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Katie Cassidy and Stephen Amell in Arrow Season 2 Episode 22 Review Arrow: Not Done Fighting

[This is a review of Arrow season 2, episode 22. There will be SPOILERS.]


It is unsurprising that, when the chips are down, and their backs are against the wall, some heroes of Arrow can be wracked with near-crippling self-doubt or a sense of blame for the circumstances they and the people of their beloved city find themselves in. The idea of the doubting hero certainly isn’t relegated strictly to the streets of Starling City and its non-color coded saviors, but the notion is one of the more effective means by which the show manages to ground itself – especially now that it is the springboard for a much larger universe filled with mirakuru-enhanced soldiers, scarlet speedsters (soon), and who knows what else.

As the penultimate episode of what has been an incredibly strong sophomore season, ‘Streets of Fire’ works for the most part as a bit of table-setting, arranging everything just so, in order to have the best possible presentation for next week’s finale. That primarily has to do with Team Arrow procuring the means by which they might actually have a fighting chance to stop Slade Wilson and his mirakuru warriors who are tearing the city apart. In essence, the episode is all about Oliver, Diggle, Felicity, and Laurel working in various ways to track down the cure that had been sent over by S.T.A.R. Labs, and was inevitably hijacked by Slade’s men. As far as plots go, it is somewhat orthodox by search and recovery standards, but it is made much more interesting by the choice of the writers to include a well-crafted (and seemingly final) character moment for Sebastian Blood. It also features a role for Malcolm Merlyn, which not only gave Thea more to do than simply run away from killers, but it also served to better contrast the ideologies and motivations of the men who would destroy a city to get their point across.

The true impact of the Dark Archer’s return will certainly be felt once it is revealed what happened after Thea fired a gun in his general direction, but for the purposes of ‘Streets of Fire,’ his appearance serves as a reminder of the seemingly insurmountable threat the nascent Team Arrow was faced with last season, and how it is both different and the same this time around. For one thing, Slade may be as unstable as Malcolm, but unlike the Dark Archer, who believed his actions would truly bring about a much greater good, Slade’s driven purely by the need to punish one man in the most disproportionate manner possible. Slade’s plan isn’t going to end with the death of just one more person; it is going to end with the death of an entire city.

John Barrowman in Arrow Season 2 Episode 22 Review Arrow: Not Done Fighting

That set-up is then compounded by Amanda Waller’s threat to level Starling City at dawn, should Oliver fail to take down Deathstroke and his army. Despite all this, ‘Streets of Fire’ surprisingly finds time to flesh out its characters by putting them in a place where they doubt the kind of person they are, and challenge the good they do with the culpability they feel for the horrific situation erupting around them. The situation in Starling City brings Sara back into the fold and positions her next to Laurel, who helps her realize her present-day heroism is more important than the bad she may have done in the past. For her part, Felicity does the same for Oliver, helping him come to terms with the fact that the actions of madmen like Malcolm, Ivo, and now Slade may have shaped him, but it’s what he does to oppose them that defines the kind of hero he’s become.

One of the more enjoyable character elements came not from Sebastian Blood’s delivery of the stolen mirakuru cure, but in his belief that, when all was said and done, he would still have a roll in running Starling City. It seems as though Mayor Blood’s term in office was cut short by Isabelle’s blades, but confirmation is now in the hands of next week’s finale, which has been given a tremendous set up by an incredibly satisfying penultimate episode.


Arrow will conclude season 2 next Wednesday with ‘Unthinkable’ @8pm on The CW. Check out a preview below:

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  1. Ok loved this episode. Hated Laurel saying “ITS GETTING HARD TO BREATHE!”..I call Syou were in ther for 5 mins at most. Stop being over dramatic Laurel. And the “The tunnel collapsed!” Oliver should have replied “NO KIDDING! It collapsed on me!”
    Im pretty sure he just told her how to get out just so he could have his Bow back.

    And heres an awesome pic

    Yep Roy has a red arrow mask!

  2. Ok loved this episode. Hated Laurel saying “ITS GETTING HARD TO BREATHE!”..I call Syou were in ther for 5 mins at most. Stop being over dramatic Laurel. And the “The tunnel collapsed!” Oliver should have replied “NO KIDDING! It collapsed on me!”
    Im pretty sure he just told her how to get out just so he could have his Bow back.

    Yep Roy has a red arrow mask next week!

    • Looks like he has a quiver too

      • Good eye. I didnt see the strap going across his chest. Itll be rainin arrows next week!

        • at the :14 mark you see him screaming and shooting his recurve bow as well

      • He has a quiver? Why, is he nervous?

        • … tiny Quiver.

  3. Great set up episode, the battle next week looks insane and looks like we’ll finally get to see the “best choreographed fight in TV history”.

    I don’t see Slade dying next week, I think his arch has to continue. Interesting to see Roy in Red Arrow gear already, so he’s going to wake up, be redeemed, become Red Arrow and go to war in the course of the first 20 minutes or so? I’m hoping he still has some leftover super strength.

    • It’s really Agent Grant Ward in disguise!

  4. I’ll be shocked if they reveal Thea ACTUALLY killed Malcolm. I feel like that could not be what happened. No doubt he’s still alive and helps out in the finale. I too think Slade Wilson will survive this season. He’ll get beaten, but ARGUS will probably capture for the Suicide Squad. Can’t wait for next week.

    • I think the shocked look on Thea’s face after she fired the gun was watching Malcolm dodge the bullets. Although his costume doesn’t look very flexible or nimble.

      • Or she just shot the other guy Malcolm was fighting with.

      • You actually think Merlin would just go out in a rescue to save his daughter without wearing some kind of bullet proof vest? That alone would just put the Ras Al Ghul league of assassins to shame. He’s definitely not dead but Thea will be trained under him and the season 3 opener will have her return to starling city looking for revenge.

    • Pause the clip at 7 seconds… You see The Dark Archer on the far left and Nyssa Al Ghul on the far right of team Arrow.

  5. [SPOILERS] What I found hard to believe was that Blood was able to grab the cure and get it to Oliver. Slade knowing how damaging the cure could be to his cause should have destroyed it on the spot. I would have preferred that Team Arrow recovered the cure first, although I guess Blood had to die for some reason.

    I love the series and enjoyed this episode, but it was flawed. Hoping for an amazing payoff in the finale.

    • Maybe he kept the cure as an insurance against his men. If 2 or more of them turn against him even he may find it difficult to stop them.So i think that’s why he didn’t want to destroy the cure. (On another note, i am sure blood stole the cure by approaching slade from his right side. LOL)

      • I sincerely hope that Blood survives (even though the whole “people never stay dead on Arrow” thing will be brought up). They set him up as such a capable enemy, establish what he did to his mother and father, show him being ruthless… but then, by the end of the season, he was relegated to a pawn of Slade who’s genuinely in it for the greater good (just like Merlyn, btw).

        I did find it funny that he thought he would stay mayor. It would’ve been better if he had survived, I’m not sure that there was much evidence that Mayor Blood was liable in anything. The most suspicious thing he had done was not call the National Guard during the beginning of the crisis. Next season Oliver hates him because he knows he’s evil but still can’t prove it, and won’t kill him because he’s a HERO vs a VIGILANTE (Kind of like the relationship btwn Supes and Lex)

  6. Funniest line fo the night was only avaible to those of us in the Mpls. market.
    The show took place as the CW was scrolling thunderstorm warnings across the top of the screen accompanied by an annoying Bleep, Bleep Bleep sound.

    During the conversation re: whether to inject Roy with the antidote, we heard:
    Arrow: “I think we better find out what the…Bleep, Bleep, Bleep…”

    My son and I lost it as we both thought it sounded like Arrow had dropped a censored “what the f-bomb…”

    • LMAO. Wow. That’s hilarious. I’m so hyped up about the final episode!

  7. Anyone else think it looks like the Arrow gang is in the “beat it” video when they are walking through the tunnel in the preview of the next episode? lol

  8. No. Season finale already next week. I won’t allow it. You know what Arrow? You are done when i say you’re done!

  9. Arrow is crap, the writing is horrendous. It tricks you into thinking that it’s good with action and Comic villain’s but it’s just cheap CW melodramatic crap…


    • hi agent coulson

    • Agent of hydra ^hating right here^

    • what you’ve just said… is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul…

    • Maybe the TV reception is really bad under his bridge and the only channel he gets is CW.

      • @Chris P
        Kudos to you sir. i laughed…. out loud.

    • Evil_Ash is secretly Hawkeye in disguise…!

    • Go home, Agents Of SHIELD writer, you’re drunk.

  10. Another solid episode from Team Arrow. Hands down the best comic book show on TV right now. The action and fight choreography has been done really well and they have definitely stepped it up since last season.

    Now what the heck happened to Solomon Grundy? I was really hoping to see him again by the end of the season. Maybe they are holding onto him for a story arc next season.

  11. ***SPOILER*** Stephen Amell has stated that next weeks episode will have the biggest fight scene in television history. Google “biggest fight scene in television history”

  12. Speaking of 24′s return:

    Amanda Waller’s idiotic need to destroy the entire city reminded me what was wrong with 24 a few years ago. Here’s the pattern:

    The show’s writers don’t know how to construct real drama, so they:

    1) Have character A insist on doing something extreme and illogical that threatens the entire population.

    2) Have character B point out how insane that is, declare that they have a different, logical solution, they just need 5 more minutes to solve it.

    3) Have character A ignore all that and insist on implementing their initial fascist plan of destroying the entire population.

    Purely for the sake of manufactured drama. Poor writing.

    Now Arrow’s following suit.

  13. awesome ep. kinda wish that cw hadnt spoiled merlyns return in the promos. the season finale looks epic

    • That’s why I’m grateful we don’t have promos that show scenes and potential spoilers for upcoming episodes here.

  14. Great episode, Felicity finally proves her worth while Speedy fails completely and (IMO) goes from being one very lovable and respectable character to a complete and utter annoying troll who should just die. As for others, Laurel is finally getting her sh*t together and she’s proving that this show cannot function without her. And The Canary… my, oh, my…

  15. The problem with Coltan Hayes ( Roy )is his face. It’s like a damn statue…and he seems to only emote the same expressions. He was good in Teen Wolf and I thought he would bring a different level to Roy…but it seems that he has carried over his Teen Wolf baggage.

  16. Robin Hood and William Tell to the rescue!
    Sounds like Team Arrow could use some help in a big way…so how about adding someone small: The Atom! There was one mention in Season 1 I believe of Ray Palmer (The Atom). Why not introduce him now like they did Barry Allen/The Flash? Perhaps a spin-off series here just waiting to be created! Plus it introduces another Justice League member!

  17. My predictions for the finale:

    Nyssa returns, but at what price?
    Sara dies, or returns to the League of Shadows.
    Malcolm isn’t dead, and is there for reasons other than his daughter.
    Slade gets cured of the mirakura, and gets his own series (I joke on the last one).
    Slade gets inducted into the Suicide Squad.
    Isabel gets her arse kicked by Sara or Nyssa (maybe both).

  18. Mabe deathstroke cannot be cured, having the mirakuru for a long time.

    • I hope season 2 ends with Slade being locked down in an Argus holding cell, only to hear some annoying blonde girl in the next cell screaming obscenities about breaking out and going back to Gotham…………..

      BEST ENDING!!!……..IMO

  19. Looks like they’re fighting alongside Nyssa Al Ghul and a few others from the League of Shadows.

  20. Great episode this season has been so epic. I think since the city has been destroyed back to back years they are going to rename the town star city to as a way to have a fresh beginning and it lines up with the comics of the green arrow residing in star city.

    • I have not been able to stop thinking that this will happen. He started as “the vigilante” in “starling City” but with time will be “green Arrow” in “star City” i totally agree with you on this and REALLY hope it happens

  21. Oliver: Laurel, can you hear me?
    Laurel: Yes, I’m here.
    O: Is my bow there?
    L: Yes, why?
    O: Can you toss it over?
    L: What?! What about me?
    O: Your sacrifice will not be in vain.
    L: ….WTF Oliver!
    O: Shhh shhh. *sheds a single tear* Laurel, you have not failed this city.

    Kidding aside, wish Kevin would post this review before The Americans.

    I don’t like the roller coaster characterization of some of the female characters on the show and their melodrama/narcissism. Thea: not likable, then alright, now not really likable. Laurel: ok, not likable, get your **** together, now tolerable. Eh, maybe that’s just me.

    Diggle has taken wayyyy too much of a backseat this season, really hate that. Give the man some lines jeez. I feel like they might kill him off maybe after they finally give him a meaningful episode later on.

    Was surprised at how easily Blood walked away with the case of serum. I kept thinking that maybe Deathstroke let him walk away with it as part of some plan, but nope.

  22. Loved the episode..great set ups.
    However…the “you’ve only got till dawn” plot point it unworthy of this series. quite a few of slade’s guys got killed by arrow bombs n stuff. N there are around 50 of them. Is that even close to a big enuf threat to kill half a million people..? that’s stupid…and a little lazy writing.
    But the finale is gonna rock…next season team arrow starts frm ground up..rebuilding. Hopefully we’re gonna see dual battles with slade…past and present..

  23. After Slade kills Moira he mentions one more person has to die . He means starling city right? Because I’m still wondering and in this episode his army is going after every man woman and baby in the city not just the people are close to Oliver.

    • I assume he’s biding his time and seeing who Ollie seems to care most about because even Slade doesn’t know yet which one would devastate him more if they died.

  24. For some reason, this episode didn’t pack the same punch as the previous ones (at least to my perception). Maybe it got bogged down by Laurel’s ridiculous lines at the beginning, her stopping in mid-escape to hug it out with Sarah, Blood’s sudden stealth abilities (I appreciate the joke of his approaching from Slade’s right side, though) and Waller’s apocalyptic overreaction. I just hope it’ll all fall into place next week with a huge pay-off on several fronts.

    On a sidenote: did anyone else notice Merlyn blocking that mirakuru henchman’s punch instead of just avoiding it? Was there supposed to be a particular emphasis on that visual to insinuate that he may possess the same skills/strength, or am I simply reading too much into that scene?

  25. We are so sick & tired of the loud, lousy, annoying background music on all the network shows. Can anything be done about it?

    • I’ve got to agree with you on that one GA. That piano music was awful. The only other thing that kind of bugged me this week was the flashbacks. Usually they are seamless and provide info on what’s upcoming and I’m good with that. While they did do that this week, it kept cutting in to the action at (IMHO) was the worst time. I love the flashbacks to the island, but this week it was grrrrr. :)

      • I liked them and can only assume we’ll see how Slade lost his eye in the finale.

        Make up your own “I used to be a decent guy like you but then I took an arrow to the eye” jokes.

  26. when is roy gonna be red arrow?