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arrow keyart closeup Arrow Season 2 Premiere Date Revealed

Given how much the popularity of comic books and their associated characters has started to move into the mainstream, it’s perhaps unsurprising that the CW’s Arrow took off with the success that it did. The network renewed the show for season 2 long before season 1 was finished, which means that the writers have had plenty of time to set up potential second season plots – they certainly wrapped up season 1 with a bang.

Fans of the show won’t have to wait too much longer to find out what happens next, however, as the CW has announced the date on which their top-rated show will return: keep a mark in your calendar for Wednesday October 9th, 8:00-9:00 PM E.T. Here is everything we know (and quite a lot of pure guesswork) about what Arrow season 2 will bring.








Oliver Queen DIY First Aid in Arrow Arrow Season 2 Premiere Date Revealed

The big shock of the finale – perhaps even more so than the destruction of the Glades – was the death of Oliver’s best friend and rival for Laurel’s affections, Tommy Merlyn. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that this will put a wrench in the works (or a metal rod through the chest … sorry, too soon?) for the two young lovebirds, since not only did Tommy spend his last few minutes saving Laurel’s life and revealing that he was in love with her, Stephen Amell has also dropped a major hint that Oliver will not be in Starling City when season 2 begins.

Given the impermanence of dying in both comic books and television (the CW’s Supernatural has seen its main characters die so many times that it’s become a running gag on the show), many of the characters – both friend and foe – who died in the first season of Arrow could potentially make a return for the second season, but right now a greater amount of interest is being directed towards the question of which new characters from the DC universe might show up.

Earlier this year, producer Mark Guggenheim teased that Oliver would be making a trip to Blüdhaven, the home of Nightwing, but warned that “Nightwing will not be there.” This visit turned out to be quite brief, as Oliver only dropped in to rescue Walter from the Dark Archer’s clutches, but it nonetheless established Blüdhaven within the Arrow universe, leaving the possibility open for Nightwing to emerge as a character. We also know, based on the words of executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, that there are “two cities [Oliver] will probably never go to” – presumably Gotham City and Metropolis, where the titans of the DC universe reside.

Stephen Amell taking aim in Arrow Arrow Season 2 Premiere Date Revealed

Another fact dropped by Amell is that, when season 2 opens, Oliver will probably not be working as a vigilante any more. Since his primary motivation for dressing up and fighting crime was to save his city – the Glades in particular – it’s understandable that he’d be a bit dejected after seeing the neighbourhood reduced to rubble. He won’t have long to rest, however, as Guggenheim has warned that season 2 will, like the first season, have two big bads, and they will both be very recognizable names from the comic book series.

Where will we find Oliver Queen when season 2 returns? Who will be on his side, and who will be fighting him? More importantly, are people ever going to stop calling him “the Hood” and “the Vigilante” and assign him the proper title of Green Arrow, as suggested by Malcolm Merlyn last season? Tell us your theories in the comments.


Arrow returns to the CW on Wednesday, October 9th, at 8:00-9:00 PM ET.

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  1. Im guessing that Nightwing is still Robin or he didnt know about Walter getting kidnapped because he is too busy worrying about the problems in Bludhaven. I really hope he makes an appearance though, him or Batman!!!!

    • I’m hoping to see Nightwing shows up, but honestly I’m more hoping for Green Arrows buddy Green Lantern to show up. Well at least show up as Hal Jordan.

  2. I absolutley love this show and cannot wait for it to come back. Green Arrow was always one of my favorite superheroes as a kid, so this show just thrills me. The writing, acting, the action, all of it, is just terrific.

    Way to go show runners, keep up the good work!!

    • dear mr stark,
      i completely agree with you, and green arrow the old hero used to always remind me that you dont always need a gun to kill a person. I ecspecially love all the gadgets attached to the arrows, it always made me anxcious to see what happened next. Arrow always went out with a bang after every episode, which urged me to find out what happened next, and i cant wait till the next season, so i can see how they can make this season better than the last one

  3. I said this before and I will say it again, Nightwing is my favorite DC character but I wouldn’t like to see him in “Arrow”. Why? Because Oliver is not that old therefore Dick Greyson would be Robin or even smaller, it wouldn’t make sense that they both would have almost the same age. Now Robin, on the other hand, YES! He would be awesome to make an appearance because he is the first sidekick ever and they are already setting up Roy Harper (who is not much older than Dick Greyson, 3 to 5 years I’d say). So Dick would be Robin, he would be 14 years old and he could be sent by Batman to help out Oliver without him knowing, he could even save Roy from some gang or something. It would be perfect.

    • this is the best plot ever…

    • and high five, nightwing is my favourite character too

    • I agree Roy Harper will be fighting along side this season, but not as Robin or Nightwing. I think he will be Speedy. Oliver always calls Thea speedy, and well you know the connection her and Roy have. This season has an endless amount of possibilities! Can’t wait!

      • yea i dont think they ment roy would be nitghwing or robin tbh :P
        but yea he is deffinatly gonna be speedy (or red arrow as he becomes later) cant wait for it, im only sad the actor cant be in both arrow and teen wolf :/

  4. Maybe our old friend Slade Wilson will finally makes his way to Starling City, and like everyone else I would love to see Nightwing at some point.

  5. I am totally stoked for season 2. I mean, story and character wise they can go so many different ways. Will Oliver feel like a failure or will this lead him down a darker path as a hero to never lose anyone or fail Starling city again? Plus with 2 big bads this could be what draws him out of “retirement,” because i can totally see in the post Glades disaster of Starling city that crime would be rampant and with no Vigilante putting the kabosh on crime, the bad guys are going to take full advantage of his absence. Which could force Roy to become a proto-Red Arrow when there is no one to protect the city. Plus, i’d love to see the 2 big bads fighting each other trying to gain control of the criminal underworld in the city but call a truce once the Vigilante returns by midseason. I feel like they’d probably model this season on Dark Knight Rises or The Dark Knight Returns.

  6. Ra’s Al Ghul as Malcolm Merlyn’s long lost mentor from Nanda Parbat, arriving in Starling City to investigate the failure of his long-lost pupil could leave the door open to a “resurrection” for Tommy. The show runners could easily pull a Norman Osborn from the comics after he was supposedly impaled and killed in battle with Spider-Man by having his body switched out for a John Doe in the morgue by Ra’s, who then heals him with his own magical herbs (anybody?) and trains him in the ways of archery and combat. Leave him absent for the season and then reveal his survival in the season finale as a cliffhanger for the next season. Ra’s Al Ghul’s defeat at the end of the season, coupled with Oliver’s lie that he didn’t kill Malcolm as Tommy neared death in his arms could be enough to destroy the false sense of friendship that was resurrected in Tommy’s final moments and make him the next Merlyn to face off with Oliver.

    As for the second “big bad?” I’m a personal champion for Deathstroke in the modern day. Not Billy Wintergreen, but the real Slade Wilson. We all know that he survived the island and that things went south, that’s why Oliver was rescued alone. Maybe a love triangle with Shato? Or a struggle to survive against Edward Fyers’s mysterious female employer that solidified themselves on opposing sides of morality? Either way, cloud his identity as an outside threat/orchestrator for the first half of the season like they did with Merlyn, then reveal him midseason to keep the fanboys excited throughout the holiday break. Though Slade Wilson as a mentor is interesting, there’s nothing like Deathstroke when he goes full mercenary.

  7. Awesome another great show returning in Oct, Wednesday’s Arrow and Sunday’s walking dead can’t wait!!!

  8. I have high hopes for Olicity season 2. I pray to god it happens.

  9. Wow, one of the few newer shows on TV I am actually enjoying!

  10. having less of that pretty face would be comforting cause it to pretty it almost like her face if FAKE

  11. theres so many directions this show can go but i just wanna see Slade come to Starling city hopefully as an ally and not an enemy

    • Yeh I would like if slade joined arrow and then betrayed him

  12. I’d be down for some people from Gotham to come around and am very happy he wouldn’t go to Metropolis or Gotham. People need to remember that Laurels mom said she was going back to CENTRAL CITY! Only problem is if DC plans a JLA movie would it be weird if there are 2 different Flash’s?! So many questions; cannot wait for Season 2.

    • I think there was whispers for Stephen amell to put his name forward to play green arrow in the JLA movie so the flash could be a test for an actor for the film. And remember the they can always use a different flash for the films. Ie if wally west’s flash is in the arrow tv show it could be Barry Allen in the JLA movie

  13. The Nightwing idea will not happen, i think our friend must grow his beard first before he starts having fun with the other DC characters. But i know slade (aka deathstroke) will be back for sure! and we might see religious gun wielding nuts, a copycat archer, starling city mayor busting a green hornet or we see ROY become SPEEDY!!

  14. Id like to buy season one, do to bad timing i fell out after 4 episodes. Anyone know when it releases

    • @Trey blue ray and dvd comes out on sept 9th. But its not confirmed yet so sometime in September

      • Thank you, gives me time to finsh that before season 2

  15. I would love to see nightwing come into the shower maybe in season 3 to see why Oliver Queen was in Blüdhaven. As for season to I would like to see Ra’s Al Ghul, Constantine Drakon, Barry Allen A.K.A. The Flash, Clock King, International Delegation of Masked Archers, Bonnie or Cissie King-Jones A.K.A. Arrowette, Onyx, Kyle Rayner A.K.A Green Lantern, & Raven

  16. I would love to see nightwing come into the shower maybe in season 3 to see why Oliver Queen was in Blüdhaven. As for season 2 to I would like to see Ra’s Al Ghul, Constantine Drakon, Barry Allen A.K.A. The Flash, Clock King, International Delegation of Masked Archers, Bonnie or Cissie King-Jones A.K.A. Arrowette, Onyx, Kyle Rayner A.K.A Green Lantern, & Raven

  17. Since half of Starling City was destroyed, does that make it Star City? I’m hoping that they sort some of the names out… perhaps Ollie can take on the mantle of ‘Green Arrow’ as a sign of respect for the man Malcolm once was and as a reminder of how terrible it would be for him to go too far in his quest to ‘save the city.’

    My one problem with this would be that someone from that party would realise that the vigilante would have to have been there to hear Malcolm suggest it and I don’t know how they would’ve covered up Malcolm’s involvement in the ‘Dark Archer’ case, so joining the dots would be easy for someone. Unless all of the people at that party are dead or, in Moira’s case, in prison because they, “HAVE FAILED THIS CITY.”

  18. Arrow is one of my best tv show, cant wait for the season2

  19. I only have one thing to say ya’ll better hurry up with season two!!!!! or I’ma find you director and they other guys and i will have you!!!

    this series was one of the best this year!!!

  20. I’ve loved watching season 1 of Arrow (however I’m ashamed to say I streamed it but I will be buying it on DVD once it comes out)! I can’t wait for season 2 and I have to say I am looking forward to the next season of Arrow more than Sherlock, Torchwood (not sure if there will be another of that though) And my 16th birthday! It seems I don’t have to wait long but even that is too much…so hurry up Arrow!
    I’ll also add that I don’t know what new characters I want but I know I don’t want Batman or Superman because I’m afraid heroes like that might take away the spotlight from “The Hood”. I’d love to see Roy as Red Arrow though, that’d be fantastic!

  21. Like most DC comics any character that has died within the season is more than likely to have some sort of impact or even a comeback. This is what setups for a new storyline along with some additions. The best guess that i can come up with is Arsenal (Roy Harper) finally stepping into Olivers world. New villains both new and familiar showing up and some creative ways for the story to take leap from where they left off and evolving the character into what hes meant to be.

  22. Cant wait to start the next season, but i will love Oliver to continue benn the hood guy.
    Wish i was part on the film.

  23. Arrow is awesome. can’t wait for season two. Roy the Red Arrow will be so cool

  24. this movie series is a great success and i can’t wait to watch the other episodes of season 1 and 2

  25. I have feels for his bow…anyone else? No? …just me…ok then :p I hope they manage to fix it or something, I love his classic recurve bow (plus I love the fact that mine looks very similar to that one)! I’d like to see him try the new one out for a while but somehow manage to fix the old one. I like that they changed it from a compound (in the comics) to a recurve (in the show), it takes more skill to shoot with a recurve!

    • I’m glad you actually noticed! My best friend/coworker and I love archery. He actually makes his own bows and occasionally sells them. But yeah, I do love the fact that Oliver didn’t use a compound bow, and stayed classic with a recurve! Also love the fact that Oliver defeated The Dark Archer with a recurve when Malcom had a compound (I noticed in the last episode lol) Stay classy my friends

      • I’m no expert, but if a compound bow is easier to use – something about the little wheels taking the strain out of holding back the string? – wouldn’t it benefit Oliver more? If Oliver’s original bow took a certain amount of skill and the new bow was more user-friendly, would he not (in theory) be able to take better shots with it?

        The writers did say that he was going to be Vigilante 2.0 in the second season, so maybe this is part of how he upgrades. Let’s not forget that Malcolm would’ve beaten Oliver again if Oliver hadn’t been so resourceful. After all, he didn’t beat Malcolm with a bow. He beat him with an arrow.

        • I dont think that the compound bow will really matter for him, as stated in the comics is that green arrow has expert marksmanship being able to shoot a falling drop of water or shoot an arrow in the barrel of a gun

          About the malcom fight, its not just about the bow fighting, its about survival and being prepared to do everything to save the city

  26. I absolutely loved the first season of Arrow, save the few unnecessary and highly improbable events between Oliver, Tommy, and Laural. (I’m not a big fan of dating drama) I can’t wait for season 2! However, I’ve noticed a trend in most shows I’ve ever liked. Great shows tend to lessen in quality season by season (most end up losing me by third season. Lost is a prime example of this). I pray that this is not the case for this show. I absolutely loved this first season, and I absolutely loved The Green Arrow and Nightwing (who apparently is a big discussion in this). I always had a fascination for superheros who didn’t really have “superpowers.” I guess it just gave me hope that the existence of people like The Green Arrow or Nightwing could be possible. I don’t know why, I just always wanted to be like them (not including the fact that I also possessed, and still do, a fascination for archery and martial arts) So all in all, I can’t wait for the next season! I just hope the changes in the second season aren’t too drastic, as sometimes too much change can be a minus for me…

  27. im indian ,,,,but i m intersted ur green arrow prog..so plz just relise the next session….

  28. Funny how they mention “the titans” of dc, at this point oliver is not even near the skill of green arrow, however they state the titans as that green arrow is not part of it.

    Now here comes the fun fact: at some point in the comics (not gonna tell the whole plot) green arrow is at the same skill level as the batman AND he is considered as a titan of the dc universe.

    Of course from this point on oliver still has a lot to do before he can become the true green arrow

  29. I hope that Roy Harper will “find” Green Arrow and become Speedy (Y)