As San Diego Comic-Con approaches — as well as the premiere dates for The CW’s two superhero shows, Arrow and The Flash — more news about both series has been revealed. Though the pilot of The Flash will debut at SDCC, little is known about Arrow season 3. A few weeks ago, Arrow began casting four new characters for the show’s upcoming third season: two to join Oliver Queen in modern-day Starling City, and two who would play a major part in the season’s flashback story arc.

The two characters in the past who will join Oliver in Hong Kong were tentatively named Toshi and Akiko. The new location for the show’s ongoing flashback story and comments from Arrow’s stunt coordinator, JJ Makaro, on the action scenes of season 3, hinted toward a possible samurai character joining the series.

Now that the characters of “Toshi” and “Akiko” have been cast and their official character names have been released, who they are and how they will fit into Oliver’s story in season 3 is much clearer.

Deadline reported Devon Aoki (Sin City) has joined Arrow as Tatsu Yamashiro; TVLine reported Karl Yune (Real Steel) has been cast as Maseo Yamashiro, Tatsu’s husband. According to TVLine, Maseo will act as Oliver’s handler in Hong Kong, but will grow to become a friend and teacher. Both Maseo and Tatsu are skilled in martial arts, while Tatsu also excels with a katana sword; they will help Oliver grow to become the superhero who now protects Starling City.

Arrow Season 3 Casting Devon Aoki Karl Yune Arrow Season 3 Adds Katana; Meet Flashs New Frienemy

Fans of the comics may recognize Tatsu by her codename: Katana, named for the weapon she wields. For those who are familiar with her origin story in the books, it’s unclear whether that will play into the third season of Arrow – though it’s certainly possible. At the very least it seems fans will be treated to a glimpse of Katana in the show, if not a full-blown incorporation of the samurai superheroine.

Flash’s Future Nemesis Revealed?

Flash vs Eddie Thawne Professor Zoom Reverse Flash Arrow Season 3 Adds Katana; Meet Flashs New Frienemy

As casting on Arrow continues, The CW has released a new featurette (below) for the network’s upcoming superhero spinoff, The Flash. The video focuses on “Detective Pretty Boy” also known as Detective Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett). Candice Patton (who plays Iris West) talks about the overconfident detective, as well as how his character interacts with other members of the Central City police force and Iris. Patton also drops some hints of a romantic relationship between her character and Detective Thawne.

The video also features new footage from The Flash, some of which hints at the possible storyline of Detective Thawne becoming Professor Zoom, or Reverse-Flash, the Flash’s archnemesis. The line, “or do you want to find out the hard way you’re not faster than a bullet,” uttered by Cosnett’s character seems to be as close to foreshadowing Professor Zoom as the show can get without stating Detective Thawne’s future outright. Question is: will fans be on board with this revised telling?

flash movie professor zoom Arrow Season 3 Adds Katana; Meet Flashs New Frienemy

These new details about Arrow and The Flash offer some insight into the direction each show will take next season, while still leaving enough room for fans to be surprised. Presumably, more information will come to light following the debut of The Flash at the San Diego Comic-Con 2014  later this month as well as both show’s panels during the convention.

The Flash premieres Tuesday October 7th @8PM on The CW; Arrow season 3 premieres Wednesday October 8th @8PM on The CW.

Source: Deadline, TVLine, The CW