Stephen Amell Talks ‘Arrow’ Season 2 & Big Changes on the Way

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Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in Arrow Stephen Amell Talks Arrow Season 2 & Big Changes on the Way

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Fans of Arrow who tuned in to watch the climactic and surprising finale to season 1 are no doubt curious to see where the show will go once the dust has cleared. Arrow was renewed for a second season by The CW after the early episodes drew in a respectable number of viewers, and with the universe already established the show could go in just about any direction from here.

One thing that Arrow definitely hasn’t been shy about so far is dropping in cameos or extended appearances by characters from the comic book series, including The Huntress, Count Vertigo, Deadshot and Deathstroke. Roy Harper (Colton Haynes), who was Oliver’s sidekick Speedy in the comics and eventually became known under the names Red Arrow and Arsenal, is set to become a series regular after his introduction in the second half of season 1, and there has been talk of introducing major DC characters like Batman and Green Lantern into the mix.

While we wait for season 2, and speculate about which direction the writers might take it in next, lead actor Stephen Amell has been dropping hints about the set-up for the next season in an interview with IGN, and says that when Arrow returns, nothing will be the same:

“We’re just going to find everybody in a different place. I think we’re actually going to find Oliver literally in a different place at the beginning of next year. It’s our second season, but it’s kind of like a new series.”

Perhaps the most devastating blow, to the regular cast list at least, was the death of Tommy Merlyn (Colin Donnell), who rushed into the collapsing CNRI building to save Laurel and ended up getting speared through the chest with a metal rod for his trouble. The Laurel-Oliver-Tommy love triangle that provided much of the season 1 romantic drama may have died with him, but that that probably won’t mean smooth sailing for the two people who are left. It’s possible that the tragedy will push Laurel into her own brand of vigilantism as Black Canary, especially if Oliver has left the city and “the Hood” has gone with him.

Colin Donnell as Tommy Merlyn in Arrow Stephen Amell Talks Arrow Season 2 & Big Changes on the Way

That seems to be exactly what has happened. In addition to the hint about Oliver finding himself in a new place (Blüdhaven, perhaps, or any one of the other DC cities that could be used to introduce another new character from the comic book universe), Amell also suggests that Oliver has lost his taste for vigilante justice. When asked how he reacts to Tommy’s death, Amell replied:

“Not well. The reason that he was the vigilante, the Hood, all that stuff is gone now. Merlyn’s been stopped, the list is essentially somewhat obsolete, the Glades are destroyed. If he’s going to become the vigilante again or something different, he’s gonna need a new reason.”

It’s something of a relief to hear that Oliver’s future vigilante activities won’t all be based around the list of names left to him by his father. While this worked quite well as a set-up for the season 1 episodes, the show was starting to feel a little bit too much like My Name is Earl, and having a list of bad guys to work from felt like far too convenient a plot device.

Based on this, and the hints that Oliver may have left Starling City in the wake of the Glades’ destruction, it sounds like the superhero may have hung up his hood in despair after being unable to save the city that he was sworn to protect. The show wouldn’t be called Arrow without some bow-and-arrow justice, however, and we’ve already been promised two new villains who will be making trouble this season, so Oliver probably won’t stay in retirement for long.

Celina Jade as Shado in Arrow Stephen Amell Talks Arrow Season 2 & Big Changes on the Way

Finally, Amell was asked whether Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett) and Shado (Celina Jade) will only be appearing in island flashbacks for the next season, or whether Oliver will run into them in the present-day timeline. It’s not yet known what Slade and Shado’s eventual fates were – though Oliver appeared to be alone on the island when he was rescued in the pilot episode – but Amell says that he doubts the characters will stay in the past:

“The island isn’t on Mars, it’s on planet Earth, and we haven’t seen anyone from the island in the present day. But I would assume eventually that’s going to happen.”

Oliver is out of Starling City, the Glades are gone, Tommy is dead and the Hood has temporarily closed down business. What could this mean for season 2 of Arrow, and how will the series begin anew with the old motivations and villains gone? Which DC characters are next in line to make a cameo appearance, and who might take up the Hood’s mantle in Starling City while he’s away? If you’ve got theories, then don’t keep quiet about them – head to the comments to discuss these latest hints.


Arrow returns to The CW in fall 2013.

Source: IGN [via CBM]

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  1. First

  2. Cant wait for season 2. The island flashbacks are awesome. Really wanna see Slade in present day

  3. if they are going to add any villain, I think they should eventually add Prometheus into the mix. He’s not that well known, he’s basically evil batman and it would be a good story for Roy Harper.

  4. Good to know that the writers/producers aren’t standing “still” with respect to their characters…

  5. Ollie living in Bludhaven or Coast City could be cool with Laurel being in trouble due to her legal profession, Thea in trouble thanks to Roy and Roy in trouble while trying to replace Green Arrow as the city’s protector but being way over his head.

    I’d like to see Felicity trying to find Ollie and Diggle after the latter disappears to find Deadshot. It would be nice to see Deathstroke appear towards the end of season 2, Ollie to say something to the effects of “Billy? How did you survive?” and then the familiar voice of Manu Bennett saying “Take a guess” with a shocked reaction from Queen and the credits appearing to close out season 2.

    • YES!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I also just thought of something.

    “Oliver Queen, you have failed this city!”

    • made even more epic if it is spoken by the Dark Archer returning at the end of season 2 after we’ve had an entire season of seeing how having left Starling city after the destruction of the glades ends up bringing in more crime and danger. and it would be in line with Merlyn’s hypocritical line of thinking.

  7. HA! That would be an epic line Dazz.

  8. With the writer’s loving to misdirect us, I’d say first of all, Oliver literally being in a different place might or might not mean literally a different location. And, the Glades are only half gone. How might that change Starling City as far as the economy? Might there be a “savior” to rise up to fight for the homeless and poor that were in the Glades? If Oliver is in a different place the first scene or episode, I don’t think he’ll stay away for long. If he’s somewhere else, would he take Felicity and Diggle? All kinds of questions if you think about it. The writer’s possibilities are endless! Can hardly wait to see what they do, which direction they go.

    • I imagine Roy will become Arsenal, guardian of The Glades. Diggle and Felicity will try to track down Oliver until giving up and Diggle leaving after Felicity helps him track down Deadshot (this would be where season 2 picks up), with Diggle in Bludhaven failing to stop Deadshot but finding Oliver, who can’t bear to be near Star(ling) City due to letting it down.

  9. My guess is Shado and Slade are going to return in the present as the two big bad villains. At least, I hope that would happen haha

  10. Maybe they’ll actually start calling him Green Arrow.

    (I don’t hate the show or anything but come on, a show called Arrow with a hero called The Hood)

    • But it makes sense they wouldn’t call him Green Arrow just yet. Maybe the name will come about if Roy tries to copy the bow and arrow based attacks on criminals but uses red arrows so those and the black ones used by Merlyn force the cops to distinguish between them by calling him “green arrow” as an easy reference point and the name sticks?

    • @Savonti – And maybe the Blur from Smallville will actually be called……oh wait.

      And @Dazz – you would think that any media outlet would have gone with Green Arrow name long ago. The perp wears a hood and uses a bow and green arrows…let’s call him Bow Boy. No, how about the Hood…or Green Hood. No, just the Hood.

      Not a very creative editor in chief. 😉

  11. True enough, it’s time he became Green Arrow in name really, though I like the fact he has been the ‘Vigilante/Hood’ so far, it would be nice to settle into the real character that we all know and love. I really hope that Nightwing makes an appearance rather then the other bigger ‘well known’ DC characters, I can’t help but feel with this show that it would make a better story and connection then the Dark Knight himself.
    Whatever happens, I have faith that season two will be good, I was so surprised with how good this show is (became) and really looking forward to what happens next!

    • Maybe with Oliver gone, Felicity and Diggle try to continue the “plan” by going after Deadshot. This brings them to Bludhaven where they would meet Dick Grayson/Nightwing (considering Deadshot is a Batman villain to begin with). Roy is the new guardian of Starling City known as Arsenal. Oliver is in hiding having quit being a vigilante, until he hears of a new threat upon the city. A warning message appears on the television screen, and a familiar face is shown. This face is Deathstroke.

  12. I, who was never really big on Green Arrow in the comics, actually am enjoying this show more than most this season. Not sure if I want to see super powers introduced into this, but (hypocrite-me…) boy, do I love Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)!

    • Hal Jordan and the goofy alien creatures in the Green Lantern Corps are cool, but you take issue with Rocket Racoon and Groot in GotG? Interesting.

  13. Please, no established caracters. Arrow can stand on it’s own. Doesn’t need Batman cameos.

    And please….. put a mask on. The mascara does not cut it for a DC hero.

    • I do think it’s weird he doesn’t fully cover is face but at least he hasn’t got the beard in this show.

      I always found it weird because just like with Superman/Clark Kent, all you have to do is look at Green Arrow and even with his eyes covered, you could still tell who it is by the facial hair.

      It’s a big reason I shaved off my chest length beard and wore a body suit to cover my tattoos when I had two bands and one featured me in a mask with a different name to avoid comparisons between my bands (one played heavier material, the other was more mainstream). If any kind of identifiable marks or such are recognised then there’s no point trying to have a different persona to protect friends/family/yourself (or in my case, perceptions of the music I write and perform judged solely on what someone has seen/heard before).

      That’s why a lot of writers use psuedonyms too.

      • are you corey taylor?

        • Haha, no, I wish, his voice is amazing.

  14. I agree with snowgator. Green Arrow can definitely stand on his own and a cameo from Batman would be cool but is it necessary? Nope. I’d love to see villains such as Onomatopia, Clock King & Cupid appear.

    • I don’t think Batman himself is gonna pop up in Arrow anytime soon, it’s still too soon for that. I’m think a lot of who’s gonna show up depends on rather this is part of the main DC continuity or not, haven’t seen a lot to say it is but they might have been playing it safe in case it got canned too.

  15. i want to see roy harper take on the mantle. been waiting for it since i saw a guy in a red hoodie.

    • Guy in a red hoodie as in Colton Haynes in Arrow or Tom Welling in Smallville?

      It’s also pretty funny how after a whole season of Stephen Amell, I now realise how terrible Justin Hartley was.

  16. Best show in the 2012-2013 season, I absolutely love – I was skeptical at first, still don’t like Laurel (she can’t act) but everyone else is awesome, especially the island sequences

    • I agree on the Laurel part but I never much liked Tommy either. Him dying had no effect on me because I was waiting for him to either die and be gone from the show or take his dad’s place as the Dark Archer and spend most of his time under that hood.

  17. I’m waiting to see Roy Harper do something worth screwing Teen Wolf up. Explain why Ollie’s sister was called ‘Speedy’. I definitely think some powers need to be added, even if dulled up, especially for Green Lantern inclusion.

  18. My thoughts on Arrow – Season 2:
    – I have a feeling Malcolm Merlyn will be resurrected in Season 2…
    – Slade Wilson and Oliver Queen will have a falling out in the island flashbacks and the two will duke it out mano y mano as Deathstroke vs Green Arrow with Oliver coming out on top by shoving an arrow to Slade’s eyeball.
    – I have a feeling that Shado might get killed by Slade Wilson, which sets Oliver on a revenge mission against Slade.
    – Dunno who the 2 big bad villains will be…

  19. a good idea would be to have slade as one of the villons.

  20. I agree on the Laurel part but I never much liked Tommy either. Him dying had no effect on me because I was waiting for him to either die and be gone from the show or take his dad’s place as the Dark Archer and spend most of his time under that hood.

  21. I hope slade shows up in the modern day as Death stroke.

  22. Bring Nightwing into the fold and then give him a spin off

    • Not sure about a spinoff but they definitely need to get him in there.

  23. I want them to bring sports master and Cheshire into the series to make it more interesting and awesome especially for Roy Harper

  24. I’m really looking forward to season 2 and Agents of Shield. This fall should be awesome

  25. GIVE US NIGHTWING! Seriously, you can’t keep throwing “Blüdhaven” around without at least hinting at him.

  26. Okay so I’m pretty sure that in the Lural’s mum said something about going to Central city and getting there in a “Flash” It sounds like a hint to me but I could have misheard ether way I’d love to see the Flash in the series.

  27. They will have Hal Jordan in the next season because in the finale, the first flashback shows Ferris Air which is the commercial airliner Fyers tries to destroy. Let’s hope they have Slade and Shado in Season 2 but Slade is not the enemy but an ally, that means if they have Deathstroke, he can’t be Green Arrow’s enemy.

  28. Red hood would be an interesting minor villain for season 2. He could fit in well. Bludhaven’s been hinted soooo much, they’re obviously bringing in Nightwing, possibly as Huntress’s “boyfriend” or something…

  29. I would love it if Oliver was in Coast City (really want Hal Jordan to appear at some point) as they have already mentioned it during Season 1. Also hoping that during season 2 Laurel becomes Black Canary, would love to see a showdown between her and Shado (they could even bring in Lady Shiva and the League of Assasins at some point). Also hoping for Ra’s Al Ghul at some point, they already mentioned Nanda Par Bat why not bring in the Lazarus Pits (could be used as a way to bring back Malcolm Merlyn) I would also really love an appearance by Onomatopeia, that would be so cool.