‘Arrow': Justice Not So Easily Served

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Katie Cassidy in Arrow season 2 episode 11 Arrow: Justice Not So Easily Served

[This is a review of Arrow season 2, episode 11. There will be SPOILERS.]

People aren’t necessarily who you think they are. At least that’s the lesson Oliver and the citizens of Starling City have had to learn time and time again, especially since the arrival of the vigilante (who would really appreciate it if you started calling him the Arrow, by the way). The sense of duality, people living secret lives, and generally hiding behind masks – or hoods, as the case may be – has been a consistent theme in the world of Arrow, and considering the  elements mentioned above are familiar staples of the superhero genre, it’s no surprise that the series keeps going back to that very deep well.

For its part, ‘Blind Spot’ is the logical continuation of last week’s ‘Blast Radius,’ an episode that devoted the majority of its runtime to setting up Oliver’s eventual confrontation with the man in the skull mask. And surprisingly, though Arrow has been devoting most of his vigilante time to tracking down the man responsible for injecting people (including Roy) with Mirakuru, it turns out someone else is after the same man, just from a completely different angle. In a move that helps push an underserved character to the forefront, ‘Blind Spot’ filters most of its story through the personal demons and addictions haunting Laurel, which, unsurprisingly, also serve to completely discredit her when she starts pointing an accusatory finger at Starling City’s new favorite son, Sebastian Blood.

Although Laurel’s fall from her perch in the Starling City DA’s office takes center stage, much of the episode generates a familiar throughline, and applying a simple twist of perspective. By combining the early problems with Roy’s newfound abilities and Laurel’s addiction to painkillers (in addition to her DUI troubles from earlier in the season) undermining her discovery about Blood – even though her instincts about him are spot on and, as Felicity states, “His last name is Blood. That can’t be a good sign” – the characters are offered a chance to experience things through a filter that was previously unique to Oliver’s experience.

Stephen Amell in Arrow Season 2 Episode 11 Arrow: Justice Not So Easily Served

When the vigilante was just The Vigilante and his method of operation was perforating people with arrows, he had almost no credibility, and, it seemed, didn’t care about policing his own abilities too much. Despite intending to serve the people, Oliver’s myopic thinking with regard to the list made it difficult to see him as anything other than a slight derivation on the criminals he was putting down. The theme of a misjudgment in someone’s character mostly works here, as it gets bounced back onto Laurel, and, to a lesser degree, Roy, but only because Sin and Oliver know what’s really going on with him.

The secondary intention of ‘Blind Spot’ is to show how Laurel continues to be a fixture in Oliver’s life, and his tendency to follow her instincts and trust her judgment could be a problem for both of them moving forward. While it’s great to see the series giving Katie Cassidy a little more screen time, it still feels like the writers aren’t sure where she fits in the ever-expanding Arrowverse. Thankfully, things are left unresolved all around; Roy’s tutelage is set to begin, while Sebastian Blood escapes Arrow’s wrath by sacrificing his mole inside the SCPD, meaning there’ll be another chance for everyone to redeem themselves.


Arrow continues next Wednesday with ‘Tremors’ @8pm on The CW. Check out a preview below:

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  1. good episode, is it just me or does Katie Cassidy look like she got plastic surgery here face looks elongated.

    more Slade more Slade!

    • I noticed that too about Katie Cassidy but it seems as though she maybe taking those liquid diet drinks or just working herself too hard at the gym. Either way she doesn’t look good. Last season she looked 10 years younger than she does now.

    • I have thought that all season long. Her face transformation reminds me of jessica alba’s from fantastic 4 number one to number two. Seems plasticky.

      P.s. Deathstroke looked mighty formidable with his arsenal.

    • I think she looks like crap because of that drug problem she’s been having in the show, even her dad says she looks like hell

      • Im with you on this. I think she actually lost some weight (what little she even has) to thin out her face some and look more drugged out

    • It looks like her nose might have changed a little since her Supernatural days and, possibly, her chest. I’ve read she’s keen on making changes to her makeup and hair color to change her overall look too. Her tones on Arrow are definitely different than past work. Either way, she’s a nice looking woman. It’s a shame the writing hasn’t been there for her this season. Seems like the emphasis is on Canary and not Dinah/Laurel, which isn’t bad since Sarah at least has the training to propel an Arrow/Canary relationship further ahead than they’d be by making Laurel go through all of the prep work a la Roy.

  2. Excellent episode. Excited for next weeks show. Could Roy possibly turn in to the Red Arrow or is he going to be Speedy? Who knows. What other villians are going to pop up on the show. Any one else know where this show is going to be heading? Can’t wait to see the finale of Deathstroke against Arrow

    • @JoeFo did you notice when was demonstrating his strength to Sin. He was looking at his hand could it be a subtle hint he could loose his arm & become Arsenal instead! Maybe I’m reading too much into it. Anyway it was a great episode…last few seconds with Deathstroke can’t wait to see him & Ollie go head to head .

      • Slade cuts off his arm in season 2 finale but Roy saves ollie 😉

        Season 3 will hopefully include Arsenal, I think he fits better in this universe than Red Arrow

    • With the Arrow using a red arrow as Roy’s calling sign and Roy’s constantly wearing a red hoodie (and even driving a red car in one episode), I’d say Red Arrow is a safe bet.

  3. I wouldn’t mind if Laurel was one of the major characters killed off. How awesome was Deathstroke’s appearance though.

    • I was gonna say the same thing. With her arc finally resolving and with how much the universe has expanded, she’s become pretty useless, even more so now that she’s lost her job.

      • Several episodes ago, I thought it would work if they sacrificed Laurel but let Sarah assume her identity, all the while continuing her Black Canary alias. The Laurel character just hasn’t been given a chance to be more than a plot device, unfortunately.

  4. Why is there not a picture of Slade in the Deathstroke costume included in this article?

    • They haven’t even mentioned Deathstroke, which I found a bit odd.

      • I thought it was a little odd too. IMO, it was the best scene of the episode. First true appearance of Deathstroke on the show, and not a single comment about it?

        • They probably didn’t want to spoil the two-toned Casey Jones approach they took with the mask instead of having keept the version we were introduced to in S1.

  5. what an awesome ep. My jaw literally dropped for a good minute when Deahtstoke appeared at the end. I was geeking out. Holy crap that costume is so bad ass

  6. Didn`t you see????? The woman in the high heels???? It`s AMANDA WALLER! She`s walking towards Bronze Tiger in his cell, which means it`s probably about creating the SUICIDE SQUAD!!!!!!!!

    • I thought the same thing too! I’m so excited to see where this show is headed!!

  7. Are we just completely glossing over what was far and away the best part of last night’s episode? When Slade donned his new full-on Deathstroke getup for the first time and proceeded to fill the screen with ridiculous badassery, I involuntarily stood up and cheered…it was insanely awesome! for a show that’s already one of the most consistently entertaining shows on tv, manu bennett’s slade wilson has really made his mark as arguably its most intriguing character

    • Fans of the series often comment on wanting to see Amell make the leap to the big screen for a JLA team-up. I’d be just as supportive to see Manu Bennett take to the big screen for a movie of his own.

      • I agree with you on this Jason – Manu Bennett could very well hold his own as Deathstroke on the big screen – i’m not entirely sure though if he could headline a movie (maybe a lower budget thing not a summer blockbuster)

        What I would not mind seeing though is a Ben Affleck directed Batman solo film that has Manus’ Deathstroke appear and take on Afflecks Batman – but i doubt that’ll happen

        • If WB/DC went small — think Blade as opposed to Iron Man — I could see him getting the chance on film. Even if they tried another method, like having him reprise the role on a series like Gotham, it would give him more exposure. We might never see an Arrow/Gotham crossover, but having the same actors portraying rogues on both series could be feasible.

          • The blade rather than Iron Man approach could work

            I wouldn’t mind seeing the batman rogues that Arrow has used turning up in the Gotham show a little bit – but personnallly I would like to Gotham deal more with the origins of Batman villains who don’t get much limelight (such as the likes of Black Mask, Mad Hatter) rather than rehashing villains that have been used by Arrow
            The issue though could be the time frame though given that Gotham will be having a young Bruce Wayne turn up from time to time I would rather GA and bats be closer in age in case they share the screen (big or small) at any point

  8. Maybe I’m being selfish but who cares, Deathstroke in full costume needs to continue in Season 3, just don’t let it end after this season. It was too badass.

  9. Looked at that, the speed of Deathstroke killing those men at the end, it’s BADASS. Loved the new design of Deathstroke, inspiration from Batman: Arkham Origin which I love that design as well.

    It’s cool that now we see Oliver gets to train Roy, so he can maintain/adjust his ability. I think we’ll not see Roy gear up yet as Red Arrow/Arsenal in this season, possibly the finale something big happens and Roy decided to help Arrow.

  10. Thought this was a really good episode – this show seems to consistently hit a pretty high level week in, week out particularly this season
    Slade in Deathstroke getup was so so Good – costume was awesome
    liked what they are now doing with Roy, have been on the fence when it comes to his character mostly
    Thought it was one of Thea’s’ better episodes in while

  11. This show just keeps getting better and better

    Seriously though, wouldnt you think Oliver would have told Roy to put some sort of red oil based paint across his eyes to conceal his identity rather than just walking around in a hoodie and letting his hair feather out of the top?

  12. The ArrowWriters Twitter hashtag about last night’s ep was funny:


  13. I’m in the camp thinking Roy will become Arsenal as well. Best bet would be Roy losing his arm via Deathstroke (who looked badass), as I imagine it would take someone else with Mirakuru to take his arm off.

    • Solomon Grundy perhaps?!Maybe Sebastian Blood? He could be making his exit this season becoming his comic book counterpart I do recall The H.I.V.E. being name dropped this earlier this season.

    • From “Man of Steel” correct? Hell yes. I would honestly get goosebumps at how awesome of a scene that would be. I would actually have my DVR already set for the next week episode or be jittering waiting for the next season premiere thats for damn sure

    • I don’t know. It sounds pretty cool. I just doubt they’ll bring the two universes together. That finale, maybe as a cliffhanger or something would be pretty cool though.

      • That was my point in the second paragraph. They don’t have to bring the two universes together but doesn’t mean they cannot branch off of it into something of their own, an alternate universe playing off the events in the movie. They can still keep movie and tv verses separate. Green Arrow doesn’t even join the Justice League til much later and in terms of DC movies, that’ll be a long ways away. So they can flesh it out plenty if they do ever do want to merge universes.

  14. I think giving roy super strength is a cool way of advancing his training without spending five years like oliver. At this rate roy should be by arrow side by the start of next season.

  15. Seriously can Manu Bennett please be on every TV show from now till the end of time. perfect casting for Slade. The episode was good, totally predictable, but good. I like Laurel’s arc right now it’s a good start towards her journey to becoming the real BC. I do agree with other posters though Katie does not look good, she looks anorexic which I hope isn’t the case. Good stuff from Colton last night and I’m very excited to see him becoming the Red Arrow. Although a super powered Red Arrow is wrong on so many levels i hope they find away to get him back to normal.

  16. I am liking this show alot. Would like to see them launch Ray Palmer/The Atom out of this show as well as the Flash, who has now been introduced and will spin off. Maybe they could bring in Hourman to fend off the super-strength baddies??

    • I’d love to see Ray Palmer or Ted Kord make an appearance, unless they treat them the way Huntress was treated.

  17. Green Arrow throws a RED arrow to announce his arrival to Roy, Roy is wearing a Red hoodie, when Green Arrow tells him he can train him the camera deliberately focuses on Roy’s face and shifts to the left revealing a bright Red light in the background.I think the Kid will be the Red Arrow

    • Or it could be, since Arsenal wore all red and was the same person, that the Kid will be Arsenal.

  18. Yes!, or Arsenal!

  19. I know that this show is trying to be really good but it’s not. It is ridden with cliches and the majority of the acting sucks. Seriously, Sara’s reaction to Slade going missing is literally talking. No emotions, no actual expression, just talking. Like a robot. Also, Stephen Amell is really killing the character of Oliver Queen. He’s all serious and batmanish in the TV series, and is never any fun to be around, but in the comics he is a sarcastic ‘wide guy’ who has a dark side. Basically what i’m saying here is that Stephen Amell can’t act for *insert word here*, and the characters in Arrow are just being destroyed by their actors. Plus, Felicity Smoke is incredibly annoying.

    • I believe you are very alone in your opinion.