‘Arrow’ Casting for Nightwing? DC TV & Movie Universes NOT Connected?

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Arrow Nightwing Steven McQueen Casting Arrow Casting for Nightwing? DC TV & Movie Universes NOT Connected?

You have to hand it to Batman: he’s making headlines without having to get out of bed these days. As the rumor mill surrounding his next big screen appearance in Batman vs. Superman runs at full capacity, the most recent gossip has hinted that Dick Grayson, Batman’s former sidekick Robin, would appear in the film in his Nightwing persona – and that Warner Bros. is already casting.

It seems that during all that excitement, TV fans might have overlooked the hints that Nightwing would first be making his debut in The CW’s Arrow. The Vampire Diaries‘ Steven R. McQueen has been implying that’s the role he’s after, and the network may have already agreed. But would this casting mean that the Green Arrow series isn’t in the Justice League universe after all?

Although official word Warner Bros. hasn’t been released on either casting process (or even confirmation), McQueen took to his Twitter account to playfully tease a Grayson-connection during one of his workout sessions:

Lifting weights while bearing a superhero’s insignia is nothing new, but the fact that the actor linked the Tweet to the accounts of the Arrow showrunners was suspicious. The playful replies from Greg Berlanti seemed to hint that even if McQueen was simply teasing his fans while showing his love for DC Comics, more was going on behind the scenes.

Then came the following Tweet just yesterday:

The obvious question on every DC fan’s mind: has Steven R. McQueen revealed that he is at least in talks with the Arrow showrunners to bring Dick Grayson to life on the small screen?

We wouldn’t be too surprised if that were the case, given the number of times that the city of Bludhaven has been mentioned offhand by numerous characters (for those unfamiliar with the comics, Bludhaven was adopted early on as Dick Grayson’s stomping grounds). But given Grayson’s tutelage under Batman – a character noticeably absent from Arrow thus far – what are the writers up to?

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in Arrow City of Heroes Arrow Casting for Nightwing? DC TV & Movie Universes NOT Connected?

There’s no question that Nightwing is a perfect fit for Arrow‘s grounded approach to DC’s catalogue of heroes and villains; arguably a far better fit than many that have made their way onto the show already, and much easier to grasp than the injection of superspeed on its way. But if the character is simultaneously being cast for both the TV show and the motion picture, would the question of whether they take place in the same universe be answered (much to fans’ disappointment) with a resounding ‘No’?


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  1. I dont understand dc/wb or for that matter fox. You have these characters that when handled with respect and decency will make you a billion dollars per film. The first two burtonn bat-films all 3 nolan films snyders M.O.S. and to a verying degree green lantern (although for the wrong reason) proved that when these characters are given the treatment they deserve will bank almost endlessly. TO prove that point I have had copies of all the OG superman films on VHS DVD andblue ray. A new format comes out i rebuy them. I dont really understand why the powers that be wont find someone who will repect the source material and give them the toold to make a film. Same with fox and deadpool. Deadpool is a property that sells itself. Mention the deadpool movie script and people go nuts for it. Does it have to be a hard R rating…as someone who has literally read everything deadpool has been in…No it doesnt. It can be a hard pg 13 and achieve the same effects. There is really no excuses as to why we dont have a deadpool movie, or flash, or any number of other films. Wonder woman would be great if given the asgard or even lord of the rings treatment…Itll work if they get off there wallets.

    • +1

  2. Christiam J. Rolon

    in Arrow is better… but the need to mention the existence of batman and other major heroes… As much as I would like to see Nightwing in the big screen Bats vs. Sups isnt the place to show him

  3. Avidesh Cfc Chadee

    Both! :D

  4. With them making Ra’s al ghul a villain in “Arrow” I can see Nightwing working out for the show. Since The CW has had problems with introducing Batman in smallville and arrow, it works for Dick Grayson to show up in Arrow he would be shows only really good Batman/Ra’s Al Ghul connection!

  5. Both

  6. Joel Gonzalez

    Jeremy Newman

  7. Gregory Nicholas Perkins

    Probably Arrow, but don’t care much either way. I am tired of the Robin is uncool mantra.

  8. Ej Dafivbiroro

    Arrow all day.

  9. Arrow. I like arrow and the new movie so far sounds like a mess if they’re actually trying to do everything the rumors say

  10. Nathan R. Finkbone


  11. ugh, why are the FB comments being integrated now?

    • Annoying, isn’t it?

      Inane comments and people randomly commenting with people’s names being tagged with zero in the way of actually contributing an opinion on the subject at hand.

      This is why I’ve always hated social media.

      • Yeah, I never comment on the SR page on facebook, but I always did on here. I guess they want the comments section to be even more active than it already is.

  12. Brent Campbell

    He better be. It’s going to take a lot more than just Green Arrow to take down Amazo and Ra’s Al Ghul

  13. Sam Ding

    Kristy Venables

  14. I was reading an article last week that was saying McQueen was rumored to take the Nightwing role. Because I just didn’t see it as being introduced this season I wrote it off but now with his tweets and all it’s very interesting because the article also wrote that like Marvel, DC is trying to connect the TV world into the big screen world considering that Amell would be an older character by the time a JLA movie hits the big screen? 2017 maybe? If this article is true I do see the whole TV characters being connected. Maybe we might get Wonder Women in this Sups vs Bats movie and all these Nightwing/Green Arrow/Flash rumors are more geared towards a JLA movie set 3 years down the road

  15. Arrow. I don’t want a two hour movie to throw in too many characters at once. It would get a bit convoluted.

    • Yeah, same here.

  16. I never thought Arnell had the acting chops to cut it next to Cavill/Affleck let alone Steven R. McQueen. Don’t get me wrong I think the show is OK but keep it separate, leave the movies for the big boys and hopefully girls once WW is cast.

  17. I would like to see nightwing on arrow. I don’t care about how they work the universes.

  18. Matt Coe


  19. Look wise, I like this one much better than the previous contenders for the… er… movie version :(
    But you know, it would be such a waste of time and characters if they don’t connect the TV and the Movies. Then again, this is WB/DC, so I don’t have much to hope anyway. All I know is that I’m sticking with the TV Universe, while the Movie Universe so far hasn’t interest me at all

  20. Suh Oliveira

    Both :)

  21. WB / DC are so foolish it hurts. DC used to be my favourite comic universe but not anymore. I’m done with this amateurish, blantant waste of opportunities to finally build a shared universe. It’s not just the TV shows not being connected to BvS and the Justice League movies. It’s them ignoring TDK, the greatest comic book trilogy EVER…

    I’d rather wait to see Wolverine and Spidey in an Avengers movie at some point (which WILL happen sooner or later) than to build up any anticipation for the DC movie universe. I’ll watch the movies, no question about that, but I won’t get emotionally involved anymore… It’s official… I’m a Marvel fan now!

    • I like both universe. There’s some things that I love about Marvel and others that I love about DC. I think though when it comes to the big screen it seems like Marvel is taking more chances with “branching out” to other little known characters(general public) like the GOTG movie and Antman. DC has been more safe in their either Batman or Superman movie. I think a lot of it was due to the failures of GL. Now when it comes to the TV aspect of things, DC has dominated hands down. Arrow is soo far ahead with what is being done compared to AOS. This is why I think you might see DC make a “Marvel” move in having the TV and movie world connected at some point. If the whole Flash storyline turns out to be as good as season 2 has been then DC might not have a choice but to connect them.

    • @Smike

      TDK trilogy was NEVER a part of DC movie continuity. They said that from the beginning and throughout.

  22. Please just keep the movie universe and tv universe separate, Stephen Amell should stick with the tv show and i say they cast a new green arrow for the movies

    • +1

    • Todd Lasance for movie version of Green Arrow. Been saying this all year.

      • I’m not familiar with that performer, but I’ve often thought Gabriel (Suits) Macht could do well in the role.

        • guys, two words for Green Arrow on the big screen: Charlie Hunnam

  23. i could see “sawyer” from lost for green arrow

  24. I’m fine with two different universes. Sorry Amell :(

    • Your user name adds a touch of humor to your statement. :)

  25. If they do cast a robin in the m.o.s movie I think they should have a jason todd or tim drake

  26. rather see nightwing in his own series then anything…

  27. Martin Thomas


  28. All of this speculation is killing me, I just want to know if the universes are connected or not damn it lol! I like Arrow and wouldn’t mind the characters on that show being considered apart of the DCCU. If not, I’m fine with that too however. If Nightwing really does already exist in the DCCU, then the next Batman solo film should be a Robin story, either Jason Todd or Tim Drake. If decided to have it where Jason Todd already died, I would love to see a Red Hood movie with Jensen Ackles playing Jason (he already voiced him in Under The Red Hood). And Jared Padalecki would also be a great Nightwing. I know that would never happen, but considering the chemistry they have after 9 seasons of Supernatural, I think it would be a great idea actually. And the Robin can be Tim Drake.

  29. I wouldn’t mind him on ARROW but seriously, who is this show about now? Green Arrow or The Dark Knight??!