‘Arrow’ Season 2 Preview: Oliver Queen’s Failure & A New Kind of Villain

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Stephen Amell Arrow season 2 poster Arrow Season 2 Preview: Oliver Queens Failure & A New Kind of Villain

Fans of The CW’s vigilante justice show Arrow will finally get to see the initial fallout from the season 1 finale during the second season premiere tonight, but there have already been plenty of hints from the show’s producers as to what we might expect to see in Oliver Queen’s future. Having already included many characters from the comics (both friendly and not so friendly) as both series regulars and one-episode wonders, it’s always interesting to make guesses as to who might show up next.

A gallery of images from the season 2 premiere “City of Heroes” showed a lot of favorite characters returning, and also gave us a proper look at Isabel Rochev (Summer Glau), a new business rival swooping in while Queen Consolidated is weakened by the sudden change of hands. Isabel may well end up being the major overarching villain for season 2, but she won’t be the only antagonist who shows up to bother Oliver.

In a recent TV Guide interview, executive producers Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg confirmed that Black Canary (Caity Lotz) will make her first appearance in “City of Heroes,” and also answered some questions about whether the various villains who have been introduced, and those who will be in the future, will eventually come together and form the Suicide Squad:

“We took a step back and realized that we were in spitting distance of the Suicide Squad. As with all things, we always have to be really careful not to let our geek selves drive everything. It has to be at the right pace for the show. We’ve got some really cool ideas for how to bring Deadshot back into the show. You’re going to see that around Episode 6. We’re hoping to get some new viewers in Season 2, so we want to repopulate our world. The hope is that we’re moving in the right direction towards the Suicide Squad.

Right now, we’re taking it on a person-by-person basis. We have Deadshot as the leader of the Suicide Squad. We don’t have any definitive plans to bring them all together. But, as always with these things, we see what people like and don’t like.”

As a kind of counterweight to the gradually forming Suicide Squad, the introduction of Black Canary has raised questions about whether or not Arrow’s future might also contain Birds of Prey. Guggenheim said that they have ideas for it, but heavily implied that it would be dependent upon whether or not Jessica du Gouw would be available and willing to return as Helena Bertinelli AKA Huntress:

“We have an idea for how to do our version of Birds of Prey. When you think about it, we have a lot of pieces… There’s certainly a momentum towards that, but everything has to happen in due time. With respect to Birds of Prey specifically, there’s an actress that we particularly need to make that piece work and we need to check on her availability.”

Oliver Queen in Arrow season 2 Arrow Season 2 Preview: Oliver Queens Failure & A New Kind of Villain

The interview definitely gives the impression that a lot of dynamics are going to be changing in the second season of Arrow – everything from how the characters relate to one another to how Oliver Queen balances his life as a businessman and a vigilante. Interestingly, the producers consider Oliver’s first attempt at becoming a superhero to be a failed one – not only because he didn’t manage to save the Glades from the Dark Archer’s earthquake device, but also because of the clumsy and simplistic way he tried to simply pick all the bad guys off one-by-one:

“As bad as the city was in Season 1, it’s even worse now. That’s part of Oliver’s journey this season. We always say, ‘So goes Oliver, so goes the city.’ He’s in a very dark place and he really realizes in the premiere episode that he can’t be the vigilante anymore. It’s not enough to cross names off the list and target the one percent. That didn’t work. He failed last year.

“This season really needs to be about something else. The city needs a hero. It needs a symbol of hope. That’s why we titled Episode 1 ‘City of Heroes.’ That’s our title for the season in an odd way, because it’s really about heroes coming out of the woodwork like Oliver. Even the villains this season are going to view themselves as the hero.

“When you basically launch into this crusade, you put on an outfit, you’re using an exotic weapon and you are taking on the criminal element of the city, there’s going to be a response. In fact, there’s going to be a series of responses. Like Lance says in the first episode of Season 2, ‘Before the Hood came to town, we didn’t have earthquake machines and Dark Archers.’ Arrow is basically like this stone has been dropped into this huge pond and the ripple effects are spreading out starting out in the premiere.”

As well as Isabel Rochev and Floyd Lawton AKA Deadshot (Michael Rowe), villains for season 2 of Arrow include Michael Jai White as Bronze Tiger and Kevin Alejandro as Sebastian Blood. The way that Guggenheim and Kreisberg describe it, it sounds like the villains of season 2 will be a little less black-and-white evil than Malcolm Merlyn in the first season, and will actually see themselves as forces of good and righteousness. As the new CEO of Queen Consolidated, Oliver will also be forced to engage with his enemies using his daytime persona, which may require more finesse than the brute force that he prefers to use in the guise of the vigilante.

Stephen Amell as Green Arrow in Justice League Arrow Season 2 Preview: Oliver Queens Failure & A New Kind of Villain

Based on this interview, it really does sound like Arrow will be maturing and becoming more complex in its second season, which is definitely a good sign. Be sure to let us know what you think of the season opener, and what you are hoping to see in the show’s future.


Arrow season 2 premieres Wednesday October 9th at  8/7c on The CW.

Source: TV Guide (via State Journal-Register)

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  1. Cant wait!

    also, I saw an interview where Stephen acted like he didnt understand why the interviewer thought that Summer was a villian. He said something like he thinks shes kind of nice. I dont remember exactly how it went, but it was like he was implying that she could be a good guy. so we’ll see what he means tonight or in coming weeks i guess.

    • perhaps, but I think it’s not just two big bads this season (The Queen, Brother Blood) we also have the manipulative Amanda Waller, and of course Bronze Tiger might stick around as a personal rival to Green Arrow, so who knows who the real big baddies this season are or how many there are.

  2. So, Flash countdown…

    what’s the over/under for exactly what episode you see Barry Allen in full blown Flash digs?

    • You mean, when is his curfew hours? Actor they picked looks way young and un-Barry Allen to play BA aka The Flash. However, I am pumped for his appearance, as I like The Flash only second to Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern. I believe he is appearing 3 times in the second season of Arrow, but I forget the episodes off-hand. I will watch the whole second season, as I did the first, so I know I will pick it up along the way.

    • Episode 20 is the projected time when Flash flash will make his full blown, red suit and all appearance…cannnot wait

      • What episode is tonight? Sorry, I don’t follow this show… but I just might start to.

        • It’s called “City of Heroes” the season 2 premiere episode

          • Nevermind. I meant show number so I Googled it. Tonight’s episode is number 24 overall.

  3. I just can’t wait for the Arrow vs Agents of Shield debates.

    • lol me too Agents of Shield is only on par with this show IMO it’s been pretty lackluster

    • @ Deadpool
      @ Joshua

      Really, there shouldn’t be any debates or comparisons to be honest. I’m a fan of both shows, but honestly, Arrow is superior at this time, as it should be. Remember, AoS is just starting out, Arrow is established. If AoS makes it to season two, it very well might be as good as Arrow, we’ll have to wait and see. Arrow started out a little rough at first as well.
      I cannot wait to see The Flash this season!

      BY the way, am I the only one here that thinks these show runners should either be advising or at least contributing in some way to the DCMU? They seem to really get it, and have their act together.

    • I love both shows but Arrow has the running time and therefore will be more polished whereas SHIELD is only in 3 episodes. Arrow started off bad and then found it’s stride and I think SHIELD will eventually do that but right now Arrow is the superior one. If SHIELD gets to S2 then I think the comparison would be more in line as to “which one is better”.

      • This. Right now Arrow is the superior show. But Arrow started off okay only, and turned slowly into greatness. Shield is starting off okay and I hope will do the same as Arrow.

  4. I want to see more high tech arrows with a variety of uses. I also want to see smarta** Ollie. It was one of his key personality traits. As Ollie, he was usually all business and dedicated himself to charity and making the world a better place, but then as Arrow, he was a serious hero that loved to mess with his enemies with his smart-aleck attitude. Similar to Marvel’s Hawkeye.

    • Hopefully, Barry Allen softens him up a bit, and teaches him to be more goofy and positive while saving the world.

      • we can hope, but it’s unlikely

    • doubt we will see him like that. He is suppose to be the batman of their universe. Since they can’t make a tv series about batman, they went for the next best thing….his knock off

  5. ****Sort of Spoilerish****

    I loved the season finale, and was glad they didn’t go the “Hero saves the day with only non important people getting killed/injured” route. It took some balls to wipe out half of the area like that. Can’t wait for the show to start back up tonight. I just hope we don’t get hit multiple week breaks like we did season one. I understood having a couple of them in there, but it got a little ridiculous.

  6. I just can’t wait too see Slade in present day! So much ass kicking is going to be going on this season. I want to see The Question & Wildcat in this upcoming season or future seasons. Btw Arrow season 1 is already on Netflix! Counting down the hours with an Arrow marathon :)

    • I want to see Slade in present day so bad. I have a feeling Oliver thinks he died or killed Slade on the island. And then Slade is gonna shiw up one day and then…DUN DUN DUN DUNNN

  7. Interior: Police station meeting room
    Several officers are having a heated discussion while looking at a chat projected on the wall.

    Cop 1: I just don’t see how this gets us any closer to finding the guy
    Cop 2: Which guy? We have vigilantes everywhere. One guy ssh n shoots black arrows, the other guy green ones. Then a kid is seen fitting of red ones. Which guy are you even taking about?
    Cop 1: The vigilante, you know, the Green Arrow guy.
    Task Force Leader: Alright, fine, it’s a fair question. So how does this get us any closer to finding the Green Arrow?

    My cute little idea for giving “The Hood” a more accurate designation.

  8. I just hope Arrow starts off right where it left off with a strong first episode and not like last season where it took them a while for them to really hit it off

  9. Why is it that writers like to blame the heroes for attracting villains? I’m fine with some villains being a response to the hero but it seems like it happens more and more these days.

    • I agree. Though in this case the undertaking would have happened anyway, even if Oliver didn’t came back from the island and became the vigilante.

  10. As one of the fans who prefers a little more adherence to canon, I am satisfied that Black Canary is going to be Laurel’s sister Sara. I hope they don’t overpopulate this season. I’d prefer to see the characters we have get fleshed out more and add just a few more.

  11. I love this show! the season 2 premiere was awesome! digging black canary! and I am certain roy becomes red archer….lol

    • Red Arrow or Speedy. Not Red Archer.

      • Or Arsenal.

        Cause Thea is Speedy in this show now and having him as Red Arrow would be cheesy so give him his Arsenal persona.

  12. There was something about A particle accelerator coming on line does this have anything to do with the FLASH.

  13. AMAZING!!!

  14. Loved it! This show had me hooked from the beginning, and I was not let down. Bring on 22 more episodes!

  15. Deadshot returns in episode 6?

    Isn’t that also Barry Allen’s debut episode?