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Katrina Law in Arrow Season 2 Episode 13 Arrow: Vigilante Club

[This is a review of Arrow season 2, episode 13. There will be SPOILERS.]


There’s a moment late in ‘Heir to the Demon’ where Sara Lance has finally come out of hiding and is enjoying a small moment of happiness with her relieved parents, only to come to the realization that Laurel isn’t raising a glass to toast the apparent resurrection of her little sister; instead, she’s just getting toasted. The confrontation between siblings has less to do with thinking Sara had been dead since the Queen’s Gambit sank, and more to do with the reason why she was on the boat in the first place. And yet, there’s something about the whole situation that suggests the stakes are even higher than that. It would certainly be easy to say that any residual anger Laurel might harbor for her younger sister is in relation to Oliver, and, to a certain extent, that’s probably true, but things get positively meta when Laurel looks at Sara and proclaims, “You stole my whole life.”

Being out of the loop is one thing, but since Arrow began, Laurel Lance has been largely kept on the sidelines, dealing only occasionally with the Arrow – often by becoming the target of a villain or targeting him herself– and then, despite being tucked away in the corner with Tommy Merlyn, she enjoyed a brief interlude where it seemed a lingering spark could ignite the flames of passion between her and Oliver once more. The writers apparently realized how tacked-on this development felt and wisely chose to shelve it come the season 2 premiere.

The issue of what to do with Laurel, however, still lingered. It’s a question that has become even more apparent as the second half of the season developed certain plotlines, and the increased importance of Sara – and especially her dual life as a vigilante – were put on display. In a sense – at least from a character development/future plotline standpoint – the notion that Sara “stole” Laurel’s life isn’t too far off base. On the bright side at least, now the marginalization of Laurel’s character begins to feel less like a question mark in the writer’s room and more like a motivation for her to turn against those closest to her.

Stephen Amell in Arrow Season 2 Episode 13 Arrow: Vigilante Club

So it seems that in an effort to make Laurel more relevant to the ongoing storyline, Arrow had to drag Sara back into the present day, but doing that meant the League of Assassins would once more make their presence felt in Starling City. This time, however, the League is represented by Nyssa al Ghul (Katrina Law), daughter of Ra’s and, surprisingly, former lover of Sara Lance.

Nyssa’s main objective is to bring Sara back with her, as apparently the only thing more difficult than trying to cancel a gym membership is leaving the League of Assassins. This leads to several well-paced fight sequences that further demonstrate how dangerous the League is. The action is great, but it doesn’t necessarily give us much insight into Nyssa other than beneath her somewhat cold demeanor, she’s just a big softy when it comes to family reunions.

Despite her releasing Sara from the League, it would be nice for Nyssa to factor into more stories in the future, if for nothing else, than to distract from Moira Queen’s run for mayor, and her sudden relapse into underhanded scheming.


Arrow continues on Wednesday, February 26 with ‘Time of Death’ @8pm on The CW. Check out a preview below:

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  1. In my opinion, this episode brought the series to a new level. I cannot get enough of this show!! It has already come so far since the first six or so episodes. With each episode this show just keeps getting stronger. I was waiting all morning for you to post your review, screenrant. All I can say is that I guess you didn’t enjoy it as much as I did because you barely wrote anything?! Kinda bummed me out at how short and empty this article is; totally the opposite of last nights episode!! :(

    • Yeah, I always feel like their reviews are kinda shallow. But at least they usually provoke some interesting discussion in the comments.

    • In total agreement. Wow…this episode really upped the stakes for all the characters. Loved the exchange between Felicity and Moria Queen. Wonder how that’s going to play out. I guess Felicity has some balls…don’t threaten the hot nerdy chick. Can’t wait to see more of Manu bennets’ Deathstroke. He’s suck a D$$K. LOL.
      It’s cool to see all the Spartacus actors getting roles after that awesome series. Now we also have Cynthia ( Amanda Waller) and (Katrina Law) Nyssa al Ghul in the show.
      It would be a kick to have Manu and cynthia having a scene again ( since they were the doomed lovers in Spartacus)
      All in all…loving this series. The writing is getting better and better.

  2. “On the bright side at least, now the marginalization of Laurel’s character begins to feel less like a question mark in the writer’s room and more like a motivation for her to turn against those closest to her.”

    I feel like this has been going on a lot this season. They’ll take some plot point or character development seemingly nowhere, and I’m like “Ok…where are they going twith that?” and then a few episodes later it’ll come to a head, and you see a little more of the big picture, and then I’m like “Oh wow, that was brilliant!”

  3. The fight choreography in Arrow continues to be impressive. I especially liked when Nyssa jumped backwards on to the table to dodge an arrow and the ensuing fight with her and Oliver was on point.

    2 things that I found a bit weird in this episode though, although I’ll admit I was scrolling through twitter while watching so I might’ve missed some stuff:

    1. After Dinah was kidnapped, they cut straight to Oliver and Sara in pursuit of the van with no real indication of them finding out. Time constraints I guess.

    2. Ollie and Sara at the end about to go at it seemed a bit out of place too.

    • In the original cut Roy was to guard laurel at the hospital, but when nyssa shows up she takes him out and captures Dinah. Roy would have warned sara and ollie

    • The fight between Nyssa and Oly was impressive. We finally got an awesome archer battle something that we haven’t seen since Oly faced off against Merlyn. I also like that Oliver can stand his own ground against the league of assassins. Pretty awesome

  4. Another fantastic episode. More League of Assassins please!

    Didnt see the Nyssa and Sara makeout coming but I sure didnt change the channel.

    • Don’t like the idea that Sara and Nyssa are apparently lovers (is no one but me straight anymore?), but otherwise am liking this show alot.

      • I agree with you.. talk about a forced plot point. I swear writers can’t stop fitting that sh*t in just because it’s the in thing to do to shove that crap down our throats & promote LGBT. Then of course she jumps back on Ollie first chance she got. What a waste of character development on her part.

        • Nyssa and Sara didn’t seemed forced, angst love story, Oliver and Sara very forced, didn’t like that ending. Surprising that I liked the Nyssa & Sara paring since I am very anti-gay.

      • they were lovers and they explained it away as they had been through so much together that they’d fallen for each other. but everyone else on the show so far is straight and you freak when they show one kiss. Whatever. sexually fluid people exist and have done so since pre-christian times and were socially accepted, get over it.

    • LOL…and this is the second time Katrina Law kissed a woman…the first was when Saxa grabbed Mira( Katrina) in Spartacus:Vengeance epsiode 7 and gave her that wet kiss…much to her surprise. Katrina law is badazz…LOVE HER !

  5. Man, The scene when Nyssa first finds Canary. Even though, the article before the show aired had eluded to it, I didnt really take it serious. My jaw dropped!!! Wowzers. :)

  6. 2 very short comments.
    1. The fight and stunt choreography on this show continue to amaze me.
    2. The kiss between Nyssa and Sara. O_O
    That is all.

    • @Beware
      Agreed that kiss was meow =p
      Wonder what Oly was thinking in that moment haha

      • He put his Bow down and his Arrow up … if you catch my drift

        • Bet that made his arrow “quiver”!

      • That’s when “Vladiator’ morphed into “Vibrator”!

        • hehe :) :p

  7. Wow, what an episode. Looks like the Spartacus cast has a home with Arrow and I, for one, am loving it, LOL

  8. I was somewhat underwhelmed by this episode. However, there was some good about it: Nyssa seems to b a pretty awesome, kickass character. And the action sequences are always impressive for a tv show.

    Overall though,script and pacing were poor. The episode was kind of disjointed and some scenes were very rushed feeling. I cannot stand Black canary/Sarah Lance–both the actor and the way she is written are pretty pathetic, IMO. Also the Oliver-Sarah-Laurel love triangle is absurd and morally atrocious. I feel like portions of this show are written for 13 year old girls.

    The show has plenty of interesting characters–the Lance’s, as they are currently portrayed, are not among them.

  9. Is it possible that Laurel could turn into a villain of some sort? She’s in a dark place, harbouring lots of hate toward Sara, has a drug problem, and is basically at her lowest.. I’m not familiar with villains from comic books, but I think it would be nice if she became one (or an off sider to one), and then eventually be taken out.. That would give her a bit more purpose I think

    • I was thinking along the same lines. If only they had given this character another name. The show organically moved away from Laurel Lance becoming black cancary. I would love to see her as a villian.

      • She now has a motive to become one. Maybe this is what could happen.

        • I’m kind of hoping she’ll be roped into the Suicide Squad or get picked up by Amanda Waller, or killed.

  10. I was so happy to see Katrina Law display her amazing skills both soft, vulnerable and hardcore heroic. She does a great job conveying emotions with her eyes and with her body movement in her stunts. Really liked the story behind their relationship. Sarah has taken on survival instincts and Nyssa, to me, loved her like she loved a lost puppy she found. What I mean by that is the writers found a way to create a relationship that was love in the form of someone who was lost and rescued as well as someone who was sheltered and trained to be a killer. I felt it was a true connection and not one forced as way of being up-to-date.

    The hook up at the end with Oliver makes sense in the fact that Sarah just left home, again, after being seriously rejected by her sister, she’s been freed by the league and she just lost a deep (complicated) relationship with Nyssa. And Oliver is really lonely, which you can see in how he interacts with the world. He is struggling to balance his ying and yang so it makes sense for that passionate moment at the end.

    I think we’re seeing the true Moria Queen and I am wondering how Malcom will play back into this, especially with the league and Slade.

  11. I finally ‘get’ the salmon lift thing after seeing Sara doing it.

  12. To be honest, this felt like one of the weaker episodes. The only thing that really stuck out to me was when Oliver found out about Malcolm, his mother, and Thea. That kiss between Nyssa and Sara was unexpected to say the least, but even then, with how shallow that story was and how easily it was thrown away, I don’t really think it contributed anything to the episode aside from promoting a few boners for the viewers. Everything else was kinda meh.

    • The pooch smooch was put in there probably as just a grab-the-viewer-over-the-top-stunt. Not necessary to the overall story, which at least that part was probably built around the kiss, rather than the kiss being the integral part of the story.

      • The kiss is the integral part of the story since it signifies the very reason why she let her go from the league otherwise she would have fought Oliver and Canary to the death.

  13. This episode was good, but all over the place. Some scenes were jumbled or out of order with respect to one another (ie. the van chase and alley fight scene), and some scenes were darn right questionable (ie. the coffee house).

    What was the point of the Laurel/Sara back story? I guess it was to justify her reaction at the end, but it mostly dragged the episode down.

    I hope Laurel gets out of this funk soon, as her storyline is the least bit interesting. I used to complain about Thea in season 1, but compared to Laurel this season, she’s the one who is mature and in control. For shame.

    Katrina Law rocks! Indeed, all the women on this show do (except for Laurel at the moment). With the Sara/League storyline resolved, will she be back? Possibly, if Malcolm is still around.

    Nice scenes between Felicity and Moira. Felicity with some backbone, and Moira showing her true colors. Also liked the bit regarding Felicity’s back story.

    Finally, the scene that precipitated the end fight between Arrow and Nyssa was amusing. First, Sara asks Mom and Dad to go, then they come back for no apparent reason. Then, toward the end, Sara asks Arrow not to kill Nyssa, and the Mom just simply disappears. I bring this up because the show has done a pretty good job ensuring the whereabouts and actions of each character; this was a slip up.

    All in all, a good ep., regardless of the hiccups. Could have been better, and could have easily been a 2 parter (which would have taken care of the problems I found).

  14. Really enjoyed this episode, action scenes were awesome and as mentioned me and my boy did a little “woah” when she went back on the table, a great hour of TV :, roll on next week!

  15. katrina law killed it as nysaa She was hot and amazing. I loved the fight choreography and bring more spartacus cast members lol

  16. I’d rate this episode an 8/10. The absence of Roy is a downside to this episode in my opinion. Hope to see a another confrontation between Moira and Brother (not Alderman) Blood. This time with Moira getting the upper hand by doing something underhanded. I think that’ll make her less vulnerable and let the audience know that she is a force not to be reckon with.

  17. Personally, I believe the episode accomplished what it needed to accomplish. I think the writers will eventually want to transition into Laurel as Black Canary. It is possible and they hint at it when she yelled at her saying that she stole her life. That could be nudge if you will to a future storyline were Sarah and Laurel make up and the former trains Laurel in the ways of the League. Since superpowers are being introduced with the Mirakuru and the accident that will turn Barry to Flash, a moment will come were Laurel could have the Canary Cry dormant ability finally awoken and will take her rightful place as the main continuity Black Canary.

      • Didn’t Katie Cassidy do some minor fight scenes when she played Ruby on Supernatural? Personal preference has me rooting for Caity Lotz.

  18. Katrina Law did some great stunt work in this episode. Other than that, it was nice to get a Starling City flashback. It felt as if the writers were beginning the end for Moira and Laurel (who’s lost all of her redeeming qualities now and devolved into the angry drunk in a bathrobe). Meanwhile, it was pretty cool to see Green Arrow & Black Canary racing through the streets together.

  19. I absolutely love this show but is it really too much to ask that SOMEONE take TWO MINUTES to find out how to pronounce words and places correctly? Is there not a single person they can ask to instruct them on the correct or even a consistent pronunciation of Arabic? They pronounced al-Tayar al-Asfar (which isn’t even correct) differently from the last episode they failed at it in and even Nyssa pronounced it differently BOTH TIMES in this episode. And it would be al-Ta’ir al-Safra’a because all animal nouns are paired with a feminine adjective in Arabic and they didn’t even use the right word for bird. By the way, they call her yellow bird because there is no accurate term for canary in Arabic. Maybe in dialect but not standard. I know it’s not a huge issue for the average viewer but it bothers those of us who notice. Not enough to stop watching though :)

  20. I know Arrow’s creative team chose Nyssa instead of Talia is because Talia died when her truck crashed. Thanks a lot Batman…every girl you slept with ends up dead, at least the 2 big ones anyway.

    Anyway, I found it awesome that both Burn Notice and Arrow uses actor and actress from Spartacus. Not really a fan of the show but I like most of their cast.

  21. Pure gold: “the only thing more difficult than trying to cancel a gym membership is leaving the League of Assassins”.

  22. What I want to know is, what was up with the “sparkles” in Laurel’s eye after she was saved by Sara? Sara had it at the end but then it disappeared. Did she somehow give certain “abilities” to Laurel? There were 2 closeups of the eyes. Maybe I missed something and must re-watch.

    • Snake venom.

    • My years of watching House told me that those glowy-sparkle things in the eyes were indicative of some form of liver damage that causes copper deposits in the irises. I need to get out more.

  23. If they could get rid of laurel, Sara,his mother and his sister then it would be great, can’t stand any of them or their story lines…

  24. While I loved this episode, what a stupid starting scene:

    Only 4 security officers (two unarmed) in an airport in the United States welcoming folks from other countries? This, in a post-9/11 world?

    Have the writers forgotten to take into account the over-handedness of the TSA or did they simply not find a more clever way to get Nyssa into the country?

    Apart from that, it was a brilliant episode. I love the performance of Laurel when she discovers Sara, and the confrontation between Oliver and Moira was epic. Very well performed.

    All in all, I can’t wait to see where this goes now.