New ‘Arrow’ Birds of Prey Images and ‘Flash’ Crossover Update

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Stephen Amell on the CWs Arrow New Arrow Birds of Prey Images and Flash Crossover Update

Arrow has been going strong in its sophomore season (despite a few criticisms) and fans have certainly been eager for the second half of season 2. Big villain debuts and cameo appearances by some iconic DC Comics teams (Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey) have certainly cranked up the hype for what’s to come – and the showrunners are dropping more tidbits to keep fans on the hook.

Today we have new images that reveal the Arrow version of the Birds of Prey, which will involve The Huntress (Jessica De Gouw) and Black Canary (Caity Lotz)  going up against one another. It’s admittedly a different slant on the Birds of Prey comics – which featured Huntress, Canary and Batgirl on a team – but so far Arrow‘s interpretations of the DC Universe have been solid, and the following gallery of images from “Birds of Prey” looks similarly solid:

Having all of Oliver Queen’s lovers in one place seems like a disaster waiting to happen – and from the looks of things, that’s exactly what it’s going to be. So, while people may be waiting for the big showdown between Ollie and Slade (Manu Bennett), this looks like it will be an exciting aside until we get there.


More Flash Crossover

THE FLASH Full Suit Image Header New Arrow Birds of Prey Images and Flash Crossover Update

The Arrow TV series has already been utilized to introduce the new TV version of The Flash (Grant Gustin), but before The Flash TV pilot shows the world the scarlet speedster in full form, his world will get another little bit of introduction, thanks to an upcoming episode of arrow featuring two actors from the The Flash cast.

TV Line reports that actress Danielle Panabaker (Shark) and actor Carlos Valdes will be guest-starring on Arrow S2E19 as Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon, respectively, before moving on to the Flash series. We already know that Caitlin Snow will be a woman who lost her fiancée in the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator accident, while Ramon will be S.T.A.R.’s youngest genius.

Arrow Season 2 Flash Crossover Killer Frost and Vibe New Arrow Birds of Prey Images and Flash Crossover Update

Vibe & Killer Frost

Comic book fans will recognize the name Cisco Ramon as a variation of “Francisco Ramon,” the Justice League superhero known as Vibe; although, his origin on the show will likely be worlds away from his (somewhat controversial) Latin Gang origins of the 1980s. In the New 52 continuity, Caitlin Snow takes up the mantle of the ice villain Killer Frost – though that is a somewhat surprising move for the show to make. Killer Frost has traditionally been a primary rogue of the superhero Firestorm; The Flash certainly has his own (and many would say superior) ice-foe in the form of Captain Cold.

As the leader of The Rogues (a group of gimmicky villains that battle The Flash), Cold has proven to be one of the more interesting villains, despite his generic appearance, with a mix of ruthless edge and a strict (at times admirable) criminal code of ethics. He’s been such a major player in 21st century Flash lore that it’s surprising that the show could spend their ice villain chip on Killer Frost, instead.

Flash TV Series Captain Cold New Arrow Birds of Prey Images and Flash Crossover Update

Captain Cold

Of course, there’s always the possibility that Caitlin Snow could be the means by which we get Captain Cold – so best to stay tuned to see what develops. At the very least, it’s interesting to see the continued link between the Arrow and Flash worlds.


The Flash is expected to air on The CW in the fall of 2014.

Arrow continues Wednesday, March 19 with ‘Suicide Squad’ @ 8pm on The CW. Check out preview below:

Sources Imgur (via CBM) and TV Line

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  1. Could Felicity maybe take up the role of Oracle/Batgirl in the Birds of Prey arc? Just a thought.

    • I dont mean take up the name, just what she did in the group when she was Oracle. though, if they called her Oracle for it, I wouldnt be upset.

      • She will probably be the “oracle” that helps Canary and Laurel escape from Huntress.

    • This is Arrow, not Batman. She has no reason to be Batgirl?

      • This just in Green Arrow and Batman are in the same universe and also so you know this show grabs heroes and villains from other comic series! More at 11!

        • This just in, Captain Obvious is on the loose. No s***, of course they grab Heroes and Villains from other series, but why would someone working for Batman, work for Green Arrow? They might pull a said person from a specific series, but they wouldn’t change their background. So far, all of the people they’ve used has the same backgrounds they used in the comics. For instance, they might be introducing Harley Quinn, yes, she’s a Batman character, but she was also in the suicide squad which they’re using in the show, Batgirl has never worked for Oliver Queen so why would they change that?

        • We’ll tell you more about that when we gather more information.

    • I doubbt that, I think she wil become what is known as Watch tower like Chloe was in Smallville

  2. That Black Canary costume makes me feel slightly uncomfortable

    • She actually looks a bit like Black Canary (costume, hair, etc,). I don’t mind it myself.

      • Black Canary looks seriously hot.

  3. “CAPTAIN COLD” one of the silliest characters ever in Comics, hopefully we don’t see that lame character from the 90`s …lol

    • They should just call him “Cold” in the show… like Arrow and Canary are way better than Green Arrow and Black Canary

    • You should read New 52, Flash villains are deep and really good done.

  4. Laurel holding a Kali stick…foreshadowing? But then again she has a black belt in Kung Fu (briefly displayed in one scene with Oliver and Tommy in Season 1).
    A little animosity (for lack of better terms) between Canary and Huntress before teaming up sounds really brave. And more Flash crossover?? Yes please! Would be interesting to know their origin stories in the series.
    Suicide Squad tomorrow!! Agh!!

  5. Uhhhggg, just no… This show is terrible… The women are unbelievable as bad asses unless they get some of that super serum…

    • Sexist much? Or just trolling?

      So women can’t be strong or bad ass unless they have super soldier serum?

      • He’s trolling, don’t pay him any attention.

      • Yeah, you get a girl like cyborg, rhosey, or carano that would be a believable bad ass chick… Not skinny models… Live in fantasyland much?

    • …he says after clicking on the link of an article about a TV show he doesn’t like.

    • Sorry, Crudcontrol, but this is one of the more entertaining shows on TV this season, despite an occaisional flaw here and there.

  6. Soooo ready to see Oliver vs Slade!

  7. 1. show is great and getting stronger each week.
    2. Canary is hot…I mean like super hot
    3. Laurel is worst character on the show

    and lastly and most importantly, if Nightwing and Harley Quinn show up this show will reach epic status.

  8. Was there a Harley Quinn cameo?

  9. could that be Harley Quinn in the trailer at 0:07 it looks a lot like her from behind and she is a member of the suicide squad so it could be her

  10. I’m still trying to figure out how one can cross-over with a show that doesn’t actually exist yet. It’s more establishing a spinoff.

    • The page says “his world will get another little bit of introduction, thanks to an upcoming episode of arrow featuring two actors from the The Flash cast.” Meaning they’re adding more into his introduction, not crossing over. Don’t let the title confuse you.

      • The title didn’t confuse me at all; I was the blatant misuse of the term in it that I was commenting on.

  11. A blonde and a brunette in tight leather.
    Ooh… I just simply can’t decide.

    • How would you not be able to decide of Ollie and Black Canary? See what I did there? Lol

    • Mr. Wrigley, the chewing gum magnate, would say:
      “Double your pleasure, double your fun;
      Take two girls to bed instead of just one!”
      Man does not live by chewing gum alone…!


    • Um….ok? Anything to add or you just throwing out information we already knew?

      It also had Harley Quinn and the show was apparently terrible. Like, Agents Of SHIELD bad.

  13. Sure hope flash is good not cheesy they have done a great job with arrow now make a young justice tv show lol