‘Arrow’ Showrunner Compares Flash’s Introduction to Marvel’s Shared Movie Universe

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Arrow Showrunner Talks Flash TV Show Arrow Showrunner Compares Flashs Introduction to Marvels Shared Movie Universe

Since Arrow has been such an enormous success for both The CW and DC, it was only a matter of time before the two corporate entities joined forces again and brought another superhero to the small screen. While there were reports that a Wonder Woman show – titled Amazonwould be next on the docket, it’s not surprising that The Flash is getting there first. You know, because he’s fast.

Recently, Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim talked about the popular series, creating a shared DC universe on television, introducing The Flash to the gritty world inhabited by “The Hood,” and how it all compares to the ever-expanding Marvel Movie Universe.

Speaking with Comic Book Resources, Guggenheim expressed his excitement about expanding the world of Arrow, saying:

“Honestly, I’m just excited to help be a part of expanding the DC Universe. I think one of the big thing that appeals to me about comics in general is the idea of the shared universe. It’s a lot of fun to be able to do that in television, and growing up one of the things I enjoyed was the ‘Six Million Dollar Man’ and ‘The Bionic Woman’ and the way those two shows would interact with each other. We’re at least a season away from ‘Arrow’ interacting with ‘The Flash,’ but the potential for that is really exciting for me.”

What he says about The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman certainly strikes a chord with this writer. One yearns for the days when TV crossovers – outside of animation – were a fairly common occurrence (e.g., Magnum P.I. and Murder, She WroteThe Jetsons Meet the Flintstones, The Jeffersons and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air , etc.). Personally, I’m still waiting for the mega-U.S.A. crossover featuring the casts of Burn Notice, Royal PainsWhite Collar, Suits, and so forth.

dcuniverse Arrow Showrunner Compares Flashs Introduction to Marvels Shared Movie Universe

Perhaps if Guggenheim and company continue to expand this live-action television DC universe with new shows and superheroes, we’ll eventually get to see a major, multi-episode superhero crossover the likes of which has only been experienced in the pages of a comic book.

As we already know, Flash will be appearing in three episodes of Arrow season 2. Guggenheim talked a bit about who will be handling those episodes and the new series, saying:

“Andrew [Kreisberg, executive producer and writer] is taking the lead on ‘The Flash.’ This has been in the works for a while and had been in the works since before Comic-Con. But we made the decision, as these things are announced in a rollout, to take a strategy where we’d announce Black Canary, Bronze Tiger and Brother Blood at Comic-Con. We felt like, ‘That’s a lot for Comic-Con. Let’s save something back for when T.C.A. comes around.’ I want to disabuse anyone of the notion that we decided to do Flash after Comic-Con. We’re just capable of keeping secrets every now and again.”

But how, pray tell, will The Flash – a character who simultaneously gets sprayed with random chemicals and struck but lightning, thus granting him the ability (in some instances) to move faster than speed of light – exist in the semi-realistic and gritty world of Arrow?

Stephen Amell as Green Arrow in Justice League Arrow Showrunner Compares Flashs Introduction to Marvels Shared Movie Universe

Says Guggenheim:

“I think a lot of people are justified in asking ‘What does this mean for “Arrow” in terms of its tone?’ And my answer is that the trick that we have – and this is a challenge we’ve discusses a lot and have an awareness of how to face it head on – is the fact that ‘Arrow’ is like ‘Iron Man’ where ‘The Flash’ will be ‘The Hulk.’ And just as ‘The Hulk’ coming out did not change the tone of the Iron Man movies, ‘The Flash’ will not change the tone of ‘Arrow.’

“We’re very cognizant of what ‘Arrow’ is all about, and I think the Marvel movies demonstrate that each piece of a universe can have its own feel. ‘Thor’ is consistent with the tone of Thor while ‘Captain America’ is consistent with the tone of Captain America’s character. ‘Arrow’s’ tone will remain consistent much in the same way, and we are looking forward to expanding our canvass a bit. And judging from the announcement, I think the fans are looking forward to it as well.”

Bary Allen – a.k.a. The Flash – will not have superpowers when he first appears on Arrow and it’s unclear if he will by the time he leaves the show. Still, it’s not like Arrow is some ultra-realistic take on Green Arrow. While it certainly derives some of its creative cues from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, it also has some pretty ridiculous and over the top moments. It’s not, by and large, a series that takes itself too seriously.

Green Arrow Versus Flash Arrow Showrunner Compares Flashs Introduction to Marvels Shared Movie Universe

If a world like the one in Arrow can have Deadshot, China White, The Count, Deathstroke, and The Huntress in it – and in the case of Huntress and The Count, be as cheesy as possible – it’s probably not too much of a stretch to incorporate a man with superspeed.

What do you think, Screen Ranters? Are you looking forward to the new television interpretation of The Flash on Arrow? Do you think a Flash TV show is a good idea? Drop us a line in the comments.


Arrow season 2 premieres Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 @9pm on The CW. Stay tuned to Screen Rant for more news on The Flash.

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Source: Comic Book Resources

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  1. I like the shared universe idea. But after already having altered many characters (often portraying them without their powers) to give the show a “realistic” feel, adding the Flash confuses me.

    • Seconded.

      • I agree. They have changed too much now to take this seriously. The City name, Black Canary’s origins, Villains etc…

        • So a man being blinded with acid and developing super-extra-sensory abilities as a result is something you can take seriously; but a drug dealer suppling hallucinogenics, you cant?

          • What’s Daredevil got to do with anything???

            • LOL

            • Yea, I was totally following the thread of thought until the Daredevil thing…

              • My point is, he seems to be able to take the often outlandish origin stories of comic book characters ‘seriously’, but when presented with an alternate, more grounded and realistic origin, finds it incredulous…

                • Well with last season Arrow tried to keep a more realistic tone which is why The Royal Flush Gang just wore card themed hockey masks, Firefly wore firefighters gear and just sprayed his victims with turpentine then used a lighter to set them on fire rather than be dressed like a giant firefly with a jetpack and flame throwers, and Count Vertigo’s disorientation came from drugs rather than a superpower.

                  Which makes it strange that they would introduce a guy with super speed.

                  • The thing is, he’s not going to have his powers if I read this correctly. I’m assuming they’re going with Barry Allen for The Flash so if that’s the case, there’s a lot more to him than just Super Speed. He’s a Police Scientist. They really should stop saying “The Flash” and give a name.

                    • They should just stop this show entirely. This show has little or nothing to do with the comics, what a waste of time!

                    • Jerry…

                      Don’t watch.

                      There. Problem solved.

                    • No Geoff Johns has confirmed that the Flash will indeed have his super powers at some point during his time on Arrow. I for one am ecstatic! I cannot wait to see Oliver, Felicity, and all the characters’ reaction to a super human. I think the producers sort of backed themselves into a corner the first season with the “no powers” rule, and they were forced to downgrade villains like Firefly and Count Vertigo. Now WB is starting to gear up the DCU and I think they’re forcing supers on to Arrow. I couldn’t be happier, just think of the possibilities. But, they better give Black Canary her screech…

          • It’s not that their version of Vertigo wasn’t semi-realistic (though I found the character to be a bit of an over-the-top Scarecrow), it’s that they completely changed the character of Count Vertigo, just as they’ve changed Green Arrow and Black Canary. I think we’re justified in worrying about how this DC TV Universe will portray other characters we know and love. That said, I have mostly enjoyed Arrow thus far, but I’m still worried about how they’ll treat other beloved characters.

            • I understand why people are worried but the fact is that somethings that work very well in comics, would just seem foolish and silly in real life. and show made is going to be a different variation of the comics, you’ll never get a word for word show. That being said, lets have faith in DC and the CW and see what they come up with for the flash

            • +1

              Their liberal character altering really makes me mad when I think about it.

              If your going to change someone that much just create a different character instead of taking a dump all over someone people love.

            • Think it would be interesting to see if they have Tom Welling reprise his Superman role in occasional appearances or possibly in a career saving move, have Chris O’Donnell appear as Nightwing in the oft mentioned neighbouring Bludhaven. Or not. Whatever. Could be for fun.

    • So since they call Green Arrow “ARROW” what are they gonna call the FLASH? Running Guy? or Runner? how about quicks? speedy lol? come on people PICK a LANE!!!!! going away from the “realistic” approach doesnt make a show CHEESY. lets get the names right and start from there. :/

      • Well, if you’ve seen the trailer for season two you see at the end that they’re probably going to call him Green Arrow starting pretty early on.

      • It’s an origin story, he may yet become called Green Arrow. And even if he’s not, I don’t mind the slight change.

        • Well in the trailer for season two, he tells Diggle, “I don’t want to be known as The Hood anymore.”
          Diggle asks “Well what do you want to be called?”
          Then Oliver looks at the green arrow that he’s holding.

      • Speedy is Red Arrow… Soooo yea… don’t think your humor hit point there exactly.

    • Agreed, I’d rather they keep the “Arrowverse” separate from the DCCU because of all the changes they made to so many of the characters

  2. I assume this piece’s name should read “DC’s shared movie universe”?

    On topic, however, I’m looking forward to the Flash’s appearance, though I do hope they tweak the catalyst slightly…

    • The article is saying that it’s being compared to Marvel’s Shared Universe so no, the title is fine.

    • No. They are comparing DC’s TV Universe to Marvel’s Movie Universe.

      • except that Marvel’s movie & TV universe are melding after the premier of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
        what do they call it now; the Marvel Visual Media Universe?

  3. I like that he used cognizant, people don’t use that enough. Anyways, this sounds pretty cool, I’m glad to see they are putting in more and more of the DCU.

  4. It’s not necessarily about Arrow being hyper-realistic. It’s about having something unusual and taking it seriously. Obviously, Arrow has one-liners – it would not surprise me to learn that Felicity is an alternate-universe version of Chloe from Smallville – but it’s not quite as goofy and light-hearted as some other superhero films/TV shows. This is what makes me hopeful for slightly weirder villains like Mr Freeze in the Batman reboot – people who have got to a certain point in Batman: Arkham City probably has some notion of how great that guy in particular could be if he wasn’t an ice-based-one-liner-spinning Austrian.

    One potential issue would be Flash’s speed. If Flash is faster than anything else, he should win every fight easily. Even more so if he can do that intangibility trick he sometimes has. I guess they wouldn’t do this if they weren’t confident, though. Part of me wants them to do the special effects like ‘Man of Steel’ so it’s just stupidly fast instead of the Smallville way of doing it.

  5. Yes, I want a Flash show. I also want the Wonder Woman show. And some more crossover stuff, like Nightwing showing up in Arrow or Green Lantern in Flash.

    I still want an Aquaman movie before Justice League!

  6. I think it’s pretty cool, we get two or three episodes with Barry Allen, at the end of his third episode he’s involved in an accident and is shipped off to hospital in Central City, sure that’s the Flash’s stomping ground… ScreenRanters feel free to correct me.

    Episode ends with a Flash Trailer “coming this fall on the CW….” :)

    Flash TV show with super-speed and Arrow carries on as before.

    As Guggy says just because the shared world has superpowers in it doesn’t necessary mean that they have to turn up in Arrow. That’s why the Flash is getting his own series…. his show = superpowers, Arrow = not so much.

    Wouldn’t it be MAD if DC started off the Justice League as a multi episode multi show crossover event. So we’ve got Arrow and Flash, Bats and Supes are going to be knocking 12 bells of sh1t out of each other in a couple of years…. all that’s left is Diana and Hal (or John Stewart)

    Bit of Fresh Prince of Oa Air lol or Themyscira 90210 :)

    The CW & DC, send me a cheque…..

    • “12 bells of sh1t”

      First gut laugh of the day; thank you sir.

      • Your welcome, no laugh at the comedy tv references. Hmmm more practice required

        • those were good as well. i chuckled.

    • I think The Justice League though, is just too big to start out on the films.

      This idea though, I would love to see done for something like a version of The Titans/Young Justice, something in that vain.

      I’m talking maybe Nightwing/Red Robin, Kid Flash/Impulse, Arsenal, Cyborg or Superboy, Aquagirl, and either Miss Martian or Kole. (Depending on the super-power stance of the show, as that would dictate who could be on the team, but either way I think these people all walk a pretty decent line between powerful, but not broken powerful like some of the heavy hitters would be like Green Lantern.)

  7. Sounds like s… To me.
    First of all – they’re referencing marvel. Althought there’s no denying that marvel hit it out if the park, it s kind of ridiculous how after constantly putting them down – our heroes are bigger and they don’t belong to a shared universe – they not only change their mind but they reference marvel. You could do it differently you know – like a mix between tv and movies.
    Secundly – what s the point of all those tv show if it’s to put them in a different universe and hesitate on movies?
    Get your s… Together before we do it for you by boycotting your movies.

    • What stories are you reading.

      1. Justice League = All DC Heroes and Villains in a shared universe.

      2. They ARE mixing it up between TV (Arrow & Flash) and Movies MoS & MoS2 (with Bats in it)

      3. Their TV Shows ARE in the same universe, that’s why Barry Allen i.e. The Flash, is being introduced in Arrow before moving on to his own show.

      4. They’re not hesitating on movies, MoS2 was green lit before MoS was even in theatres.

      I’ll concede the point that the more tricky JL original members (Green Lantern – took a stab, fumbled it BADLY, Wonder Woman, now there’s a tough nut to crack…. wasn’t Uber Marvel Man Joss Whedon supposed to be doing a Wonder Woman film before he was “stolen” for The Avengers) are on the back burner at the moment but there’s only so many projects that can be dealt with at once.

      I think you’re getting yourself a little mixed up with the current DC/WB/CW productions and Nolan’s Bat Trilogy which was, is and always will be a separate universe from all the other source material.

      I doubt any serious CBM fan will be boycotting the next DC release.

      • You are completely misunderstanding me : if they are so eager to make tv shows then they should share the continuity of the movies
        And bat vs sup doesn’t count as taking risks it s actually the most corporate course of action they could take : they know bat is a cash machine so considering m…… Superman barely did better than freaking ironman 1 ( a mainstream complete unknown b-lister back then) they put bat in to tweak the box office results and pat themselves on the back : DC movie universe is mostly dead.
        Can’t even believe the corporate bull you’re spreading… You say they are not stalling ????Where is gl 2 ??!
        Wb -Dc executives change their intentions every freaking year! They mocked marvel shared universe, they oversold gl ordering the script for the sequel while the first one wasn’t even released and Internet clearly despised the trailer, then they talked about making a gl darker as if it was a cure all, they kept saying they have terrific scripts for flash,etc… And bottom line you get 1 movie and things like smallville and arrow.., It s weak and dc is losing everything here. The cartoons have sustained their appeal for the youth but even that is not going well lately and for the movie output, the difference with marvel is just absurd : marvel studio or not you have at least 3 marvel heroes every year on the screen while dc has trouble to get one a year and it s always tge same. Well what comic do you think the uninitiated are going to read ??

        • Man of Steel did a fair bit better than Iron Man 1 at the box office. Yeah, Iron Man wasn’t widely known back then… but then Man of Steel did better than Iron Man 2. Not better than Iron Man 3, but by that point, a confirmed movie universe was in place and it was riding the Avengers tide of awesome. Basically, you’re a little bit off by saying that Man of Steel was a bit of a failure.

          DC didn’t knock the concept of a combined universe – they simply said, quite rightly, that whilst Avengers managed to make a billion at the box office, so did Batman in a solo film. It was a joke. You know, like, “Well, Batman could take on Iron Man, Thor and Hulk and still be awesome!”

          Marvel ‘only’ has two films a year, but is owned by Disney, so it can afford to. At this point, they’re starting to head into the unknown slightly, with less-well-known properties like Ant-Man and Doctor Strange getting made into movies. WB/DC haven’t had anything that would work in a larger universe be a massive box office success yet.

          Green Lantern is tricky. It seems too soon to reboot it, but the film wasn’t very well received. They need to ask the obvious questions – was it the script? The actors? The CGI? Cramming too much in? A lame villain? A bit of everything? How do they come back from that?! A possibility is having Sinestro and his Corps destroy the Green Lanterns off-screen since a Green Lantern army couldn’t stop a fear-based entity and they try to be the new guardians of the galaxy… heh. On-screen, the last surviving… blue dwarf sends out the final working ring (Hal is on Earth wondering WTF happened to his ring) and it finds Kyle Rayner.

          He is trusted to rebuild the Green Lantern franchi- Corps. If he’s popular in a Justice League film, the next Green Lantern film features him as an Honour Guard and he recruits Guy Gardner to join him, reinstates Hal as one of Earth’s sector’s protectors and tags him up with new guy John Stewart. And they all kick ass and fight Sinestro. It’s an idea, at least. But talking about it is very different to investing hundreds of millions of dollars into it…

          • Yeah, but Iron Man’s budget was half of what Man Of Steel’s budget is, same goes for Iron Man 2.

            • ‘Half’ is an exaggeration. Iron Man 1 was a major success, no denying it. Its budget was $140m and it brought in $585m. I make that 60% of Man of Steel’s budget ($225m) and bringing in 90% of Man of Steel’s box office money ($658m.) Iron Man 2’s costs were around $200m and it brought in $623m – 89% of MoS’ budget, 94% of its box office money.

              Iron Man was, in terms of percentages, a better investment. Iron Man 2 was kinda comparable, but was a sequel of a wildly popular film. Man of Steel was a reboot and those aren’t massively popular. However, it still brought in more money and has got people excited for a Justice League film down the line.

              I’m not trying to put down Marvel’s success – way back in 2008, I didn’t really believe that an Avengers film would happen – but I don’t think that Man of Steel was a massive failure, despite what some would have you believe. If it leads to more great characters getting screen time, whether that’s in the follow-up movie or a great TV show, I’m happy.

              • Man of Steel had to cope with the bane of the previous Superman film. Same reason X-Men First Class and The Wolverine didn’t do great. The next Superman film I think will see numbers closer to Avengers (same with the next film in the X-Men franchise).

          • I honestly would prefer that they take care of some of this stuff of screen and I would actually prefer a different story.

            Were I the one working with this, I would be focusing more on John Stewart. He seems the best Lantern to go with at this point. Rayner and Gardner all seem a bit too obscure to be movie draws, but being a founding member of the animated Justice League and being heavily featured in the DCaU, I think he has a leg-up on all the other Lanterns and also hasn’t been seen in a bad light like Jordan.

            I would instead have Jordan be tasked with finding his backup. He stumbles upon John Stewart, with The Ring guiding him. They can recreate his first mission, and inter-splice some of Jordan’s backstory as a soldier. Show that he’s a lot more serious and thinks more than Jordan, but show that while he’s gruff he has a heart of gold. At the end of the film, Jordan could send John on a mission that he’s too busy to deal with (let’s say he’s following a lead on something happening in the anti-matter universe,) and all he knows is that the Guardians are concerned about a powerful alien’s presence on Earth. That alien being Superman. Alternatively they can have him break up another fight (stopping another Batman vs. Superman fiasco,) before it begins and say that he wants them to explain what’s going on between them, which happens off screen.

            However you’re right. It’s easy to talk about as opposed to putting money behind.

      • Joss Whedon wasn’t stolen for the Avengers. He was working on a Wonder Woman treatment but it kiboshed long before the MCU entered the pictured.

    • What movies? There has been Batman, Superman, and a failed attempt at Green Lantern. Sounds like WB/DC is just sticking to Superman/Batman for the movies and using TV to see if the other characters will be good enough to make a movie. The more I keep reading articles on the WB/DC partnership, the more I realize they will not make a movie of another superhero character not named Superman or Batman. I mean, if they were actually taking a chance you would figure they would make a film that is riskier than a Superman vs Batman. I’d rather have a TV show of my favorite characters then not have them at all. If Arrow continues to be a success along with this new The Flash show then we will most likely see a expansion into the DC universe that includes characters like a Flash, Green Latern, Wonder Women, Aquaman. I have a feeling a JLA won’t be made until these TV shows are a hit. Maybe 2018 or 2019 sounds realistic for a JLA movie

    • You mean Superman and Batman are bigger right? What other heroes? Wonder Woman maybe but I can list of marvel heroes that are looked at as bigger than those other DC heroes .

      • @Blue Marvel


        It seems only die-hard comic book fans like ourselves in this article know who Wonder Woman and The Flash are, just like we were the only ones who knew who Iron Man and Captain America were until those movies became successful.

        I like the fact that they’re giving these characters a shot, even if it’s just TV right now.

        Besides, it was Snyder who said DC characters were gods compared to Marvel characters who he insulted as being “just ordinary people with powers”. That was his arrogance, passion and confidence in the character and the movie coming through.

        • Right because its not like either had a live action tv show!

  8. I think people have the wrong idea about making these shows/films realistic. The key is to offer a somewhat psuedo scientific reason why a hero has his/her powers. It is a myth that the Dark Knight movies are realistic versus they “seem” realistic. A tank that can jump from the top of one building to another is crazy but people bought it because Lucius Fox made up some outlandish story about how it was designed to help build bridges over rivers or something like that…or…the sonar device Batman uses that functions like a “submarine”. All that stuff is BS but it sounds like it could work. Star Trek has been doing it for decades. If they can create an almost realistic reason why Flash is fast…people will meet you half way and buy in.

    • +1

      Just like what they did with Jurassic Park.

      • EXACTLY!

        • I reckon your right Patrick
          It does seem terms like ‘realistic’ and ‘grounded’ get misconstrued quite often (since TDK trilogy really) – as long as the explanation works and is seemingly plausible, then people will buy it as realistic

          Really looking forward to see how they bring Barry Allen into the Arrow universe ( and hoping that DC at least keeps the door open for combining their TV and film universes down the line, otherwise it feels it a bit like a waste by giving Flash a show rather than a film, I’ll be watching anyway though)

    • Don’t you mean like sonar?

  9. I really think they will have to slowly ramp up Oliver’s abilities (hopefully in an organic, believable, hopefully almost unnoticeable way)so that him and other characters originating in his show fit into the DCCU.

    Arrow is basically Batman in that show anyway, so they face the same challenge that Snyder is going to face in BVS. How they mesh the various degree of power between humans and metas is going to make or break both Arrow and the Bat/Supes (JLA) future (if Arrow is part of the same universe).

  10. I like this idea…and it would allow WB/DC to continue introducing more characters to the viewing public and building a shared world without necessarily relying on two-hour films to carry out this revelation of the larger DC universe. This strategy (if such it is) also differentiates itself from the cinematic Marvel universe AND the cinematic DC universe which can remain tighter and more focused.

    I’m curious to see how things develop…and to see Flash!

  11. The Flash is my favorite super hero so any chance to see him on the large or small screen appeals to me. I just hope that it turns out okay/doesn’t ruin any potential chances for a future Justice League flick.

  12. build the DCU via arrow and have MOS 2 be the icing on the cake for justice league

    • ^ this build flash and green arrow through arrow but wonder woman must have her own movie

      • do ww in 2016 and JL in 2017

  13. If you watch the CW Vampire Diaries and old Smallville eps, a show about a guy with superspeed isn’t that far of a leap.

    I think it will be entertaining and I think they are doing this right, Arrow being the more “grounded” (there’s that word again) show and Flash being able to explore the meta-human version of the DCU.

    If vampires/werewolves/witches can be done in the “real world”, why not superheroes?

    I don’t understand when comic book fans don’t want to see superheroes on TV… would you rather just read about them in colored print?

  14. I am so glad at least part of WB/DC is taking advantage of the Marvel model and following it, that is great news. The Arrow showrunners make a lot of sense, I really believe these guys really get it. I just wish they were running the whole WB/DC shared universe, including movies. If they were WB/DC would be better off, further ahead and fans would be getting what they wanted, IMO.

    • I’m pretty sure the people behind Flash’s appearance in Arrow said that they didn’t want to do a Smallville ‘blur’ effect, but are exploring a lot of other options, like the recent Flashpoint Paradox animated film. Early on, why not have it like Man of Steel, where there is no really obvious ‘effect’ but things just happen really quickly? You hit the nail on the head with your bullet-stopping scene – the right combination of seeing what they’re doing and keeping it looking awesome will make all the difference.

      I don’t think they’ll make him run at light speed any time soon, or do any of that ‘infinite mass punch’ because… well, why wouldn’t he always use that? Just run really, really, really fast and punch someone. It’s a powerful ability and would defeat anything and would effectively ruin all stories after it because he would either render the threat neutralised after about half a second or he’d be ignoring his greatest strength.

      Obviously, until Flash breaks the light barrier (the light speed equivalent of the sound barrier?) at approximately 300,000,000m/s, Green Lantern will have the upper hand over him with his power ring’s hard light constructs 😛

      • All good points very well made :-)

        I cant wait for it!!!

    • That’s one of the reasons behind the creation of the Speedforce. It gives Flash all of physics warping powers of a god, but he can’t abuse them or he runs the risk of getting trapped in the Speedforce. He can push his limits, but it comes with it’s own set of risks. Flash normally keeps it under the speed of sound (1,126 feet per second still ridiculously fast) to say on the say side.

      • safe*

      • THANK you.

  15. I think everyone here has missed the most important point of the article, the USA network shared universe crossover NEEDS to happen! =D

  16. What Patrick said, just have to sell the explanation well.

    Maybe instead of saying Flash is fast, they can say his cells and molecules are hyper-accelerated somehow, maybe through some particle collider experiment or something, and he can control his molecules. Instead of saying he is fast, they could more sell it by saying everyone is moving slow to him.

    I know, I know, doesn’t seem like much of a difference, but I think there’s a small subtle difference by selling it from Flash’s angle rather than everyone’s viewpoint of Flash that makes it more believable and grounded sorta. They could go through Flash’s accelerated experience of reality now that his molecules and his whole macroscopic self experiences time differently. Would fit in with the tone of grounded and somewhat introspective oriented show/movie DC focuses on.

    A Flash series could explore that element of what it means to Flash having to adjust to the speed of everyone around him, slowing down himself, etc.

    • You might be on to something…I think in particle physics there are some particles that jump in and out of existence as though they are disappearing and reappearing. Some theories suggest they are traveling through different dimensions. Maybe you could say Flash is not so much moving fast as he is moving through different dimensions which make it appear as though he is moving really fast. Then you could say unlike normal people his body is made up of many more of these particles that jump in and out of existence. It would make what he does grounded in reality without actually being really possible!

    • I think trying to seamlessly connect television with film is a very volatile and bad idea.

      Keep them apart.

      • I’d like to see how the S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show does before writing off the concept. I’m sure the folks at WB/DC are doing the same thing.

      • why lol why have two universes with the same charactors that are different, thats silly

      • I would say you need some superb actors, who can transition well from doing television to doing movies as well or I would have suggested keeping your TV characters as smaller names instead of names you almost need for a JL film in the case of DC.

        I’m not big on actors, save for a few names. Arrow…I can’t say if these guys can make it or not on the big screen but never hurts to try. Some people really deliver under pressure.

  17. I think it is a great idea, just imagine, arrow is on for one part of the year while flash is on another part of the year, and if they want I would even be okay with another show, it is the perfect way to give these heroes exposure

  18. Well, at least they’re doing something on the TV front. They could always do what sci-fi shows (B5, BSG) have done, eventually produce some double-length “TV movie” episodes to handle team-ups and big plot developments. Honestly, for many characters, television can work fine. Flash is borderline…

    My big question is still – is Arrow going to overlap with Man of Steel? That may be a stretch, but it seems like it could be done, and if not – what the heck are they going to do about Flash on the big screen?

    • They could use Wally for The Flash in Justice League, perhaps?

  19. At first I didn’t think it would work in the Arrow world that is set more in realism but now those are the three episodes I’m looking for the most out of any other show on tv. Don’t know if the show is going to be a continuation of the show into the movie or two separate universes but I hope they get it right and not be like the one in the 90s. Im more of a DC fan and I want them to catch up with Marvel ASAP. The Flash show is a great idea and to bring a better fanbase to The Flash thats not just from Smallville.

  20. the idea of following marvel is good but don’t change the characters base plot like iron man 3

    • So don’t change a character’s base plot even if that base plot doesn’t work realistically in the story they’re trying to tell?

      Because I’m sure we all know that an old, frail looking man could EASILY go hand to hand with a guy in a robot suit.

  21. I am a little confused. I heard that Arrow had a “no superpowers” rule. If they want to create a shared TV universe, they are going to have to abandon that rule and maybe even go back and give powers where possible. Vertigo, for example, definitely could still get his powers, especially since in the comics his “powers” came from a medical device he had to fix an issue with balance.

    • Arrow’s first season is effectively his version of Batman: Year One – no superpowers, not too much craziness. Another example would be the Arkham series of games. Arkham Origins is set after Batman’s initial year or so of dealing with gangsters and the weirder villains are just starting to come out of the woodwork.

      • My understanding was that they were not going to do superpowers at all. In fact, I heard that their Black Canary will be sans-powers as well. I have a feeling that they had to change their tune in light of the intended shared universe.

        • Black Canary will be without powers. Unless she gets in trouble and screams really loud and (Green) Arrow comes to the rescue. You know, as a little nod-and-wink to the fans.

          Arrow could be kept as a show without superpowers – barring Flash’s intro – whilst Batman has slightly stranger enemies and zanier (totally a word) gadgets and at the other end of the spectrum, Superman has aliens, blob monsters and Lex Luthor. Keep the characters in the same universe, but make sure that each has its own ‘feel.’ Tough trick, but we’ll see how Marvel handles it first 😛

    • @Sam

      I was thinking about Count Vertigo (well, for a second before hitting the reply button when I read your comment) and thought…

      What if The Count gets his traditional powers via something intended to keep him mentally balanced after the dose of Vertigo he was injected with turned him insane?

      Uses it to make people as unbalanced as he is in a sense.

      • Yep, I was thinking the same. They could also just claim that he had his little gadget all along and now learned to use it to make other people feel vertigo, but that would be a little more contrived. Another version that would also be less realistic and therefore unlikely to be used would be if the long term exposure to the drug just gave him the ability to project its effects on people. Since Count Vertigo was also usually older than the guy playing him in the series, they could make their Count (them calling him that makes me think of Sesame Street) the son or a relative of the real Count Vertigo. Needless to say, they have a few options to bring in a more comic-based Count Vertigo.

  22. Someone in a podcast mentioned that this doesn’t go well for the flash to be in a justice league film since DC likes to keep their movies and tv shows separate. what are peoples thoughts on this?

    • Depends on the actor. If he is good enough to ‘graduate’ from a TV show to a movie, he will. Of course, the other thing that could happen is a very gradual build to a Justice League film. Man of Steel, World’s Finest, Batman Reboot + Man of Steel 2… DC Trinity with Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman? I’m just throwing ideas out there.

      Still, by the time Justice League is out (and assuming Arrow maintains its popularity and the show based on Flash takes off) the TV heroes will be good enough (in fictional skills and the actors’ acting skills) to join the Justice League, right?

      • Reno2200
        that second bit you put is kinda what i’ve thought of as a possibility that DC should keep an eye on
        your justice league build up films arent bad either (although i’d change batman solo reboot for Aquaman film, just an personal preference, i think batman could do with a little time off from solo duties)

        DC should see how the shows develop and when the justice league film finally gets going see if its worth using the actors (if they are good enough by then) and if the shows are doing well

        imagine if a few years from now (say 2018) at the season finales before JL film release have Cavill as Clark or new film Bruce wayne cameo in an episode of arrow or Flash show to recruit the character(s) into the league, or warn of impending doom and that they are preparing certain ‘special’ individuals to respond if/when needed – then Justice League in the season break

        DC may like to keep their TV and films separate but wasnt adam wests batman on tv before the big screen? (granted that was some time ago, just saying though it been done before, with the right bits it could be done again with another character)

  23. In the end… DC is following the Marvel route as well, and their executives themselves who did the comparation *sigh*

  24. I’d love to see a Flash (Barry Allen) and Green lantern (Hal Jordan) team-up in a movie against Reverse-Flash (Prof. Zoom) and Sinestro. Perfect 2 on 2 battle, all with similar powers…couldn’t ask for a better slobber-knocker…unless someone like the evil Time Commander brought them all together!
    As far as Flash in the Arrow TV show goes, I am much more pumped for the movie than the TV appearence; however, I’ll take anything I can get to see The Flash get something. I just am not sure introducing super-powers into Arrow’s world is the way to go, but will stay cautiously optimistic. I do kind of enjoy Arrow, even tho I was not a Green Arrow fan in the comics. Seemed like he was just kind of a shallow supporting character in JLA, and in his own comic was always either grouching or being a liberal poster-child, neither of which get very far with me. And why at times he hung out with polar opposite Green Lantern, when they argued as much as anything, I’ll never understand. Flash and Green Lantern are a much better fit. I do not really see how Stephen Amell/Oliver Queen is going to firt into the JL:A movie if they go that route. More important heroes to include: Green Lantern and Flash (my two favorites, of course), and I suppose you must have WW, Bats, and Supes, or everyone would get their undies so bunched it would be like Reggie Wedgie Encounters The Black Hole Of Outer Space in their shorts. After that, well, probably we would need Martian Manhunter, and after that I would vote for Atom, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Aquaman, and Green Arrow, probably in that order.
    I rmemnber when the old Flash TV show came on years ago. The costume and even the special effects were pretty good for that day and age on a TV show. They could have done without some of the cornball humor and a couple kind of wimpy villains, but i guess I forgive them for that. I hope the current proposed Flash series goes with the traditional Barry Allen Flash costume, and remembers we don’t need any super-heroes dancing, crying, drinking, fornicating, or constantly cracking un-funny jokes. Keep these things in mind, and it will probably do OK.

  25. Ben Moore: Y forgot about The Beverly Hillbillies/Green Acres/Petticoat Junction crossover 😉

    • I know this is a far out pick but can anyone see Aaron Paul playing a superhero like the Flash. I think that’d be sick.. Preferable in a flash movie and not this spinoff thing.

  26. I swear a lot u all complain,this movie sucks,I could have made a better film…sounding like little girls. If the movies suck so what! I want them to be great,some might be and some def won’t be enjoy them for what they are and keep it moving! None of us are perfect and some of u hold these directors to perfection! Let the mistakes be just that. If u were that pissed about the movies why even bother to take the to e to write about it? When I don’t like something I leave it alone and keep it moving…!

  27. I hope he is there to help the police with a crime scene and that by the end of his appearance on arrow they foreshadow him becoming the flash. I hope in the first three eps of the flash tv show builds up to him becoming the flash.

    • His first appearance could show a thunderstorm outside and a flash of lightning in the background when he’s introduced.