‘Arrow’ Season 2 Will Introduce Important DC Characters & Two Major Villains

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Green Arrow and Green Lantern Arrow Season 2 Will Introduce Important DC Characters & Two Major Villains

Season 1 of The CW’s superhero crime-fighting show Arrow was a mixed bag of bad parenting, green eyeshadow and shirtless workouts with Stephen Amell, but the show has overall been a ratings smash for the network and definitely seemed to hit its stride in terms of storytelling by midseason – concluding with a pretty shocking finale earlier this month.

Ever since the show was renewed for season 2, fans have been speculating as to which characters from the comic books might be the next to make an appearance in the show, whether to provide further back-up for Team Arrow or to become the next predator stalking the streets of Starling City and inviting Oliver Queen into battle.

Speaking in an interview with MTV, Arrow actor Colton Haynes responded to questions as to how much he knew about the season 2 story arc, and which new characters fans of the show can expect to see:

“A few of the most important DC characters are going to be coming to Arrow. And quite possibly working in a team together.”

Executive producer Mark Guggenheim also teased a couple of new arrivals for season 2, but these ones definitely won’t be working on the same team as Oliver. On the contrary, Guggenheim promises two major villains from the comic book series:

“We made no secret of the fact that we subscribe to the Whedonesque model of having a big bad, and in Season 2, we’ll actually have two big bads. They’ll both be very recognizable names to fans of the comic book. We’re really excited about both of them.”

Stephen Arnell Green Arrow Smallville Arrow Season 2 Will Introduce Important DC Characters & Two Major Villains

Since Arrow is already established as a superhero crime procedural show that takes place in the version of reality as we know it, introducing fantasy or hard sci-fi elements like magic or aliens would probably feel out of place with the tone of the series, so it’s likely that characters will be limited to those whose powers don’t have a supernatural or sci-fi origin, or will have certain powers and origins rewritten in order to make them a little more down-to-earth. Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment more or less have access to the full roster of intellectual properties within the DC shared universe, but the producers of Arrow are limited by the current movie franchises as to which characters they can feature in the show.

To recap, the show has already featured the Huntress, Helena Bertellini, and currently stars Haynes as Roy Harper AKA Red Arrow, who may end up being the next to join Oliver’s small support team. That team currently consists of his bodyguard, John Diggle, and tech expert Felicity Smoak, and he also receives intermittent help (though she is not aware of exactly who she is helping) from legal aid attorney Laurel Lance, who may potentially take on the identity of Black Canary in future seasons. After all, Laurel has already demonstrated an ability to hold her own in a fight, as well as a passion for helping those in need as well as bringing criminals to justice, and her slowly growing sympathy for “The Hood” may eventually push her to embark on a vigilante career of her own.

Talk of “the most important DC characters” will inevitably cause a lot of people’s minds to turn to Batman, Superman and other members of the Justice League. Though Guggenheim has expressed enthusiasm for the idea of Batman showing up in Arrow, this is slightly complicated by the number of similarities between the two characters; they’re both billionaires with secret vigilante identities who use hard training and clever gadgetry to catch criminals, and have sidekicks to help them out. This could, of course, be used as an interesting avenue through which to explore their individual brands of vigilantism, but after the staggering success of the Dark Knight trilogy and two major Batman video games, it’s uncertain whether audiences are ready for yet another incarnation of Batman, or whether they need a break from Batman saturation.

Stephen Amell and John Barrowman in Arrow Arrow Season 2 Will Introduce Important DC Characters & Two Major Villains

Superman is more or less out of the running, mainly because he’s currently being used for Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel reboot, but also because we’ve already had ten years of Smallville in which to thoroughly explore Superman’s origins on TV. Guggenheim has previously made some very non-committal comments about Green Lantern possibly making an appearance, so that’s another potential candidate to join Oliver Queen’s list of allies.

In terms of villains, Deathstroke and Edward Fyers dominated the flashbacks of season 1, and Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) played the role of the season’s big bad. Seth Gabel made a brief and very hammy appearance as a drug-dealing version of Count Vertigo, Constantine Drakon came and went extremely quickly in the pilot episode, and Deadshot also made recurring appearances. Daniel Brickwell is one likely choice for a season 2 villain, as is Oliver Queen’s obsessive homicidal stalker Carrie Cutter.

Have you got any theories as to which important allies and villains will show up to flesh out the season 2 cast of Arrow? Share your thoughts in the comments, listen to the latest Screen Rant Underground podcast to hear what we thought about the first season, or read our review of the finale.


Arrow will return for season 2 sometime in the fall of 2013 on The CW.

Source: MTV & TV Guide

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  1. the show needs more deathstroke and more of the island scenes.

    • Agree. I love those flashbacks and wish they would focus more on the relationships he has on the island with the two of them. Such an intriguing relationship to know who Deathstroke will become eventually.

      • agree, I think the show is at its absolute best during the island scenes – I hope they show more

        • in he shows timeline h hasnt been on the isand a year ye, so if he show lasts 5 seasons the island tuff will be eatured always. so much happened it will take as long as the show lasts to explore all f tat. i hope they do a couple of mostly islan-centric episodes in s2.

    • Here is an idea…. HOW ABOUT CALLING HIM GREEN ARROW!!!!!! Can we ? I dunno? START with that? just have some kids spray paint a mural of him as “protector of the city” Enough with this “vigilante” and “hood” nonsence !!! WTF already!!!!

      • Agreed

      • Be patient. They will. Even Oliver says he tired of being called the Vigilante.

  2. The most logical choice, since Oliver has actually been there, and it’s been mentioned several times….Bludhaven.

    Meaning that Nightwing will most likely be making an appearance this fall.

    • Good call!!!

    • coast city has been mentioned, so will we get GL too? also, keystone city has been mentioned, could you see flash appearing? lol, seriously though, they as references just for comic fans. this show is FAR too grounded to have any powered people. they even said it themselves that there would be no powers.

      • Well, that ‘was’ a Farris Air plane that they were going to shoot down in the final episode…so an appearance for Green Lantern technically was set up.

        • not really… maybe ferris herself but it doesnt mean GL will appear.

        • That’s true…Ferris Air directly relates to Green Lantern. And Central City–isn’t that a Flash city? I can think of no one much more important to DC than Green Lantern and Flash, two of my favorites, incidently. However, Arrow kind of takes place in a different reality than the super-powered larger DC one, so I doubt they will appear (unless just as Hal Jordan and Barry Allen). Should be interesting, tho, no matter how it turns out. This has been one of the few recent TV shows I have really enjoyed watching.

    • @ Nic

      I thought the same thing, but I don’t thing it will be Nightwing. I think that would take to much away from the Arrow (Green Arrow) character and focus to much on Batman, and what he’s up to in this universe. If Nightwing exists in this universe, then Batman does too. I’m not sure I like that.

      DC is chalk full of cool characters that they could bring into this show. I want to see them explore some of them before going to the old stand-by’s.

      • I agree to an extent Stark.

        But Nightwing has never had his own show, and is a fairly popular character in comics. Just because he is related to Batman, does not mean that Batman needs to show up.

        Plus, I think CW would use an appearance by Nightwing to judge a response to creating a spinoff of his own. Which I would watch.

        • @ Nic

          I agree with you there, I’d like to see Nightwing have his own show, and maybe do crossovers with Arrow.
          I just want Arrow to be the star of Arrow, ya know?

          Nightwing is pretty big, and could take away from Arrow, if you know what I mean.

          Good points though.

          • Huntress is a member of the Bat-family so Nightwing isn’t really that far of a leap…

            • The Helena Wayne version is but not the Helena Bertinelli version, which the show uses.

              • I haven’t read anything New 52, but Helena Bertinelli was Huntress pre-Flashpoint.

                • And since it didn’t get added on to my previous post… Helena Bertinelli was for a time Batgirl and also a long time member of Birds of Prey… thus making her part of the Bat Family.

    • I agree with you on that. I thought they could have at least tossed his name around in that episode. Like, “Doesn’t Nightwing protect that city? You think we might want to let him know we’re coming?”

      The producers really need to start at least calling him Arrow or Green Arrow, this “hood” thing is getting pretty annoying.

      Also the producers have stated that this show is going to be grounded in the same reality as Nolan’s Dark Knight, which means no “fantastical” or “super powers” are going to be in the show. If Green Lantern makes an appearance it will be as Hal Jordan sans ring.

    • i think nightwing will get introduced first, maybe along with some of the other robins, and that could potentially lead into them introducing batman, which best be done the way william bell was introduced on fringe

  3. Saw that statement about the Whedon model from Guggenheim on another site, with the additional information that they consider season one’s Big Bad as having been essentially two Big Bads in one (presumably the shady businessman puppeteer Malcolm and the physically intimidating “Dark Archer”), but that next year they’ll have them separately. He also said that while S1’s flashback question was “What happened to Oliver on the island”, S2’s is “What happened to Slade on the island”, so I’d wager the Dark Archer-esque physical threat will be Deathstroke. Considering we only got an extremely vague glimpse of her leg in one shot in the penultimate episode, I think Fyer’s boss will probably end up being the other major threat this season, and I’m wondering if it might not be Talia al Ghul? I’m admittedly not extremely well-versed in DC lore, but I’m pretty sure the League of Assassins are occasionally a Green Arrow enemy as well as Batman, and she’s the only DC terrorist-esque villainess I can think of that could seek to crash China’s economy or whatever the plot was for shooting that jet out of the sky.

  4. I do kind of hope it is Green Lantern. I hated the movie (I even walked out of the movie theater before I seen the bad guy) but I think a new and fresh incarnation of the Green Lantern would be a bonus to us true Green Lantern fans. Nigthwing would be cool too and maybe lead up to a spin off TV show.

  5. I wouldn’t be shock if the two bigs were shado and slade who made their way to the present

  6. nightwing all the way, and bring slade to starling city to cause some problems for olliw

  7. Laurel holds her own in a fight? I thought she was utterly a klutz. I’m hoping one of the baddies (besides Slade) will be the Cult leader from Batman, who will gather the homeless from the Glades.

    • well we might not see that because as far as we currently know, Slade’s being portrayed as an ally to Oliver while billy (fake deathstroke) has the villain role. so unless he pulls a huntress move, Slade will remain good

      • Yet we haven’t seen all the island flashbacks yet, they could be doing a similar thing to what happened with Lex in Smallville and have Slade slowly change into Deathstroke around the season 4 or 5 mark.

  8. Cant wait to see who the villains are gonna be

  9. I don’t get how they are keeping this all in, “reality” so characters with a magical or Sci-Fi background are out but then Green Lantern is a possibility? The two contradict on another.

    The only way to make Green Lantern work within those limitations would be to strip him of his powers….I for one do not want to see what they come up with if this is what they are going to do.

    • Easy fix with abit of TV magic. The Green Lantern Rings are alien Tech, make it Sci-fi

      • But that’s the point. GL’s ring IS alien tech already and that’s no somewhere the show wants to go. They want to keep it all very real and in the here and now, something you can’t do while introducing a guy wielding a green power ring.

  10. Watched a couple of early episodes of arrow but was extremely dissapointed, one at how Oliver queen came of as a poor mans batman/bruce wayne but also at just how unfocused it seemed.

    Apparently it gets a lot better but I’m still pretty skeptical, should I try and pick it up again?

    • well if youre skeptical how can opinions that are already said change you? because you already know what people are going to say, they are going to tell you to watch it

      • Perhaps I’m interested in hearing why I should return along with a reassurance against my aforementioned fears.

        • It starts off as a case of the week show. Eventually serialized elements came into play and thats when it became more focused. I would say stick with it. The first few episodes definitely have their ups and downs but it smooths out.

    • Arrow probably lost a few viewers for the same reason you quit watching. I was glad I stuck around! The first few episodes have some clunky writing and acting and I wondered whether or not it was just going to be the ole’ “You have failed this city” and the bad guy of the week. But then they started changing it up, making it more complicated and had some character development. By Vendetta and Years’ End I was sold I liked it a lot, and the 2nd half of the season just got better and better.

    • Nah, don’t bother it’s still the same as the first couple of eps, overly brooding and whatnot. The only glaring differences is the obvious killing, which is contradictory to Green Arrow’s comic counterpart and pretty much evident they did this intentionally to separate Arrow from Batman as Batman does not kill. Other than that he’s too much like, as you put it a poor man’s Bruce Wayne with not as nearly as a compelling background to be honest. He’s a pretty much a one-dimensional character. Deathstroke is so far the only redeeming quality of show and worth watching for those scene alone as they are the only with depth.

      • Read “The Longbow Hunters” which is where they obviously pull a lot of Green Arrow lore from for the show. Ollie didn’t have the qualms against killing as he did in other iterations. I mean… they guy shoots arrows at people. Someone is bound to get hurt or killed…

    • I have to say I started watching this and thinking it was just going to get worse, but it has slowly gotten as the cast and storyline grows around OQ.

      The actors took their time to settle into the roles and we had to get the origin story out of the way first, but then it does pick up, especially from about halfway thru the season when you’re not just having baddies of the week, but the real arc emerges.

      It’s not the best thing on TV, but I’ve grown to like it more and more. I finished the season yesterday and found it pretty enjoyable.

      I like how on Arrow they’ve gone with the Big Bad over the Big Mystery, which, since Lost, too many shows have done. Often when they have as much sense in their reveal as Lost did (that would be little-to-none).

      I’m hoping Arrow really kicks on next season and we get a good long story arc right from the get go.

      I’m hoping there’s no Batman, Superman, Green Latern or even Nightwing waiting for us, as any of those will break the ‘realism’ of the show for me.

      • There needs to be a “like” button, cuz I liked your comment.

  11. They mentioned Bludhaven… Come on Nightwing…. Hell Gotham is within spitting distance of Bludhaven so Bring the BAT! They hung out a few times in the comics so it would be only right for a young Bruce Wayne to appear in Star(ling) City. GOTHAM OR BUST ARROWITES!!!! BRING THE BAT!!!!!!

    • Worst villain ever, by one of the worst writers ever, created for the two WORST Batman comics ever. The second one was even officially not canon.

      • Onomatopoeia wasn’t created for Batman, he was created for Green Arrow, but meant to be used as a catch-all DCU villain. Done right he works, but DC has to be willing to kill characters for him to be effective, such as with Murmur or Hush.

  12. I’ll say it again..I think we will see The Question…he is a perfect fit for the series and is not tied down by other licenses..plus he has a tie-in with the Huntress….

    • Agreed, but I honestly hope not, they wouldn’t know what to do with a complicated character like him and will likely screw it up like they did the manic amazon Huntress. But since they brought Q back in the new 52 it’s a possibility DC wants some exposure. However, he’s like a god now lol so I think they X’ed out all the super powered and magical heroes

  13. I thought I read awhile back Nightwing was confirmed and Ian Somerhalder was gonna play him in an episode

    • That’s just fan-casting.

  14. I’m feeling a setup for a Deathstroke spin-off

  15. I don’t understand why they think that they can’t introduce Aliens or Magic in the show like if we are stupid and can’t differentiate reality from fiction. I’m starting to get tired of them trying to make it look like it could happen in the real world, in order for the public to accept it. We know this is all a Fantasy setting.

    • They aren’t bringing in any fantastical elements because they want to maintain continuity of the show. It would jarring for any member of the audience to have a well written superhero crime drama then to be smacked in the face with an appearance by Apocalypse as the main villain. It would be a stupid break from continuity and it would only be there to appeal to fanboys who once they get that will find something else to complain about on the show. “Green Arrow” instead “Arrow”, petty things like that. Its not a personal attack on the intelligence of a fanboy merely trying to maintain continuity. Stop taking these things personally. Arrow is not based in a fantasy setting. its based in a real life setting.

      • I understand what you’re saying,but that’s exactly my point, they need to stop trying to portray all these Super Heroes In Life setting, that’s the reason why we don’t have a Justice League movie in development right now cause Nolan did his version of Bat Man in a real world setting which made it difficult to implement them in the Dark Knight’s world.

        • Yeah but look how much money Nolan’s movies made because of the realistic setting. People could relate to it more and it helped open the way to billion dollar comic book movies.

        • Dazz is right. Well I am a longstanding DC fan and I feel no slap in the face. People and fanboys need to understand that we had our super power phase. It was called “Smallvile”. Guess what? It wasn’t as popular as we all like to think it was. Its final episode which was its biggest on record got 3 million viewers which at the time of its broadcast wouldn’t have even put it in the TOP 50 shows on TV that WEEK. We all love to think because we love it everyone else does too which isn’t the case. TV shows and characters need to evolve for a changing audience. The studio’s cant be making movies and shows anymore that just appeal to niche markets like us. “Arrow” is a show that demands a higher budget and so to justify said budget its needs to target a wider demographic. I dont feel slapped in the face by CW’s version of “Arrow”, as a matter of fact I prefer it to the “Smallville” version. I also much preferred Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy and so did the rest of the world. These characters don’t belong to us anymore, they belong to the world and why is that such a bad thing? Change and evolution is how these characters have always managed to thrive and survive.

  16. Tom Welling should make a cameo as Clark.

    • no he shouldnt, smallville had its green arrow, this is totally different in tone and style

  17. I would love to see Reynolds in cameo at the season 2 finale and bringing the superpowers for season 3. IF there is good writing for his scene he should do great. Nightwing and Red Arrow for season 2 should be awesn ome. Bring on Flash + GL in season 3 to introduce superpowers. Pl0x

  18. heres an idea: take Goyers old script that had ollie in jail but also have Bruce Wayne framed and stuck in there with him…

  19. Slade and Ra’s Al Ghul are gonna be the new main villians. Member Merlin hinted that Ra’s was the person that changed him. I think the idea is to def inoduce Ra’s as a main villian.

    Also, Nightwing would be a great one to introduce. Maybe he can help out with Ra’s. Then eventually Nightwing has to call for more help aka the big Bat. Not to keen on GL apearing. Would rather someone like Cyborg instead.

    Also would be nice to see Arrow and Bat clash; cause one will kill without hestitation but the other will not kill at all.

  20. I don’t know too much of DC as I do Marvel. What I do know is that just because Arrow is about Green Arrow doesn’t mean you don’t have to show other DC characters like Nightwing, Flash, or Green Lantern. They are all part of the DC universe. I preferably would like to see Nightwing and Flash. Less Green Lantern.

  21. To be honest I do think they should introduce Hal Jordan to the show, in the comics GL and GA are best buds for life man. Those 2 had the kinda relationship that even went beyond death itself. If I remember correctly they even shared their own comic book series together like Superman/Batman.

    I think it is time that they do stop with this lunacy of keeping powers out of shows as you can do it minimalistic and still with style and by doing so DC will open the door for their movie franchises other then Superman/Batman.

    • Keeping powers out of the show is not lunacy. It’s logical, and I am so glad the creators made the decision to keep them out. It would take away from the show, believe me. It would be better to have a separate show for DC comic heroes with powers.

  22. The biggest big bad of all would probably how boring Laurel is. And maybe some interconnecting storyline between the cops, the big bads, Green Arrow and the flash back like how 24 or Person Of Interest did with theirs.

  23. IF a justice league movie happened, I wouldnt have any problem with this version of oliver queen showing up on screen. With that said, I think that they could introduce powers and sci fi elements into the story line just how MOS is introducing it. Treating the whole thing as an alien contact scenario. Like say during one of the earlier episodes of season two they should a national news report of the events from MOS and stuff and then kind of leave it from there. Green Arrow seems to be more focused on his own city and smaller crime throughout it so there would be no need for Superman to show up or anything.

  24. Was it really that good? I started watching it but couldn’t get into it really.
    Maybe if it’s on Netflix I’ll check it out.

  25. Okay, so some people say no to a batman appearance., how ’bout the daughter of an old friend from the police academy passes thru town? Barbara Gordon.

  26. My predictions, they may be a few of these people:
    – Ted Kord (blue beetle)
    – Ted Grant (wildcat)
    – Pieter Cross (doctor mid-nite) personally this will be the best idea for New character on the show. Blind superhero night vigilante, canary love interest so on so forth..

    I personally hope they can put Vic Szasz (the Question) in for more mystery solving story…
    Or maybe female character like:
    – Jade Nguyen (Cheshire)
    – Sandra Wu Sa (Lady Shiva)
    – Selina Kyle (Cat Woman)
    – Amanda Waller

    Then we can go all Task Force X on this **********! (Rick Flag Jr.)

    Well Anyways…

  27. Maxwell Lord could be a good choice.

  28. I just hope they keep the DC Movie Universe and the DC TV Universe completely separated from one another.