‘Arrow’ Season 2: New Gadgets, a New Villain & an Arrowcave Makeover

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Stephen Amell taking aim in Arrow Arrow Season 2: New Gadgets, a New Villain & an Arrowcave Makeover

There are many similarities between DC vigilante heroes Batman and Green Arrow, not the least of which is their creative use of gadgets to compensate for their lack of superpowers, and therefore many fans of The CW’s show Arrow are no doubt looking forward to seeing a new array of tools when the series returns for a second season this fall. The man hasn’t even sorted himself out with a proper Arrow Car yet.

In Oliver Queen’s defense, he was quite busy last season – managing to finally get off the island of Lian Yu where he had been stranded for five years and immediately going up against a long list of crooks operating within his home of Starling City. The first season ended with quite a bang, and as such we could find the characters in any number of strange places when the story picks up once again.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Marc Guggenheim offered a few fresh hints about what fans can expect to see in season two of Arrow. The vigilante has already demonstrated the use of a few trick arrows, including incendiary arrows, flashbang arrows and hacking arrows, but apparently there’s a lot more to come.

Says Guggenheim, “The stuff to look forward to the most is all the new toys we’re going to put on the table.” That definitely sounds intriguing.

Felicity Smoak in Arrow Arrow Season 2: New Gadgets, a New Villain & an Arrowcave Makeover

Felicity Smoak, Oliver’s go-to IT expert and one of the select few members of Team Hood, will also play a pivotal role in the redesign of one of the show’s main locations. The Arrowcave’s original design was very minimalist; located underneath the nightclub that Oliver opened in a converted warehouse in the Glades, the lair could at best be described as derelicte, and presumably took some considerable damage during the season 1 finale.

Felicity probably won’t be adding floral curtains and fluffy carpets, though; rather, she’ll perform some “high-tech redecorating,” meaning that the Hood’s upgraded equipment will extend to his vigilante headquarters. Felicity will also be required to do something that she has “never done before and has never been expected to do” in the first episode.

The most obvious guess is that she will have to kill someone, but perhaps it just means that she’ll be asked to make a crème brûlée.

Steven Amell in Arrow The Undertaking Arrow Season 2: New Gadgets, a New Villain & an Arrowcave Makeover

Guggenheim also teased the introduction of a new villain to the show, and in the past has mentioned that there could actually be two main antagonists on the way (one for the present day and one in island flashbacks, perhaps). In the first season, John Barrowman played evil mastermind Malcolm Merlyn, father of Oliver’s friend Tommy Merlyn, and Guggenheim says that they’re planning to shake things up a little with the new big bad:

“Our goal was to come up with someone who was as good an antagonist for Oliver as Malcolm was without being a Malcolm Merlyn clone. This is someone who is going about things in a very different way than Malcolm did and is perhaps even more deadly as a result.”

Firefly actress Summer Glau was recently announced as the latest new member of the Arrow cast, playing Oliver’s business rival, Isabel Rochev. At this point it’s not certain whether Isabel will be a big bad, a medium bad or just a little bad. Malcolm Merlyn was the CEO of Malcolm Merlyn Group, so if the writers are trying to avoid simply cloning him, then opting for another rich businessperson seems like an unlikely way to go, but there are plenty of ways in which they could differentiate Rochev’s approach to concocting nefarious plans from Merlyn’s.

Given all these new teases, there are surely some Arrow fans out there who have ideas about what season 2 might bring, so don’t hesitate to share your theories with us in the comments.


Arrow returns to The CW on Wednesday, October 9th @8pm.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. October can’t come soon enough

    • Dude! I`m having a good time this Summer so we can all wait patiently for this

      • I’m having a good Summer myself (and she says I am the best ever!!).

  2. I am convinced that I am the only person that hates the nerdy blonde chick on the show. She’s not funny, but the writers keep trying to feed her painfully unfunny lines which she executes with terrible timing. I don’t mind a female comedic presence if that’s what the writers want to do, but my God…there just needs to be better written dialogue. I’m still cringing over that ice cream line delivered by Oliver from one of the first few episodes.

    • she is awful but she looks incredible

      • Actually, she is rather irritatingly enjoyable. And you know what? I bet Felicity Smoak could set me to “smokin'”; she is smoking hot if she’d get rid of the nerd glasses, and would put on a bikini or a naughty negligee…but enough about my fantasies….!

        • Im calling it for the season premiere, she’ll have to go undercover and will get a makeover to do so.. A hot makeover lol

          • She’s already done that though

    • i think they are going for the so-awkward-it’s-funny routine, ala` michael scott. i think it works for her. Smoak and Diggle have some of the funnier moments on the show, and i feel play well off each other.

      • Except Michael Scott was funny.

      • Let me follow this up with the fact that what made Michael Scott’s cringe humor work was because he was unaware of just how awkward he was and the character never acknowledged how he was so socially clumsy. She does it after every line with the same cliched stutters, pauses, and deviations. Makes me want to break her glasses and steal her lunch money.

    • I like the Felicity Smoak character. Some of the lines do feel forced, maybe if they made her more like Claudia from Warehouse 13 it would work better.

      So funny how she is obviously pretty (esp when she went “undercover”) yet has issues trying to get a date.

      I do think the green face paint has to go… use a proper mask (Malcom did) or even sunglasses ala Smallville (just kidding).

      Still wondering if Malcom is using PEDs, he’s no where near the physical build of Ollie yet manages to dominate a guy 20 years younger than him.

      • Nah he’s been trained in the mystical arts and is using his Ki, he spent 6 months doing milk deliveries with a turtle shell on his back lol

    • I agree Felicity needs better dialogue(her lame jokes never came across as painful to me, but it was incredibly awkward how some of her lines were), but that ice cream bit from Oliver still makes me laugh to this, if only because it felt like pulled right out of a stillborn RomCom!

      • Well I felt Arrow at times suffered from the same thing that stopped me from enjoying Smallville and that is the obvious writing aimed at mid teens, in the same vein as shows like 90210 and Party Of Five with really cliched and clunky lines of dialogue that just don’t sound natural at all and the seeming emphasis on the romantic subplots and use of cheesy, generic teen-rock songs during kissing scenes.

        I hope the show improves and has less of that style of writing in season 2 because it might as well be renamed “The DC” if it’s gonna continue walking that path.

  3. I just want to know when they are going to end all this “Hood” crap and start calling him Green Arrow, or at the very least “Arrow”.

    • It seems WB wants to have the same Scenario of Nolan’s ideas on giving DC characters a dark and edgier tone. I guess by naming his real CB name makes it cheesy but yeah it will be cool if they name him Green Arrow for ones

      • I get that feeling too, I just don’t see how the Hood is any grittier than Green Arrow or the Arrow. And by the end of the season it was really bugging me. It made more sense for Smallville since that was about Clarke Kent becoming Superman, but that’s not really the case for Arrow.

        • easily done. At the end of season 2 episode 1 cut to a mural some kids or graffiti artists have done of “the hood” and write GREEN ARROW underneath. Your welcome CW 😉

      • It s smallville “the blur” all over again….

    • Actually, “the Hood” sounds better than “Arrow” for the name of a vigilante. Having the other characters refer to him as “Arrow” somehow sounds awkward. On the other hand, his disguise would not fool me any more than Clark kent’s glasses would disguise Superman from the rest of the world. I would see Olive Queen and say, “Oh, that is Oliver Queen with green greasepaint on and a hoodie bathrobe”.

    • They’re just trying to have a natural progression of his character. He’s not going to be called “Green Arrow” right away, and it makes sense that Ollie himself is not concerned with his “vigilante name”. The producers of the show pointed out that right now he’s not really “Green Arrow” anyway, since he’s still a murdering vigilante. Basically, they alluded to them wanting him to mature into the role of a true hero before being called Green Arrow. And in the first season there was some great progression of his character, where you start to see him try and have as few casualties as possible in any fight, even if they’re bad guys.

  4. Ra’s Al Ghul hopefully. Merlyn teased that he was the man that changed him in case you guys didn’t’ know. I’m pretty sure Slade is going to come back and have a villain role as well eventually. He’s def gonna be a major villain at some point. If they ever introduce powers then Vandal Savage is the best villain for that introduction to powers imo.

    • “R-A-G”…hmmm, musta missed that.

    • I’ve heard this before…WHEN did Merlyn hint at Al Ghul’s presence in THIS world?

      • I’m not up to speed on the whole DC universe but Malcolm mentions Nanda Parbat and I’m sure that’s got something to do with Ras and his whole Glade’s plan, destroy for the greater good, is very League of Shadows.

        I’m pretty sure that The Question has something to do with Nanda Parbat and he knocks about a bit with GL so he may put in an appearance during this series… maybe?

        But actually say the words Ras Al Ghul, no that didn’t happen in the show, it’s more of an inference.

        • …but THAT is the thing: Nanda Parbat is a variation on the whole idea of Shangri-La…a distant, mythical (though real enough, in this case) paradise inhabited by peaceful warrior monks…it has NOTHING to do with any aspect of Ra’s al Ghul. Ra’s is from another part of the world, and I wonder how people got the two concepts mixed up…?

          When Malcolm Merlyn mentioned visiting Nanda Parbat, I think it more likely The Question (or, even more vaguely, Deadman) was being hinted at than Ra’s al Ghul.

  5. Everyone is forgetting about ROY, you know SPEEDY! Green Arrow’ Sidekick!!!

  6. Summer Glau? Great There goes Season 3.

  7. Just wondering.. Will the character ever, just once, be referred to or addressed as, you know…GREEN ARROW? Just axin’.

  8. So is Malcolm Merlyn dead? I thought he was Green arrows arch enemy? and I thought he told his friend that he did not kill Malcolm

    • Malcolm was STABBED, no-one’s found his corpse so he’s most likely still knocking about. A lot of interweb talk has Malcolm tied up with Ras Al Ghul (see above) so most reckon he’s off to the Lazarus Pit to heal and come back for Season 3 or 4’s big bad (my son is dead cause of you etc.) assuming that season 2 survives the Glau curse (bless her cotton socks…. Goldilocks that’s your cue to get your perve on….)

  9. Blond hacker will do something we didn’t expect her in season 2 ? OMG, she’ll stop using MS Windows 8 and tablet to hack things and will use her own version of linux with non graphical or strictly logical functional gui other then press button to win ? Totaly worth it.

  10. We love Felicity! io9 had a fun article, An Ode to Felicity Smoak. I sent it on to one of the girls in IT, who reminded me sooo much of her, except she doesn’t wear dangly earrings or lip gloss 😛

  11. Give the man a proper mask. :)

    As for Summer Glau, I wonder if she’ll be the character whose legs were shown in the flashback sequence giving the order to shoot down the Ferris plane when Oliver was on the island.

    • Are you saying that eyeshadow isn’t an effective superhero disguise? 😉

      • Oh sure, it must come in handy against the evil forces of Revlon. :)

        • Would have been better with the Mary-Kay Kommandos.*

          *(Bloom Country for source material)

          • Bloom Country.


            • COUNTY!


              COUNTY IS A WORD!

              • Everything ok now? You seem udder-ly frustrated, Cow.

                • He seems very MOOdy today. 😀

                  • He’s having a “COW”.

  12. The writers have suggested this season sees ollie make the transition from ‘vigilante’ to ‘hero’

    They have already suggested the hood get a different name in an episode, Malcolm came up with green arrow but ollie didn’t like it
    I don’t understand what the big thing is about his name on the show to be honest, we know he is green arrow but the name of the character doesn’t matter that much, cos he will still be Green Arrow
    It might require a change of how the people of starling city view him for him to get the green arrow name (I.e. when they start seeing him more positively, ‘vigilante’ carries negative undertones, green arrow sounds more heroic)
    Wouldn’t sound right if he were to start going around saying ‘I’m Green Arrow, tell your friends’

    Looking forward to all the new gadgets though, but please no Arrow car (at least not yet)

  13. I want to see a trick arrow that launches the arrow head off the shaft when the shaft is squeezed. It would help against the enemies with reaction times good enough to catch an arrow in flight and it would show that Ollie had learned from Season 1.

    • How about an arrow that has a tip that turns into a boxing glove mid flight? Lol

  14. The infamous boxing glove arrow lol, I wonder if Roy becomes Speedy. Because his mom couldve died in the Earthquake and Thea convinces Ollie to take him in and he finds about Ollies alter ego. He becomes Speedy. Oliver has to take care of thea now because her mom went to jail and stuff. This is when Ollie gets a job at Queen Consolidated

  15. They are going to kill the sister so Roy can pay homage by calling himself Speedy.

    • Oh yes kill the sister, irritating little brat.

  16. Felicity is too awesome forget oliver and laurel make olycity happen

    • No one has mentioned laurel being black canary

  17. I hope Roy becomes Arsenal and not Speedy or Red Arrow.

    I also hope they tone down Laurel’s scenes because she’s just horrible to watch.

    I’d guess Summer’s character is bankrolling Deathstroke and brings him to Star City (hate calling it Starling) to “take care of a little vigilante problem”.

    Could be a cool season finale confrontation.

    “Billy? You survived?”

    “Guess again.”

    Dun dun duhhhn. It’s Slade Wilson.

  18. I really like this show, I have since the first episode. New gadgets, a new lair, and a new main vilian or two, I cannot wait!!

    Felicity Smoak to me, is one of the best parts of the show. She’s funny, and IMO is perfect for Oliver. I look forward to this new season, and many more after this.

  19. And please give him a proper goatee. The consistent 2 day beard, even on the island, is getting old.

    • This is why, as good as Amell is, I hope the guy who played Caesar in Spartacus plays a movie version because you look at him in his first few episodes with the longish hair and Green Arrow style beard and man, he looks the part.

      • I was thinking someone like Gabriel Macht or Nikolaj Coster-Waldau would be a good fit for the role of the traditional Green Arrow. They’re recognizable enough to fit into an ensemble without needing to carry the weight of a franchise.

  20. I am not a big superhero comic reader,but I do like watching all of the superhero movies and tv shows from Marvel and DC,(live action as well as animated)and I have to say I really enjoy DC Comics tv shows take on their characters,which just like their movies,offer up a gritty and “realistic” take on DC heroes and villians origins,battles and backstories,with a show like Arrow being a prime example of this.

  21. Season 2
    And they show the person who made Malcom Merlyn dat gud
    (Nanda Parbat)

  22. Season 2
    And they should show the person who made Malcom Merlyn dat gud
    (Nanda Parbat)

  23. Summer Glau? Great There goes Season 3.

  24. *SPOILERS*
    Season 2 comes off to a great start through out the episode they show great character build in roy harper (speedy) as well as oliver i really enjoy how oliver has a strong motive in season 1 he was fighting to make up for his fathers wrong but in season 2 they tweak it now he fights for his own forgiveness. like batman now oliver doesnt kill in honor of the ones he loves and that throws alot of passion into the story. one thing im excited about yet mad about is how they keep teasing us with these refrences to deathstroke (slade wilson) in the beginning of the episode there is a mask similar to deathstrokes with an arrow through the right eye…. the eye deathstroke lost. i think death stroke along with many other villians such as isabel rochev (Queen) who was introduced in the first episode. i also believe they are brining in more of green alias than just speedy… maybe black canary?!??! i think so because at the end of the episode there is a blond girl who completley resmbles black canary.

  25. Hello fans,
    Big green arrow fan is here and his pal big green arrow fan junior. Well what can I say about the season premier of Arrow it was worth the weight! The first episode of the season it was action pack I really enjoyed the scene where Diggles and Felicity were jumping out of the plane and Felicity was hanging on and screaming for dear life. At least Felicity did not throw up on Diggles and I am sure Diggles appreciate that. Oliver saving Felicity from the planted mine bomb was a giant intense action of introduction for Oliver,s new season. Oliver,s return to Starling City was for the most part what I expected it to be. I wish that they would of spent more time showing Oliver the devastation of the Glades. So that it could really be pressed upon him how much the city really needs an hero. I understand that they could not because of time restrictions and beside they had to give enough time so we could see Oliver and Felicity jumping out of the office window. Felicity,s life has definitely gotten more interesting since Diggle and Oliver came into it. All I can say about that is that she better hang on tight. Enjoy the ride Felicity! As for Oliver,s family I was please to see Thea in a sober and stable type of mind set for once Thea was not complaining and she actually seemed happy beside from the fact that her mother is in prison and she refused to go see her. Roy,s obsession to be like the hood is reaching a dangerous level. Thank God that the Mysterious woman was there in the Glades to save him or he would not of lived another day. Arrow better put a leash on him for his own safety and for others safety. Detective Lance or Officer Lance I hope he is restored or get a higher position before the season is over with. Moira Queen I hope that this is her season of redemption although she really can,t redeem herself if she is in prison. Maybe they can put her in some kind of work release program. Dinal Laral Lance she is where I expect her to be for the start of season two. She got a new job and she appears to be trying to go through the motions of living but I don’t think she is done grieving. I think the grief for her is still very fresh and it may cause her to put herself and others in danger. In fact I think she is doing what her father use to do which is diving into her work to avoid the issues. I hope she grows a little bit more in season two. I hope that she and Oliver eventually come back together. Last but certainly not least my man Walter. It was certainly nice to see Walter back even if it was just for one scene. I like the fact that he is still there for Oliver and Thea even though he and Moira are no longer together. I hope to see more of Walter in future episodes. Please consider that…. Thank you.
    PS: congratulation to Summer klui and Katie Lutz for joining the cast of Arrow. Even though I still hope to see Katie casidy in her black carnary costume. This promises to be a very exciting and adventurous season. Keep the Arrow on target good luck bye.
    Big Green Arrow fan