Spoiler alert: it wasn’t.)

The other most interesting thing about the above images is that Quentin Lance seems to be all healed up. Arrow fans will recall that he was gravely wounded in the battle against Deathstroke’s army at the end of season 2 – he was internally bleeding and had a collapsed long – and his fate was left hanging in the air.

Finally, it’s probably worth pointing out The Canary’s presence in one of the above images. Is she back from her work with the League of Assassins? Temporarily? Semi-regularly? We’ll have to wait a month to find out.

Arrow Producers Talk Season 3 Laurel Lance Arrow Season 3 Premiere Images: The Calm Before the Storm

Speaking of The Canary, showrunner Marc Guggenheim recently spoke to TV Line about what we can expect to see in upcoming episodes, and seemingly revealed who will be donning the mask and wig down the line:

“Episode 3 will focus on dad-to-be Diggle, episode 5 delves into Felicity’s past [with ‘NYPD Blue‘s Charlotte Ross as her mom], viewers will get to sit in on the limo convo between Malcolm and daughter Thea, and Ted ‘Wildcat’ Grant [played by J.R. Ramirez as a Latino boxing instructor] will play a role in Laurel’s evolution into Canary.”

It’s not particularly surprising that Laurel will eventually become The Canary – or maybe just a Canary – considering the Black Canary of the comic books is named Dinah Laurel Lance. Frankly, they’ve hinted at this development for a while.

The question is, will there be two Canaries running around Starling City? Or will Sara Lance remain a member of the League of Assassins – or worse, will she die?

What say you, Screen Ranters? Are you looking forward to the season 3 premiere?

Arrow season 3 premieres October 8th, 2014 @8pm on The CW.

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Source: TV Line

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  1. Two Canaries running rampant doesn’t sound too bad to me.

    • Sarah will be the White Canary and Laurel the Black Canary hehehe.

    • Double birds, baby! Get ‘em alot when I am driving on the expressway! Wonder if two in the hand is worth one in the bush?

  2. “The other most interesting thing about the above images is that Quentin Lance seems to have his old job as detective back. Arrow fans will remember that he was demoted to a beat cop in season 2 because he’d helped that dastardly vigilante The Arrow at the end of season 1. After being gravely wounded in the fight against Deathstroke’s army in season 2, perhaps he was re-promoted.”

    Uh-oh, . Someone shouldn’t be reviewing Arrow.

    • Welp, I guess I misremembered. You’re right, Quentin was reinstated before the end of season 2.

  3. The walking dead video game coming out sounds really interesting…

    • to bad the show isn’t as interesting.

  4. … this article keeps saying a week away. Isn’t it a month away?

    • “Aweekawayaweekawayaweekawayaweekaway, the lion sleeps tonight….” er, no wait—that’s a song…something else…..

      • well played Goldilocks, very well played indeed!

  5. “It’s not particularly surprising that Laurel will eventually become The Canary – or maybe just a Canary – considering the Black Canary of the comic books is named Dinah Laurel Lance.”

    Couldn’t they just have it where her full name is Dinah Laurel Lance and that she just goes by Laurel because her mother is also Dinah? Or did they already give her full name on the show and I missed it?

    • she said her full name was Dinah Laurel Lance in one of the first season’s episodes, i think the one where she is Oliver’s lawyer when he was arrested under suspicion of being the vigilante.

      • Thank you. I must have missed it.

      • Actually in the end of the pilot episode Tommy says “Dinah Laurel Lance, always trying to save the world”

  6. Little typo i guess there

    “had a collapsed long” shouldn’t it be “lung” ?


  7. Why is Wildcat 32? This show has never been anything but a CW show posing as Batman Begins and won’r be until they stop casting the prettiest people they can and cast the damn roles.

  8. ohh Arsenal looks awesome

  9. Please dont make Laurel the Canary, she’s annoying enough as it is sticking her nose into everything. It’ll make it too predictable for her to end up as Canary

    • My only issue with it is it seems like ANYONE can become a super hero. A couple months of trainning and your good to go. At least Oliver and Sara have a backstory that makes sense.

      Also I sure hope Arsenal does work well with arrow. I’ve had enough of His teenage angst for awhile.

      • I hear ya, its definitely more annoying when someone just decides to be a super hero and is suddenly as good as a seasoned vet like Arrow

  10. im sorry but collapsed long is really bothering me… fix the typo please

    • A collapsed long happens to a lot of guys. Maybe he wasn’t in the mood.

      • Congrats, you win best comment on the internet for today!

      • Game, Set, and Match!

  11. Now that many mentioned that Mirakuru enhanced soldiers. Is Solomon Grundy going to reappear this season? I want too see Richard Dragon & The Question make an appearance.

    • The Question would be awesome.

  12. Full beard by end of season 3? Yay? Nay?

    • I don’t think he should go full beard until he actually becomes Green Arrow. As just The Hood/The Vigilante/The Arrow, it seems to soon for the full scruff.

  13. I’ve always liked Laurel I saw her character as “Character development.” I thought Season 2 she had to go down that path because it showed us “the viewer” that she needed help, but of course people had to talk trash about her. Season 3 seems to be an interesting story arc I hope viewers like! Katie Cassidy is a great actress can’t wait to see what happens.

    • laurel sux

  14. Love Roy’s suit.

  15. Unless you give Laurel Mirakuru, I don’t see her becoming a hero.

    At least Roy knew Parkour. So its semi-believable that he can become a hero. Though a timeskip would have made more sense.

    But Laurel? She’s weak. A few boxing lessons will make her an effective vigilante?

    Oliver Queen’s sister will be another Dark Archer. Her father will train her. And she will give Oliver and Arsenal (Her ex) hell in seasons to come.

    OR, she’ll become Speedy after Arsenal loses his hand.

    • I hope to see Thea in more of the Mia role, but doubt it will happen

  16. So many stupid super-hero names and people. It sounds as if everyone in on televison these days is a super-hero, a super-hero wannabee, or a retired super-hero.

    In the original story, Speedy was never an addict, he never became the “Red Arrow’, never joined the “Justice League”, and never had a cat that he thought was his daughter.

    The proliferation of extensions to the original stories has made the entire genre laughable and without the underlying social statements that the original stories maintained similarly to the old television westerns.

    Yes, I know its a “new world” but it is so screwed up as if the old one wasn’t screwed up enough…

  17. it seems many people r forgetting d definition of a hero, ur mistaking these guys for superheroes wen dey r jst heroes, plus all those complaining about how the series doesnt bode well with the original story, if u don’t like it stick to the original and let us watch our arrow, i didnt start arrow cause i wanted to watch the original story unfold all over again, i started it coz it was something new, as for laurel would you guys just wait and see hw she becomes the canary before criticizing???? it may be that sara dies and she takes up the persona to honor her, and yes of coz she wudnt become canary in a day or two, it wud take tym, sheesh, many complaints here and der, if ur not happy why dont you write your own story, make it a series and lets see how it goes

  18. I’d like them to bring back Moira Queen. To me, the sub-plot that involved her and her new husband, the Black British guy, was an extremely interesting aspect of the entire show.
    I’d like to see these two get re-married.
    I loved the family dynamic of the show, the 2 kids, Oliver and Thea, with their mother and step father.
    The family aspect of the show kept it real so that it wasn’t just a show that teenagers could enjoy.
    The diversity in the casting of the show is beyond excellent. The producers should be praised for this.

    I also enjoyed the sub-plot that involved Moira Queen running for Mayor. The show needs more sub-plots like this in order to keep the whole thing real and to prevent it from becoming too much like a cartoon for young kids.
    I’d also like to see John Diggle have a more important role in some of the episodes and be less of a second fiddle.
    Some of the characters that they introduced in the second season were interesting especially the (Black) Canary and Blood. But the writers need to really work on keeping the superhero characters very real. How come their fighting skills are so impressive? Why are their reflexes so quick? Where did they get their special weapons? Do have they kevlar in their uniforms? Can they take a bullet?
    I hope that season 3 does not devolve into a show that is very much a cartoon suitable for 5 year olds.

    I’m hoping that season 3 will be very good but like I said, for me, I’d like to see more of Moira Queen and her Black British husband.