‘The Flash’ Actor Talks ‘Traditional’ Costume

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Flash TV Series CW Arrow Creators The Flash Actor Talks Traditional Costume

Fans of DC Comics are likely still trying to wrap their heads around the fact that after years of waiting, The Flash will finally be coming to TV – first introduced in Arrow season 2, then headlining his very own show. But now that the showrunners have found their leading man in the form of Glee alum Grant Gustin, more details are beginning to trickle out.

The announcement of Gustin’s casting raised several questions among fans, most notably whether or not The CW was going to be be rewriting the back-story of one of the Justice League‘s most beloved characters. It turns out Gustin – a devoted comic book fan – wasn’t sure what the network had in store either, but from what he’s learned so far, a massive reimagining likely isn’t the plan.

Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim seems to know the risks of mixing The Flash’s superpowers and the relatively grounded realism of Oliver Queen’s crusade, and maintains that the differences shouldn’t be an issue. Although Grant Gustin (with a name like that, we’d honestly expect him to be a comic book writer) dreamed of portraying a superhero, he knew there was one issue that might arise with Barry Allen’s character. Gustin explained to E! Online:

“I got an audition and I was really excited and a little skeptical at first, because I’m a comic book fan. I know the character and know I’m a little young.

“I’m kind of running around a little bit, but mostly just for fun at this point… Just because I’m really excited… I’m a little fanboy. I’m so excited to be a part of the show.”

Grant Gustin to play Barry Allen AKA The Flash in Arrow season 2 The Flash Actor Talks Traditional Costume

We’ll concede that we were as nervous as anyone to see the showrunners cast a young actor in the traditionally adult role of Barry Allen/The Flash, and Gustin’s own concerns prove that it’s a fair issue to discuss. But it’s worth pointing out that the issue of age isn’t quite as much of a sticking point with Barry Allen as other heroes; over the years, the banner of The Flash has been carried by several men of differing ages, so ‘a young Flash’ isn’t the heresy some outspoken naysayers might claim.

With Gustin’s age set aside (along with his hair color), the writers seem to be making some promising steps to get audiences invested in Barry Allen as the forensic police scientist first and the superhero later. As we now know, Allen will appear in two episodes of Arrow before being granted his powers; a structure Gustin confirms is the plan, adding that Allen will be characterized as an “up-and-comer” in his field of study.

Although Gustin doesn’t know just how broad the writers will go with The Flash’s powers by the season’s end, he’s seen real potential for out-of-the-box stories while digging through comic books and Arrow writer Geoff Johns’ Flash runs for homework:

“We’re going to be Barry Allen first in two episodes and then he’ll come back later as The Flash. I haven’t actually had a chance to read any scripts yet, so we’ll see.

“I didn’t realize before I started doing all my research that he can actually time travel, he can run so fast… I think that’d be a really fun thing to play with on the show is him kind of going to different times and experimenting with that. That’d be fun.”

It’s far from confirmed that the writers will be interested in going that far with Allen’s character anytime soon, especially since the character’s own forays into time travel tend to result in massive catastrophes (see The Flashpoint Paradox for a recent example). That said, the end of Arrow‘s first season more than surprised us, so anything’s possible. The writers need a strong launching point for The Flash series, after all.

Flash Movie Justice League Discussion The Flash Actor Talks Traditional Costume

Whatever his age, fans will be more concerned with how The Flash actually looks when doing his crime-fighting. The last few years have seen some significant redesigns or ‘updates’ to beloved costumes in both movies and the comics (Man of Steel‘s supersuit and the New 52′s Superman, for instance), so the idea of a new take on the Flash suit isn’t out of the question. Especially given The CW’s changes made to the Green Arrow costume.

But from what Gustin’s heard so far, fans needn’t worry:

“I would imagine when The Flash comes he’ll be in a pretty traditional Flash costume… That’s kind of what I’ve caught wind of.”

Since Gustin is a self-professed lifelong DC fan, his words carry a bit of weight. Still, the term ‘traditional’ (read: red with yellow lightning bolts) covers plenty of ground where The Flash is concerned, so we’ll await more details before weighing in.

What’s your take? Should The CW bring their incarnation of The Flash closer to the comics than Arrow did, or keep it distinct from the film that is apparently still on its way? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


Arrow Season 2 premieres October 9th, 2013 @8pm on The CW.

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Source: E! Online

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  1. I think he needs to gain a little bit of muscle to play Barry Allen

    • Agreed.

    • Not too much though. Excessive bulk might slow him down, or more importantly, make him look slow. Think of a track runner, how heavy can they be?

      • Depends. Are we talking marathon runners or 100 meter sprinters?

  2. he has the looks but definitely needs to bulk up alot!

  3. shouldn’t he be blonde too ?

    • Yes.

      • He should be dying his hair blonde. I want to see The Flash as The Flash….

    • Maybe but blonde hair doesn’t really make Barry Allen who he is

      • +1

      • But blondes have more fun! (You can give me a + one million to the square root of pi, now).—Goldilocks, obviously a blonde, and not a dumb one at that!

      • Plus, in The Flash tv series, Barry had brown hair and nobody really cared.

  4. ” I’m a little fanboy.”

    Isn’t that cute?

    • Is he short and stout too?

      • “I’m a little pee-pot, short and stout;
        When I pee in the pot I really whip it out!”
        Hey–I remember that rhyme (might’ve paraphrased a little…)!

      • Actually in the comics Barry Allen is 6″0 and Grant Gustin is 6″2

        • Bah, someone has to be the party pooper.

    • hahaaa

    • “Little fan boy” and he doesnt know he can time travel… I call b*******!

      • That’s exactly what I thought, the time travel stuff has been a pretty big part of Flash’s character for the last couple years, not knowing he can do that is a little fishy.

        • Actually, if you read the blurb before that quote, you would see that Gustin didn’t say that, it was Geoff Johns, a writer for Arrow.

          • It says that it’s something Grant Gustin found out whilst doing his ‘homework’ of reading through Arrow writer Geoff Johns’ Flash stories from the comics.

        • Professor Zoom from the future can do it in reverse (“Reverse-Flash”).
          And he should be Barry Allen Flash’s primary villain.

      • You don’t necessarily have to read comics to be a fanboy. I consider myself a fan for sure, but I mostly know the characters from animated stuff. I was never really did the comic book thing. Until Flashpoint Paradox, I don’t think the time travel topic has come up in animated form. I could be wrong, it’s been a while since I watched the Justice League cartoon.

        • I’m in the same boat as you I consider myself a fan and I don’t read comics at all. But The justice league cartoon never used his time travel abilities the coolest thing he did was beat up lex and Braninac.

          • Yep. Technically, since he can move at the speed of light, The Flash should be able to hit with infinite energy, and that’s kind of what they showed in that battle against Lex in very limited form. He can also destabilize matter and do a variety of other awesome things. Flash is a pretty awesome character, and I hope to see him in a movie from DC soon.

            • Flash can do it. I wonder of Superman can? He is only slightly slower than Flash, I believe. Can Martian Manhunter go at super-speed also? I know he has some of the same abilities as Supes, only I always thought of him as not as powerful as Supes. Someone like Mon-El is pretty close to Supes’ power level if not more so.

              • “of” should be “if”. Oops.

              • Superman has done it in the comics. Matter of fact Superman and Flash raced each other back in the 60′s. Flash has been time traveling at least since the early 60′s also.

              • Flash;Supes;WW;MM can all do it,unless it’s recon now.

      • The time travel aspect has been shown using a specially designed treadmill (among other methods), so him knowing the character but not necessarily knowing of any time travel capabilities is not particularly odd, nor should it be troublesome. The vibrating-through-objects-causing-massive-explosive-destruction is also a relatively new ability/curse.

        I’m hoping for the red-with-yellow/gold-lightning-bolt costume just like most people, but I’m adopting a wait-and-see attitude for the final product…I loved “Arrow” season 1 and am looking forward to season 2. I can’t wait to see how Flash is incorporated into the world.

  5. I’m fine if Barry Allen is not blonde. Steve Rogers is blonde in the comics but Chris Evans plays him just fine without having the same hair color.

    • Maybe my TVs and the cinema screens have a slightly different colour tone because he’s looked blonde to me since playing Rogers.

    • Rogers is blonde. You were looking at him with a helmet on. Did you see him trying to sprout wings on his head, too? (If he tries hard, they will pop out and he will look like Angel Warren Worthington on his head!)

  6. Says he is a comicbook fan (specially DC) and doesnt know about the flash being able to time travel…(i dont buy it) And says that he signed with no knowledge about how his character would be portrayed or what direction they would take…what kind of actor does that?

    • I’m a lifelong DC fan but even I didn’t know that until last year.

      Then again, other than the 90s TV show, I never really paid attention to The Flash. I never thought that just running really fast wasn’t very good as a superpower but I’ve since read a lot more about him to change my mind.

      • The costume in the old TV show was actually pretty good.

        • Pretty much. Except he didn’t have yellow boots. Always felt like he was running in his socks :)

          • I never liked the traditional Flash’s yellow boots. Always looked to me like he was wearing rain boots. Red with yellow accents could work, I suppose.

    • To be fair, he might like comics but only know as Flash as ‘the speedster’ and when offered the role of a comic book character, jumped at the chance.

  7. Carlos – An actor that wants the part bad enough and producers that will not divulge too much information at first.

  8. He says he’s a fan but he didn’t knew Barry could time travel :/

  9. I’m still trying to get my head around his youth, and that he does not look like Barry Allen. Hope costume is very traditional, and that at some point in a movie or a series he fights Prof. Zoom, the Reverse-Flash. Barry Allen Flash is one of my faves, along with Hal Jordan Green Lantern, so I am excited for this. Not sure about CW Arrow show being the best launching pad, tho. At least I would have done it different, even tho I like Arrow.

      • @Bruce Banger: Reverse-Flash is great. Why, he could run up to you in his villainous way at super-speed, box your clown like a punchy-doll, kiss your girl-friend before you could even haul off and clock him with a beer-bottle, piddle in your coffee-cup and run away before you even knew what just happened, and leave you sitting dumb-struck and mumbling on the curb-side like a transient, saying over and over, “I coulda been a contender…!”, while drinking sour-mash chaw-juice outta your bottle like a bum-a-roonie. Now that is what I call being pretty good at what he does. Betcha can’t top that…so Professor Zoom for a villain it is!

    • How do you expect him to look like a drawing?

      • Special effects, just like Green Lantern was able to make big green thingies with his ring and make it look good on the screen (and that movie, despite flaws, was not all that bad…!!!)

  10. im not a Flash fan so i dont know much about him, but is his time travel a newer thing or has he always had that ability? i jus remeber him being on speed (drugs)

    • I think you’re thinking of Arsenal who was called Speedy at the time and was Green Arrow’s sidekick… And if this kid was any kind of DC comics fan he should’ve known The Flash can time travel, I mean, he’s got a cosmic treadmill that allows him to do it and his time skipping was a major plot point of Crisis on Infinite Earths which came out a looooooong time ago, before I was even born. I don’t think he’s a real fan of DC comics.

      • …or he could be thinking of the drug-addled “Johnny Quick” of Earth 3, who really IS an evil, alternate universe version of Flash and has been seen in spurts over the years…including now in the evil-takes-over crossover occurring in the DC Comics Universe.

        As for Gustin’s fan “credentials”…REALLY, the time travel aspect demotes him in your eyes?! I can only assume you know EVERY aspect of (at least) the major DC heroes so that you can sit in judgement of someone else who is merely expressing his excitement at getting to LIVE in the world (if only for a bit) so many of us claim to love. Otherwise, that would make you a blowhard…

  11. I think they need to keep the show and any movie in the same world, same actor same everything! or they are just risking getting the GP too confused!

    CMON DC don’t screw this up along with EVERYTHING ELSE you have screwed up!
    MOS, new Batman, The Flash all need to be kept in the same world! if not just SHUT DOWN your shared universe NOW!

    • Confuse the general public? Dude, Arrow barely gets any views. Probably 3 mil each episode.

      • They STILL NEED to keep the same continuity DUDE!!! WHY do it if they are just gonna have different actors, different backstories, different everything?? OH YEAH their DC that’s why!

        I hate it when the continuity is all over the place no matter who is doing it! BUT ESPECIALLY when DC is doing it because it just makes them look that much MORE INCOMPATENT! WHAT is so hard about making something with a LITTLE BIT of thought put into it towards the future?
        DC knows a whole lot more than Marvel did back when this all started a few years back, DC KNOWS people will watch CBM if they are done correctly, So just do it correctly, THATS ALL!

        • “They’re DC” dude. Not “their DC”

          • Dude I failed English class 18 years ago, I REALLY DON’T GIVE 2 F**KS if it is They’re or their!

            Put that in your your pipe and SMOKE it Jack ass

            • I’m thinking this guy is the real Bruce Banner….

              • If I was Dazz I would HULK SMASH on that Jokers FACE!! I get it, the bad spelling or bad grammar can be frustrating at times, BUT that was a VERY common mistake on this and many many other sites (Even by the writers for that matter), I know my 5th grade education can be annoying! But what is more annoying is an English teacher TROLLNG CBM comments sections looking to jerk off over mis-used or mis-spelled words AND NOT EVEN CONTRIBUTE TO THE DAMN POST!

            • Are those the dudes who “dude” it?

        • Who’s to say it’s the ‘correct’ way?

          One good reason why I wouldn’t want them being connected is because of the CW teen melodrama that comes with the TV show, which wouldn’t fit in films like Man of Steel. Another reason is the films would be holding back since they have to account for everything that happens in the TV show. But maybe you’ll say, they can do side stories for the TV show. Well than what’s the point of the TV show if the only grand things that happen are in the films? Both the TV shows and films are also aimed at two completely different audiences, hence the casting of a Glee star. Also, those involved with Arrow and possibly Flash have worked on the Green Lantern film. It’s obvious the team work better on TV than on film.

          Also, for your own sake, don’t constantly put exclamation marks everywhere and Caps lock every few words. I feel like I’m talking to a ten year old.

          • “Multiple exclamation marks are a sure sign of a diseased mind.”
            ~Terry Prachett

            • lmao

            • Darn straight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(…oh…)

          • Now your going to be a JACK ASS as well?

            some you guys just get too serious over a CBM comment section!!!!

            Take a pill, your PMS is making you a BI**H!!!!!
            THE GRAMMAR POLICE ARE OUT IN FULL FORCE ON THIS LOVELY SATURDAY NIGHT, maybe you need to get a girl, have a few drinks and chill the F-OUT.

            It was so much more enjoyable to come to this site when ppl were not such bullies and crying about THEY’RE not THEIR or EXCLAMATION MARK’S.

            Use an exclamation point [ ! ] at the end of an emphatic declaration, interjection, or command.

            “No!” he yelled. “Do it now!”

            • Lmao you didn’t even talk about any of the points I made O.o

            • You call us way too serious? You just ranted in caps all over the place!

              Seriously though. Just because it has DC attached to “Arrow” doesn’t mean everything they put out on TV falls into the same universe.

            • Clearly you do care since you’re letting it get to you. Either accept that people will make fun of your writing level or improve it. Going ape s*** doesn’t do you any favors, just makes you seem childish.

            • Got a girl.

      • You’re right, Arrow gets around 3 million views per episode. Where you’re wrong is implying that that’s bad. By way of comparison, Supernatural and Vampire Diaries get around 2 million each. Arrow is a very successful show, and it got better toward the end of the season. Why you would call 3 million viewers “barely any views,” I do not know.

        • On the CW it works very well, but in general compared to other TV programs and the movie audience (if we’re going to connect them both), the viewing number is pretty terrible.

          • Actually, I wouldn’t say terrible lol, that sounds too strong, but maybe not good enough.

      • You’re right, Arrow gets around 3 million views per episode. Where you’re wrong is implying that that’s bad. By way of comparison, Supernatural and Vampire Diaries get around 2 million each. Arrow is a very successful show, and it got better toward the end of the season. Why you would call 3 million viewers “barely any views,” I do not know.

    • TV acting and film acting are kind of different. There are definitely some great TV actors, but the writing and acting are at different levels. I feel like TV actors have more time to figure out their roles, while film actors have to get it right from the start.

      • Good point. You have leg room to improve both writing and acting for a TV show. A movie is a one time deal, especially with its budget.

  12. i hope they change the costume a little. just take off the lightning bolt belt and forearm stripe. that look always bothered me. its just not a great design. they need more of a vertical angle up the arms and possibly the side. almost like spider man. and even though he’s the one hero that spandex makes sense with, i hope its something a little more practical

    • Whats so impractical about spandex for someone like Flash?
      Look at athletes that are about speed, sprinters, speed skaters, bicyclists, bobsledders, all spandex. He can outrun bullets, he doesn’t need armour and bulky or loose clothing would inhibit his movements and slow him down, making him more vulnerable.

  13. Thank you bruce banner i was thinking the same thing i reckon they do a shared universe but wait until Agents of shield comes out to see it receved then they will join tv with movie verse

    • WHY NOT, DC has let Marvel do everything else FIRST! they should just stick to that formula now!!…NOT

      I really want DC to succeed and to thrive, but I also want them to take some chances and do some things before Marvel has already paved the way!
      I think most ppl want a GREAT DCU and a GREAT MCU it would be awesome for all of us CBM fans, I’m tired of getting all excited over a DC project only to be disappointed in the end! I WANT A STRONG DCU, so there is a healthy discussion about which shared universe is better, which characters are better on screen and so on! NOT what we have right now, a Marvel UNI-verse… I am a Fan of all CBM and I want all of them to be good, but WB/DC has NOT lived up to their potential as a GREAT CBM making Co. YET!!! but I really have high hopes that they can and will get there!

  14. I really like that he is a comic book fan. I’m not to worried about him being blked up right now, atleast until i see him in the show. I think he will be a great Flash.

  15. He can’t be too bulked up because all of that running will expend a ton of energy and it’d be difficult for Flash to even put on weight, let alone muscle mass. I wouldn’t be surprised if he looked like a long distance runner.

    I just hope they don’t have the movie and TV universes join up at some point because as much as I like Arrow and I’m excited about seeing The Flash, I still think Todd Lasance would make a much better movie Green Arrow that’s more wise cracking than dark and brooding like Stephen Amell’s version.

    You know, use his goofiness and quick wit to cover up personal tragedy.

  16. I’ve never liked the idea of Flash being really muscular. He’s a speedster, he should be fit, but also kind of lean. Also, I’m a Flash fan and I still didn’t know that Barry could time travel until I read Flashpoint. Him not knowing that specific detail isn’t hard to buy.

    • I think the same thing about his size. I mean, how many runner athlethes are bulked up? I don’t think I’ve seen any.

      • Has nobody here ever watched a sprint race? 100m or 200m? Those guys are hugely muscular! It’s only at 400m on that they get less so, and then at long distance they get skinny. But for straight up, flat-out speed heavy muscle is a big advantage. Using Bolt is the exception there as he is not the typical sprinter build, but even he is carrying some significant muscle.

        • Usain Bolt, I mean. Bloody auto-correct!

        • So by your own logic, a character like Flash, who runs at near-light speed over extreme distances (e.g., around the earth 100 times in a race against Superman at one point), should be very lean. Like others said, Flash burns a megaton of calories (I think someone did a calculation and, as you might expect, it was far beyond anything remotely realistic), it would be impossible for him to eat enough to build a lot of muscle. And I kind of would like to see comics/cartoons/superhero movies stay away from making everyone look like a giant body-builder. Besides, I think Flash derives speed from tapping into the speed-force, not from muscle or his own energy reserves (because as I mentioned, he would have to be eating absolutely ridiculous amounts of food).

  17. As much as I like branching out and establishing a wide DC universe, I still can’t understand the decision to bring the Flash into this show. They’ve already altered so many characters to eliminate “super-powers.”

    • I think they just need a backdoor pilot to get the Flash show greenlit. I kept reading that they had a strict no-superpowers rule on Arrow, but it does sound like they’re breaking that rule. Then again, they might intend to take us up to Flash’s origin perhaps without revealing his powers. I certainly hope they don’t turn his powers into something technology-based. Supposedly Black Canary will actually be unveiled, though it won’t be Laurel…

      • I gave up watching Smallville at some point shortly after Doomsday. I heard he figures out how to fly at the very end, no? And didn’t we know that the potential WAS always there based on Kara? Not sure if other Kryptonians were on the show, but I remember Kara was and she could fly.

    • They used a back-door allowance even on “Smallville” to allow Clark to fly despite their “no tights / no flights” rule. Clark, under the effects red kryptonite, flew on at least one (two? three?) occasions. As long as they show some reactions to such abilities appearing and don’t pretend like the potential was always understood to be there, they should be fine…

      • Oops…”occasions” should be singular…Butterfingers.

  18. No Flash to this guy.
    Another actor for the costume action.

  19. I don’t know how this is going to work on Arrow, due to it being down to earth more Dark Knight with no powers. I just hope they don’t ruin it..

  20. It doesn’t really matter what he looks like, the Arrow team haven’t been following it since the beginning of season 1. Oliver Queen has long blonde hair in the comics and this show portrays him with short brown hair. Looks don’t matter too much as long as they can play the part.

    • When Oliver Queen was first Green Arrow in the very early comics, he had a short buzz cut, I believe, and a green cap with a feather in it. You are thinking of later when he grew a beard, became liberal and a grouch.

  21. I like the idea of him being young, therefore he will grow as a forensic scientist and as the flash. Like the new 52 series he’s not on top of his powers. He’s learning to be the hero

  22. This is going to sound bad. But, he is Gay, right?
    So i was speaking with my best friend that is Gay, and we realize that is going to be weird watching a Gay actor portraying flash when flash is always flirting with girls.
    Dont judge me is only an opinion.

    • Why would it matter? An actor’s job is to portray a character. Steve Amell is not Oliver Queen and Grant Gustin is not Flash, but they play (or will play) them on TV. I don’t care if Gustin is gay or not. Now if they decided to make Flash, gay, that might bug me a bit.

      • If they make the character gay, I am gonna run to New York to their offices at DC and kick whoever is in charge right in the stone-sicles! At super speed!

        • Thats what John (my friend) and I fear.
          They are somethings that should not change.

    • By the way, Colton Haynes, who plays Roy Harper, actually is gay. From what I’ve read, Grant Gustin is not gay, though his character on Glee was.

    • It’s called acting.

      • Yeah I know, I really like how Matt Bommer act in White Collar and is cool how he managed to make you believe he is the #1 woamanizer in NY, but this is Flash one of my childhood heroes, so I feel it weird, but i dont have anything against it.

        • Hopefully, the actor will do his job well enough that you won’t be thinking, ‘This guy is an alright Flash,’ but, ‘Flash is awesome!’

    • No he’s not gay he said it in an interview at least I think that’s what he said he just portrayed a gay character

      • Thanks for the info

    • Wow we still have people like this?

      • What am I saying, of course we do. I’m glad narrow minded people like you aren’t working for Warner Bros.

          • All I have to say is… NPH. They’re actors, their job is to act like a person other than who they are. NPH is excellent in How I Met Your Mother, Colton is great as Roy and was great in his role in Teen Wolf as well. Get over it, gay people can play straight people and straight people can play gay people. In fact, if I was an actor, I think I would see it as an excellent challenge.

            • I know that bro, Im just saying that for us it was going to be weird seeing him like the Flash.
              Well NPH great actor, Heath Ledger and Sean Penn were really good in ther roles as gay people.
              But my point is this: It would be strange for my friend and I to watch Flash and connect him with the caracther in Glee. Thats all.

  23. Ok, besides the fact that he’s not blonde and everything. My main concern is how they’re going to build the series, the 1990 television series was great in my opinion because it reflected how the flash was in the comics, a regular crime fighting super hero not some dark gritty vigilante. which is similar to what they did to Oliver in Arrow season 1, they made him serious and dark when in reality he’s supposed to be a funny guy that cracks a lot of jokes and doesn’t care what happens. Now it’s gotten better because he’s trying different ways and isn’t so intent on killing people, I just hope they don’t do the same to Barry Allen.

  24. Here is what i think they should do with the character. I think so far they have done okay with the character. I agree on him gaining some muscle; however, he shouldn’t be too built. He should be a thin between thick type build, enough to make you believe he is strong and fast. The incident that occured in the lab is proper, although this can fix the hair situation. The lightning and chemicals could be a factor to change his hair color as well as the rest of his physical apperance. I do not think they should go with a costume and title already in the show, let it build up to the point where it does not take too much episodes and time.

  25. Here is what i think they should do with the character. I think so far they have done okay with the character. I agree on him gaining some muscle; however, he shouldn’t be too built. He should be a thin between thick type build, enough to make you believe he is strong and fast. The incident that occured in the lab is proper, although this can fix the hair situation. The lightning and chemicals could be a factor to change his hair color as well as the rest of his physical appearance. I do not think they should go with a costume and title already in the show, let it build up to the point where it does not take too much episodes and time.

  26. I think he is a fine actor. I love what he brinks to the show. He reminds me of Hayden Christensen who played Anakin Sky Walker/Darth Vader. It is great adventure the way it use to happen in my mind when I read my first DC and Marvel Comics. Keep’em comin’! Thanks Scottie ~