‘Arrow’: The Most Dangerous Emotion

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Stephen Amell and Colton Haynes in Arrow Season 2 Episode 12 Arrow: The Most Dangerous Emotion

[This is a review of Arrow season 2, episode 12. There will be SPOILERS.]


Arrow returned from hiatus with ‘Blast Radius,’ an episode largely built for the purpose of generating intrigue surrounding what’s to come. In that case, it was the confrontation between Sebastian Blood and Arrow. In many ways, ‘Tremors’ is the same kind of episode as the mid-season premiere; it’s intent is to set the stage for much larger events. But this time around, the actions seen here have a more immediate and lasting impact on the characters and the expansion of the Arrow storyline. They are, in many ways, the small but significant movements preceding a major seismic event.

Of course, the title ‘Tremors’ also has to do with an arms dealer breaking Bronze Tiger out of prison to steal a prototype of the earthquake machine that nearly leveled the Glades from Malcolm Merlyn’s home. It’s not entirely clear why Bronze Tiger was the man for the job, as it seems like breaking into Merlyn’s house and retrieving the device was so easy it’s a wonder some looter hadn’t absconded with it before, but as flimsy as the excuse is, getting Michael Jai White into some hand-to-hand combat with Arrow makes for a pretty good time. Besides, in keeping with the idea that bigger things are around the corner, the pay off for Bronze Tiger winds up being Amanda Waller (Cynthia Addai Robinson) showing up to recruit him for her special squad.”

The crux of the episode, however, primarily concerns Oliver attempting separate interventions (or at least the first stages of one) with Roy and Laurel – who are both suffering from the influence of very different, but potentially destructive substances. After losing her job with the DA, and then finding out she could be facing disbarment as a result of her substance abuse, Laurel is first taken to an AA meeting by her father, but when that blows up, she finds herself at Verdant, only to face Ollie’s decision that she be sent home in a cab. After stumbling into her apartment, we are left with Laurel facing the blurred visage of her sister Sara.

Stephen Amell in Arrow Season 2 Episode 12 Arrow: The Most Dangerous Emotion

Naturally, with the mirakuru coursing through his veins, Roy has become Oliver’s number one priority, as his increased strength and the volatility that comes along with it make him as big a threat as a prospective asset. There’s a lot of familiar eager protégé tropes thrown around, while Oliver attempts to train Roy’s mind to control the weapon that his body has become by having him hit bowls of water, or practice hitting a wooden dummy, but it results in Roy proving himself in the field after Oliver reveals his identity and implores the angry boy in the red hoodie to do the right thing for the sake of Thea.

Calling forth the name of love to soothe the savage beast may have been a gawky way to solve the problem, but it did kill two birds with one stone, in terms of (temporarily) addressing the anger issues of flashback Slade and present-day Roy. Besides, since Arrow is pulling a Parenthood and making a mayoral candidate out of Moira – which brings about the welcome return of Colin Salmon – it’s easy to afford them some awkwardness with regard to pulling Roy Harper onto Team Arrow.


Arrow continues next week with ‘Heir to the Demon’ @8pm on The CW. Check out a preview below:

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  1. Seriously, why is Laurel lance still included in this show? Other than to make me hate her acting even more. I enjoy this show. It’s not perfect, but I enjoy it. She is the only thing about the show that is bringing it down for me. I hope the preview for the next episode is indication that she dies.

    • Never mind her acting, what the hell happened to her face in Season 2?

      The Roy and Thea storyline is tedious in the extreme BTW. Hanging around in her bar dressed like a $5 hooker.. with the missing link Roy in tow, who’d lose a battle of wits with Captain Caveman..

      • lol I thought im the only one that noticed her weird face…. and that odd mouth of hers! that face is creepy and changed from season 1 but no one around me seems to get it or notice. I rlyyyy hate laurel, she’s so annoying, in the wrong way. Some people are annoying bcz their characters are supposed to be annoying and heelish, but laurel is “i don’t want u on my TV screen” annoying.

  2. ok so this episode was a great one as well. Although no Deathstroke or Blood it was good. It got me to thinking who is going to be in the Suicide Squad? We know Bronze Tiger, but could it also be Deadshot and who else. Some Flash villains are in the squad such as Killer Frost could be interesting to see how that plays. That finale though will be amazing. Picturing it now, Black Canary, Arsanel, and Arrow vs Suicide Squad and Deathstroke. this show somehow takes me to comic book church for an hour every Wednesday.

    • Who could they even introduce for the Squad? They don’t use super powered characters (yet, at least) so who would fit? Harley Quinn would be fantastic, but the writers said they want to Avoid mentioning Gotham so who knows if that will happen. Unknown soldier and captain boomerang (god I hope not)? Who else is there that would fit in the Arrow world?

      • Actually Captain Boomerang is awesome. Australian dude with boomerangs that can be used for close up attack or long range attacks that keep coming back. Just replace his bad outfit with a dark blue jacket and then you got a pretty cool looking villain.

      • dark archer’s still back, and i doubt he’ll stay quiet much longer…and perhaps the recently-sorta-zombified solomon grundy makes a return appearance for the suicide squad? just spit-balling…and don’t forget nyssa al-ghul’s showing up next week as well…does this mean her dad might have something to do with whatever goes down in the finale? ah, arrow! so awesome!

    • Amen. I never would have thought I would be enjoying a CW show this much. I feel like they are doing a great job with Roy. The way they portray his anger feels like Roy Harper to me. I’m not sure how I feel about scenes with Laurel in them. There is still something off about her character.

    • Here’s hoping we get some crossover action between the two shows.

  3. DC/WB have been talking about low budget movies such as Deathstroke or Suicide Squad. It’d be awesome if the Suicide Squad movie was built from this show. Manu Bennett as Deathstroke, Michael Jai White as Bronze Tiger and whoever else they use. If only…

    • A problem with a show centering on villains is who would they fight, the boy scouts? You would need to bring in some heroes, someone who could stand against them, and then it would become the heroes’ show, not the villains. And without heroes it would become like unfinished business…they clobber innocent victims, make schmoes out of law enforcement, and then what? A villain-centered show would not work for Arrow any more than it would work for Spiderman villains, unless I am missing something fundamental and glaring and looming so big I am blinded. The nature of the beast is that super-heroes fight super-villains. If you had Superman or Fl;ash or Green lantern or Iron Man just stopping ordinary bank-robbers and park-bench defilers, it would not garner much interest for long. You need them both.

      • breaking bad did a good job of following a villain

        • No, they did a good job showing the transformation of someone over 5 seasons. Walter wasn’t a villain right away. Hell he wasn’t a villain for the first few seasons.

  4. deadshot,bronze tiger,solomon grundy, arsenal…these are your suicide members.

  5. I actually don’t like the Roy storyline very much.

    How he is training up close during the day with Ollie and not figuring out who he is just ridiculous.

    Next week looks better with the arrival of Nyssa.

    I think I liked Arrow better when he had a purpose (the names in the book), now it seems he is just meandering along each episode until something comes up.

    • Yeah, he’s too reactive these days. It was sort of a healthy balance before.

      On an unrelated note, I hope they have a GL and GA team-up in the future. How they should start off the episode:

      My name is Oliver Queen…*cutoff*
      Hal: Who the hell’s Oliver Queen?
      Me: *dying from laughter*

  6. I love this show, but think the showrunners made a serious misstep by having Moira run for mayor. She will obviously win after Blood’s true colors are revealed (and because things always seem to turn out well for Moira, even when on trial with irrefutable evidence), but this just makes little sense. She wrecked half of the city–there is no way that anyone would vote for her (and comparing her to Bill Clinton as they did in the show was not particularly convincing). The one way this could turn out interesting is if she wins and is forced to become a puppet for Malcolm Merlin (a la Season 1)

  7. Liking this Arrow show much more than I thought I would when I first heard it proposed. If that is eating crow, I am enjoying gratefully the fine cuisine!

  8. Actually katie cassidy is pretty without make up, so they just need to remove her make up and that will be okay. Fun fact: her father is david cassidy who played mirror master in an episode of the flash

  9. People are really hating on Laurel. I thought her characyer has gotten alot better actually. Coffe and Olives? Terrible combination. I do hate all the dumb rehab stuff tho.

  10. I’m not sure who is more annoying Roy or Laurel. Roy always has a dumb clueless look on his face and Laurel well she went from strong character in the first season to a pitiful one in the second season.

    • maybe because they’re both terrible actors

    • Yeah I’m starting to get this cringeing prequel Anakin vibe from Roy with all the anger.

  11. I think Moira running for mayor is a big mistake. Slade said he’d go after everyone close to Oliver and now she’s putting herself out in the open. I can see him killing her (he’s pretty handy with a sniper rifle) before the end of the season.

  12. How can you not like the Roy Harper storyline? I’ve been waiting so long for arrow to start training him to become red arrow. I don’t think they’ll kill laurel I think she’ll start working with her sister and that will get her out of her bad ways and she’ll take over as black canary when her sister gets killed IMO. Anybody else think she looked better with more weight on her like in season 1? Death squad coming together is awesome, the slade/deathstroke story line is awesome. Love the show just wish they would of expanded on flash instead of just saving him for his own show. Can’t wait for rest of season

    • If the show runners can get the Huntress back, between her and the Lance sisters I see Birds of Prey forming. That way Canary can be off doing her (their?) own thing when they’re not dealing with Arrow.

    • @TA:

      The Roy Harper story line feels forced. It should be more organic. They keep playing him as a dunce, whereas they should show him being more street smart (like before).


      It would be cool if they spin-off a new “Birds of Prey” show. With Nikita ending this season, an all-woman action series would be good.

  13. Laurel was better when she was there for Oliver when he needed her. This season she is the one in need and she is super needy.

  14. I feel like such a tool, but I just figured something out. Mirakuru makes people stronger, heals them fast and makes them all rage-y. A bit like the Lazarus Pits from the comics, no? It took me a few episodes, but I got there!