‘Arrow’ Season 2 Previews Tease the Debut of Deathstroke the Terminator

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Arrow has fast become one of the best live-action superhero shows in television history (not that there are a whole lot of those), thanks in large part to the raised stakes of season 2. Whereas season 1 saw Oliver Queen face just a few villains – and a primary villain in the form of Malcolm Merlyn – season 2 has introduced so many more: Bronze Tiger, Sebastian Blood, the League of Assassins, Professor Ivo, Clock King, Isabel Rochev, and last but not least, Slade Wilson a.k.a. Deathstroke the Terminator.

But while Slade has been a constant presence as a good guy in the flashback episodes – and there was even a guy who dressed like Deathstroke in season 1 -  we’ve yet to see him don the Deathstroke mask and become the villain we’ve known he (eventually) would. Well, Arrow fans who watched the most recent episode already know that his debut is likely right around the corner, and the promo for next week’s episode teases just that.

Of course, Slade’s appearance in Starling City was not the first we’ve seen of the character in the present-day. We’ve known since the midseason finale that he was pulling Sebastian Blood’s strings and that he was the source of the Mirakuru superhuman serum being tested on people in the city. Now, in the promo above, Slade has taken a meeting with Oliver’s mother – to send Oliver a message? – and The Canary seems to believe that “he’s going to kill Oliver and his entire family.

Deathstroke Debut on Arrow Season 2 Arrow Season 2 Previews Tease the Debut of Deathstroke the Terminator

So, just another Wednesday for Oliver Queen and his ragtag vigilante squad.

It’ll be interesting to see Slade’s power level as compared to Arrow’s. Slade has all the hand-to-hand combat skills that Oliver possesses – if not more – and he’s fueled by a serum that gives him incredible super strength and berzerker rage, so to speak. In fact, his abilities in the show differ quite a bit from the Deathstroke of the comics. Comic book Deathstroke was basically an alternate universe version of Captain America. He had enhanced mental and physical abilities, but he wasn’t as strong as, say, Spider-Man (or even the current retconned Captain America).

The CW also released a producer’s preview of the upcoming episode, which goes into more detail about what we can expect from Slade/Deathstroke. Watch below:

Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim, who speaks throughout the preview, explains what makes this episode so special:

“This episode is the biggest episode we’ve ever done on the show. It makes the season [1] finale look like a student film from the 1980s. Our incredible stunt department went all out.”

That sounds familiar. Could this be the episode that Stephen Amell talked about a few weeks back? An episode that would feature “The biggest fight scene in the history of TV“? Or is that one being saved for the season finale?

Guggenheim goes on to say that we’ll be seeing two iconic flashback moments for the show in next week’s episode:

“This episode [...] features two iconic moments in the life of our series – it’s the first time Oliver Queen puts on the green hood and it’s the first time we see Slade Wilson put on the Deathstroke mask [in the past]. It’s the beginning of the relationship that will define the end of season 2.”

With only seven episodes left in the season, one wonders how they’ll wrap up all the loose ends and story threads from this season (John Diggle’s “H.I.V.E.” arc, the Suicide Squad, Merlyn’s survival, Sebastian Blood, Isabel Rochev, Deathstroke, et cetera). Or maybe they won’t? Maybe they’ll leave some of these for the officially announced season 3? We’ll have to wait and see.

What say you, Screen Ranters? Are you looking forward to seeing Oliver Queen and Slade Wilson go head-to-head in the present for the first time? Are you looking forward to finally seeing Deathstroke in costume? Drop us a line in the comments.


Arrow airs Wednesdays @8pm on The CW.

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  1. The hottest show on TV right now….

    • After reading this article I was VERY excited to see that Arrow is on Netflix!!! I’ll be spending the weekend catching up on this show!!!….

      if the wife lets me lol.

    • Hear ye hear ye fellow screenranters,

      I just went to Netflix and watched the pilot episode of Arrow because of this article and I MUST say, that show is incredible! I am so happy I haven’t been watching because I get to catch up on everything over the weekend lol.

      • You will never regret it! If you thought the pilot was incredible wait until you get to season two (and obviously everything that happens in between). It is just the best show on TV right now.

      • Wait til you reach season 2! Its much better than the first season and it’s not even over yet. You even a get a mid season intro to…nah, I won’t spoil it for you.

    • Sure is, grab the hot-mitts and the TV remote!

  2. Ok, I may ned to start watching this. That looks like Deathstroke.

    • That’s the old suit. His new suit looks a lot like the one he has in the Arkham Origins game and it looks freakin sweet!

    • Not to mention that he’s played by Manu Bennett! MANU FOKKING BENNETT!

      • Manu Bennett’s Slade Wilson reminds me of Zaeed Massani from Mass Effect. Maybe that’s why he’ssuch a Gawddamn badass.

  3. The producers preview got me more excited then the promo haha I love this show favorite on tv right now.
    Can’t wait to see the island flashbacks.
    Love that this season they are tied more closely to the present day stories.
    I know I’m gonna sqeak when manu bennet puts that mask on for the first time. And especially when Oliver hoods up with full bow and arrow next week.

    Great things to come in arrow.

  4. Great! Slade is one of the few reasons I’m still following Arrow (planning a migration to Constantine), so it’s a long awaited moment for me to see him eventually become Deathstroke (officially), something that I’ve speculated ever since the news of Mannu Bennet got promoted to become series regular. I hope he’s gonna kick ass, and the episode does not disappoint (be careful with that promise, dear producers)! :D

    As for the loose ends, considering the show has already been renewed for Season 3… don’t hope too much on seeing them to be wrap up completely (if the first season’s finale is any indication).

  5. Love this series. I really wish they’d kept Oliver as badass as he was in season 1. The whole “I have to be a better person for my dead homie” bit is weak. Liked him much more when he racked up a bad guy body count and wasn’t afraid to take out the garbage. Still, easily one of the best shows on right now and hands down better than the train wreck that Smallville turned into.

  6. Such a great show i seriously can’t wait to see what they have in store for the last couple episodes. If next weeks is indeed the best yet what does that mean for the season finale. one point of contention, and i hate to be this guy, but their is no way on Gods green earth Oliver Queen could stand a chance against Deathstroke one on one in hand to hand combat. Yes i know they’ve strayed from Cannon a little bit but seriously Deathstroke is the best martial artist in all of comics it would seem sort of silly to me if Oliver could take him. My guess is it will take the whole team with a lot of help from a suped up Roy, and it will most likely end with Sara sacrificing herself to save Ollie, mind you that will probably be the season finale. Next week they might tussle a little bit but i’d be shocked if they had a huge fight between Slade and Ollie.

    • He’s good, and he’s one of my favorite characters, but there are better fighters than Slade. Batman, is considered one of the greatest in the DC Universe, and he’s held his own with Deathstroke before. Likewise, Lady Shiva taught Batman, and Batman taught Nightwing (who had the added benefit of being a gymnast.)

      With that said, on his worst day, he probably outclasses 90% of the humans in hand-to-hand combat and arguably at least 70% of the super-powered community. (Though there’s speculation Oliver may be a meta-human.) GA is good, but on his best day, he’d be lucky to get Slade to break a sweat.

      • Whos ga?

        • Use your thinking cap.

          • Wait, you mean Steve Rogers has recently been reimagined as a rocket scientist so he can hang with Stark and Banner?

            • WTF are you talking about? I told the guy to put on his thinking cap. I didn’t say “Put on your thinking, Cap.”

              • LOL this is great haha

          • Too Funny. You’re an ass. But still lmao.

            • @The Fume:
              Relax. It was a joke, though a bad one admittedly.

              May I ask who you’re referring to?

              • I was referring to the hilarious remarks made by The Fume(& co). He was obviously messing with you guys so I called him an ass. But if you start reading at Victor Smith you’ll probably start laughing too. I mean, “who’s ga?” sets it all off. Oh s***, now I’m being an ass.

                Still lmao.

                • i knew it as i sent it…my mistake, apologies

                  • No need to apologize. In fact, everyone here was funny. That’s why I read the comments because sometimes they’re better than the article that was written!

  7. I sincerely hope WB are putting these versions of Deathstroke and the Suicide Squad in the movies they have planned on releasing over the next couple of years. Why the hell wouldn’t they want to milk this ridiculously successful property for all it’s worth? And who could possibly deliver a superior portrayal of Slade than Manu Bennett?

  8. Guys I remember oliver mentioning this to felicity that he had beaten a person injected with mirakuru ( slade obviously ) on the island before! So it might happen he does it mainly on his own again right? This show is turning out to be so amazing and exciting :D

  9. A lot of people have not seen this show yet, not even the pilot, and I must say that those people are missing A LOT! If you have not seen this show don’t waste your time. It is an awesome show and as you can see it is still getting better with each new episode and it will keep getting better, I mean…Season 3!!! Season 2 has not even ended yet and I’m going crazy here.

  10. When I saw the preview last night I got so excited

  11. The arrow Deathstroke is holding in that picture is like 7 feet long.

    • Perspective view makes things look elongated.

      • Yeah, I just think it looks like an awkward picture. That arrow looks massive. Look at how big the feathers are.

  12. It’s going to be a really badass episode! Off topic they just released a headshot off Grant Gustin wearing his Flash costume has anybody seen it! Get on it screenrant :D

  13. Patiently waiting for the upcoming fight between Oly and Slade. Oh man this is gonna be awesome

  14. hoo lee fack…i almost like Slade better in the suit and eyepatch then the mask

  15. Here’s my only concern…all the flashbacks have been building up to this faceoff between Oliver and Slade. Once that’s resolved, where do you go from there? What could possibly top the epicness of Deathstroke? Or maybe they don’t resolve it…in which case how do you continue that story thread without dragging it out too far and making it become stale?

  16. I Don’t Care what Anyone Says.. His partial of slade Wilson/Deathstroke is an A++ in my book. If they add Deathstroke To Bats VS Supes They Need to take Manu Bennett.

  17. This program is fast becoming my favorite TV show. Just when you think the writers can’t top themselves, they go and write an even better episode. The only problem I saw with this past week’s episode was when the plane crashed, the pilot begs Sara Lance to find his daughter. Surprise, surprise the daughter ends up being Sin and she just happens to be living in Starling City. That was a bit too obvious and easy.