Summer Glau Joins ‘Arrow’ Season 2 Cast as New Adversary Isabel Rochev

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Summer Glau as River Tam in Firefly Summer Glau Joins Arrow Season 2 Cast as New Adversary Isabel Rochev

We might be seeing a lot more of Stephen Amell in the role of vigilante superhero Green Arrow if he gets his wish; the star recently expressed an enthusiastic interest in joining the cast of the Justice League movie if it eventually gets made. In the meantime, however, Amell’s future playing millionaire playboy and secret crime-fighter Oliver Queen in the CW’s series Arrow is looking very bright.

Arrow was renewed for a second season midway through its first, and new episodes will begin airing on the CW this fall. There have been plenty of teases both from the cast and the creative team as to what fans of the show can expect to see in the series, and Amell has revealed that the events of the season one finale have driven Oliver away from Starling City and left him lacking motivation to return to his vigilante crusade. However, the announcement of a new adversary on the show may force him to take up the hood and bow once more.

According to TV Line, the return of the series will bring with it Summer Glau in a new recurring role as Oliver Queen’s adversary, Isabel Rochev, yet another character lifted directly from the DC comics upon which Arrow is based. Season one’s villains included Firefly, the Huntress, and lethal assassin Deadshot, so it feels natural that the writers should turn to the source material once more when building their storylines for the second season.

Glau is best known, in geek circles at least, for playing troubled genius River Tam in Joss Whedon’s space Western TV show Firefly (which was sadly cancelled after only one season) and the subsequent movie, Serenity. She’s since had roles on a number of other shows, including The Cape, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Dollhouse, and is set to star in Knights of Badassdom – a LARPing adventure fantasy with Peter Dinklage and Ryan Kwanten.

Isabel Rochevs name in Robert Queens book Summer Glau Joins Arrow Season 2 Cast as New Adversary Isabel Rochev

Rochev’s name was shown on Robert Queen’s list in season one

In the comics, Rochev becomes the CEO of Queen Industries after the death of Robert Queen, but her storyline will apparently be slightly different in Arrow. According to her character description, Rochev is the Vice President of Acquisitions for Stellmoor International, a company that is attempting to take over Queen Industries now that the head of the company has been sent to jail.

Arrow‘s big bads for season one were Malcolm Merlyn AKA The Dark Archer (John Barrowman) in the modern storyline, and Sebastian Dunn as Edward Fyers in the island flashbacks, and executive producer Mark Guggenheim (who has referred to the show’s structure as being “Whedonesque“) has promised two major villains will appear in season two of the show. Assuming for the moment that Rochev will be one of these primary villains, rather than a mere business adversary, that still leaves a spot open for another main antagonist who has yet to be revealed.

Glau has delivered some engaging and intense performances during her career and is definitely an exciting casting choice for the role of Rochev. Which other characters from the DC universe are you hoping to see in the next season of Arrow?


Arrow returns to the CW on Wednesday October 9, 2013 at  8:00-9:00 PM E.T.

Sourve: TV Line

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  1. awesome!!

    • I cannot wait! The first season exceeded my expectations, and now we have Summer Glau!

  2. Consider the show cancelled then, LOL! She’s been in practically all cancelled shows!

    • Thats what I was gonna say. Every show I’ve seen her in gets cancelled straight away. I guess this will be the last season of Arrow, too bad.

      • not her fault terminator was cancelled! I liked it! and summer was hot! and humid! lpl manu Bennett aka crixus is in arrow. hopefully with a big role! he is an awesome actor. SHALL WE BEGIN!

        • Terminator, Firefly, Alphas, The Cape, The 4400, The Unit and Dollhouse

    • rofl… Summer Glau is a fantastic actor; however, her career is like one big bad luck charm. Whenever she shows up in a series, the show gets cancelled rather quickly. “Dollhouse”, “Sarah Connor Chronicles”, and “Firefly” were cancelled. Its sad. Its very-very sad.

      • You forgot “The Cape” that one didn’t even finish it’s first season.

    • Summer Glau curse?

    • It’s sad about Terminator: Sarah Connors Cronicles. That was actually a REALLY good show. I wish Fox would not have stuck it in the Friday Death Slot so soon and given it time.

      • totally agree! that show was good, and could of went farther. just look at hbo`s lucky louie. I loved that, it was hilarious! and yet it was cancelled after one season! then fox fx channel airs louie, which is crap and it gets renewed! really! politics? who knows. bet Louis c.k. would agree lucky louie was a better show too!

    • Yup, I was going to say that. Arrow is done and over with now that she’s part of it. The last show she killed was Alphas. :D

      • She is a gorgeous women and a fine actress! not her fault shows get cancelled. that would be like saying, jim kelleys the reason buffalo bills lost 4 super bowls!

      • its a bummer, that summer cant get a show that has longevity. only thing killing is yo face! hoorah!

    • Hahaha, I don’t watch Arrow but I came here to leave that very same comment!

  3. she is too hot mang

    • Naw, not that great to my way of thinking. Think I’ll go back to imagining the computer geek blond girl in a skimpy negligee with a couple fruitie drinks under her belt, skulking behind my bedroom door with a mischievious gleam in her amorous eye….!

      • put a bit too much into that fantasy didn’t ya Goldi?

        • Yeah, you’re right. I can’t see that gleam in her eye in reality, because she has the lights turned down low!

    • wasn’t she smoking hot in terminator, in those tight leather pants! she can hunt me down and kill me anytime! asta lavista BABY!

  4. This is awesome news! too bad she is an adversary though, it would be cool to see her in a hero/vigilante role. didnt think i could get any more excited for season two but i just did!

  5. RIP Arrow. It was good while it lasted.

  6. Eeeeeppp!! This is awesome news! :D

    I hope she sticks around longer than a few episodes though.

    • a few episodes is all season two will be now that Summer Glau has joined the cast.

    • I believe she holds the record for staring on more shows that were prematurely canceled than anyone else. SO if you like Arrow I don’t know if this is a good sign.

  7. I love to see another DC villain Roulette make her appearance on the series to be played by Shantel VanSanten.

  8. The curse of Glau has come again.

  9. Eeeek! Super excited about this, summer glau is an amazing actress and I can’t wait to see her on Arrow :)

    • I’ll bet she does end up, er, “on Arrow”!!

  10. Curse of Glau! Curse of Glau!

  11. Oh man, Arrow was my favorite show. RIP Arrow.

  12. I want the villain Cupid. I guess I will never have it now.

  13. Once Summer Glau moves out of science-fiction, I think her career will finally blast to new heights. She just needs to leave the genre behind. Glau had so much talent that its not even funny.

  14. there are some things she hasnt killed, such as Angel and… wow is even more than i realised poor girl. But Michael Ironsde is in a similar bind lol. I just hope she isn’t as unhealthily thin, i hope this helps her career. And yes Felicity Smoakes is freaking cute.

    Ohand breaking from scifi etc in to other genres seems to be difficult if u have a look at some actors, my fav is Christopher Heyrdahl, he is amazing, has been in almost every scifi and fatasy out there but never gets the credit he deserves and watches the series end. sigh. I blame networks, especially now when people dont watch things the way they ued to i.e. stright on tv.

  15. Anyone who believes in curses in general, or the “Summer Glau curse” in particular is an wrong.

  16. This is excellent news, she’ll be an excellent addition to Arrow!! I can’t wait to see her in her role!

  17. I think Arrow might be in it for the long haul. Enough to cancel out her “curse”. This might actually be a series where she sticks around for more than two seasons. I hope it works out for her. A very good actress with an overwhelming stroke of bad luck.

  18. I guess Stephen Amell won’t get a chance to be in Justice League after all.

  19. As I’ve willingly attended but never worshiped at the Church of Whedon, Ms. Glau is one of those performers I find remarkably overrated. That said, I will watch with an open mind in hopes her performance changes my opinion… provided the curse doesn’t prove true. If nothing else, she can’t be any worse than the actress who mangl–er, I mean ‘reinvented’ Huntress.

  20. AAAAAAACH! This could all most get me to watch this horrible show, no wait I came to my senses nothing could make me watch this show!

  21. Meh! i just hope whoever this secret villain is totally ups the ante.

  22. I know this will never happen but it would be cool to see. It’s morning at the Queen mansion and Thea has been watching the news.
    Thea:Olie have you seen the news
    Olie:No what’s going on
    Thea:They say there’s a guy in Metropols who can fly
    Olie: Realy
    Thea:And in (You Name The City)there’s A woman in red,white&blue who’s super strong
    (Olie Chuckles)
    Thea: And people in Gotham are talking about A vigilante dressed as A BAT
    Olie:(Lafs out loud)Thea youre watching to much television
    Then they are never mentioned agin.

  23. There should be a skit about Summer Glau being cast on shows and everyone thinking she is there to shut the show down.

    • That would be hilarious!

  24. Well if she’s trying to take over Queen Industries, that skit fits metaphorically.

  25. ok first off, there is no such thing as a summer glau curse, all she has had is bad luck, and mainly FOX screwing up. summer is a great actress and i hope she will be the main villain. also arrow is CW’s best show on the moment so i don’t think it will be cancelled aytime soon. i’m extremely exited for season 2.

  26. She also was in an episode of the big bang theory… a few seasons ago, still not canceled :P