‘Arrow’ Season 2 Comic-Con Trailer Features Black Canary in Action

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As San Diego Comic-Con 2013 comes to a close, all our favorite big screen superhero projects have had a slew of exciting updates. But that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been news regarding superheroes on the small screen – namely for The CW’s runaway hit, Arrow.

Recent news for the series has showcased Oliver’s upcoming array of gadgets and redesigned base, along with the addition of Firefly‘s Summer Glau as a business rival.  Now Warner Bros. has announced the addition of two more characters from the DC Universe: Michael Jai White will play Bronze Tiger, while Kevin Alejandro will portray Sebastian Blood. Plus: The season 2 trailer is here (above)!

The trailer showcases some new characters, including Glau, a whole lot of crazy-pants action, some shadowy threats to Starling City, a look at the Arrowcave’s makeover, and what seems to be scenes set in a foreign locale (more flashbacks?). We also get a fleeting look at the bad-ass lady vigilante, Black Canary.

Kevin Alejandro Michael Jai White Arrow Season 2 Comic Con Trailer Features Black Canary in Action

About a month ago, executive producer Mark Guggenheim teased two upcoming big baddies, and now we know who they are. Jai White is a familiar face to comic book movie fans, having played Spawn in the 1997 film of the same name, the Joker-dispatched gangster Gambol in The Dark Knight, and Jax in the Mortal Kombat TV series. His Arrow character is fairly obscure, but has quite the epic backstory.

Acording to the official press-release:

Michael Jai White plays Ben Turner, a claw-wielding assassin better known as Bronze Tiger, who’s well known to DC Comics fans as a member of both the League of Assassins and the Suicide Squad. On Arrow, he’ll form an unholy alliance with fan-favorite villain China White (played by Kelly Hu), another well-established character in the DC Comics universe.

The League of Assassins is primarily known as a villainous entity in Batman mythology, and in the comics the Bronze Tiger battles – and defeats – the Dark Knight, events which led to the death of Kathy Kane, A.K.A. Batwoman.

While the Bronze Tiger eventually became an ally to the Justice League, his initial introduction here as a “claw-wielding assassin” is a strong indication that he’ll be first and foremost a villain in Arrow.

As for Alejandro – who has appeard on Southland and True Blood – here is the official rundown on his character:

Kevin Alejandro plays Sebastian Blood. Drawing inspiration from the iconic New Teen Titans nemesis Brother Blood, Sebastian is an alderman who rises to power in the wake of the earthquake that devastated Starling City in Arrow’s first-season finale. Blood’s “man-of-the-people” popularity instantly places him at odds with Oliver Queen, whose family he blames for the quake.

In the pre-New 52 continuity, Sebastian Blood was descended from a priest in the fictional country of Zandia, who had coveted a certain shawl he believed to be “Christ’s prayer shawl.” This didn’t work out so well in the long run, as “the shawl gave him invulnerability and reduced his aging, but the priest he killed cursed him to be slain by his son before his hundredth birthday. Upon doing so, his son became the second Brother Blood. He, in turn was killed by his son, and this continued for seven centuries.”

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in Arrow Darkness on the Edge of Town Arrow Season 2 Comic Con Trailer Features Black Canary in Action

So this is a pretty bonkers origin, even for a superhero show. Arrow has established itself as existing within a relatively grounded universe, so while this incarnation of Sebastian Blood “drew inspiration” from the New Teen Titans version of the character, expect Blood’s characterization to hew closer to the revamped description above.

Name-dropping a high-profile Batman antagonist like the League of Assassins – coupled with the various well-known DC Comics characters brought to life on the show (the Huntress, Firefly, Deathstroke the Terminator) – the background of these new characters (the comic book Sebastian Blood has had run-ins with Nightwing, A.K.A. former Robin Dick Grayson) might fuel the notion that Bruce Wayne (not Batman) could appear in Starling City at some point. Anything’s possible, but is it likely? Stay tuned for more news on Arrow Season 2.


Arrow returns to The CW for it’s second season on Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 @8pm.

Source: Warner Bros.

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  1. This series will go into late march, early April 2014. By then we should have bruce Wayne cast for BM/SM. this would be a perfect opportunity to tie this show into the dccu

    • The show cannot and should not tie into the DCCU. This has the whole gritty-realism Dark Knight thing going on. Superman can’t even exist in this universe.If they had properly made the show it could work but I still doubt they would do that because they’d want a good film actor to portray him in the movies.

      Is Laurel not the Black Canary? I didn’t get a good look but it didn’t look like her and I doubt she’s been learning parkour and Kung Fu in her off time.

      • I don’t think Laurel is. I looked it up and an actress named Caity Lotz is cast as Dinah Drake/Black Canary not Laurel. So who knows when Laurel becomes Black Canary because Caity Lotz might become a regular. Laurel’s version might not be til like season 4

      • Why oh wise one cannot this show tie into the DCCU? And Dinah Drake was black canary of the golden age of dc. She had no sonic scream or any super powers at all. I just find it hard to believe that there is no way that meta humans can’t find a way on to this show.

        • I like to think that they are slowly working their way to revealing meta humans in this show. it would be cool, if they plan it out nice, to have the first meta human show up in like season 4 or 5. but it is just wishful thinking i know.

          • Oh but they are! Barry Allen ( The Flash ) will appear in Episodes 8 and 9 as the ordinary Forensic Scientist but will return in Episode 20 as this, apparently, will serve as a some what pilot for a Flash Series. The creators have considered superpowers and it looks as if it WILL show up some time in the near future of Arrow!!

        • I just said why. They have established that this is the real world and aliens/mutants/wizards/monsters/etc. do not exist and is not what they are going for. They are hardcore about riding the Dark Knight’s coat tails and I don’t see it letting up to fit into another universe. It is a separate entity entirely.

          • So you’re speculating.

            • What am I speculating about? They are not in the same universe so they are not going to be together. No speculation needed. It’s just as likely as characters from Smallville showing up.

              • So you’re a producer of the show and can email me the storyline for the next three years. I just want you to admit you have no clue what could happen because you don’t.

                • @cyborg6971

                  Ummm….Screen Rant has posted quotes from the producers and writers saying that there will be “no powers on this show”, meaning no actual superheroes, just vigilantes using tech.

                  If that changes in future, well, we’ll find out as the episodes air but for now, all we can go on is what the people involved in the show have stated on record. So no, there’s no speculation. Just fact.

                  Seriously, what bridge did you crawl out from under?

                  • Dass you know nothing about the inner workings of this show any more than me. So there is a possiblity that they can implement supers in this show.

                    Seriously, I’m not under any bridge. I’m just saying no one on this site knows what will happen in this show down the line, but they and you make it seem impossible for it to happen. Which is not the case.

                    • I’m a skeptic when it comes to producers’ “intention”. That can always change over time and nothing is set in stone.

                      There wasn’t supposed to be time travel in Lost and Smallville had a “no flight, no tights” rule which they skirted around when they created The Blur persona.

                      Since Flash is being introduced via Arrow, although powerless, when he does have his own series with superspeed, I assume that will be addressed sometime down the road.

                      I think they will keep metahuman powers to a minimum but it will eventually be recognized.

                    • @BigNerd

                      Producers Andrew Kreisberg, Marc Guggenheim, and DC head-honcho/Arrow writer Geoff Johns have confirmed that the Flash will indeed have his powers on Arrow.

          • So… the flash will be appearing on Arrow.

      • that actress is NOT physically capable of those actions – she is soft pretty… not in the league of any kind of hero/villain…IMHO

  2. I praying and hoping this show ties into the dccu. Stephen amell would look epic sanding next to Henry cavil as supes.

    That said

    I can not wait untill season 2. The beginning of black canary and more felicity. New arrow cave.

    Can’t wait!

  3. season 2 is looking awesome

  4. I love this show…reall excited for season 2. BUT, come on now the whole “Im done being the hood” mixed with the whole “you company is failing” gig. Hmmmm….sounds like ive heard that before somewhere?

    Black Canary looks amazing tho and hopefully Roy makes an appearance as a legit Speedy by the end of the season, unless its been reported differently.

  5. Oh man. I wanted to watch when it first aired but was busy with school. I’m gonna have to go back and watch it all now

  6. I was waiting to place in their though on the trailer.

    The trailer is great and hopefully the tone of it continues onto season 2 as Oliver Queen transitions into the character he is destined to be.

    I did not know about these casting and I love it.
    I wonder who is Black Canary….Some say Felicity and Summer Glau character are more likely then Laurel at this point

  7. What? No high-heels, fishnet stockings and canary yell? How unrealistic. ;)

    • Why would someone wear fishnets when it gets cold at night and this is a realized universe so no Canary Cry. I dont think high heels would be easy to fight in

      • Someone needs to recalibrate their sarcasm detector.

  8. Awesome! Cant wait for season 2. Summer Glau!

  9. Nice introducing Bronze Tiger into the mix hopefully they introduce other suicide squad members like Rick Flag Jr, Thorne, Clock King , Plastique ( change her backstory) and Captain Boomerang. It be awesome if they hint Amanda Waller and General Elding. Sgnt R

  10. Please let them introduce other Suicide Squad members like Rick Flag Jr, Captain Boomerang, Plastique, Thorne, Nemesis, Clock King and Last but not least Amanda Waller. Checkmate should be reference down the line. I wonder if Richard Dragon will make an appearance since him & Bronze Tiger have history.

  11. Black Canary is not Laurel.. check this out..


  12. I hope The Question makes an appearance I’m rooting for Aaron Staton to play him. He portrayed a detective well in L.A. Noire. Green Arrow, Black Cannary, Huntress, The Question and Red Arrow now that’s a team I’m waiting to see happen they had such a good chemistry in JLU.

  13. Finally ! …thank god no more vigilante

  14. So if he doesn’t want to be called “The Hood” anymore, he should lose it and wear a proper Green Arrow mask.

    • I want the mask and the van dyke to make a cameo.

  15. Black Canary will be played by that new actress mentioned by one of the comments above. And for those who wants Amell to meet Cavill or the new Batman whoever that is, let’s not hope too much considering this show will not blend nicely with the DC movie universe, especially the one that is started by MoS.
    If I recall correctly, one of the producer had even shot down the possibility of Nightwing appearing, despite hinting about him in season 1. Let’s just hope WB will consider casting Amell as the same Green Arrow to be included in that universe, though one must remember that it will be an Alternate Universe version Arrow and not the same Ollie that we see in TV.

    • How do you know it would be an alternate universe arrow? And not the one on the CW.

  16. I wonder when Speedy will appear

    • I think it was on comicvine that had covered the panel, where they said he is going to be on an island on his own (not literally) but in the sense that he has a lot to learn and maybe show up at the end of the season.

  17. Yes, finally they’ll call him Green Arrow.

  18. so “D.C.C.U” if i am following this right, the lot of you are idiots for using this (Detective, Comics, Comics Universe.)….ya so why not just put DCU … i know right, MIND BLOWING!

    • DC Cinematic Universe, similar to the ‘MCU’ being the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Just saying DC Universe is too general, since DC works on a multiverse basis. In short, there are some people that want Arrow to be a part of the DC Cinematic Universe that got created with Man of Steel as opposed to its own separate ‘universe’ (Arrowverse?) or the Dark Knight films (Nolanverse seems to be a popular name)

    • Its DC cinematic universe

  19. i just watched the trailer in hd black canary looks great especially the top look really like the comic version the shorts doesn’t looks at all like what canary used to wear but the top definitely canary

  20. Am i the only one who feels Michael Jai white should have played wildcat….albeit a black one?

  21. YES!!! Oh man. I am so excited!

  22. This show’s doing all the right things for it to keep going.

  23. So…will Canary have superpowers or just plane old kicking ass ? If they will introduce superhumans it will open new possibilities for the show. GA will start to fight differently, utilizing more gadgets to show what a man can do.

  24. Okay I know I’m nitpicking but
    since when does black canary wear a mask?

  25. Finally going to ditch the whole ‘Hood’ mess, looked like he was considering Green Arrow.

  26. Michael Jai White, heck yeah season 2 is gonna rock!!!

  27. This looks so much better than season 1! With the Flash coming and Black Canary it is going to kick-ass! And is it just me, or does Katie Cassidy (Laurel) look like a completely different person in this trailer?!

    • I don’t know how I missed the announcement of Flash appearing in a few Arrow episodes, but thank you SO MUCH for bringing it to my attention! :D