‘Arrow’ Season 2 Premiere Date Revealed

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arrow keyart closeup Arrow Season 2 Premiere Date Revealed

Given how much the popularity of comic books and their associated characters has started to move into the mainstream, it’s perhaps unsurprising that the CW’s Arrow took off with the success that it did. The network renewed the show for season 2 long before season 1 was finished, which means that the writers have had plenty of time to set up potential second season plots – they certainly wrapped up season 1 with a bang.

Fans of the show won’t have to wait too much longer to find out what happens next, however, as the CW has announced the date on which their top-rated show will return: keep a mark in your calendar for Wednesday October 9th, 8:00-9:00 PM E.T. Here is everything we know (and quite a lot of pure guesswork) about what Arrow season 2 will bring.








Oliver Queen DIY First Aid in Arrow Arrow Season 2 Premiere Date Revealed

The big shock of the finale – perhaps even more so than the destruction of the Glades – was the death of Oliver’s best friend and rival for Laurel’s affections, Tommy Merlyn. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that this will put a wrench in the works (or a metal rod through the chest … sorry, too soon?) for the two young lovebirds, since not only did Tommy spend his last few minutes saving Laurel’s life and revealing that he was in love with her, Stephen Amell has also dropped a major hint that Oliver will not be in Starling City when season 2 begins.

Given the impermanence of dying in both comic books and television (the CW’s Supernatural has seen its main characters die so many times that it’s become a running gag on the show), many of the characters – both friend and foe – who died in the first season of Arrow could potentially make a return for the second season, but right now a greater amount of interest is being directed towards the question of which new characters from the DC universe might show up.

Earlier this year, producer Mark Guggenheim teased that Oliver would be making a trip to Blüdhaven, the home of Nightwing, but warned that “Nightwing will not be there.” This visit turned out to be quite brief, as Oliver only dropped in to rescue Walter from the Dark Archer’s clutches, but it nonetheless established Blüdhaven within the Arrow universe, leaving the possibility open for Nightwing to emerge as a character. We also know, based on the words of executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, that there are “two cities [Oliver] will probably never go to” – presumably Gotham City and Metropolis, where the titans of the DC universe reside.

Stephen Amell taking aim in Arrow Arrow Season 2 Premiere Date Revealed

Another fact dropped by Amell is that, when season 2 opens, Oliver will probably not be working as a vigilante any more. Since his primary motivation for dressing up and fighting crime was to save his city – the Glades in particular – it’s understandable that he’d be a bit dejected after seeing the neighbourhood reduced to rubble. He won’t have long to rest, however, as Guggenheim has warned that season 2 will, like the first season, have two big bads, and they will both be very recognizable names from the comic book series.

Where will we find Oliver Queen when season 2 returns? Who will be on his side, and who will be fighting him? More importantly, are people ever going to stop calling him “the Hood” and “the Vigilante” and assign him the proper title of Green Arrow, as suggested by Malcolm Merlyn last season? Tell us your theories in the comments.


Arrow returns to the CW on Wednesday, October 9th, at 8:00-9:00 PM ET.

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  1. Gonna visit a big city, and it has recognizable comic villains?

    I’m guessing Lex Luthor in Metropolis. Not sure who the other villain could be though…

  2. i think they should hok up felicity with oliver…they look so pretty togeder

    • i agree with irina.felicity is awesome

    • But he loves Loral not Felicity

      • In the promo, Laurel vows to catch the vigilante and was banging Ollie’s best friend for a sizable chunk of the last season. Compare that to Felicity, who helps Ollie in his professional life at Queen Consolidated, assists in his vigilante activities and hangs out with him at Big Belly Burger.

        Whilst Laurel is someone that Ollie obviously has feelings for, Felicity accepts every part of him. However, in some superhero stories, you get the feeling that some people are only together because its their only option. This is kind of how I felt about Nightwing and Batgirl.

        I get why they’re teasing other relationships for Ollie – it’s very much expected that Green Arrow and Black Canary end up with each other – but it still doesn’t really make up for the fact that Ollie and Laurel end up with each other. When Lois Lane appeared on Smallville, we all knew who Superman would end up with. By the eighth/ninth season, I found the relationship believable, but it was still a foregone conclusion and only made Lana’s existence more annoying.

        • I agree with reno2200 about Ollie and laurel but I think felicity will try to comfort Ollie from his friend’s death and bring him back to become green arrow just in smallville where Clorie comforted and pushed to Oliver aka “The Hood” on his feet to become Green Arrow when he thought he killed lex Luther. I think felicity will be like Clorie in smallville and yes I Laurel will be Black canary since she does have that military skill but she was not born with a bachee scream. So idk…but have fun watching new arrow season!!!

  3. the person that’s gonna help oliver is roy harper (colton haynes), he’s speedy, green arrow’s first sidekick ever… hopefully we’ll get to see laurel as black canary; as for the enemies i just hope Dr. Light will be one of em

    • Felicity will be black canary I think

      • im pretty sure it says somewhere that laural’s sister is alive and she will prop be the black canbitch

      • Mmmm not from what I have read. There is something about Sara (she might have survived also) as being the Black Canary or are they just teasers. But cld not understand if Sara as in comic book world Green Arrow & Black Canary hook up so where would that leave Laurel…stay tuned

    • i think Black canary will be played by Caity Lotz at first (as Laurel Lance’s sister) but something will happen to her in last of season which will force Laurel Lance to become Black canary…

  4. I love the chemistry between oliver n laurel….soo much passion…i wanna knw r they actually in love…well oliver is very good at creating chemistry he is too good with felicity…lived every bit of Arrow

  5. Felicity should be black canary

  6. i we like to add your site to my site

  7. I just hope there will be Nightwing after all, maybe in season 3…

  8. I think season two should be more of as in form of adventure. I think it wil be great.

  9. Can’t wait for season 2 I am almost positive one villanueva will be a women because that is who fires contractor was but they didn’t show her face. Also think Roy will become speedy and laurel will find out who the hood is and consider telling her dad (also think her dad will think the vigilante is good as he try’s to save the glades)
    Tell me I u agree with me

  10. I can’t wait for season 2
    I honestly think thia queen is beautiful

    • Totally agree


    • i wonder if hell be an addict like in the comics and loose an arm

  12. My opinion is that if superheroes like superman shows up in the series it will suck….(I repeat: Its my personal opinion).And i mean superheros..with super powers..like superman and many others…i would prefer Batman…..Anyway there’s no reason to try preventing what will happen in the 2nd season..we’ll just wait patiently…less than 2 months left…
    -I hope we all like it-

    • That’s why it’s good that Flash is getting his own show. If he stuck around with the Arrow gang, he’d probably ruin it by taking out all the bad guys before Oliver could blink and to have a villain that was on-the-level with Flash would be to have a villain way out of Oliver’s power to stop and since it’s his show, it’d make things a bit weird.

      If our jolly green archer is ever going to get his Justice League membership ID, the show needs to acknowledge that there are other people out there. In five years – which, as far as I know, is the length of time planned out for Arrow – our ‘Hood Guy’ might have become Green Arrow and be ready for a small role in the whole world-saving thing.

    • I agree that if Superman, or any other actual superhero shows up, like in smallville, it would suck but they were amazing in season one on avoiding super powers. Now I don’t know who will be the main bad guy but we do have to remember that the white haired chick in the triad and also deadshot are still out there. And also, this whole thing with the glades was a huge plan even before Oliver was shipwrecked. I’m pretty sure Merlin wasn’t the only one planning out everything. As a popular business man he would’ve been way too busy to set up two bombs, plus everything else he did as the dark archer. I’m having a feeling he was part of some kind of cult group. I do see Speedy coming into play in season 2 but probably not till the end, unless they do another 23 episodes in one season.

  13. My opinion is that if superheroes like superman shows up in the series it will suck….(I repeat: Its my personal opinion).And i mean superheros..with super powers..like superman and many others…i would prefer Batman…..Anyway there’s no reason to try preventing what will happen in the 2nd season..we’ll just wait patiently…less than 2 months left…

    • oops 2 times the same sorry :P

  14. Merlin had a back up plan just in case someone found his first bomb. You don’t think he might’ve had a back up plan if Oliver did actually manage to kill him?

  15. i loved season 1 cant w8 to watch season 2 i hope they hook up oliver with facility and harper roy to be oliver’s partener will be amazing!

  16. Remember they could always make his sister his sidekick because he does call her speedy…just sayin…

  17. Soooo I THINK season 2 will be about the “Women” shown in just one little scene. The women who orderd the russian soldiers on that Island to destroy the planes. Beside that i would love to see Oliver and Laurel together and she knowing the truth. I’m not into the comics and the overall story at all. But there is much more what happended on that island. Slade and Shado still alive. And Merlyn might be alive ?:O last thing to be said felicity is hot

    • In the Green Arrow Year One comics, China White is in charge of the island, but unlike the TV show, it’s a drugs plantation rather than a military destabilisation programme (?) or something. I believe the producers said that the island story will take ‘five years’ to tell at least and wanted the last island flashback to be the opening of the show (with a bearded Oliver lighting a signal fire and being found)

      Merlyn Sr is as dead as Merlyn Jr. Both stabbed through the heart. Symbolic, if a little ham-fisted. Laurel seems to be hunting for ‘The Vigilante’ in the trailer, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if this is literally the trailer for Season 2 Episode 1 and it ends with Roy ‘meeting’ Black Canary. Or just Canary. Arrow doesn’t like colours, does it?

      • actually merlyn SR is still alive cuz when tommy asked ollie if he killed his father, ollie shooked his head. so the dark archer would once again appear in starling city. :P

        • Ollie was clearly telling Tommy what he wanted to hear so he could die with a sense of peace/happiness.

  18. i think Black canary will be played by Caity Lotz at first (as Laurel Lance’s sister) but something will happen to her in last of season which will force Laurel Lance to become Black canary…

  19. I doubt black Canary will be in it but I totally see what’s his face becoming Speedy, naming himself after his girlfriends nickname. But I think everybody is blowing all this to bigger then it really will be. I highly doubt that Felicity and Oliver will get together. Him and laurel, its possible. He has a weakness for her, though he also knows that him being the Hood will come between them and be unfair to her. But I do see her finding out who he is, though I think its possible that she will find out who he is at the end of the season. This season will probably concentrate on laurel’s sister being alive and a possible group or cult ran by Merlin sr. It will probably be based off him trying to clear his mother. I’m not sure of the plot. I just know the triad, deadshot, and huntress are still out there. But after thinking it through and reading everyone elses comments, I just have to put in there that Felicity and Oliver……doubtful

    • The only reason that Oliver feels so strongly towards laurel is because he still feels so guilty about having an affair with her sister

  20. I think Chloe Sullivan needs to make an appearance that would be good to see but it has to be the girl who playedd her in smallville

    • 1) Smallville is in a different continuity.

      2) Wouldn’t Chloe be pretty much obsolete because of Felicity?

      • Agreed felicity is Chloe in that respect but no romantic involvement

    • allison mack

  21. I really hope they don’t add superpower heroes it would ruin it. Arrow has people with skills that are earned not power that is given. Although like superpowers they should stay to there own shows like smallville.

  22. I think that laurel or felicity will become black canary

  23. what the hell happened to Roy and thea plz tell me

    • Spoilers for the end of Season 1 following…

      1) Roy and Thea survived The Undertaking.
      2) They’re still a couple when Season 2 starts.
      3) Roy’s obsession with heroism and The Hood Guy worries Thea.

      That’s about all we know so far. NOT LONG NOW!!!

      • thank you

  24. laurel’s new co-worker would try nd compete for her aswell as ollie. vey interesting

  25. This guy deserves it he is green arrow this show makes me smile each time a new character comes in when I heard the name roy harper I got giddy and they pulled off so well especially considering its a tv show these guys need to crossover to the big movies happening now but they need to keep these tv shows alive!

  26. When will season 2 starts?
    i just can’t wait for it. :)

    • October 9th

      • thank you

  27. The twist between Isabel Rochev as the true love of Robert Queen not Moira also makes this Season 2 more exciting and interesting to watch. i want to see how he will handle Oliver Queen.

  28. i mean “how she will handle”

  29. I have heard rumers that Barry Allen (the Flash) was supposed to be in the second season of Arrow. In witch case, i hope one of the Villans is Captian Boomerang or Reverse Flash