‘Arrow’ Season 3 Adds Katana; Meet Flash’s New Frienemy

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Flash’s Future Nemesis Revealed?

Flash vs Eddie Thawne Professor Zoom Reverse Flash Arrow Season 3 Adds Katana; Meet Flashs New Frienemy

As casting on Arrow continues, The CW has released a new featurette (below) for the network’s upcoming superhero spinoff, The Flash. The video focuses on “Detective Pretty Boy” also known as Detective Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett). Candice Patton (who plays Iris West) talks about the overconfident detective, as well as how his character interacts with other members of the Central City police force and Iris. Patton also drops some hints of a romantic relationship between her character and Detective Thawne.

The video also features new footage from The Flash, some of which hints at the possible storyline of Detective Thawne becoming Professor Zoom, or Reverse-Flash, the Flash’s archnemesis. The line, “or do you want to find out the hard way you’re not faster than a bullet,” uttered by Cosnett’s character seems to be as close to foreshadowing Professor Zoom as the show can get without stating Detective Thawne’s future outright. Question is: will fans be on board with this revised telling?

flash movie professor zoom Arrow Season 3 Adds Katana; Meet Flashs New Frienemy

These new details about Arrow and The Flash offer some insight into the direction each show will take next season, while still leaving enough room for fans to be surprised. Presumably, more information will come to light following the debut of The Flash at the San Diego Comic-Con 2014  later this month as well as both show’s panels during the convention.

The Flash premieres Tuesday October 7th @8PM on The CW; Arrow season 3 premieres Wednesday October 8th @8PM on The CW.

Source: Deadline, TVLine, The CW

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  1. I’ve watched the pilot and I’m liking the twist on Reverse-Flash. It looks to be a promising show.

    • Man im startin to feel like the only person who hasn’t seen the pilot…

      • I got it off of Frostwire. It’s much better than Arrow’s pilot in my opinion but I will say… besides the final scene, if you’ve seen the 5 minute trailer for it… you’ve seen the pilot, my friend.

      • It is a must see, if you want the link we can make it happen

    • I watched the pilot too, and was thinking that detective Thawne may be a red herring. Not to spoil anything, but if you have seen the end, that character strikes me as Eobard Thawne, who could be a descendant of detective Thawne in the show. Or I could be reading way too far into it…

      • I saw that too and was thinking the same thing.

        • Potential spoiler:

          My theory about the ending involves time travel. I believe the last scene reveals the good guy in the time travel scenario. Went back, got stuck, aged a bit. A lot of this theory follows the Flaspoint Paradox.

          • Sounds reasonable, it just seemed to me that that final scene was a little too ominous for that guy to be on the up-and-up.

      • I agree about Thawne… I thought the show was gonna be dumb but I liked the pilot. Should be a better show than Arrow…

      • I think the detective is already Zoom/Reverse Flash and him working att he same place as Barry and dating the girl Barry should be dating is all part of his revenge on the Flash for something Barry will do to him in the future.

        The guy at the end I think is the red herring I think we are supposed to think (and will be lead to continue to think for a while) he is a big threat when in fact he is trying to help

  2. I am not understanding why we’ve only been hearing about the casting of Japanese characters for flashbacks that are set in Hong Kong.

    • The article stated they are his handlers.. that doesn’t mean they are natives of the country..

      • but it wouldn’t be the first time they cast Japanese for Chinese or the other way around ! :)

    • Well they cast them as his handlers, and Katana is definitely of Japanese origin, so I do not believe they are trying to pass them off as Chinese.

  3. Yeah you can get the pilot via any torrent site like piratebay. It’s was an ok pilot. Not blown away. They threw too much of an origin story into 45 minutes. They rushed over a lot of stuff. Overall though, it was pretty good and The Flash effects were really good. We’ll see if it can veer away from the cheesy or if it’ll embrace it. I give it a 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.

  4. Who’s to say that Thawne isn’t already Reverse Flash, and has traveled back in time? I’m sure he won’t be revealed as a villain until the end of the first season, or maybe even the second season. They won’t want to use him up already. Plus they will have plenty of other villains to introduce. Grodd, Weather Wizard, Pied Piper, etc……..

    • It would seem that Thawne is like the Malcolm Merlyn of The Flash series, to me anyway. We probably won’t see him reveal himself as the villain till the end of the season.

  5. My gut is that the season finally (or some future finally) will be flash vs reverse flash fighting over the mother in the past. The trailer shows yellow and red streaks flowing around the mother. Yeah the kid only sees a yellow figure but seemed pretty obvious flash is in their too trying to stop reverse flash. Also likely adult flash moved his younger self out into the street. Or maybe im crazy.

    • I’ve watched the pilot multiple times and i agree with your theory whole heartedly. You can clearly see both dudes in their zipping around. i hadn’t put together that it was flash who moved younger himself out into the street but that makes good sense now that i think about it.

      • OR…

        Is Barry’s Dad Henry Allen (who’s played by John Wesley Shipp, The Flash in the 90’s TV Series) going to be portraying the Golden Age Flash and that is who Zoom is fighting with and takes young Barry out of the house?

        I believe that the comic history says that the Speed Force runs in the Allen family, but I might be wrong on that.

        • This is a fun idea. I think it is unlikely but its definitely fun.

    • In the comics, I’m pretty sure Reverse-Flash moved a young Barry miles from home after killing his mother but who knows, if they change it up in the TV show, I won’t complain.

  6. I thought that after the end scene of the pilot episode that Dr. Wells was undoubtably Professor Zoom? I guess still means th Detective could be Reverse Flash.

    • That’s what I thought also.
      I may be wrong but didn’t one of the lab rats actually call him Professor Zoom???
      And he is a professor, Seems like him to me?
      I’m not really up on The Flash history though.

      • Professor Zoom is an alternate name for Reverse-Flash. Same character, two names.

        • Technically you’re right. Professor Zoom has been called Reverse Flash, but so have multiple other villains in the comics. So, its entirely possible they could have a Professor Zoon and a Reverse Flash on the show.

  7. Although I guess a character named Eddie Thawne becoming either Professor Zoom or Reverse Flash (aka Eobard Thawne in the comics) isn’t all that shocking.

  8. hi…………………………………………

  9. Cant wait plus The Flash looks promising and I am still waiting for that Booster Gold show on Syfy to premiere

  10. wonder if katana will speak any english or i may be thinking of another female character who hardly spoke any english also i know very little of katana but is she more of a batman character or green arrow character

    the flash leaked piolt seemed promising plus the end was pretty intense which made me a solid follower of the show and did not realize det pretty boy’s name or was not paying attention to it

    have to agree with a few comments about flash being there when zoom killed his mom defiently saw red and yellow

    • Katana was a Teen Titans character then moved into Birds Of Prey and Justice League of America so she could go anywhere.

      I mean, Deathstroke was the main Teen Titans villain since his creation in the early 80s but he’s been fantastically written and portrayed in Arrow so I’m not sure a comic of origin would matter to these writers as long as they have an opportunity to use them.

      As for the red and yellow streaks in the home, I thought everyone knew both Flash and Reverse-Flash were there in the room. I’m surprised by the naivete of a lot of comments who “guess” that The Flash was there when his colour (red) was pretty prominent, therefore betraying the fact that Barry was present in his adult superhero form.

      It’d be like people commenting and saying “I think Bruce Wayne is Batman, it sorta makes sense” when it’s completely obvious.

      • So if u were a citizen of Gotham you would know jus by lookin at him he is Batman ?
        You must have that John Blake ability…
        where can i get it ? And isn’t it safe to assume Barry isn’t in the room seein as how red is also in Reverse Flash costume ? Season one seems to soon to introduce time travel… But then again i still haven’t seen the pilot so who am i to talk…

      • Thanks for the info and I have to watch the pilot again. I did not pay attention to it.

  11. From Amell’s Facebook page: “You know I’m going to be at San Diego Comic-Con International this year, but you have no idea what I’m going to be doing. The Arrow panel on Friday evening is the literal tip of the iceberg. Feel free to speculate. There are (at least) 3 more things on my schedule. Big things. Needless to say, I plan on winning Comic-Con this year. Captain Style.”

    • I wonder if one of those things is Nocking Point since he’s been promoting their wine for a while and that business seems to be growing exponentially.

  12. I was just wondering what Devon has been up to these days.

  13. I have no idea why CW leaked the 1st episode. Anyway i’m downloading it throw thepiratebay and then i’ll share my opinions why everyone

    • I don’t think it was intentional. And if it was, then i think it went well. EVERYONE is talking about how good it is.

  14. Here’s an idea have Thea come back midseason on Arrow. But now she’s an assassin named Chesire.

  15. The Flash pilot gets a 4.2/5 from me. One of the best pilots I’ve seen in many years (better than Arrow & others). Also THE best superhero live action pilot ever IMO.

    And the last 5 minutes was picture & comic book perfection; the foretelling of the events of “Crisis on Infinite Earths” is the coolest CBM & TV element I’ve ever seen. Couldn’t be more excited for this how.

    Kudos DC!


  16. LOL, all the people who have watched the pilot already illegally. It’s been on the Net for about 2 weeks now. Poor souls who’ll have to wait until October to see it.