‘Arrow’ Season 3 Plot Details & New Characters Revealed

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Arrow Season 3 Casting Arrow Season 3 Plot Details & New Characters Revealed

[WARNING: This article contains POSSIBLE SPOILERS for Arrow.]


The big news in terms of superhero shows on The CW seems to be focused more on The Flash than Arrow as critics and fans speculate whether the spinoff series will be as successful as its predecessor – fortunately for Flash fans, early reactions are exceptionally good. However, while many are focused on that show’s premiere, Arrow’s evolving story about the billionaire playboy-turned-hero Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) has been developing its third season, which includes casting new characters.

At the end of season 2, Arrow lost quite a few recurring characters: Moira Queen (Susanna Thompson), Sebastian Blood (Kevin Alejandro), and Isabel Rochev (Summer Glau) were killed; Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett) was locked up in an A.R.G.U.S. supermax; Sarah Lance (Caity Lotz) left with the rest of the League of Assassins; and Thea Queen (Willa Holland) left Starling City with her birth father, Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman).

Though some of these characters have the opportunity to return – and a high likeliness in the case of Thea whose situation may factor heavily into season 3 – their departures have opened up room for new characters, some of whom the show is currently casting.

TVLine is reporting that Arrow is currently looking to cast four new characters: two will appear in present-day Sterling City and two will be featured in Oliver’s flashbacks. The two new characters appearing in Sterling City are tentatively being called Daniel and Seth, though those may not be the actual character names, while the other two characters are named Toshi and Akiko.

Daniel is a twenty-something entrepreneur working with cutting-edge technology. Though he’s in the public eye, he harbors a tragic past that is a catalyst for him becoming a tech-powered superhero. Daniel is also poised to become Oliver’s rival and Felicity Smoak’s (Emily Bett Rickards) new love interest.

Arrow Season 3 Casting Team Arrow Arrow Season 3 Plot Details & New Characters Revealed

Seth is an educated criminal with a talent for chemistry who develops a drug that drains the willpower of his enemies. He could potentially be a recurring villain for season 3.

The new characters for Oliver’s Hong Kong flashbacks, Toshi and Akiko, are a married couple who become Oliver’s handlers in the city. Toshi is a skilled operative with knowledge of weaponry, combat, and intelligence gathering who will become Oliver’s friend and teacher. Akiko is also skilled in martial arts.

From the details in his character description, it sounds as though Daniel may become one of the main antagonists of the season – depending on how involved Malcolm Merlyn is this season. Daniel seems to have a complicated arc that takes him from civilian to superpowered, in addition to a well-developed back story to be explored. However, it’s unclear how villainous Daniel may be. Though he is described as Oliver’s rival, he could either become a villain or align himself with the Arrow and his team – or both.

Seth, on the other hand, is certainly a villain, though it’s difficult to determine whether he’ll be more of a one-off with the possibility to return, in the vein of The Count, or a more integrated antagonist like Sebastian Blood. Seth’s drug, though, may have a bigger impact on the season’s plot than himself. Between Vertigo and Mirakuru, Arrow has dealt with different mind and body-altering substances in past seasons, so Seth’s anti-willpower drug may follow in that tradition.

Arrow Season 3 Casting Oliver Arrow Season 3 Plot Details & New Characters Revealed

Less is known about Toshi and Akiko but their character descriptions hint at an overarching story of getting to know Oliver and becoming his mentors in Hong Kong. Since they are described as his handlers, they must be affiliated with A.R.G.U.S. in some way, which may factor into the conflict of the flashbacks in season 3.

Currently, nothing more is known about these characters and the fact that Daniel and Seth may not be those characters’ actual names points toward The CW and the show’s effort to keep as much about season 3 under wraps as possible. The true identities and names of Daniel and Seth may not be revealed until Arrow premieres in the fall.

What do you think of the new characters on Arrow? Let us know in the comments!


Arrow season 3 will air on Wednesdays @8pm in Fall 2014 on The CW.

Source: TVLine

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  1. How about this plot line Ollie works with Toshi and Akikio becoming very fond of them. Until Toshi is killed on A mission And midseason Akikio shows up in Starling city as KAITANA

  2. Meh. General Hospital with some fighting.Ive tried to get into it,but nope,seems really gossipy and silly to me,the scripts are woeful,who talks like that?

    • How many episodes did you actually watch? For me, it took me almost 8 or 9 episodes before I finally got hooked on Arrow. It gets really good. Maybe you should try it again.

  3. I was so disappointed with season 2 that I’m not sure I really care about season 3. Killing Shado and Moira ruined it for me, plus Slade being so predictable. I’m ready for Oliver and Felicity, not Felicity getting another love interest. I’m ready for Laurel to leave for good. Sounds like the flashbacks might be more interesting than present day Starling City (not Sterling, please). Though I love the action sequences because they are so well done, it shouldn’t be the main focus of any episode.

    • Somehow right about action sequence not being the main focus in the episode.. Lets get back to a little romance. I am hoping for a love story between Oliver and my girl, Felicity!

  4. I hope Felicity’s love interest is super sexy. Gotta make Oliver jealous. :-P

  5. The young tech genius is definately Ted Kord aka the Blue Beetle. We’ve seen “Kord Industries” in the background of a few scenes already. They’ve been hinting Kord might show up for a while. Blue Beetle is a hero,not a villain. They’ll probably tease that he might be a villain at first, then have him and Ollie join forces by the end.

    The guy who used chemicals to steal willpower sounds like the mad hatter, although actually the Joker could do that. It’d be a pretty ballsy move if Arrow introduced the Joker, I’d watch that. And Arrow did already introduce the Jokers sidekick Harlequin.

    Toshi and Seth could be lady shiva, but it would be better if they were related to Ras Al Ghul and the League of Assasins somehow, perhaps its both (Shiva is a member of the League). The league of Assasins has been lurking in the background of the show as the potential ultimate big-bad since the first season, I think its about time the audience got a more clear look at them. Connecting to the League would also allow us to see Sarah some more.

    • Chances are he is a Blue Beetle, Ted Kord was mentioned in season 1, but I got the vibe that he was an old man. However he could be DANIEL Garrett, the original Blue Beetle, but with tech rather than spandex. Ted Kord didn’t wear tech either, that was Jaime Reyes.. maybe it is Ted. Hmm..

      As for the others.. apparently Tatsu Yamashiro (Katana) will be one of the Japanese characters (or a new one that wasnt listed here?) played by Devon Aoki.

  6. Poor men’s batman trying to act but he simply can’t. The hole show is aimed for kids between the age of 7 and 12.

    • Not and not.

    • So…that would make YOU about six, right?

    • Technically, Batman is a poor mans Batman these days. I’d say the Green Arrow has more going for him, and he doesnt have to rely on his hammer space utility belt as a convenient way to defeat his enemies. Plus Batman’s “zomg I know all martial arts” thing doesn’t actually fit he’s far too young to have mastered them all, its impossible and unrealistic. That as well as learning all the languages and becoming 2 completely different forensic masters *shrug* lol.

      And “The whole show is aimed for kids between the age of 7 and 12.”

      Fairly certain shows with violence aren’t aimed at kids of that age. Parents wouldn’t let their kids watch things like that. Then again, all comic superheroes are aimed at kids.

      • Batman is smarting than steven hawkins he is a genius so how can he not learn an abundance of martial-arts by the time he’s 30 or younger. When he’s been trained since he was a kid and then he gets training from the league of assassin’s. He’s not just an expert martial artist he’s a masterswords man. Batman can take any hero or villian down without killin’em

  7. Anyone fancy giving a wee bit of info about Kord Industries and where they stand in the Arrow lore?
    I don’t have a huge comic knowledge but everyone seems quite excited about them and i want to be excited too :D

  8. Hope to see a lot of team arrow in Season 3 – Dig, Oliver and Felicity… with a bit of Roy on the side ..hope Caity returns, she’s a mean as Canary …will be hard to fill her shoes ..

    Wonder what happens to Oliver post Unthinkable ..where does he live and how is he financially coping?

    Look forward to seeing new characters and new stories ..and love interest for Felicity ..a girl shouldn’t have to wait for someone like Oliver ..she’s too good for him anyway .. hope Felicity will be happy and move on …Daniel aka Blue Beetle, oh can’t wait! …

  9. wen comes arrow seazon 3 now on tv?

    • October 8th at 8 and the Flash Spinoff is the night before at 7 or 8 o’clock

  10. It’s a Gσσ∂ idea,but I want Oliver jealous of Felicity’s new love. And I love the movie,am looking forward to watching it. ☂hαñk уøυ.

  11. Cant wait 4 season 3… Cant wait 2 c felicity’s luv

  12. Season 1 and 2 were so good but what would make season 3 the best would be laurel, thea and felicity getting boned repeatedly and becoming one huge porno season. I would love to see the three of them getting fuc**d up the pu**y and and getting ana**d and stuff would be great . Keep up the great work

  13. This is an awesome tv series dat made me exciting allnovr
    I m waiting for thw next season (season 3) for mre excitement an it fabulous

  14. I think Barry should wake up from his coma and get deeply back into felicitys life, and then become a villain

    • You do know that Barry is the flash right? so him becoming a villain is out of question… Just saying

  15. My question is why it doesn’t say anything about the other new character introduced in the season 3 trailer named Ray Palmer which as anybody who knows anything about comics knows is the cover identity for atom which makes me wonder if they’ll do anything with that superhero

  16. After watching again arrow season 1 and then 2 in around just 2 weeks, I feel that the whole story has many unfilled gaps.
    On one side, it’s very important to see how is Oliver Queen going to manage financially, all the equipment, arrows, suits etc, plus Diggle’s salary even more now that he’s becoming a dad and Felicity’s salary. They love Arrow but it’s totally unreal to think they work for free, and they don’t have anyplace to live.
    Batman is very young , yet, Bruce Wayne’s dad isn’t …perhaps there would be a strategy line for that issue.

    There is also Oliver’s son or daughter, somewhere out there, now that Moira’s dead, who knows if the girl will keep her promise?

    Argus, seems to have known much more about Oliver even before he gets to Hong Kong, so it will indeed be very interesting to see how he got there, and what is Argus interest in him, as he was just Oliver Queen those days not the Arrow or Vigilante.

    What happened with Barry? Is he really going to turn into Flash? If so, yeah, Felicity could be with him, though we all know, that she has a crush with Ollie.

    And Thea, she might be angry now… but Oliver told her about her good heart , remember? Is she really going to forget that M.Merlyn sabotage the Queen’s Gambit?

    Laurel, Lance, yeah I don’t see a part for Laurel yet, and Lance, who knows perhaps he dies, or perhaps he comes mayor, and calls the Arrow same as in Gothic, Batman was called when troubles arouse.

    Russian Maffia, Ras’al Goul, his daughter, Sarah, those characters are in need to be seen again.

    And Roy, well… he is a very important player now, but what will happen with his love for Thea? Is he really forgetting her?

    The full story has shown us, that LOVE, is one of the most powerful forces, and Hate the other one… Most probably the plot will still be around those 2 subjects.

    Technology should be taking a most important place now, to keep the show modern and up to the year we are now. But , I think that if the show goes more and more for the League, then Arrow , as character will fade away . To be honest I like it , the doubts, the human part, and the Hero part too. Yet, some of his dark side needs to be seen again, it’s like with anyone, dark and light comes together- Ying and Yang.

    I’m waiting for the next season!

    • Have you not been paying attention? Barry does become The Flash! He’s starting his spin-off series the night before Arrow Season 3 premieres.

      Plus where are you pulling “Batman is very young , yet, Bruce Wayne’s dad isn’t …perhaps there would be a strategy line for that issue.” Where in the series have they mentioned the Wayne family?

  17. hey
    this is aki and i from myanmar in southest asia.the series of arrow this is aweson.i like it so much.i really do.it the beat series.The thing that i want to be is oliver and flicitiy.they are so perfect.i like them alot.it will be so good .but it gonna be fun even olive get jeolous to flicity.
    so thanks for reading my mail.

  18. ~Daniel is a twenty-something entrepreneur working with cutting-edge technology. Though he’s in the public eye, he harbors a tragic past that is a catalyst for him becoming a tech-powered superhero.~

    Sounds like Bruce Wayne…

  19. Can’t wait for season 3 to be out. So much in love with the story line and suspense. Mhen, think October is pretty far.

  20. Oliver and felicity are meant to be together…when he is hero he needs a lady not a hero as well..it balances and gives him a reason to be who he is..Great job felicity for being always there when he needs you..oliver get to know her more, she has been with yu all along..Anyways this movie is the best ever I’ve seen so far from the movie world..i wish i get to tell you guys in person..cant wait to see season 3..

  21. Looks like season 3 is looking to turn things around. Im looking forward to seeing where the story goes. The hong kong flash backs and adding the new characters is needed. The flashbacks are dope. Hope they dont kill off toshi/maseo and keep him around.

  22. I love Arrow!

  23. When in the fall does arrow come on?

  24. The premiere of Arrow season 3 all I can say is its about time. Welcome back Arrow! I thought the premiere of season three was good but it could have been better an to me it was kind of slow. It was nice to see Oliver smile and not be as bruiting as he usually is. I must admit seeing him take down that truck was inspired.
    Detective Lance or should I say captain Lance was good to see him up and about. Although if he continues going into the field I don’t suspect that he will last much longer. Especially since he has to walk with a cane now. Every times he goes to punch someone he ends up almost tumbling over. Hope he does not die! His popping pills every time the pain comes shows he needs bed rest for a period of time or at the very least stay behind the desk; even if someone has to glue his butt to a chair.
    Congratulations father Diggle that baby is very adorable even though it looks like a baby doll and a big one though it was just born. To be honest I can,t see how a baby will fit into the story line that much but we will see what happens.
    Now on to the Felicity date and I must say that she looked hot in that red dress very beautiful my dear. I quess Oliver did not look to bad either in his suit. Althouigh he was stupid not to check his Arrow suit after fighting with that guy that placed the tracker on him. How stupid can you be! I quess he became a little to complacid. As far as the date goes he could of picked a better dinner topic than the five years he went missing. Talk about a one trick pony! He has a real addiction to the bruiting part of life. Of course after he and Felicity was almost blown up he automatically said that they could not be together because he did not know if he could be both the Arrow and Oliver Queen. To be honest I am fine with that because I am not sure if Olicity has a future. They have some chemistry but I am not to show if it is a romantic chemistry. Nothing against my girl I love myself some Felicity and I just think that their is a better choice out there for her ; like Barry Allen or the Atom. As far as Roy Harper goes I don’t have much to say about Harper and maybe his story will get more interesting when Thea comes back. So much for that topic.
    Now on to Laurel Lance, she looked good on Wednesday night. I can,t wait to see her sporting that black canary outfit. The death of her sister Sarah will allow her progression on becoming Black Canary and its about time. I would like to see more moments with her and Oliver. I always felt that they should be together in the first place any way. Please give Laurel the storylines that she deserves in season three. Good luck Caty Cassidy. I enjoyed the new newcomers to Arrow they all gave a refreshing new dynamic to the show especially the THE ATOM..
    PS: I quess Oliver is going to be the babys godfather. Thank You and good luck with this season.

    • I my self am getting a little tired of the whole Ollie/Laurel thing. His whole relationship with her feels more obligatory than romantic. I think they should try the Felicity/Oliver thing and see where it goes.

  25. On the first returning episode I have never seen Oliver more vunerable. He and Felicity make a fantastic couple, please keep them together. She makes him human.

  26. I have to admit that Berry’s best friend is right. Barry and Felicity are just plain good together. Though I don’t know if they can take it to that next step. Their minds just have that connection. I know, they both want people that technically they can’t have. Barry due to her not “seeing him that way”, Oliver not able to make the commitment to a relationship. Frankly, Ollie has been “busy” with enough females over the course of things. He needs to stick with the patrols for a while, cool things off. Sure, Felicity and Oliver have a connection, they’ve gone through a lot together. But maybe a little “relationship pause” needs to be played out.
    Then there’s the new guy that’s super smart and took over the Queen business. And what ever happened to Walter? I don’t recall… has he been faded out too?
    What about Sin and the others that were friends with Sara, Ray and Thea. Don’t see them much and with Sara gone, not going to likely in the future either.
    I just hope the writers know what they’re doing, cause there’s a lot of loose ends to track… at least 3 in finding Sara’s killer. It isn’t Merlyn, Sara knew and didn’t fear an attack from the person that showed up. The surprise in her face also showed that it was unexpected. The Assassin’s are wanting Merlyn died, she was there to find out if he was alive like the rumors said. So there are a few odd things that are needing explanation or closure.

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  28. omggg green arrow is the best deriel ever…i love it…all characters are so amazing

  29. I think season 3 has been better than expected, love the (spoiler alert) introduction of ATOM, think vinny jones as one of the criminals was genius. I like the fact it stays sort of true to the DC comics storylines and theres parity.If you are an ardent Dc fan this should appeal as it is showing the league of assassins development prior to the batman storylines, and it also leads you to speculate as to which new characters become super heros…Like some of the posters it will take u a while to get into the arrow but you have to see everything that happens to him on the island(several times throughout season 1 and 2 ) to get the background and understand ( even tho u will get it from the first time). The effects are good and tie in all of the Xmen Movies….try it again

    • Well, I already knew smoke n queen wasn’t going to work considering he refusedelivery to be withim anyone he truly loves, besides sara, but they went through similar s***. Should a killed off laurel instead of sara..that was a fail.. laurel is just annoying pop your pills n relax. IDK why they went in this whole second guess Oliver second guess Oliver. He is protecting all of you mfs get it through your skull. Go Ra’s AL Ghul. He is the s***.There needs to be at least a season for each year he was away. Clearly, he was in Russia with his fellow prisoner when he quotes in season one” and I teach you Russian,” Oliver speaks fluent Russian. I’m guessing that’s his third journey. He won’t be Ra’s It’ll kill it for too many die hard fans. He should though. Lifestyle he chose. I’d kick it in the Lazarus Pit get laid and have my assassin’s wipe out skum bags