‘Arrow’: Ra’s al Ghul’s Daughter Is Coming to Starling City

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Nyssa al Ghul Arrow Season 2 Arrow: Ras al Ghuls Daughter Is Coming to Starling City

Whereas Arrow season 1 seemed like a natural small screen extension of the Dark Knight world by way of Christopher Nolan, season 2 has ramped things up considerably. The show feels less like the gritty exploits of a down-and-dirty vigilante and more like an actual exploration of an ever-expanding superhero mythos. Oliver Queen has transformed from “The Hood” into “Arrow” (and he’s on his way to becoming Green Arrow); super powers have already been hinted at and we know more are to come; Ra’s al Ghul has been namedropped; the League of Assassins (not The League of Shadows) have shown up; and that’s on top of all the other supervillain appearances.

Speaking of Ra’s al Ghul, the news out tonight is that his daughter will be making an appearance in an upcoming episode of Arrow. No, not Talia, who was played by Marion Cottilard in The Dark Knight Rises – rather, the lesser known daughter, Nyssa al Ghul. But who will be playing her?

According to TV Guide, Katrina Law has been cast in the role. Law has acted in a number of small television roles over the years, but she’s probably best known as Mira on Spartacus.

Katrina Law as Nyssa Al Ghul Arrow: Ras al Ghuls Daughter Is Coming to Starling City

Again, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about the al Ghuls or The League of Assassins on Arrow. Black Canary was once a member – which is why she’s exceptionally well-trained – and the season 1 antagonist, Malcolm Merlyn, was as well. Apparently, Law’s character, Nyssa, will come to Starling City looking to retrieve Canary and (presumably) bring her back into the Assassins fold. Or just kill her. Whichever. (That is sort of their thing.)

In the comics, Nyssa was Ra’s lovechild (and thus Talia’s half-sister) and he didn’t know about her until later on in life; in fact, her last name was Raatko, not al Ghul. She was also killed off in the pre-New 52 continuity, and it’s possible she never even existed post-reboot.

As TV Guide mentions, Nyssa’s appearance does lend some credence to the fan theory that Isabel Rochev (Summer Glau) is actually Talia al Ghul. After all, there’s a vague resemblance between the two actresses, and Glau has indicated that there’s a big twist for her character on the way. However, it would be pretty disappointing if Arrow pulled the exact same twist with the exact same character that Christopher Nolan did in The Dark Knight Rises – especially since that twist fooled all of ten people.

With the League of Assassins posing a serious threat to Oliver and co. this season, how many bad guys do we have so far? There’s Brother Blood, Bronze Tiger, China White , (possibly) Isabel Rochev, (possibly) Amanda Waller, The H.I.V.E., and probably more. But which of these bad guys and potential bad guys are the big bad of the season?

What say you, Screen Ranters? Are you happy about the direction Arrow is taking? Do you want to see Ra’s al Ghul and Talia make an appearance on the show? Drop us a line in the comments.


Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8pm on The CW.

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Source: TV Guide

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  1. Definitely Cool..though I’d be a little disappointed if Isable is Talia. Specially since Isable Rochev is an actual comics book character with her history lines up pretty much exactly with her character on arrow.

    • Well…not exactly. Isabel was older and was obsessed with Oliver’s father; she even wore Oliver’s mother’s wedding ring. I don’t think that’s a direction they’re going to take, but I could be wrong.

      • Ya…But the whole growing up in Russia…and the obsession with making Queen Industries great again is spot on…

  2. What about ivo?

    • Ivo seems really dark in this version. Sort of a mastermind/mad scientist type. He used to try and do good things for humanity but I think this version is gonna be more diabolical. He could be the big bad.

      • No, I think Ivo is the Faiers of season 2, a flashback big bad but not the main villain of the season.

  3. Well that will be pretty cool. I’d like for them to keep alluding to the bigger League of Assassins but I kinda want Ra’s to saved for another Batman movie. He’s a Batman villain and a big one at that. He’s too big for season 2 of a show about the guy who isn’t exactly Green Arrow yet. Maybe later in the series but not yet.

  4. Wow that will be very great but when will superman and the justice league make an appearance.

  5. H.I.V.E, Does it mean we will see Queen Bee ?

    • yes, Queen Bee!!! i think its possible we might see Mammoth or Gizmo, it would make perfect sense to have villians in the fold.

  6. Fantastic actress! I still remember her as the wicked interrogator from an episode of Chuck. This could be fun!

  7. She was awesome in Spartacus cant wait to see her in arrow

  8. Really starting to love this show! Keep bringing on the characters and expanding the universe!

    • I keep hoping we’ll see a season-long arc where all these villains return in a format similar to the Supermax / Green Arrow movie that was in the works several years ago.

  9. The Spartacus cast seems like its just going to take over this show lol. I have no problem with that, as they have all proven themselves, at least in my eyes.

  10. Does this mean Malcolm Merlyn went to the Lazarus Pit? I think Nyssa is the one that controls it.

    • bringing back merlyn due to the lazerus pit would be epic……but i think tommy will be back instead…either way good prediction bro

  11. Arrow has been on fire in season two, so I would say the change of direction is working out.

  12. Olicity Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone give Oliver a smack to the face. Open your eyes, man, look at the signs. You need Felicity.

  13. That’d be cool, but the more they tie it in with the DC universe in the way they are, the less I’m ok with the idea of DC TV having cinematic ties. Every connection in TV ties down the potential on the big screen a little more.

  14. I still like watching episodes of arrow without knowing whats going on, then I read the review and other articles after. Today when I checked the site I was surprised to see not one but two story spoiling article title, they may not be major, but it kinda ruins a bit of the experience, you’ve been good with your titles so far. I would’ve liked to go into the episode not knowing about the new mask or al ghul’s daughter.

    • I have to say, if these are the sort of spoilers that bother you, you should probably avoid entertainment news websites altogether. This is what generally qualifies as TV news.

  15. My guesses:

    -Isabel Rochev(Summer Glau)is Talia in disguise
    -Or Talia will be Bruce´s love interest in Batman vs. Superman,played by another actress,of course. Possibly Gal Gadot,or Olga Kurylenko or Elodie Yung or another actress not mentioned yet.

  16. It is rumored that a Chloe Sullivan one-off character is in the work to be played by Kristen Bell, it is also rumored that the character will be a relative of Felicity’s.

    • Care to state your source?

  17. Nurse Chloe, anyone.

  18. Sumer Glau and Katrina Law look related, as does Katie and Caity

    • I always thought Caity looked like a young Gillian Anderson.

      • Absolutely. Especially since Gillian has gone blonde, as on Hannibal.

        I checked out Caity’s work in an Amazon Prime free rental called The Pact. Quite a little thriller. If you guys are fans of her work, I highly recommend it.

  19. I really don’t think Glau is Talia, and i hope i’m right as we’ve seen that “twist” a hundred times before, and Isabel Rochev is a great character in the comics so i would like to see them expand upon that. I honestly didn’t think it would be Nyssa since Talia is far more recognizable my guess is that they didn’t want to be compared to batman any more than they already are. Love Katrina Law so good on the casting directors. is Liam McIntyre up next Arrow is starting to become a Spartacus reunion haha. I really love that they’re bringing in so many baddies this season it makes you think about which one is the real villain of the season. I’m still expecting Mr. Deathstroke to rise from the grave and appear in Starling city by seasons end.

    • Deathstroke isn’t dead though (yet), he was last seen in the plane wreckage with Shado putting mud on his face to help with his burns.

    • Yea, they wouldn’t pull the “*gasp* She’s Talia!” BS on us as that was the exact plot device from Rises, it’s just not something the show could ever be forgiven for doing. I think you’re right, I wanted it to be Talia, but they hadn’t named her, so maybe in the conversation they said “al Ghoul” but then someone threw in the “it’s been done” line so they decided to introduce audiences to a lesser known daughter, which I can actually get behind.

      The whole Isabell thing is odd to me, I’m not a huge Summer Glau fan, but it’s like “Hey we’re using this character/actress” and then… nothing but a drunken one night stand. (so far anyway)

      • There’s more to Isabel than meets the eye though. I don’t think her past is exactly right and she definitely said “I see through you, Oliver” before talking about her upbringing vaguely.

        I wouldn’t mind if they pulled the “Isabel is Talia” card because it seems to make a lot of sense that she’s trying to take over Queen’s business for the al Ghuls and fund the League with a US front.

        • I’m not sure how they’ll twist her character from the comics, if they so elect. There’s still a chance she was the legs featured in season one when the Ferris plane wasn’t shot down. They need to spice her up somehow. The actress does her best work when she’s playing an eccentric character. Thus far, she’s yet to hold my attention on Arrow (sacrilege, I know).

        • I think it would make sense, but my problem with it is Isabel is pretty good character from the comics and would be interesting to see it on Arrow especially if they stick to cannon and tie her to Robert Queen. you’re absolutely right about Deathstroke i was thinking of the grave site from the Pilot and i figure something will happen between Slade and Oliver that will lead Oliver to believe Slade is dead, but he will show up alive in Starling City as Deathstroke, could be totally wrong though.

          • I said this earlier this year but I’d love to see Ollie come up against someone in the closing moments of season 2, say “…Slade?” and then he turns around with the mask on and says “Close enough, kid”. Roll credits.

  20. Wow, people still watch this show?

    • Yep, it’s brilliant. Maybe you should try it?

  21. What If:

    Isabel is a mind-controlled human from the future sent back in time to make sure that Braniac, the computer that rules the future, gets created by Queen Industries

  22. All we need is Liam McIntyre to be cast as someone important and I will be a happy Arrow/Spartacus fan.

    Glad to see her get another excellent role

  23. If Isobel turns out to be Talia, i’m done with this show (seriously)

  24. get the RED ARROW in business soonn…plzz..

  25. Talia is semitic not Russian.

  26. On this site ive seen nothing but nonsense, isabel rochev will be THE QUEEN of H.I.V.E
    and ive seen somewhere that they said tommy is merlyn from the league of shadows/assassins when its malcom merlyn. slade wilson is still alive working behind the scenes, the mirakuru gave him supersoldier abilities like deathstroke has.
    its easy to piece together whats in fron tof your eyes.

  27. First of all if anyone has not seen “Three Ghosts” then don’t read!!!
    Big bad of this season looks to be Brother Blood and his boss…..Slade Wilson!

  28. Deathstroke will probably be the big boss of Arrow season 2 even if he remains largely in the background and allows Brother Blood to take the fall. The Black Canary looks to become a season regular. Laurel is becoming a tired sideshow the writers fail to let die.

    By introducing Flash and Arsenal, Roy Harper,you have to wonder if the producers are looking for a spin-off. Kid Flash and Arsenal are founding members of the Teen Titans. Green Arrow, Black Canary, Huntress, Flash, Red Arrow have all been associated with the JLA.

    Let Laurel move on. She played her part well but it is time to make space for a new character.

  29. The Arrow should fight hand to hand more as Oliver Queen himself. It gives the series more of a badass protagonist. Also, they are RUINING Season 2 with all those SUPERPOWERS!! They should keep it realistic like Season 1. Isabel should definitely be portrayed as Talia Al Ghul soon enough, and the directors should stop introducing new foes and determine exactly who the big bad wolf will be. Malcolm and Isabel haven’t appeared in the last few episodes of Season 2 either. Where are they?