‘Arrow’ Casting for Nightwing? DC TV & Movie Universes NOT Connected?

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Arrow Nightwing Steven McQueen Casting Arrow Casting for Nightwing? DC TV & Movie Universes NOT Connected?

You have to hand it to Batman: he’s making headlines without having to get out of bed these days. As the rumor mill surrounding his next big screen appearance in Batman vs. Superman runs at full capacity, the most recent gossip has hinted that Dick Grayson, Batman’s former sidekick Robin, would appear in the film in his Nightwing persona – and that Warner Bros. is already casting.

It seems that during all that excitement, TV fans might have overlooked the hints that Nightwing would first be making his debut in The CW’s Arrow. The Vampire Diaries‘ Steven R. McQueen has been implying that’s the role he’s after, and the network may have already agreed. But would this casting mean that the Green Arrow series isn’t in the Justice League universe after all?

Although official word Warner Bros. hasn’t been released on either casting process (or even confirmation), McQueen took to his Twitter account to playfully tease a Grayson-connection during one of his workout sessions:

Lifting weights while bearing a superhero’s insignia is nothing new, but the fact that the actor linked the Tweet to the accounts of the Arrow showrunners was suspicious. The playful replies from Greg Berlanti seemed to hint that even if McQueen was simply teasing his fans while showing his love for DC Comics, more was going on behind the scenes.

Then came the following Tweet just yesterday:

The obvious question on every DC fan’s mind: has Steven R. McQueen revealed that he is at least in talks with the Arrow showrunners to bring Dick Grayson to life on the small screen?

We wouldn’t be too surprised if that were the case, given the number of times that the city of Bludhaven has been mentioned offhand by numerous characters (for those unfamiliar with the comics, Bludhaven was adopted early on as Dick Grayson’s stomping grounds). But given Grayson’s tutelage under Batman – a character noticeably absent from Arrow thus far – what are the writers up to?

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in Arrow City of Heroes Arrow Casting for Nightwing? DC TV & Movie Universes NOT Connected?

There’s no question that Nightwing is a perfect fit for Arrow‘s grounded approach to DC’s catalogue of heroes and villains; arguably a far better fit than many that have made their way onto the show already, and much easier to grasp than the injection of superspeed on its way. But if the character is simultaneously being cast for both the TV show and the motion picture, would the question of whether they take place in the same universe be answered (much to fans’ disappointment) with a resounding ‘No’?


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  1. I’m not a fan of McQueen’s acting. He shows very little range and depth in his performances (and yes, I’ve watched TVD). However, if the plan is to set the character up in “Arrow” and bring him to the big screen later on through a performance by Padalecki, I’d be more than okay with that.

    Make it happen, DC. And for Pete’s sake, cast Cranston as Luthor already!

  2. there is no way now that that they could integrate dick graysonc into arrow and have him be a super hero, maybe a couple of seasons down the line, as for steven mcqueen he is definitely no the right choice, i love the TVD but he’s acting in my opinion is not up to par in order to play a legend.

  3. I really dig Stephen Amell’s Green Arrow but just keep the tv separate. Obviously, based on what we know, WB doesn’t have much of a plan if any. I don’t think you can put Arrow in the Man of Steel universe for the same reason Nolan’s Batman can’t. Like DK Batman, if you put Amell’s Arrow against someone like Faora he would get splattered like those soldiers. Arrow is not built to run along side Cavill’s Superman. For now WB just keep the tv as its own universe and work to establish your film side more.

    • Can’t argue the fatality odds. I think if the idea is to bring ‘vigilantes’ into the fold, it would do well to have them be… less than thrilled about fighting aliens, and happy to just fight human crime – since that’s what they started out wanting to stop.

      • True. Good point.

        • Why is it different than comics hes just as human, he has to rely on cunning and gadgets and working with others who do have powers, also how is it different then hawkeye being in the same world as the stuff thor deals with

  4. I think Arrow should be set in the past and Justice League should be set in the not to distant future. Stephen Amell can sport the goatee in the movie, While on the show he’s clean shaven. That way you never have to worry about Superman appearing because he hasn’t revealed himself yet. As far as Nightwing he can be about 20 in the Tv show. and like 26 in the movie universe.

    • Please, someone give that man a paycheck!

  5. The Tv and movie universes will be separated, and here is why, if the Flash TV show fails, then people will lose (a little bit of) interest to the movie. and that little bit could be the difference of showing Marvel “Anything you can do, I can do better!”, and not.

    Which, by the way, is why I never thought that the SHIELD tv show was a good idea, thankfully, it does not star a big named hero or villain. Cartoons were fine (Avengers:EMH, not the one that took its place).

    • By the way, as far as I am concerned, Agent Coulson died in ‘Avengers’.

      • But… he didn’t. And they in fact are going to reveal why he didn’t.

        • Why are you still watching Agents of Shield? Did it really improve that much? I doubt it.

  6. Im glad they will be seperate. I really dont prefer gustin as my movie flash nor amell as my green arrow. Unless he can get the long blonde hair and goatee

  7. They idea of doing Nightwing with out at least alluding to Batman is just asinine to me. A central part of that character is his relationship to Bats, and since we can already guarantee that we won’t be having Batman on Arrow at any point, I’m really having a hard time stomaching this idea.

    • Just because Bats may not be shown doesnt mean he cant be mentioned or alluded to

    • They pulled it off on Teen Titans (regardless of weather you liked the show or not).

  8. So hopefully, we get a movie Nightwing different to a TV version and we can also hope for David Lyons as a big screen version of Barry Allen to differentiate from Grant Gustin’s, along with a Todd Lasance Green Arrow.

    • I was hoping that the tv and film u would be connected but if not I hope they go full force and just have a connected tv u, hopefully a nightwing show too, I would love to see Red Hood on Arrow and with nightwing also other robins it would be cool too see stuff from new 52 opener about the circus and also him being a potential talon for the court of owls

  9. Marco Carpio

    Arrow makes sense, since Bludhaven was already featured

    • yeah I remember that nd it could work cuz they said flash would really have powers(not some weird gadget thing like black canary) so if he’s on arrow it can connect the movie universe with the show universe,then maybe all 3 could be in it(if flash dosnt flop and theyre both good incarnations,i think Stephen has proved himself so far but the others Idk yet)

    • Robert Domino

      Doesn’t make since for either of them since Nightwing needs to be Robin first.

    • Alec Weston

      It makes perfect sense Robert Domino. In Batman vs. Superman, Batman’s been around for a while according to what we know of the character in the film. It’s completely possible that he’s had a few Robins so far!

  10. Adam America Bercegeay


  11. Adam America Bercegeay

    Own show

  12. Cody Ravan

    Dylan Taylor holy s***!

  13. that tv series is still on?

    • Anthony Wright

      yes, and it is quite good.

    • coming from a highschool student, I’ll stay away from it

      • Wait, are you saying you’re a high school student? In which case I’m not sure what the relationship is between being in high school and not liking Arrow.

        Also, yes the show has gotten much better.

        • The first half of season 1 was definitely geared towards the teen audience (it’s CW afterall) but recently they’ve started to switch gears. Now it’s more mature and less teen angst.

      • Your loss.

  14. Both

  15. The same in both

  16. Neither.

  17. Nick Norman

    neither, never cared for him…or batgirl…or robin…

  18. Co

  19. Aaron Fontenot

    why does he even need to be in the superman-batman movie anyway. put him on arrow then let him spin off into his own series.

    • Now that’s a better news… lol

  20. if any of the previously rumored actors gets the role i want to see the character in neither one of them… the prettyboy angle would probably be an indication for cw’s arrow, with the network and all

  21. Jacob Smith

    No way I think they should have Joseph Gordan Levitt play Nightwing In there!

  22. Nightwing on Arrow makes more sense than Bm vs Sm. Better for his character development.

    • Austin Conner Williamson

      It would make an interesting subplot in the movie where Dick Grayson is deciding whether or not he should leave Batman’s shadow. If Bruce thinks he can take on Superman alone, Dick wouldn’t hesitate to leave.

    • Gregory Young

      Neither if only cause their is a slim chance Arrow could cross over into the DC Cinematic Universe which I pray it does.

    • Agree !

  23. Sergio Ramirez

    Daniel Montes

  24. Nick Creson

    Maybe a cameo in Batman vs. Superman that would lead to appearances in other films and maybe start in Arrow and be one universe

  25. My guess is that the rumors about Nightwing being in Batman vs. Superman were slightly off and it’s actually this, Nightwing being in Arrow. I don’t thing Steve McQueen is a very good choice, than again, it isn’t much of a surprising choice, given that he’s in the Vampire Diaries, which is also a CW show. McQueen isn’t a bad actor if you ask me, he’s just really mediocre. They could’ve done much better.

    • Also, with the TV shows being connected to the film universe, I highly doubt it’ll happen and I’m actually happy for that now. Stephen Amell might’ve been cool to see but every other actor, not so much. Grant Gustin probably has talent, I wouldn’t know but it’s hard to see him alongside actors like Affleck and Cavil. Though he can definitely prove me wrong considering I haven’t even seen him yet. Steve McQueen on the other hand, yeah, I already know he wouldn’t hold up in a Batman vs. Superman film, even if he’s a secondary character.

  26. Ben Phelps


  27. Tevin Copper

    What if roy harper is nightwing an a new character becomes red arrow

    • God, I hope not. Still holding out for Roy becoming Arsenal.

      • Me, too!

    • Mark Tyrell Alford

      no i donnt see that roy is red but he not gong to be red ye but i think they r need to have nitewing bestfriend

  28. Arrow!