‘Arrow’ Season 2: ‘Spartacus’ Star Cast as Amanda Waller

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cynthia addai robinson in spartacus Arrow Season 2: Spartacus Star Cast as Amanda Waller

The epic small-screen saga of The CW’s Arrow has become the network’s ratings champion, having secured a second season and proved that a gritty, live-action TV series based on a comic book character can be a resounding success.

Season 2 of Arrow will see the introduction of a whole host of new characters, including Bary Allen/The Flash – who will get his own spin-off series – Isabel Rochev (Summer Glau), the Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White), Sebastian Blood (Kevin Alejandro), and Amanda Waller. Now, we know who’s playing Waller.

TV Guide reports that Spartacus: War of the Damned actress Cynthia Addai-Robinson will be portraying Waller, an agent of the evil organization A.R.G.U.S. Her first task as a member of the ever-growing universe will be to kidnap Oliver Queen’s friend and bodyguard John Diggle in the sixth episode of season 2.

Amanda Waller New 52 Comparison Arrow Season 2: Spartacus Star Cast as Amanda Waller

The choice of Addai-Robinson confirms that the producers are more or less going with the New 52 version of the character, who is, shall we say, a bit slimmer and arguably sexier than the character from the previous continuity. This was a bit of controversy on the Internet when it happened back in 2012, but it looks like said controversy hasn’t affected the casting decision.

Addai-Robinson has had a steady career of small roles on television (FlashForward, Entourage), but her portrayal of slave-turned-rebel Naevia was to date her most substantial. She is the latest actress to play Amanda Waller, who is a recurring character in the DC comic book universe. Angela Bassett took the role in Green Lantern, Pam Grier played Waller during the ninth season of Smallville, and CCH Pounder voiced her in the Justice League animated series.

In the comic books, Waller exists as one of the most powerful villains of the DC Universe and runs the Suicide Squad, a team of former supervillains who work for the government in exchange for amnesty. Comments by executive producer Andrew Kreisberg in April hinted at the character joining the show, even if Kreisberg did not confirm that the Suicide Squad would eventually appear.

Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad Arrow Season 2: Spartacus Star Cast as Amanda Waller

The aforementioned casting of Michael Jai White as the Bronze Tiger is further evidence that the Squad might come together onscreen at some point, since Tiger and Waller work together in the comics. Is it possible that the steady introduction of supervillains in season 2 could culminate in the creation of the Squad as a means to capture the Hood? Time will tell.

What do you think, Screen Rant readers? Do you think Cynthia Addai-Robinson is a good choice for playing Amanda Waller? Do you want to see the Suicide Squad show up at some point on Arrow? Let us know in the comments.


Arrow season 2 premieres October 9th, 2013 @8pm on The CW.

Source: TVGuide.com

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  1. Hot.

  2. Good to see that they’re going for the fit Amanda Waller and not the morbidly obese Amanda Waller.

  3. I just hope Amanda Waller and Slade Wilson can have a scene together

    • Haha nice

    • +100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    • If it happens, let’s not lose our heads over it now.

      Stop laughing.

    • LOL! I see what you did there…

  4. Arrow is turning in to a BLACK show!! WTF?? Are they not going to have any WHITE DC characters show up on the show??

    • I don’t know if you’re incredibly stupid or just trolling.

      • I suspect a little of both.

        • Second.

      • as an african american. i love the show. black heros white heros. just be good

    • It’s not like Amanda Waller was made up for the show or made black for the show; she’s from the comics and she’s black in the comics. I don’t see why you should complain. You’re just racist.

    • Swear Oliver Queen is white… and Slade, and Malcolm Merlyn, and Dinah Lance.

    • Bringing the total to a whopping 3…? And why does that even matter?

    • Yeah sure I mean, apart from the entire queen family, laurel, her mum, her dad, the flash, felicity, roy harper, slade wilson and several other villains.. there’s like no white people.

  5. What a stupid opinion of course. That comment is so outrageous. So what the heck does that even mean? Wow! Why on earth would any channel turn a show black? A white show is better than a black show? How absurd!

  6. Not going to lie. Her character pissed me off for almost the entire third season of Spartacus. Only til the last two episodes did I like her. Oh man did I cry in that last episode. But I think this is a good choice. She seems like a pretty good actress. Plus, if Aquaman shows up, maybe Liam McIntyre can be cast for that. We’d have the Spartacus trifecta.

    • I agree, I could not stand her. First it was crying and then she somehow go super powers and became a master warrior. Total b**** and I find her to be repulsive, I do agree though the final episodes were the best, when she finally died! It put tears in my eyes that it took so long. Big fan of the show not a big fan of her character. I loved the previous incarnation of her, but the second was gross.

    • +1 She was so annoying until the final eps of spartacus. But i think she will be pretty good in arrow.

  7. I find both Bassett and Grier attractive. At their ages when they played the character and especially when they were Robinson’s age.

    • 1+ Absolutely.

    • AGREED!

  8. Glad they went with Skinny Waller

  9. So does this mean Arrow will not be part of the DC Cinematic Universe? or that Warner has come to a decision and decided to pretend Green Lantern is stand alone?

    • I’m pretty sure they’ll decide to use Stephen Amell in the Justice League movie.

    • Correct. Like Smallville, ‘Arrow”s universe is not part of the WB JLA universe.

    • Arrow could still be worked into the universe at this point, it wouldn’t take much, they could just leave the door open in case Warner wants to use Amell’s Green Arrow in future films
      although I’d look more at Flash as the main indicator of whether they plan to combine the tv and movie universes
      But time will tell whether that’s going to happen

      I’m pretty sure that WB decided that Green Lantern was standalone not long after its time in cinemas ended
      I think they actually prefer to pretend that GL never happened at all when thinking about a shared universe

      • Yep, it seems to be only people who actually liked that Green Lantern movie expecting it to be a part of the DC Movie Universe when WB themselves have stated that Man Of Steel is the Iron Man of their DC movies and the launching pad for their shared universe.

        • From TV Tropes under Franchise Killer

          Green Lantern was supposed to launch the DC Comics equivalent of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and eventually lead to a Justice League film. The movie was panned by critics and had lukewarm box office results, which lead to these plans being put on hold. WB hoped that Man of Steel would kick start their movie universe the right way.

          • And it did.

            Now we have a rebooted Batman and talk of a shared movie universe so thanks MOS for that.

            • Still, it says plans have been put on hold, not cancelled.

  10. whats up with arrow producers and spartacus first the awesome manu bennet as slade now this i haven’t seen in that series i hope she would be awesome

  11. I thought Amanda Waller in the comics isn’t a villain . I thought she was sorta like the government linchpin in handling/talking with the DC heroes.

    • She isn’t a villain, per se, but her actions, no matter how much she constantly tries to justify them as being motivated by a desire (ultimately) to protect humanity–and punish/redeem the wicked, usually involve at least an element of wickedness (she perceives it as “tough love” or “necessary sacrifice” or even “harsh reality”) in and of themselves.

      Yikes…that sentence was longer than I intended.

  12. great idea!! glad to hear she has been cast and more characters of color are being seen in the DC Nation!! #nerdsofcolorunite

  13. I can work with that!

  14. So I’m guessing that if we do see the Squad, it won’t be the New 52 version, even if that’s the version of Waller we’re getting on the show (since Bronze Tiger isn’t a part of the New 52 Squad and it’d be difficult to justify having Harley Quinn debut on Arrow instead of a Batman movie, unless they just replace Harley with Tiger).

    • With characters like King Shark in the New52 squad I doubt it, but hey at least we might see Captain Boomerang on the show.

  15. I know we are not allowed to you profanity here trinity truth go f**k yourself if i see you comment on this site again friendly or not i will run you off it i don t care if people see it as bullying how dare you say that

    • And then you would rightfully be banned yourself from commenting.

      Let it go.

    • Trolled…

  16. Well, Deadshot has been introduced already, so with Waller (who pulls the strings), that’s half the “regular” line up for the New 52 Suicide Squad. Harley Quinn would work in the Arrow Universe pretty well… King Shark however, not so much.

    • That’s what I’m wondering.

      Will Quinn fit in and if so, will Arrow become a part of this DC Movie Universe despite debuting on screens before the Movie Universe began?

      It’d give a reason why A.R.G.U.S. may not have such a vested interested in capturing Deadshot as Diggle anyway.

  17. I bet Manu Bennett had an input on this Amanda Waller casting of Robinson, coz Robinson is from Spartacus and Bennett’s from Spartacus as well.

    • I like your thinking but that’s most likely not what happened.

      He’s just an actor, not the casting director.

      • He’s just an actor, but if the people making the decision knew that he previously worked with her (and they probably did, since they’d have looked up things she did in the past) it’s fairly likely they asked if she was a good person to work with, if she was generally nice to be around etc.

        Acting is obviously the main part of the role, but if an actor or actress is a complete asshat then it’s rubbish for everyone that has to work alongside them.

        • I work in this biz and trust me, you can be the biggest a-hole on the planet but if you knock your audition out-of-the-park, you’re in. Hands down.

  18. Now, if they’ll just make better use of the lovely Annie Ilonzeh.

    • I was wondering about her. She just disappeared part-way through the season after her character’s brother died in a fire.

      • She came back with about 10 minutes left in the season finale, which hopefully means she’ll return for season two.

  19. Interested to see how Arrow handles Waller as a character, a lot of different moral directions she could go in. Another titillating thought, with the ushering in of the Suicide Squad, I think it’s safe to say Arrow is going to be pulling out the stops for supers on the show throughout the rest of the series. And touching on the whole “joining of the DCCU”, I think WB considered Man of Steel the beginning of the new DCU, and now they are being smart and roping in Arrow and using it to launch another huge part of the DCU, the Flash. I have a feeling Arrow is going to be a completely different beast come October.

  20. I wonder will Flash or Amanda be the bridge from the tv show—> DCCU?

  21. If suicide squad is in. Deadshoot is not far behind.

  22. I really hope Arrow leads into a Suicide Squad series! I’m a big fan…I’d love to see Harley Quinn!