‘Arrow’ Digs Up Old Wounds and Compares Scars

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The cast of Arrow in Arrow Season 2 Episode 14 Arrow Digs Up Old Wounds and Compares Scars

[This is a review of Arrow season 2, episode 14. There will be SPOILERS.]


Since Arrow has been back from hiatus, the second half of the season has steered the narrative more towards Oliver’s domestic situation. There’s still been plenty of vigilante action to keep him and the ever-growing Team Arrow busy, but the majority of the dramatic tension is being built-up without the aid of hoods and masks and countless injured (but still living) thugs still foolish enough to thing Starling City would be a great place to engage in some high stakes criminal behavior.

The series has always balanced out its increasingly well-staged action sequences with an often-complicated drama brewing back at stately Queen Manor, revolving primarily around Moira Queen and her rather checkered past with Malcolm Merlyn that goes well beyond the Undertaking. Arrow‘s relied on the knowledge that with a thread like that simmering away on the back-burner, the show can briefly turn the heat up at home and reconfigure some of the character dynamics a little bit before making the final push toward the season finale. And while there’s been plenty of Dynasty-level revelations coming out of Camp Moira this season, leading to Oliver’s semi-strict “no contact with mom” policy, the real family drama has been about a far less privileged, but no less integral clan: the Lances.

The re-introduction of Sara Lance and her super-heroic alter ego has more or less obliterated the relative calm her father and sister managed to achieve after they (like everyone else) erroneously believing she perished when the Queen’s Gambit sank. Unsurprisingly, her apparent death essentially caused her family to crumble, but now, ironically, her miraculous return threatens to become the element that could tear the family apart.

Robert Knepper in Arrow Season 1 Episode 14 Arrow Digs Up Old Wounds and Compares Scars

Set alongside Arrow and Black Canary’s pursuit of the Clock King (played by the always-fantastic Robert Knepper), ‘Time of Death’ works out to be the kind of episode that employs a villain as a means of illustrating the sometimes-strange similarities that can exist between Oliver’s two identities. In this case, the variable happens to be Sara, whose emergence has opened up some very old, very deep wounds with Laurel, while managing to create some potential new ones when it comes to Felicity. The writers wisely make the Clock King an ancillary problem, whose proficiency with computer technology makes him the perfect foil for Felicity, bringing her fear of marginalization to the forefront when he bests her skills by remotely blowing up all the computers at Arrow HQ.

The real focus of the episode is, of course, where everyone fits now that Sara’s back in town and, more importantly, back in the arms of Oliver. There’s a scene early on where Sara, Oliver, and Diggle compare scars, while Felicity looks on from the sidelines, waiting for her chance to mention the three stitches she received after having her impacted wisdom teeth removed. Sara’s response of “you’re cute” didn’t seem to be intentionally slighting, but its impact was apparent. Essentially, the scene served to illustrate how many old wounds these veteran warriors have, and even though their bodies have healed and their skin has scarred over, there are other, deeper wounds inevitably inflicted on those around them, which take much longer to heal, if they ever do.

This affords the episode an effective exchange between Laurel and Sara that seems to offer some kind of tentative resolution to their unsettled issues about Oliver. Katie Cassidy gets two solid scenes in the episode; one with Amell delivering one of his best performances of the series, and another with Caity Lotz at Verdant. Meanwhile, having Felicity earn herself a scar in battle with the Clock King not only proves her mettle, it also insulates her from feeling marginalized in the future, considering it seems like Sara’s making a home for herself in Starling City and on Team Arrow.

‘Time of Death’ wound up being a soapier episode of Arrow than the title would suggest, but it ends with an ominous face-to-face between Slade Wilson and Oliver that hints at the more vigilante-focused arc to come.


Arrow continues next Wednesday with ‘The Promise’ @8pm on The CW. Check out a preview below:

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  1. Liked the episode..as usual….
    and..well……they really went full throttle on the black canary outfit…It really accentuates…uhmm…well..its a great outfit..

  2. FANTASTIC episode as usual! Love this show, and what a way to come back after a break! Didn’t even mind the overly melodramatic CW-y stuff with Laurel.. What an ending. And +1 for the black canary outfit- really brings out the “super” in “superhero”…

  3. Great episode as usual. I agree with Kevin that it was more soapie but it was something this show needed to do before it enters its final run of episodes. Great stuff from Stephen and Katie, that scene was a long time coming. Ms. Lotz is rocking some serious abs and the Canary suit was certainly well designed Anim :). last scene was pretty sweet too if there was ever an Oh Sh** moment i think that would be it. I’m pretty sure not everybody will make it out of this season alive, my money is on Slade killing Sara giving their history it makes the most logical sense.

  4. The author, Kevin Youman, summed up the episode in the last paragraph with this being a “soapier episode than the title would suggest”. This is putting it quite mildly. Obvious fan of the show, like myself, couldn’t put it any other way. But I will. IMO, This episode must have had a guest director, guest writer or lost a bet to someone that had an impact on this episode. This whole season has been on an upward spiral of suspense, excitement and overall awesomeness. And then to have to watch this episode was actually painful. I couldn’t believe how…why they would jump back to a season one type episode. Nothing wrong with season one except that it needs to stay back there. It’s like watching a Smallville season 5 episode and then having to watch season 2 episode again. It would just look silly. And that’s exactly how this episode was to me…silly and very “soapy”. I asked around to see if friends have watched it and the norm is that it SUCKED.

    I watch Arrow every week and I hope whoever lost this bet stop playing with one of my favorite shows!

  5. Did anyone else pick up on the 52 that kept coming up in the episode?
    Lance responded on his radio “Delta charlie 52 responding”… DC 52
    and the address for clock kings trailer was 52 blah blah blah

    I wonder if that was just a fun easter egg for the “New 52″ fanclub or if im just over analyzing

    • No, it’s a thing that Arrow does on occasion. The main news channel that everyone turns the TVs on is Channel 52. Just one of many Easter Eggs they do on the show.

      • I guess it just wasnt very apparent to me until last night hearing it a few times

  6. Yeah that was a great episode, as always, but I thought the Clock King was going to be more… you know… scary, like in the trailers. I did love the Slade scene though… and Sara’s outfit.

  7. this episode was really great. clock king did a FANTASTIC job and most likely be in the suicide squad. black canary breast really were out and i had no issue with it. the dinner with the lances was……very very very good as well the tension made even me uncomfortable. the end i heard a voice and i thought it was walter or a lawyer but to my surprise freaking slade wilson..wow. overall the best part was the preview of next time…which im sure will be the best episode of this season.

  8. Good not great, but that’s probably because they’re saving the “great” for that final sprint.

  9. Why is everyone talking about the Black Canary outfit? It’s the same one shes had since she appeared.

    • I don’t know…maybe they tweaked it..or more likely..it was the camera angles..
      Just…a really good outfit…

  10. This episode really showed us some interesting stuff.

    Why has no one mentioned the 300lb spoiler……KORD INDUSTRIES is in starling city…..could we possibly see ted kord suit up? It would be sweet if they added Blue Beetle.

    Also Slades made a move oliver knows he’s alive I can’t wait till next week.

    • Kord Industries and even Ted Kord himself have already been referenced on the show two or three times before.

  11. Amazing series! The best thing that has happened to the tube in a quite awhile! Just great and keeps getting better with every episode!

  12. The suit was good but the actress playing Canary doesn’t appeal to me at all. Too drab and pasty looking. Not a bad actress mind you but just not very attractive.

  13. Another great ep. Just wish Clock King had more screen time. I think he would make a pretty good villain down the road loved the face off between him and Felicity. And that ending!! I almost lost it when Slade and Oly met. Wow

  14. Ok, Roy was in this one after all . . . Sort of. Where has he been the last couple of episodes after his big moment of being let into the secret clubhouse, etc. His little cameo moment came off as even weirder since noone has said anything about him being gone.

    Part of me wonders if it is intentional. The writing since they came back from the break has been extremely uneven, so part of me expects an episode coming up to have flashbacks to the last couple of weeks to fill in the spots where it feels like there are big holes in the narrative. I hope it’s something like that because I like this show and I want it to be a good show.

    • I totally agree with you. Just when I thought we were gonna see some sort of Red Arrow/Speedy story arc, Black Canary steals the spotlight. And what of Brother Blood? Why isn’t he terrorizing Starling City with the Mirakuru formula?

  15. Luvin’.

  16. I really like Arrow, but I can’t wait for the Flash!

  17. FINALLY! The Lance family melodrama is over. Both sisters finally stop feuding (yay)! I hate the WB aspects of this show, but realize it’s their raison d’etre. The beefcake scene at the beginning of the show is another testament to this.

    Great seeing Canary and Arrow working together as a team (just like in the comic books). Ollie’s line to Laurel (that snaps her out of her doldrums) was priceless. Felicity was adorable as usual. And, the reveal at the end…another reason why I love this show!

    Not feeling the masks on this show for some reason. I prefer the “painted” look for Arrow, and Canary should NOT have a mask (she looks silly with it on).

  18. No bad episode so far. Season 2 is the best. Interesting episode, Clock King is amazing. He strikes me a bit like Mr. Freeze and I do hope he joins the Suicide Squad, his skills are what the team needs.
    Oliver stands up for himself to Laurel has done brilliantly well. I know a lot of you guys hate Laurel, but I’m interested to know what sets her to be forward on this series. Pretty much she went downhill in this season and when Oliver told her off, it made her realize that she needs to move on and get better.
    As for that ending, LOVED IT! That look on Oliver’s face, he knows that he’s screwed when your mentor/friend whom you put an arrow to the eye comes back to your home. We probably won’t get a huge fight between them in the next episode. I’m wondering if the episode, “Deathstroke” is focusing on Slade’s point of view after the island? Look at the episode, “Suicide Squad”, it’s a Diggle episode and the introducing of the Suicide Squad.

  19. This was the cleavage Episode, great TV! Can’t wait for Slade to peel Sarah’s cap. As for Felicity, somebody needs to hit that! Hopefully someone with a lot of tension that needs some good ole fashion stress relief, like someone injected with Mirakuku – Roy, Slade, or Solomon Grundy (Brother Cyrus), Anyone but that lame ass clown from Glee.

  20. Great episode still wish batman could appear in this show!

  21. Arrow keeps getting better and better. Fantastic job out of the writers developing Felicity, Sarah, Clock King, and Oliver in this episode. Writers did a great job of developing Clock King and he was formidable. The action never disappoints and when Oliver was sliding down the stair shooting arrows…just awesome. Great chase scene.
    Its amazing how they actually made me care for once about the Lance family drama. Cant wait until next week. It just keeps you wanting more.

  22. At the end of that episode I went “That’s awesome” – so it must have been good. It doesn’t matter what drama you watch there is always a soap opera element but it is how it is delivered that counts.

  23. I’m seeing a lot of praise for this episode but I’m starting to see it slip away. Hopefully this week redeems it a bit with Deathstroke. Don’t care for the Arrow/Canary duo. Previous episodes didn’t have Arrow so blatantly exposed walking into a situation, he just kind of appeared. The scene where the two of them approached Clock King’s van felt as cheesy as 1966 Batman.