‘Arrow’ Season 2 Will Introduce Important DC Characters & Two Major Villains

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Green Arrow and Green Lantern Arrow Season 2 Will Introduce Important DC Characters & Two Major Villains

Season 1 of The CW’s superhero crime-fighting show Arrow was a mixed bag of bad parenting, green eyeshadow and shirtless workouts with Stephen Amell, but the show has overall been a ratings smash for the network and definitely seemed to hit its stride in terms of storytelling by midseason – concluding with a pretty shocking finale earlier this month.

Ever since the show was renewed for season 2, fans have been speculating as to which characters from the comic books might be the next to make an appearance in the show, whether to provide further back-up for Team Arrow or to become the next predator stalking the streets of Starling City and inviting Oliver Queen into battle.

Speaking in an interview with MTV, Arrow actor Colton Haynes responded to questions as to how much he knew about the season 2 story arc, and which new characters fans of the show can expect to see:

“A few of the most important DC characters are going to be coming to Arrow. And quite possibly working in a team together.”

Executive producer Mark Guggenheim also teased a couple of new arrivals for season 2, but these ones definitely won’t be working on the same team as Oliver. On the contrary, Guggenheim promises two major villains from the comic book series:

“We made no secret of the fact that we subscribe to the Whedonesque model of having a big bad, and in Season 2, we’ll actually have two big bads. They’ll both be very recognizable names to fans of the comic book. We’re really excited about both of them.”

Stephen Arnell Green Arrow Smallville Arrow Season 2 Will Introduce Important DC Characters & Two Major Villains

Since Arrow is already established as a superhero crime procedural show that takes place in the version of reality as we know it, introducing fantasy or hard sci-fi elements like magic or aliens would probably feel out of place with the tone of the series, so it’s likely that characters will be limited to those whose powers don’t have a supernatural or sci-fi origin, or will have certain powers and origins rewritten in order to make them a little more down-to-earth. Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment more or less have access to the full roster of intellectual properties within the DC shared universe, but the producers of Arrow are limited by the current movie franchises as to which characters they can feature in the show.

To recap, the show has already featured the Huntress, Helena Bertellini, and currently stars Haynes as Roy Harper AKA Red Arrow, who may end up being the next to join Oliver’s small support team. That team currently consists of his bodyguard, John Diggle, and tech expert Felicity Smoak, and he also receives intermittent help (though she is not aware of exactly who she is helping) from legal aid attorney Laurel Lance, who may potentially take on the identity of Black Canary in future seasons. After all, Laurel has already demonstrated an ability to hold her own in a fight, as well as a passion for helping those in need as well as bringing criminals to justice, and her slowly growing sympathy for “The Hood” may eventually push her to embark on a vigilante career of her own.

Talk of “the most important DC characters” will inevitably cause a lot of people’s minds to turn to Batman, Superman and other members of the Justice League. Though Guggenheim has expressed enthusiasm for the idea of Batman showing up in Arrow, this is slightly complicated by the number of similarities between the two characters; they’re both billionaires with secret vigilante identities who use hard training and clever gadgetry to catch criminals, and have sidekicks to help them out. This could, of course, be used as an interesting avenue through which to explore their individual brands of vigilantism, but after the staggering success of the Dark Knight trilogy and two major Batman video games, it’s uncertain whether audiences are ready for yet another incarnation of Batman, or whether they need a break from Batman saturation.

Stephen Amell and John Barrowman in Arrow Arrow Season 2 Will Introduce Important DC Characters & Two Major Villains

Superman is more or less out of the running, mainly because he’s currently being used for Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel reboot, but also because we’ve already had ten years of Smallville in which to thoroughly explore Superman’s origins on TV. Guggenheim has previously made some very non-committal comments about Green Lantern possibly making an appearance, so that’s another potential candidate to join Oliver Queen’s list of allies.

In terms of villains, Deathstroke and Edward Fyers dominated the flashbacks of season 1, and Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) played the role of the season’s big bad. Seth Gabel made a brief and very hammy appearance as a drug-dealing version of Count Vertigo, Constantine Drakon came and went extremely quickly in the pilot episode, and Deadshot also made recurring appearances. Daniel Brickwell is one likely choice for a season 2 villain, as is Oliver Queen’s obsessive homicidal stalker Carrie Cutter.

Have you got any theories as to which important allies and villains will show up to flesh out the season 2 cast of Arrow? Share your thoughts in the comments, listen to the latest Screen Rant Underground podcast to hear what we thought about the first season, or read our review of the finale.


Arrow will return for season 2 sometime in the fall of 2013 on The CW.

Source: MTV & TV Guide

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  1. Okay so I’m pretty sure that in the Lural’s mum said something about going to Central city and getting there in a “Flash” It sounds like a hint to me but I could have misheard ether way I’d love to see the Flash and even Kid Flash if we’re talking about sidekicks now that Roy has joined.

      • If Bludhaven is mentioned, then it will be Nightwing to make the appearance…Which would be amazing BTW

      • Instead of Robin, I’d love to see him in his persona as Nightwing. In fact, it would be a LOT more in cannon, since he hung up his Robin outfit when he turned eighteen.

        Batman is -not- going to approve of Green Arrow’s ‘kill count’. Even in Dark Knight, Batman didn’t kill. He might see Oliver as worth saving if he can get reigned in, or he might end up a quasi-villian trying to put a stop to ‘the vigilante’ because he’s proven he is willing to kill. Nightwing might be a bit more sympathetic, though, and independent enough to check out this ‘hood’ character.

        If they add in the Green Lantern, I’ll be surprised, and it will blow the SFX budget all to hell and back. Green Lantern is just… waaay out there, in terms of power level, right up there with Superman himself. And all the green glowy whenever he uses his powers? Yea, that’s a marked difference from the mostly mundane and realistic-ish ‘reality’ he’s currently in. Ditto with Superman, he’s just a deus ex without either Kyptonite or Magic in the picture.

        As far as villians? If Nightwing shows up, then maybe Scarecrow can show up looking for Vertigo and reverse-engineering it. Of course, the good Count is loony enough to try and hook up with the Joker, which could have brought in the bat-crew. Hmm… maybe Barbara Gordon as Oracle working with Nightwing?

  2. Okay so I’m pretty sure that in the Lural’s mum said something about going to Central city and getting there in a “Flash” It sounds like a hint to me but I could have misheard ether way I’d love to see the Flash in the series.

  3. I would love to see Nightwing in there in some form or another.

  4. Is anyone else confused about Deathstroke? In the comic books, Slade Wilson is deathstroke, but on the show the producers have made is pretty clear that ‘deathstroke’ is Slade’s partner (see descriptions in the ‘top 20 stunt countdown’ as well as him getting stabbed in his right eye socket by Slade). Is Slade going to become a villain? Is his partner actually alive?

    • Both Slade and Wintergreen had the Deathstroke mask, so it is possible that Slade will don it as a villain on the island. In the pilot we saw the mask with an arrow through the right eye.

      Also, the show does follow the comic books with references, but that doesn’t mean they will follow everything. Somethings may be original ideas that differ from the comic books, perhaps Slade as Deathstroke will be a good guy.

  5. I 100% feel like Slades gonna make an appearance to Starling City as Deathstroke. In the pilot it shows the mask with an arrow in the right eye, yet when Slade “killed” Wintergreen he stabbed him in the right eye. Either way i believe Slades gonna come in as Deathstroke. I think he and Oliver are gonna have some sort of confrontation later on the island, considering it only showed 6 months of it and he was there for 5 years. I also think Nightwing will make an appearance based on the Bludhaven reference, and is Thea gonna be Speedy? I know they introduced Roy Harper, but Tommy and Oliver both called her Speedy throughout the first season.

  6. its quite weird for batman to appear, but it’ll be fine if nightwing/ robin does, when gotham villain got to starling city, so we can see a robin vs red arrow fight.
    “most important” and “without special powers”, i dont see anyone apart from batman…

  7. Victor Zsasz isn’t the question. And all this ra’s al ghoul referencing is just asking for batman, as ra’s was portrayed as Liam neeson in the Nolan trilogy, and assuming they are canon for this show. Ra’s and talia are dead. And they could due powers much as they did in the newest Superman movie, which Nolan was involved in. The CW, understandably, has many shows involving magic and monsters. They need something different to add to their venue.

  8. What about his sister joining the team. Can’t wait for death stroke.
    I would like to see Sport Master spot bye and Vindel Savage.
    Like to see Hawk girl

  9. I hope Cheshire joins the show, that would be a good one I can them pulling off.

  10. I would love to see an episode with Bane as a villian and Nightwing coming in to stop him

  11. Bludhaven’s the most mentioned city aside from Star, which is obviously a Nightwing hint. I’d love to see a Bruce Wayne Cameo, or maybe even a Clark Kent one. And I think one of the minor villains that are going to appear in arrow, besides deathstroke, is Red Hood…I could picture him in there.

    • Coast City (Hal Jordan Green Lantern) and Central City (Barry Allen Flash) were also mentioned heavily in the show, but yet no Metropolis or Gotham? I found that tidbit interesting.

  12. in the new 52 is said that aquaman helped oliver escape from the island , so that would be awesome to see

  13. Somebody on a other website said that they think thea will speedy and roy will be arsenal instead of red arrow and that sounds like something that would be very interesting

    • The difference between Roy being Red Arrow over Arsenal is the simple fact the original Roy Harper (Arsenal) had a robotic right forearm. Though this would be a very interesting twist, I do not think (my personal opinion as a fan of the show of course) it would be wise to involve heavy genetics and robotics like this. Though Roy becoming Arsenal would be interesting as well.

  14. I think robin will b the new side kick. Because it is reasonable a normal person with just supe good fighting skills. Just think about it if u have someone like green lanturn it would make the show a scfi fantasy and it wouldn’t b the same. That’s what I think

  15. And why not? As the same Oliver Queen: In the Justice League Unlimited. The world needs Superman, Batman, Flash, and of course his friend Harl Jordan who will be great to see him and it is good to get a bit of realism and give the show a tinge more heroic. Furthermore actor Arrow, wants integrate Justice League Green Arrow said at Comic-Con: and is good comezar and integrate the entire DC universe like Marvel did and already can be integrated from a series you. The best ally with Green Lantern’s powers. Quiet fans of realism this is the DC universe and anything can happen

  16. Flash has already been confirmed to appear in 3 episodes of Arrow in Season 2 (Episodes 8,9, & 20 if I’m not mistaken) and it’d be cool if Green Lantern made an appearance, but about the Batman part of this article: “it’s uncertain whether audiences are ready for yet another incarnation of Batman, or whether they need a break from Batman saturation.” Well ready or not, the fans WILL get a new Batman because they’re currently in the casting process for Batman to be in the Man of Steel sequel. My personal favorite pic so far, and a lot of people have expressed interest in him too, is Scott Adkins to play Batman. This could be his “trial run” and if they think he could pull it off he could be the Batman in Man of Steel AND Justice League :) And this is just me. If they bring GL in I vote Idris Elba to play him.

  17. The whole flashback point with Slade/Deathstroke and Oliver is a bit confusing to me. It felt a though they were building a giant showdown between the two in some way shape or form that would most likely involve the death of Shado. Think of it. Deathstroke lies about being ASIAS, kills Shado on orders from Fyre’s female boss and reveals he is actually the merc in charge and he and Oliver duel it out to the death. But the twist is Slade survived and loses his right eye and comes to Starling City to seek revenge on Queen.

    Dead Shot was in my opinion very well portrayed in Season 1 by Michael Rowe. Hopefully they do right and bring back the guy who was cast as him in the first place. Maybe have him and Dig square off again but this time they get a better fight in than the last time. And if the were to bring back Deathstroke, it would be kind of cool to see both Deathstroke and Dead Shot. Make Deathstroke the man who hires Dead Shot to “take out” Dig? Or even Thea while Deathstroke battles Arrow somewhere? Just a thought.

    The Huntress should come back. She needs to come back. Not as a love interest, but one bad woman with a score to settle. Personally I felt that they left the ending of her storyline too open to have it end the way it did.

    Malcolm Merlyn was brilliantly portrayed by John Barrowman. I loved his roles in both Torchwood and Dr. Who and I thought he showed a darker side while portraying the villain in Season 1. Do i personally think he is out of the how? Never. He did mention about “redundancy” as a good businessman and I felt as though there was something up his sleeve until the very end. Paranoid or not, I just felt as though Malcolm Merlyn/Black Archer had one more card to play.

    As for other bad guys that would come to Starling City, I wouldn’t mind seeing crossover minor bad guys such as Zsaz or mob heavy/other serial killer type characters that can easily relate to everyday life.

    Now for the good guys.

    First off, I would like to state i do not think the following characters will be brought into the show:
    Green Lantern
    Wonder Woman

    Here is why. Smallville had the run with the DC born themes of the superheroes. The final seasons showed almost all of or mentioned all of the previous characters with the exception of Wonder Woman and Green Lantern and Batman. Arrow is more realistic and settles on realism, so any characters from alien planets or with super powers would be out of the mix. Simple realism at it’s finest.

    The Black Canary. Take away the screaming voice and you still have a tough as nails martial arts master who can kick some tail. And what about making Laurel the Black Canary in her own right? Not only is her name the actual name of BC, but her father is a cop and it would be an interesting plot twist to see Huntress kill or try to kill Laurel’s father and set her on the path to vigilantism?/ Or maybe even have her sister alive to become BC?

    Red Arrow who’s real name is Roy Harper. Honestly, I loved the character. When I saw him in the first episode he appeared, I was ecstatic. Finally. Don’t get me wrong about the Green Arrow. He is pretty awesome, but I find Red Arrow better. And the obsession the character has with Green Arrow more than shows that he will adopt a similar persona, but Red.

    Speedy. Do I think Speedy will be GA’s sidekick? No. I think Roy will become Red Arrow and Thea will find out and become his sidekick using the nickname “Speedy”. It was mentioned more times in the show than Oliver’s partying ways.

    Nightwing. Obviously the mentioning of Bludhaven was not a coincidence? If they were to bring in Nightwing following a lead on say…Dead Shot, (remember China White found him in a Bludhaven apartment/hotel) than they can tie the storyline in that way.

    As of right now that is all I can think of and ave to say about Good Guys and Bad Guys. As for other minor characters…well…

    Moira Queen will probably be in prison.

    Sgt. Lance will probably die or get gravely injured.

    Everybody else in the show will be fodder for creators.

    Thank you for reading my thoughts. have a nice day.

  18. Hey guys. I have a feeling slade wilson will be a villain. At the start of the season on the island there is a mask with an arrow through it. But when slade kills billy he stabs him in the eye. I have a feeling oliver kills slade…