‘Arrow’ Showrunner Talks Oliver Queen Romance in Season 2; Metamorpho to Appear?

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Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in Arrow Darkness on the Edge of Town Arrow Showrunner Talks Oliver Queen Romance in Season 2; Metamorpho to Appear?

As DC and Warner Bros. continue to develop their interconnected Cinematic Universe, they’ve been folding in their hit CW series Arrow more and more – to the point of announcing that The Flash (or at least human alter ego Barry Allen)  will be introduced on the show with an eye toward his own series (rather than the movie adaptation many were expecting).

As far as teasing new characters from the DC Universe goes, executive producer Marc Guggenheim has tweeted a teaser pic of a mock-up for a vehicle with the caption “Coming to Season 2…”: a black van with the words “Metamorpho Chemicals” on the side.

This is a reference to the character Rex Mason, A.K.A. Metamorpho/Element Man, who in the comic books is an “adventurer” granted the power to transform his body into different elements by an Egyptian artifact known as the “Orb of Ra.” In the New 52 continuity, the character is a member of the superhero group the Outsiders, but has also been associated with the Justice League.

This image could be nothing more than an Easter Egg reference to the show’s comic book origins. It could also be a hint that Metamorpho will indeed appear as a character, but with a different origin story. The marked lack of superpowers in the Arrow universe (so far) would indicate that Metamorpho’s backstory will be significantly altered, but with the planned introduction of The Flash as a recurring character during Season 2 (possibly without powers), the “no superpowers” approach could be in flux.

Arrow Oliver and Felicity Arrow Showrunner Talks Oliver Queen Romance in Season 2; Metamorpho to Appear?

As the Season 2 premiere approaches, we’ve had a rundown of the new gadgets that bow-wielding billionaire-vigilante Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) will have at his disposal, we’ve learned of several new villains Oliver will have to contend with, and now executive producer Andrew Kreisberg tells Entertainment Weekly that fans can expect several new options for Oliver’s romantic life, with the potential for love triangles – or even quadrangles – to appear.

Specifically, Kreisberg discussed Oliver’s relationship with IT girl Felicity Smoak, who created much of his weaponry and redesigned Arrowcave:

“I think a part of Felicity’s arc this season is realizing that she can enunciate her feelings for Oliver — not necessarily to Oliver, but you know, I think she’s going to be dealing with that.” 

With the chemistry between the characters already in place along with the “will they or won’t they” angle, the showrunners intend to play this out, with Kreisberg adding, “you’ve got to tease fans just the right amount.”

Arrow Oliver and Laurel Arrow Showrunner Talks Oliver Queen Romance in Season 2; Metamorpho to Appear?

In true CW fashion, Kreisberg also teased more complications regarding this aspect of the show (which is ostensibly about a masked vigilante who shoots people with arrows), commenting that “Felicity is going to have a surprising love interest this season coming down the pike.”

And that’s not all, all of you who need a side of tween-centric relationship drama with your superhero antics. The new season is likely to see even more romantic entanglements for the already-busy Oliver Queen (who was back with his ex, Laurel Lance, by the end of Season 1).

Says Kreisberg:

“I think that any woman on this show whose last name isn’t Queen is a potential love interest for Oliver. Part of the fun of these early episodes is seeing that there are some new women and old women in Oliver’s life and guessing which way the arrow of his heart is going to take him.”

So all this romantic melodrama is really just a way for the CW to expand Arrow‘s viewer base from comic book superhero-fan boys to a younger, female audience. It’s certainly a sound business approach, but will stuffing love triangle subplots into Season 2 really be for the best? The CW may want to mold this into Smallville(and we’re not saying that it does, but it’s starting to look that way), but not everyone will stick around to watch it happen.


Season 2 of Arrow premieres Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 @8pm on the CW.

Source: EW

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  1. I thought we would possibly see a love thing between felicity and Oliver almost from day #1 when she appeared. She actually may be a ditz, but kind of a cutesy one in a way. I was the first one on any website that I saw that spotted a reference to Ferris Air and also to (Flash’s) Central City and actually mentioned it, so–FIRST!! Also, coincidently, I am sure, in the last week or so i have mentioned on this website metamorpho as a possible eventual series or flick twice…and now here is a reference to it coming up on Arrow. Looks like when Goldilocks talks, everyone else listens! (Hee-Hee)!

    • ^ A perfect example of how one can be a winner and a loser at the same time.

      • :D

      • Hey, when you’re good, you’re good; when you’re better, you’re me!

  2. Go on any fanfic site for arrow and it is all Oliver/Felicity and can’t wait for more of their relationship. Laurel is useless and Helena is insane so Felicity is all that is left. And they better not turn this into Smallville. Oliver isn’t some wimp like Clark.

    • thank you for that, i hated how Smallville handled love stories.

      • I hated how Smallville handled anything if we’re being honest.

        I avoided the first 6 seasons because it was a teen melodrama and only tuned in because I was told “some character called Doomsday’s in Smallville” so I had to watch that and stuck with the show despite cringing for 50 minutes of each episode.

  3. Arrow is a pretty good show overall, and Agents of Shield looks good as well. Now if only they would do season #2 of The Event!

  4. Well I heard a rumor they were planning on shoehorning Arrow into the DC Cinematic Universe, getting rid of the no powers rule could be the simplest way to do that.

    • I like Arrow, but not sure the character would fit into a JLA movie. Not the most important JLA member, if # of characters would need to be pared for flick, plus the TV show Arrow seems to be a “different world”/character demeanor than a big-screen tentpole movie would demand. Better to concentrate on finding the common ground between Superman and Green Lantern, and getting Flash accomandated, and I suppose Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, etc. The way Arrow has been written (no super-powers, and as a more “reaistic” drama, kind of paints them into a corner as far as inclusion in the big movie is concerned. They may have to go some to wiggle Batman in.
      Of course the big movie will have to include Supes, Bats, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Flash (GL and Flash being my favorites). As you move into the next tier, you have Martian Manhunter, The Atom, Hawkman, perhaps Hawkgirl, and probably my last choices, Aquaman and Green Arrow. Awful big stable if the movie is going to be les than about 4 hours long. And oh yes, gotta have some villains so they have someone to fight. Maybe darkseid, Doomsday, Time Commander, Professor Zoom (the Reverse-Flash), Sinestro, Psycho Pirate, just to name a few possibilities.
      I like Arrow, just not sure the fit is right.
      I liked Green Lantern’s flick (although there was some room for improvement).
      I plan to buy Man Of Steel, and watch it then, altho to date I have just seen clips.
      Getting everyone to meld together is gonna be a big challenge, tho.

      • Besides Superman, right now the Green Arrow is actually the easiest person to add to the Justice League. His origin story has already been taken care of, the show is established enough so people know who he is, and if anything is needed to be added to show to make it fit more with the Justice League movie, they have plenty of episodes left to make it happen before the Justice League movie actually hits theaters 5 to 10 years from now. Plus, his induction into the Justice League could be show on the show as well, clearing up a bit of screen time that would need to be used to bring him into the fold. He could just show up and fight and have dialog. It’s simple.

      • If Green Arrow’s part of the DC cinematic universe I hope they go the new 52 route and have him part of a JLA made to go after the JL in case Superman’s team goes rouge.

  5. Not a fan of including more love interests at all, i am 100% against it. I find the second half of Arrow was a lot better than the first for few reasons, one of the main ones being it focused less on the love relationships and more on the actual story and character’s backgrounds. I couldn’t care less about the romance to be honest and having Felicity being attracted to Oliver is very cliche. Of course they’d do that. I’m not trying to say Felicity shouldn’t have a love interest but Oliver being the one is just predictable and will end up being corny.

    I can already picture all the scenes I’m going to focus on my phone more than the show. Hopefully these things don’t overshadow what’s actually good about the show, but it is the CW so I won’t hold my breath. I’m still going to watch it obviously lol and I’m sure the season will come through by the end but not without episodes and maybe characters where I’ll completely hate. Like Anthony said, it is indeed a business decision so I should’ve seen it coming. Though people are obviously into the whole romance aspect so I’m happy for them and I’ll try not to hate on it too much.

    • You are right but if he and Felicity hook up it could be an opening for Oliver to open up more to team Arrow. This could also open up Felicity’s character and maybe have Felicity befriend Thea. As long as they keep it focused on the hero aspect it won’t be corny.

      • Of course, but I’m not doubting what it will result in, I’m just doubting on how it’ll be handled.

  6. Oly has the best chemistry with Felicity it only makes sense that they get together. The whole thing with Laurel just seems to forced

  7. Ugh, Laurel is the worst. She is like the NBC of people. She and Oliver have no real chemistry. It’s so forced every scene between them makes me want to rip my hair out.

    • +100

    • Agree. When she and Ollie got together, all we could do in my household was roll our eyes and groan. It never fit, in any way shape or form. He was responsable for her sisters DEATH by cheating. And now… as Laurel has a good chemistry with Merlyn, she slids back into that mans arms???


      *pulls retina muscles rolling eyes*

  8. @Anthony Vieira
    it’s not Felicity Sloan, it’s Felicity Smoak, btw.

  9. Please dont do this. The second half of the first season is pretty damn good. Dont ruin the show with unnecessary and forced relationships. The tween audience can go watch something else.

    • +1

      While I agree, it’s a business decision, so it makes sense for them to aim it at the teen audience, especially when it’s the CW. I wish it was airing on another network.

  10. Definitely agree with a lot of the sentiments above concerning more love triangle gizmos. Arrow needs to stick to what it does best telling kick-ass stories, rather it be hero or villain. Plus, this editor neglected to research Flash’s role well. Geoff Johns himself said that the Flash will most definitely have his superpower. If you think about it, how horrible would it be if he didn’t?

  11. only one request dont make it similar to clark , chloe relationship it would suck

  12. no if i am sure reading what producers said about flash he would have powers

  13. Great…Felicity is the new Chloe.

  14. Wait so is it confirmed that Arrow is tied into Man of Steel or did I just misunderstand the first statement?

    • No, it is not even a little confirmed. Right now, WB is all in on the Batman/Superman movie. Nothing else even comes close to importance. This is a decent hit on a small network. I would be shocked if anything in this universe has a role in anything in the movie universe. Shocked.

  15. There is one thing in the new 52 comics there is no Element man. Instead it’s Element Woman described as having skin like chalk,hair like silly string. And A voice like A chipmunk breathing helium. She’s such A ditz the joke is that she’s couple of elements shy of the periodic table.

  16. Can we have a platonic relationship between the two of them?

    • Sure, people 30+ years having platonic relationship while don’t have any other intimate people in their life…. no sex, ever, realistic universe but without realistic relationship.
      Laurel is not an answer, when Archer went for saying “bla bla bla i love you etc” it was like “dude are you serious? aren’t you from krypton by any chance? no chemistry no sense nothing” Also i am sick of Laurel – worst character in the entire series.

      • Ollie’s 28 in the show and yeah, it would be realistic if it was just platonic.

  17. Personally, I don’t see how a series based on a superhero can last that long without other superhero characters doing at least a cameo. Two or three seasons tops. Soon popular ‘human’ crime-fighters will be exhausted for cameos and there will be a clamour by faithful series/comic fans for something new to keep the series going. Maybe not this season but I see it happening. After one successful superhero cameo (like Aqua man’s subtle intro in Smallville) they’d try another. I don’t think it will turn out like Smallville eventually did. I think we can blame that on series exhaustion. It happens to the best of them -eg True Blood IMO. I believe every good series should have an end (e.g. Spartacus) before it gets all muddled up.

    Metarmorpho would be a bit too challenging for a Smallville reality- let alone an Arrow reality, but I think a Jericho cameo would be great.

  18. They need to get rid of Laurel completely. Just throw off continuity due to lack of chemistry between the two leads and let Ollie do his thing.

    • +1

  19. Comic book fans are complaining because of a love interest? Lois Lane, MJ, Jane Foster, etc. Having a love interest is common in the comic book world. Sometimes I think you guys started reading comic books yesterday.

    • No I think their complaints are that it will turn into every other teen drama where everyone sleeps with everyone else on the show just to add a little drama and calling it character development.

      Plus you run the risk of having more scenes of Ollie on dates or getting extra friendly with Laurel or Felicity than actual vigilante stuff.

      I still have the memory of a Smallville episode that revolved around Clark and Lois going to a high school reunion for the entire episode. I wish I didn’t have that memory.

      • +1 Dazz. And thank-you.

    • You can’t compare the Lois/Clark and MJ/Peter relationships with Oliver/Laurel/Felicity. They’re not even close to having the same chemistry. It’s also being included because of a business decision to attract more of a teen audience, I highly doubt it’ll benefit the quality of the story or show.

  20. Oliver adn Felicity forever! Their chemistry makes a relationship them feel organic and not forced like it does with Oliver and Laurel.

  21. HEY! It’s Oliver and Laurel (Dinah) Lance…. She’s freeking Black Canary or I hope will be. So Stuff it Felicity people it’s all about Green Arrow and the Pretty Bird.

  22. According to TV Guide Black Canary will be played by Caity Lotz. Ans Michael Jai White will play the role of Bronze Tiger.

  23. If you want no-superpowers Flash, cast Usain Bolt

  24. Okay, I will accept to broaden this horizon, you may need affection in there somewhere. Also, at some point Ollie HAS to stop killing, find his more human side or else he becomes they villain Paul Blackthorne’s cop (an under rated part of this cast) accuses him of being. A true love interest could spark that in Ollie.

    But, the tease is the sell. Putting him and Felicity together too soon ruins the chemistry. That will keep the ladies interested- a couple of seasons of almosts.

    I am fine with a Black Canary character. But, if there is no chemistry, I would rather them not force it.

    By the way…. isn’t “Supernatural” a huge hit for the CW without a set love triangle or whatever?? Why not Arrow?

  25. So all this romantic melodrama is really just a way for the CW to expand Arrow‘s viewer base from comic book superhero-fan boys to a younger, female audience.

    Yes, cause god forbid there are any of us female comic book superhero-fans. We obviously need forced romantic plotlines to want to watch the show. Yes Felicity is adorable, and she is adorable with Oliver, but I do not need to see them together to keep watching the show.
    And Laurel – jeez man, yes, have a multi-layered women, we can be emotional, we can cry, we can do all that and still be hard-hitting lawyers but her and Oliver getting together? Randomly? On the spot like that? No. If she’s done it because she’s falling back onto her old love and her idealisation of Oliver then yes, she can do this whole love thing with him and then have her character arc by realising that idealisation is all it is and then she can grow up and move on but shoving them together just to tease the fans with melodrama because you want more female fans is insulting, and detracts from the actual plot and the integrity of the characters.

    Jesus, females like comic books and superheroes with and without romance. Can we just have some females who like these things too up top and making these decisions instead of all the idiotic male business men who have no idea about anything?

    Sigh. If I wanted my melodrama, I’d go watch Grey’s Anatomy (which, I like quite a lot by the way.)

    a female comic book fan.