‘Arrow’ Producer Talks Season 3 & ‘The Flash’ Tie-In Episodes

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Arrow Producer Talks Season 3 and Flash Crossover Episodes Arrow Producer Talks Season 3 & The Flash Tie In Episodes

While comic book films have become a fixture at the box office, the genre has barely managed to gain a foothold on the small screen. That’s all about to change, of course, with AMC’s Preacher, NBC’s Constantine, FOX’s Gotham, ABC’s Agent Carter, as well as Netflix’s upcoming Marvel shows, including Daredevil and Jessica Jones, all in various stages of development or production. For now, though, The CW’s Arrow is still the hottest superhero series currently on TV.

Based on the DC Comics character Green Arrow – who is billionaire playboy Oliver Queen by day – the last two years of Arrow have set the standard for future superhero series by combining just the right amount of source material with exciting new storylines, all magnified by impressive action sequences and fight choreography.

Season 1 took the Arrow down a path of retribution for those people he believed had failed his city. Season 2, on the other hand, has turned Arrow down a path of redemption following the death of his friend Tommy Merlyn. And now, Oliver Queen’s life is about to change once again.

Oliver Queen in Arrow season 2 Arrow Producer Talks Season 3 & The Flash Tie In Episodes

Collider recently sat down with executive producer and writer Andrew Kreisberg to talk about his plans for season 3. Beware, there are MINOR SPOILERS below:

“We’re gonna start season 3 with Oliver in very different circumstances than he’s been before. Obviously, him being in different circumstances changes the circumstances of his paid bodyguard and paid assistant, since he can no longer pay them. For season 3, you’ll see that some of our familiar standing sets from season 1 and 2 that you’ve come to know and love as being Arrow, are gonna be retired for reasons that will become apparent, as you see [in] these last episodes. We have already seen designs for some of the new sets for season 3, which are amazing. We want the show to feel like it’s constantly evolving, changing and growing. If this year is the sequel, then next year is ‘Arrow 3.’ As different as ’2′ is from ’1,’ in ’3,’ they got Ewoks.”

Referencing Ewoks could just be a figure of speech, but we’re guessing some new characters are indeed coming to Arrow in season 3. The second season saw the series rise in popularity due to its focus on a boat load of new villains and allies. (Roy Harper and Sara Lance both joined the crew, while Isabel Rochev, Deathstroke and various other baddies made the Arrow’s life a nightmare.)

Sounds like next year will go back to basics and maybe Team Arrow will find help in the most unlikely of places.

THE FLASH Full Suit Image Header 570x294 Arrow Producer Talks Season 3 & The Flash Tie In Episodes

The series is certainly growing in other ways, too, now that The Flash is in the works. Kreisberg says the spinoff series will stand on its own but reside in the same world. So there’ll definitely be a sharing of characters from time to time, particularly if his love for Buffy and Angel crossover moments are any indication. However, besides this week’s episode, we’ll have to wait til next season to see any more of The Flash on Arrow:

“We knew that a lot of the fans had been looking forward to seeing a little bit of ‘The Flash’ in the season, and we felt obliged to fulfill that promise. And one of the fun things for the show, especially early in the season, we were constantly mentioning the particle accelerator. And then, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) coming to the show. It just felt like a fun way to bring up Barry and remember where he’s at, and give a little taste of the show. It’s a little more sci-fi than what we do on ‘Arrow,’ but it felt a little bit more like you get a glimpse into what kinds of things The Flash will be up against, more than what is coming into our world.”

With only five episodes left to season 2, it won’t be long before we know what’s in store for Arrow. For more on Laurel’s new knowledge of Oliver’s secret, her and Oliver’s ongoing friendship/relationship, and Felicity’s role in the finale, head over to Collider for the full interview.

What do you think about a new status quo for Arrow in season 3? Are you looking forward to seeing how The Flash coexists with Arrow this fall? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


Arrow airs Wednesdays @8pm on The CW. The season 2 finale will air May 14th, 2014.

Source: Collider

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  1. I like what Kreisberg is saying. I can’t wait for what’ll happen in the next few episodes and what will become in season 3. The Flash, I’m more excited to see. Like what Kreisberg, The Flash is going to be something a bit different, it’ll go on more the lighter side oppose to Arrow which is dark and grounded to realism. Barry is going to face things we haven’t seen in this universe, out of the ordinary and what not. We will see time travel since Eobard Thrawne (now as Edward) is in the show and it’s indicated that he time travel to kill Barry Allen’s mom and met up Barry Allen in the present time. Have The Rouges have their weapon instead of superpowers like in New 52 which is cool and all, but go simple since they’ll cover on the scientific side with The Flash.

  2. Thea and Roy need to go, and quickly.

    • Why do they need to go?

    • Thea is becoming an important plot point (albiet annoying) and Roy needs to remain to become Speedy/Arsenal. Personally I see a death for Thea coming up in season 3 which will make Roy take on the name of Speedy as homage to his now deceased love. Pure speculation on my part but thats what I see.

  3. Could anyone enlighten me, why Flash’s mother was so important that she’s killed; Was she holding a big secret or something?

    • It’s not what his mother knew that was important, it was who killed her (and probably how he got there).

    • It’s very important because without her death, Barry Allen wouldn’t be The Flash. Professor Zoom made it happen and basically created the path for Barry becoming The Flash.

    • **SPOILER**

      in the comics Barry said he seen something really fast that put him blocks ways from his house ( he said this on arrow too) and before he knew what happen his mother was dead. What he seen was himself trying to save him mom from Professor Zoom who has super speed as well. Professor Zoom went back in time to kill barry’s mom to get revenge.

    • There’s a lot of good answers here but only FireKnuckles actually got that your question is WHY she was killed.
      Zoom figures out that he can travel through time and spends a good amount of his time running around Barry Allen’s past and messing things up. That includes, but is not limited to, killing Nora Allen and framing Barry’s father. It doesn’t prevent Flash from being Flash, but it makes his story more tragic and their feud more personal.

      You would think that he would use his abilities to keep Allen from becoming Flash in the first place, but I think their existence is linked so he might erase himself from history or something like that. Time travel complicates stuff.

  4. Last night’s Arrow was awesome. I won’t spoil anything for those who haven’t seen it. There is a nice easter egg in it, but you have to listen carefully for the name drop cause they say it quick.

    • What was the easter egg? lol it does say minor spoiler you can spill the beans i must have missed it…

      • the two actors who are playing Vibe and Killer Frost on the Flash name dropped Dr. Light in the Star Labs warehouse right before they shot Deathstroke with the light weapon.

  5. “…in ’3,’ they got Ewoks.”

    Oh geez… does Kreisberg have any idea what he said there? The Ewoks marked the beginning of the abomination that was the Star Wars prequels. The Ewoks are the reason that we have Gungangs and Jar-Jar Binks. The Ewoks are when George Lucas lost his mind and any sense for quality.

    There better be no “Ewoks” in season 3 of Arrow!

    • Pretty sure The prequels marked the downfall of star wars, not Jedi. Star wars was ALWAYS about kids toys. Ewoks didn’t start that.

  6. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one freaking out when he said “ewoks.” If I see a single care bear in the Arrow show I will turn off my TV.

  7. did anyone else catch yet another reference to Bludhaven?

    I hope they bring nightwing in. This show is growing to EPIC proportions with every episode. Deathstrokes costume is just awesome.

  8. Gimmee The Atom, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Doctor Fate, Hourman…..AAARRRGHGGHHH! I want it all (Goldilocks flies around the room jumping off the furniture and knocking things over in maniacal fashion yelling, “I’m coocoo for Cocoa-Puffs!”….get the net….)!

  9. Please, please, please just kill off Thea!!! She sucks the life out of each episode with her constant whining. Seriously, she is enough to make me stop watching the show. I love everything else about this show but have reached a point now where Thea is killing my enjoyment.

    • Yeah, first Laurel, now Thea. I get that this show is on CW, and it needs drama, but these characters get annoyingly pissed off at the smallest things, or at the very least react waaaay too hardcore considering the circumstances. I almost feel as though the writers figure that we only care about the action and scenes leading up to action scenes, and so they throw in an argument even if it isn’t set up as well as it could have been.

  10. I hope “back to basics” means more Team Arrow and less Lance sister drama. The focus on the Lance sisters in the second half of this season turned me off of Arrow – and I almost quit watching. If the Oliver/Laurel relationship, is their idea of romance, then it’s obvious that the writers have no clue how to construct and write romance, so they need to stop trying. They need to stick with action. I realize the writers are in love with Laurel, but they are the only ones, and they need to quit trying to engage others in her story. She’s fine as a supporting character, but they have crippled her with the back story and need to give up. Let her help the fight from the ADA office and make her re-curring.

    As for Sara, she was wonderful when she was a strong woman who fought men oppressing women, but the writers turned her into a whiny chick who worries about her boyfriend being distant and cries on the shoulder of the sister that she betrayed. What in the world are the writers thinking? I have no respect for Sara as long as she is with Oliver. She needs to be a strong woman who goes back to standing on her on.

    Again, let’s ditch the “romance” and focus on the action.

  11. Laurel will become Black Canary… My theory on how she will become BlackCanary.

    Sara will die by the hand of Ra´s al Ghul and Laurels wants revenge therefore Ted Grant (Wildcat) will help and train her.

    I know a wild guess… but I like the idea… :)

  12. I love the Arrow this TV show was a huge hit and I fell in love with the show from the first episode. I’m excited for season 3 and also think The Flash will have a successful show as well seeing how awesome the Arrow had been.

  13. Loving this season’s arrow,the action scenes are immense.I have to agree with comments above, the over focus on laurel particularly and thea is draining the life out of the show. Thea just moans constantly and flits from nasty to forgiving in a split second its just predictable and repetitive. Roy needs to stop with the angry face also zzzz. My biggest gripe is laurel, I kinda like Sarah and think she’s more fitting with Oliver, laurel just isn’t a likable leading love interest. She again Flits from being his soul mate to having a huge indifference between them, they appear more like childhood best friends more than anything else. Now if I’m shipping anyone it’s felicity, I wouldn’t mind the writers adding more to felicitys contribution. The outfits and the dark essence to the show are a real winner, I really do look forward to each and every episode just hoping to see some new hero or villain. :D

  14. Love the series, he season finale was kind of a bummer. Especially when they freed Deadshot. Was hoping to FINALLY see Harley :( Hope she does come up, and wasn’t just a small reference to the comics in the Suicide Squad episode. Because though it being a nice thing. If she doesn’t show up, they pretty much could’ve kept that small voice cameo out of it.

  15. I’m surprised no one has mentioned the awesome Harley Quinn reference

    • Maybe if you look up? :P

      Payne 2 weeks ago
      Love the series, he season finale was kind of a bummer. Especially when they freed Deadshot. Was hoping to FINALLY see Harley :( Hope she does come up, and wasn’t just a small reference to the comics in the Suicide Squad episode. Because though it being a nice thing. If she doesn’t show up, they pretty much could’ve kept that small voice cameo out of it.

  16. I was wondering how many episodes will be there in season 3 …bcz i only saw the listing of 6 episodes in season 3 in wikipedia…I hope there is not just 6.Does anyone know about it ? Thanks

    • 23. As usual. They’ve only filmed through episode 6 so that’s why there are only 6 are listed.

  17. I’d like them to bring back Moira Queen. To me, the sub-plot that involved her and her new husband, the Black British guy, was an extremely interesting aspect of the entire show.
    I’d like to see these two get re-married.
    I loved the family dynamic of the show, the 2 kids, Oliver and Thea, with their mother and step father.
    The family aspect of the show kept it real so that it wasn’t just a show that teenagers could enjoy.
    The diversity in the casting of the show is beyond excellent. The producers should be praised for this.

    I also enjoyed the sub-plot that involved Moira Queen running for Mayor. The show needs more sub-plots like this in order to keep the whole thing real and to prevent it from becoming too much like a cartoon for young kids.
    I’d also like to see John Diggle have a more important role in some of the episodes and be less of a second fiddle.
    Some of the characters that they introduced in the second season were interesting especially the (Black) Canary and Blood. But the writers need to really work on keeping the superhero characters very real. How come their fighting skills are so impressive? Why are their reflexes so quick? Where did they get their special weapons? Do they have kevlar in their uniforms? Can they take a bullet?
    I hope that season 3 does not devolve into a show that is very much a cartoon suitable for 5 year olds.

    I’m hoping that season 3 will be very good but like I said, for me, I’d like to see more of Moira Queen and her Black British husband.

    • Moira is dead. Bringing her back would be stupid and make zero sense. It also would cheapen the entire reason for her death if they somehow were able to bring her back. This isn’t Supernatural.

      You say you want the show to stay “real” but you want them to resurrect the dead? I don’t get it.

      As for the fighting, Oliver trains and was taught how to shoot a bow from a Shado, a master marksman. We’re gonna learn how he learned his mixed Martial Arts skills this season. Black Canary was trained by world class assassins, so of course her skills are impressive.

      And just curious, why do you keep referring to Moira’s husband as the “black and British guy”. Do you not know his name?