‘Arrow’ Season 2 Will Feature Amanda Waller as a Recurring Character

Published 2 years ago by , Updated August 29th, 2013 at 7:38 pm,

Stephen Amell as Green Arrow in Justice League Arrow Season 2 Will Feature Amanda Waller as a Recurring Character

The Comic-Con trailer for season 2 of The CW’s superhero show Arrow promised us a “City of Heroes,” and it seems like that’s what we’re going to get. Not only have there been hints that Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) might soon be taking up a hood of his own, Caity Lotz will also be donning a domino mask as Black Canary, and showrunner Marc Guggenheim has said that Starling City’s arrow-slinging vigilante will eventually run into The Flash as well.

With all these heroes floating around, they’ll need a decent brace of enemies to keep them occupied, and it looks like season 2 of Arrow won’t be short on those either. Firefly actress Summer Glau will be stepping on Oliver Queen’s business toes as his rival, Isabel Rochev, and Guggenheim has promised that another big bad will be joining her this season.

It now seems that even more trouble is on the way, especially for Oliver’s friend and reliable bodyguard, Diggle. An episode title and synopsis for the sixth episode of Arrow season 2 have been revealed over at SpoilerTV, promising the introduction of another character from the comic books. Dr. Amanda Blake Waller will appear in a recurring role on the show as an agent of A.R.G.U.S., the organization that was trying to hunt down Deadshot in the first season, and her first mission in Arrow will be to send out a team charged with kidnapping Diggle.

Waller has appeared on screen quite a few times in recent years, not only in cartoon form on Justice League Unlimited but also portrayed by Angela Bassett in the recent Green Lantern movie, and by Pam Grier in the ninth season of Smallville. The title of this episode, which perhaps explains Amanda’s motivation for trying to bring poor Diggle to her side, is “Keep Your Enemies Closer.”

Amanda Waller to appear in season 2 of Arrow Arrow Season 2 Will Feature Amanda Waller as a Recurring Character

The news of Waller’s inclusion doesn’t come as a total surprise. Though executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said in April that there were “no definitive plans” to include Waller, but they’d definitely discussed the possibility of featuring the Suicide Squad on the show. Guggenheim has also promised that season 2 of Arrow will feature some of the most important characters in the DC universe, so it makes sense to introduce Waller and possible some of her compatriots.

The actress who will play the role of Waller is currently unannounced, so now is the time to let us know who your dream casting choice for the role would be. Once that’s out of the way, tell us which actor you think they’ve snagged to play the role in Arrow.


Arrow season 2 premieres Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 @9pm on The CW.

Source: SpoilerTV

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  1. Angela Bassett of course, since they’re shoehorning Arrow into the DC Cinematic Universe.

    • Actually the Green Lantern Movie is not part of the new DC Cinematic Universe, and it has not been revealed if Arrow is part of it as well.
      I hope Arrow is part of it and The Flash being introduced will be the Flash in the Flash movie. I would love to see Stephen Amell’s Green Arrow and Ben Affleck’s Batman having a Bro-Scowl-Mance (Ala: Tony Stark and Bruce Banner)

      • From TV Tropes under Franchise Killer

        Green Lantern was supposed to launch the DC Comics equivalent of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and eventually lead to a Justice League film. The movie was panned by critics and had lukewarm box office results, which lead to these plans being put on hold. WB hoped that Man of Steel would kick start their movie universe the right way.

      • It should be part of the universe. I say it actually is; you can’t just ignore something like that, sorry, just does not happen. Arrow had a reference to Ferris Air, and they should actually go on with GL #2 the movie, with Hal Jordan, and they could even use Reynolds again if he will do it (altho I think he is getting cold feet, but I don’t blame him, the way some “fans” abused him). Reynolds could be Jordan again, just make him much more serious. I would rather see GL than Oliver Queen/Arrow as part of the universe, even tho I like Arrow.

        • I still say it should be John Stewart. Hal would be OK, but one, we could use some diversity in this new JL (if the reported five-man roster is to be believed.) Secondly, I think it would attract more, newer audiences.

          • Why not both, John Stewart will be given a ring in Justice League, and in the GL reboot Hal trains John, telling him the Lanterns couldn’t help earth despite how important it was to stop whatever villain because the Lanterns were fighting Mongul in his War Machine and now those two have to transfer Mongul to a maximum space prison, but Mogul manages to escape and its up to John and Hal to stop them.

            • Or make the GL2 movie a green Lantern Corps movie that way they can have Hal Jordan , John Stewart, And even Guy Gardner, even though i dislike that one and i think its 1 more but that way they can just pick the 1 they want for Justice league. The Mongul story sounds like a good idea for it or have them fight the Yellow Lantern Corps.

              • Kyle Rayner (Garrett Hedlund?) in Justice League as ‘the last Lantern’ as a Sinestro Corps attack on Oa effectively shuts down the Green Lanterns, causing all rings to stop working (and effectively killing many Lanterns who were in space or on planets that they wouldn’t normally be able to breathe on or in the middle of a fight) and Kyle gets the last remaining power ring.

                In the next Green Lantern film (called Green Lantern Corps so it follows the ‘we don’t want to use a number’ pattern of these films and to differentiate it from Green Lantern) he recruits a small team to help tackle the Sinestro Corps – Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds), John Stewart (Idris Elba, of course) and Guy Gardner (…Philip Glenister?)

        • I think they have to ignore it IMO. Think about what MoS was. More than a Superman origin story, it was an alien invasion story. And they way it was told was to be man kind’s first contact with Aliens (ex. How Perry tells lois how ppl would react if they knew what she knows). That entire plotline would make no sense if Parallax has already invaded Earth and attacked a city.

          • Pretend Green Lantern never happened, use MOS as the universe opener (which they seem to be doing) and integrate Arrow into it, even though I’d like it separate with Todd Lasance as Green Arrow in the movies.

  2. first comment

    • nope

    • Vintage Veteran vegitatin’….!

  3. Huh. Will it be normal Amanda Waller or New 52 sexed up Amanda Walder?

  4. I really dont care about hte number of different comic book characters they add because I really enjoy this show. All I want is ANY reference to Man of Steal. I want this version of Oliver queen in any adaptation of a Justice League movie and I think that they should have a scene where Zod’s TV broadcast is played to the characters of the season. You can have it at the end of the season or where ever but I think that would be a badass link between movie and TV

  5. Seems silly for the film world to ingore the tv world. Arrow is a solid show and should be embraced by the movie world… Similar to marvel and their new show.

    It would be dope to see it all tie together… Either Subtlety like having news play events from MOS in the background or not so subtlety by having same actors protray same characters.

    • The core difference is that Agents of SHIELD directly comes from the film universe while Arrow is the opposite- it would have to be reverse shoe-horned into the evolving DC film universe by piggybacking onto the Flash (should they decide to go that route).

      People seem to forget, Arrow was not created with the intent to fit in with anything while SHIELD was conceived within and evolved from the MCU. This means some changes will have to be made, and I can already see some continuity issues arising from it.

      The other thing that boggles my mind is the inherent hyprocracy with the attitudes that have been expressed about how and why Nolan’s non-super-powered DK Trilogy can’t fit into a super-powered DCMU (without any more reasoning than “It just can’t!!!”) yet Arrow’s already established non-super-powered foundation can?

      • Well Nolan just wanted his movies to just be their own thing anyways; and bringing the DK trilogy in a Cinimatic universe might have worked had Dark Knight Rises never happened otherwise we’d have a Batman with a leg injury or a Batman that isn’t even Bruce Wayne, nor even Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne, Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Terry McGinis, or even Jean-Paul Valley.

  6. oh hell yeah this is going to turn out to be an even stronger kickstarter

  7. Nightwing. nuff said

  8. C.C.H. Pounder for Amanda Waller, she would make a great pre-new 52 Waller and will need a new show after Warehouse 13. If they are going to do a new 52 version I hope they also use James Gordon Jr.

    • Pounder would be good; she is a good actress.

  9. I get that A.R.G.U.S. is in the new 52 but CADMUS was much cooler.

  10. If it New 52, then Vivica A. Fox should get the role?

  11. holy, Arrow s2 is going all out this is awesome

  12. CCH Pounder most definitely. ..she’s voiced Amanda Waller on Justice League and the DC animated movies.She has the mysterious presence , voice,and demeanor on screen to pull it off check her out as Mrs.Federic on Wsrehouse 13 and you’ll know what I mean.Plus from a fans point of view it would be cool for the voice actor of the charecter to also play the live version of her since she knows her inside out…anybody else agree??

  13. WB should build Arrow towards coexisting with Man of Steel. That might be a bit of a stretch for a CW show, but it could be done and would give the universe a leg up without having to rely solely on the very slow theatrical filmmaking process.

  14. “Moms Mabley” on a rampage, that illustration looks like!

  15. How bad would be to have a mature bad guy named “Jack Napier” @ Arrow universe?

  16. I never watched Arrow because I never really liked Green Arrow. But I have watched some of the Arrow reruns and from what I watched it seems like a good show. I will probably start watching now, after I catch all the episodes I missed.

  17. Cool!

    Also, I hope Arrow stays separate from the “DC cinematic universe.” I like where it’s at now. No need to start twisting it to make it fit into something it wasn’t originally meant to.

  18. It would be dope to see it all tie together… Either Subtlety like having news play events from MOS in the background or not so subtlety by having same actors protray same characters.

  19. Old Amanda – conspiracy and control
    52 Amanda – Old Amanda + action + sexy(but with muscle)

    Old Amanda for Arrow and new for movies. Arrow is more of a old Green Arrow not the new clown type.

  20. Pam Grier played her on Smallville but Pam has been sick. So I’d take:
    -Vivica Fox
    -Gabriel Union
    -Paula Patton
    -Naomie Harris
    -Sanaa Lathan
    -Taraji P. Henson

  21. Angela Bassett by a landslide. Bassett’s the perfect actress to play
    Amanda Waller. She did the role in Green Lantern and fanboys would
    want her to reprise that role – not only on this Arrow tv show, but
    in the eventual Justice League movie.

  22. I wonder if they will have the Suicide Squad in future and if so, which version?

  23. I prefer the huge, fat Amanda Waller. In real life not everyone is sexy..we have a lot of obese people in the country. They need to be represented on screen too. The pre-52 Waller reminds me of a no-nonsense matron/’mother hen’ type. Challenge is there are very few really fat actors (to say nothing of actresses) nowadays. Even Monique seems to have lost wait. That’s one of the challenges with bringing Kingpin to the silver screen too. Bulk. I’d really prefer the huge, intimidating Waller.

  24. Aha! Again my comment awaits moderation. hmm. This is becoming unbecoming.

  25. I think it’s time that DCU/MU & DCCU/MCU should combine and become 1 universe since they have the same things anyway :/

  26. Angela Bassett won’t be able to fill Waller’s shoes, she’s neck-deep in a witch’s brew over on American Horror Story: Coven. I too really hope WB pushes this takeover all the way and fully integrates Arrow with DCCU. It certainly seems that will be the case. P.s. how awesome would it be to have a crop-haired Oprah Winfrey as Amanda?!?