‘Arrow’ Producers Reveal Season 2.5 Episode & Character Details

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Nyssa al Ghul Arrow Season 2 Arrow Producers Reveal Season 2.5 Episode & Character Details

In the midst of all the Batman vs. Superman hoopla, it’s easy to overlook the fact that DC/WB’s TV series Arrow has been quietly carving out a path for itself. The segment of episodes between the midpoints of Arrow season 1 and season 2 has been an especially sharp example of how to steadily improve upon the formula for good superhero drama on the small screen – and it appears there’s more great stuff on the horizon.

Arrow executive producers Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim are dropping details about everything from the arrival of Nyssa al Ghul (Katrina Law) to the many threats that Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) will face before season 2 reaches its finale. Some of these details could be considered SPOILERS, so read at your own risk.


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  1. awesome…i’m happy they are going to explore Diggle more…why would they take a hiatus for the Olympics? is CW played on NBC in the states?

    • It’s like not airing new episodes of something during a big sporting event like the Super Bowl. They just don’t want to have their ratings interfered with by the olympics. I’m assuming this is the reason, as it seems the most logical.

      • i understand that for a one off/one day event like Superbowl when majority of people are watching 1 event, Olympics is 2 weeks and not everybody is watching at the same time even the live events are 6 or 8 hour time differences…just seems unnecessary, the world doesn’t stop revolving.

        I think it hurts the momentum of a show….i guess that is why streaming services and binge watching are becoming more popular.

        • Most shows are taking a hiatus during the break it’s not anything out of the ordinary. You’re right it’s not a “one off” but with different events on every night you’ll essentially lose a certain chunk of your audience depending on the specific event of the olympics that on that specific night of any of these shows that are going on break, so either way you’re losing a considerable amount of viewership, so you’re definitely right in that the olympics won’t cause a staggering loss of ratings like the superbowl but it’s enough to warrant the hiatus.

        • I don’t know about other countries, but here in the States they’ll time delay a lot of the major events to show during the prime time hours. I agree with you though, aside from a few events I typically use the hiatus to catch up and clear out my DVR. I’m sure the networks don’t mind either as it gives them two extra weeks to stretch out their seasons.

  2. If Batgirl ends up on this show I will be very pleased and puzzled at the same time. Or maybe in Batman v. Superman they will hint that Batman has others who work with him and this will allow for her entry to the universe via Arrow! :)

    • Superman/Batman movie is so far away, Arrow will be in season 4 by the time we even get to see that. Too long a wait, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up with them putting the TV and Movie universes together.

      • It really isn’t hard to believe. Just a week ago they had articles in which Kreisberg, Guggenheim and Goyer all wanting a shared TV/Movie universe. Of course there were some “creative issues” that is keeping it from happening but I can see it in the future.

        • I honestly don’t want to see a shared universe. Keeping them separate saves headaches. Look at Agents of SHIELD and you will see how not doing things right can fail pretty quickly. I’d rather see them focus on the TV brand and maybe put out a TV movie with Arrow combined with Flash and other heroes. Too much red tape when dealing with big theatrical versions of TV heroes.

          • well the problem with shield is not the share universe for god sake they barely are connected to one another it’s just the show suck is i still watch it even tho hopefully it get better but we all have to admit the show suck

  3. Great news & great article!

    Can these show runners PLEASE take over the DCCU from Goyer & Snyder BEFORE they completely destroy it?!

    These guys got it going on & are the best thing WB/DC have going for it right now.

    Please listen to the fans for once WB/DC! Put these guys in charge of it all!

    • Kelly you took the words right out of my mouth. These guys are killing it and really the true heirs to the Kingdom Come. This is the only DC Universe worth watching on the screen besides the animated movies.

    • I have to agree. It’s really sad that I am more excited with the possibilities of this show in the coming seasons more so than I am for the Batman vs Superman movie. I think Arrow has been handled just amazing and at times feels like I am at the movies. I think their approach to this series has been top notch and most importantly, it seems like they listen to the fans. I mean, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex? Really? That just ruined the hype of the movie for me. What’s next, DJ Qualls as Doomsday? Robert Pattinson as The Flash? Adam Sandler as Green Lantern? I liked MOS but didn’t love it and so far, this sequel is sounding like I will just wait for it to hit Netflix unless the trailer just knocks my socks off

      • or that terrible actor Heath Ledger as the Joker… oh wait….!

        • People seem to forget though that Ledger was an accomplished actor before TDK. Yes there were questions about him not looking like the typical joker we were all used to but his acting skills were never a question. Eisenberg thus far, like Sandler, like Cera has played the same character in which he was the awkward, no friends, loner kid whereas Ledger already had different roles that he has done. I mean the dude was in Brokeback Mountain before TDK. That’s as different as you can get, LOL. When it was announced that Ledger was the Joker I wasn’t thrilled but I was also like, well the guy is an awesome actor so he should be able to pull off the character. With Eisenberg I don’t get that feeling. Also, Lex is supposed to be around the same age. Eisenberg, even though he’s in his 30′s, looks like he’s a kid. Now if you were to say they are going to make it look like he’s older then I might understand but right now I just don’t see it. I am a huge DC fan but for me, this sequel is sounding more and more like a joke.

          • It’s an understanding that fans are worried with Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. I’m a bit worried but yet I accept it. WB really are risking with the Batman/Superman movie, but not the film itself, it’s the casting that their risking. I’m still going to watch the movie no matter what happens.

            • I agree, it’s not the script/storytelling that worries me but more on the casting side that worries me. When the news broke, the DC fanclub site just went nuts. A lot of comments (which I agree with) were along the lines that if you are okay with the Eisenberg casting then there is no arguement for the Gadot casting because they are in the same boat(both don’t look like the character they are play and both haven’t played a variety of characters to really judge). I am hoping everything works out but right now I just don’t have high hopes

          • You’re right, Eisenberg is just a dumb comedian. He’s never done anything good or serious in which he proved himself to be a more capable actor of bringing emotion and duality to a character. If only he starred in that film about Facebook or that cool wizard movie.

            • Again, good movies but same character. Now if it was a Edward Norton, a Joaquin Phoenix, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Daniel Day-Lewis, or DiCaprio then I would say, okay, I see the talent there because they played different characters. It’s not that the Eisenbergs movies weren’t any good but that he has played the same character in 95% of the movies he has done. I hope he does prove me wrong, I really do but right now I just don’t see it.

            • i have to disagree with your choices of what you called bad films. i thought 10 things…, knights tale, & the patriot were all good films. he was also pretty good in monsters ball, even though he was not in it for very long.

            • My complaint isn’t about Affleck but more about Eisenberg. I have more faith in Affleck than I do with Eisenberg. We all must admit that Affleck since he started directing movies has grown into an excellent actor. With Eisenberg, he’s a good actor but most of his movies have him playing the same character. It would be different if he played different characters but they all seem the same from Zombieland to the Social Network

              • Whats this ‘since he started directing’ rubbish, Ben Affleck has always been a great actor, it just happened that he went through a bad phase and starred in a succession of bad movies. Affleck has many great movies under his belt from before the bad streak like Good Will Hunting, Changing Lanes, Sum of All Fears

          • I hope they aren’t going with a comedic Lex Luther. Gene Hackman did that a little in the first Superman movie and I hated it.

        • True he was no Jack Nicholson Joker thats for sure!

          • Guys, guys, there’s a whole other article’s comments section for you to have this argument in, yeesh.

            • Yes, lets talk about costume nips instead, LOL

  4. So excited for another Diggle episode! He’s been in the background for way too long.
    I’m also excited for what’s to come, I just hope they don’t do too much too soon.

  5. So from that pic I’ll assume Birds of Prey will consist of Batgirl, Black Canary, Huntress and Huntress’ impossibly perky nipples?

    • +1 for Huntress’ nipples

      • It would appear there are some things Nomex cannot withstand. A swell valuable lesson at the lady’s expense.

      • +2 for Huntress sporting slight camel toe

    • Glad someone mentioned the nipples. Good grief, how could anyone *not* mention them? I think one of them hit me in the face. Just bounced right out of my screen and made me choke on my milk and cookies. On a side note, little Agingfanboy will never be the same…

    • Oh, that illustration of Birds Of Prey Bubezbubezbubez!!!! I would like those birds perching…well…anywhere they want anytime. Birdeez wanta cuddle-bone?

  6. Sweet Birds of Prey are going to appear that should be very interesting. and I definitely can’t wait for the Diggle/Suicide Squad episode. One of the best if not the best writer rooms on TV right now every episode builds on the last. love it.

    • Agreed. Right now, I am thinking they are the best in TV and big screen

  7. Sounds like a solid step forward. I’ve been hoping we’d see some Birds of Prey action, but as a fan of Barbara Gordon, I find it interesting that he says we won’t see “Oracle” (versus any of her other personas?). Barbara used an alias “Amy Beddoes” but emerged as Oracle with the Suicide Squad (as I recall).

  8. Screenrant: “Sara’s departure didn’t just scorn the league- but also a lover?”

    Sara: “Get me to come back to her.”
    Detective Lance: “Oh.”

    Are they implying that Sara and Nyssa were in a relationship? Or am I missing just something?

    • That’s what it looks like. Also, it’s nice to see them taking a risk and creating the first (or 1 of the first) lesbian comic book characters, i hope superhero movie writers can learn from this. Female and gsy superheroes can work just as well as male heroes.

    • Oh, no! Don’t tell me we are gonna go down that dark alley on Arrow now? How come everyone has to be gay (except me?!)

  9. Kofi, be honest, did you pick that Birds of Prey picture because Huntresses nipps are poppin like she’s trapped in a Polar Vortex of emotion????

  10. Oh man, conflicted right now.

    Do I read this article since it’s about Arrow and its future despite the second half of season 2 being weeks away here in UK land and risk spoiling things ahead of time or do I ignore it and end up late to the party as usual when things air in the US long before we get them?

    I like that Birds Of Prey pic though. I hope we get to see them in future (ignoring the crappy show a decade ago).

    • Dina Meyer made a good Oracle, the other actresses made it difficult to watch. Shemar Moore would have made a decent Crispus Allen as opposed to the knock-off character they had him portraying.

  11. hmmm could they be priming Diggle to be more then who he is on the show? I’m thinking the flashback to Afghanistan and Diggle working with Deadshot we might get a hint on whom Diggle may become. I’m thinking we are going to see Cyborg in Arrow.

    • I kind of get that feeling that it’s starting to head towards that direction

      • Diggs has been getting a lot bigger lately. I’m hoping they do more with him. Diggs is the heart and conscience of this show. I won’t be disappointed if they don’t go this route, especially since they probably don’t want to seem like they are copying Marvel’s attempt at bringing Deathlok to the TV screen. But if they do bring him in as Cyborg, it probably will be done a lot better.

        *crosses fingers for Cyborg Diggle*

    • I personally would hate that. Diggle is his own character and him becoming Cyborg would ruin his character. In the comics of Green Arrow, they actually incorporate Diggle in that universe. It would be weird if Diggle in the tv show became Cyborg while in the comics there is already a Cyborg (Victor Stone).

      • I agree, that would not make sense.

    • If Diggle turns out to be someone from the Suicide Squad book, I’d suspect they give him the pseudonym “Rick Flagg” But I think Dig will just be Dig.

  12. I like Arrow and have watched every episode, so in the ratings game it doesn’t matter what you think of a show, it’s whether you watch it or not.

    In any event, I feel that the showrunners have simply adapted Batman as Green Arrow. Arrow has a Batcave (under the nightclub), Alfred (Diggle), Batgirl (Felicity), Robin (Roy), and Commissioner Gordon (Quentin Lance). Like Bruce Wayne, Queen is a billionaire socialite who has various girlfriends and a big mansion. He’s tortured (like Batman) over the death of his father, and like the comic book, Arrow’s evolved from killing bad guys to simply overpowering them (except when he accidentally kills them). The flashbacks on the island seem to be a homage to Lost and an indication that the writers can’t sustain a single 40-minute plot. Like Lost, there’s a lot of things going on that probably don’t add up to much.

    So Arrow keeps my interest because I basically believe it’s a way the writers have figured out how to do a Batman TV show without having access to the Batman character.

    • I think there are many similarities but I also think the flashbacks, like Lost, serve a purpose in the characters development. I wouldn’t be against an all-out action series in Arrow but I rather enjoy the flashback scenes. They give a better view to the audience(general audience) of his conflicts within himself. It’s not a bad way to tell a story as long as it all connects and so far they are all starting to connect from Sara/BC to Slade

      • The Flashbacks were one of the reasons why I got hooked on the show. Seeing Slade/Deathstroke on the screen is epic.

  13. Arrow has really stepped it up. Nice reporting Kofi as always. Arrow is one of the few shows a I watch live every week and I am never disappointed.
    Excited about Diggle being spotlighted more.

  14. I wonder if hey will do a spin-off show for Birds of Prey? The last one sucked but they’ve set a standard for quality so I think they could do it better. Flash isn’t really what I consider a spin-off because he wasn’t a main character for an extended time like Addison was on Grey’s Anatomy.

  15. Well interesting. When huntress showed up in season one I foresaw the birds of prey showing up especially with black canarys history with queen. I’m excited to see if what we thought would never happen might happen. The tv universe linked with the movie universe.

    I’m hoping for hope to see captain boomerang and harley quinn on the suicide squade. That will just be epic in more than 100 million ways. Plus we have a link to flash as boomerang is a flash villian.

    Also why is huntress so perky?

  16. Pretty confident that Felicity will take on the Oracle role in any episodes going forward that might feature Arrow’s version of the Birds of Prey.

  17. “recruit Diggle for a mission alongside the Suicide Squad” – YES! They should do a Suicide Squad spin-off with Diggle as a main character, with the roster being:
    - Deadshot (Sniper)
    - China White (Field Agent)
    - Bronze Tiger (Field Agent)
    - Shrapnel (Demolitions)
    - Clock King (Mastermind)
    - Diggle (Rick Flag)
    And then bring in Captain Boomerang in from the Flash show.

    • And then maybe they can do a Birds of Prey with Canary, Huntress and Felicity!Oracle :P

  18. Arrow has some a collection of the hottest women on television.

  19. I’m on board for ‘Team Arrow,’ thanks to Netflix over the summer I watched all of season one: good stuff. Season two already has made huge improvements and I download each one off of iTunes when their released. I’m curious to why Oliver’s sister is called ‘Speedy?’. Roy which I still hope becomes Red Arrow, then ‘Arsenal.’. I love Sarah, but Laurel is really annoying with her pill popping this season, lame. Vast improvement from season one, I can’t wait to see Deathstroke Vs. Green Arrow showdown!

  20. This show is everything I’d hoped AOS would be. At least this season and the ever-expanding universe. AOS has barely expanded anything at all, possibly because they feel they are too good for that.