‘Arrow’ & ‘Flash’ Producers Reveal Details, Talk Show Differences

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Arrow Flash Producers Talk Upcoming Seasons ‘Arrow’ & ‘Flash’ Producers Reveal Details, Talk Show Differences

In the weeks leading up to San Diego Comic-Con, excitement surrounding The CW’s duo of superhero shows, Arrow and The Flash, has reached an all-time high. Arrow has cast Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer a.k.a. The Atom, and Devon Aoki as Katana; yesterday, Entertainment Weekly revealed the first look of Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) as Arsenal.

The Flash also cast two notable characters in recent weeks: Wentworth Miller as Leonard Snart/Captain Cold and Robbie Amell as Ronnie Raymond a.k.a. Firestorm. Ahead of Warner Bros’ three-hour DC television panel hosted by Arrow star Stephen Amell - where the pilot of Gotham and The Flash will screen as well as preview footage for Arrow and Constantine - the producers of The CW’s superhero shows revealed new details about both series’ upcoming seasons. Needless to say, Flash & Arrow SPOILERS FOLLOW!!!!






Arrow Producers Talk Season 3 Oliver Queen ‘Arrow’ & ‘Flash’ Producers Reveal Details, Talk Show Differences

In an interview with THR, Arrow executive producers Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim talked about season 3 of the show, which would delve into the question of identity – but not just the identity of Oliver Queen (Amell). Oliver’s team (and the show’s ensemble) has grown over the first two seasons, so the overarching theme will relate to all the characters, not just the titular bowslinger.

The first episode of season 3 will pick up six months after Arrow’s second season finale and will see Oliver questioning his identity early on. The season 2 finale left Starling City’s premiere playboy floundering without a family, a trust fund, and a cause for which to fight. This will be explored in the premiere episode by means of a date between Oliver and Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) that should make some fans happy. Read Kreisberg’s quote:

Oliver might be catching up to how some of the audience feels in that maybe there’s a life with her… This season, particularly the premiere episode, is Oliver questioning whether there’s a life beyond the hood. Can he be Oliver Queen and the Arrow at the same time? One of the things about being Oliver would be what kind of romantic life he could have.

Though Oliver has never found himself bereft of a love interest — especially so long as Felicity has been around — that’s not the only side of his identity Kreisberg and Guggenheim will be exploring in season 3. Viewers will be treated to a lighter side of the Arrow, Kreisberg said, specifically his sense of humor:

One of the things we are doing this season on ‘Arrow’ is injecting a little more humor. It’s part of the reason why we brought Brandon Routh in [as Ray Palmer]… He’ll be invading Oliver’s life in every aspect, whether it’s his business, his personal life and possibly down the road in his nighttime activities.

However, the producers said the show won’t only focus on Oliver, Felicity, and Ray; Guggenheim explained that both Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) and Thea Queen (Willa Holland) will be given their strongest character arcs on the show to date as they deal with the aftermath of the season 2 finale. Although the season 3 premiere will pick up months later, there will be flashbacks to what happened when Thea got into a limo with her biological father, Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman). Arrow Producers Talk Season 3 Laurel Lance ‘Arrow’ & ‘Flash’ Producers Reveal Details, Talk Show Differences

Read Kreisberg’s quotes on Laurel and Thea’s story arcs in season 3:

At some point, if all the characters are going to become their comic book selves, they have to go through their island… This year is going to be Thea’s island. How that plays out and which side she lands on will be the fun of the season. [Laurel]’s an attorney with a nice, sweet jacket. We’re going to see Laurel take a few big steps toward her comic book self this season. Let’s just say that Katie Cassidy is pumping iron.

In terms of the other characters on Arrow, John Diggle (David Ramsey) will be dealing with his impending fatherhood; Roy’s guilt about Thea’s disappearance will affect his relationship with Oliver; and the Hong Kong flashbacks will provide insight into Oliver’s skills as well as his relationship with Amanda Waller (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) of A.R.G.U.S.

As Kreisberg and Guggenheim point out, the first two seasons of Arrow have followed Oliver as he evolved from playboy to vigilante to hero, but the third season will be when the show truly hits its stride. With the Arrow’s origin story if not fully played out, then at least a little tired, the show must weave in new characters (and new origin stories) to the already established world of Starling City.


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  1. Really looking forward to both shows…saw the Flash pilot, and so far the only character I can’t stand is the nerdy sidekick guy who works at star labs. Get rid of him.

    • Cisco? But he becomes Vibe!

    • Why…he is awsome….

  2. Can’t wait for both Arrow and The Flash. 2 hour event? Insane.

  3. You see? THIS is how you approach a comic book TV show.

    • exactly

  4. Arrow was good but am not looking forward to The Flash.

    • why? he’s awesome, even more than arrow

  5. They are really puling up all the stops for both shows.I really want to see Blue Beetle & The Question appear this season on Arrow. The Flash is already starting off on a good note introducing The Rogues and some Task Force X members. I want to see The League Of Assassin’s and see where they go with The Suicide Squad.

    • Yes, The Question. He’s the top character I wanted to see in Arrow.

      • And in Arrow, Question and Huntress should fall in love

  6. Who watches all this CW cr@p? That Flash must be one of the worst live action superhero costumes ever put on screen.

    • Right?? Look at Captain America in the 1990 film. Heck even The Flash tv show from the 90′s looked passable than that.

    • Good thing about costumes is………….you can change them.

    • Don’t down The Flash until you see it. I saw the pilot show and its so much fun. I had a smile from ear to ear. Why even say anything like that. you just want to down something to be negative about it. not a good way to be.

      • What you don’t know is that there is a reason for the way the flash costume looks the way it does. But I wont say it here. Watch the pilot. Eventually the costume will become the version we know. Remember, these are shows that are supposed to be grounded in reality. So there is a reason why things happen.

    • the costume will be changed

  7. Please have the Flash costume changed. Looks aweful! The 90′s costume is perfect! Closer to the comic costume

    • *Cough* The Justice League of America tv pilot.
      Seriously, the costume of the heroes looked horrible. Fat Martian Manhunter. A combination of Guy Garder and Kyle Rayner. The Flash in that doesn’t look good. I got to admit though, The Flash 90′s show looked great for it’s time. But this is the world of Arrow so it had to look presentable for the tone this world sets. Even though it an’t like the comic book, the costume does still say “The Flash”. At least they didn’t went for the Smallville route….sigh.

    • Don’t worry about that, there is a moment in the pilot where you glimpse his upcoming new costume that he gets and it is straight from the comics.

    • Don’t worry, the costume will be changed

  8. The suit on the pilot isn’t really “The Flash” suit. It is a prototype of firefighter’s uniform, fitted with the lightning-shaped earpieces. Even the lightning on the chest was added late in the episode. This is what would inspire the final suit but this isn’t it yet…

    • Thank You! So glad someone else besides me seems to get that. Also, If you watched the end of the leaked pilot you will really get it.

    • You kind of spoil it a bit of the pilot episode. Though, I always had the feeling that the suit we have been seeing is just a prototype and might see his real costume later on. From what the producer said, that Barry in Season One is him learning/becoming the hero we all know, so in Season Two we might get to see him in his “final suit”.

      • Sorry for that. I assumed everyone has watched the leaked pilot already. My bad. Anyway, the way they presented it, the suit will be evolving, adapting to Barry as his powers grow.

        • It’s alright. Even it an’t something huge. Like I’ve said, I got the feeling the suit is just a prototype before the leaked pilot and seeing the photos of him.

    • Yeah, they’re giving it leeway for future character development. Flash’s speed here is still not as fast enough, and he hasn’t even discovered other abilities yet.

  9. There was that image of Arrow in that boxing ring posted a while back. If Laurel is going to become the Black Canary she might get trained by Wildcat.

  10. I started reading comics at about age 5 and was hooked. Had a huge collection up to my college days. So I’m a big fan of the movies and tv shows. But I am not a fanatic about it. Some are good, some are not. DC, Marvel, or any other. Hell, some are not even from comics. It’s an exciting time for fans, that’s for sure.

    I’m not familiar with all the characters in the Green Arrow tales. Was never one of my main stays and came mostly from his taking part in other titles such as Justice League. To me, he was small fry. But I have enjoyed the show. I like the pace. No rushing to get him to being Green Arrow. I like that they are taking their time with the characters.

    The show improves with each season. Past the first we start getting to see real heroes and villians, meaning in costumes. Actual costumes! Not black leather as in X-Men movies or no costume at all as in Smallville. The supporting cast (for the most part) is interesting enough (though I didn’t like his family and I’m glad his mother is out of the picture, now to get rid of the sister). With the addition of the Brandon Roth I am hoping to see his alter ego and a different perspective on the world.

    I saw the leaked pilot for the Flash and wasn’t that impressed. I used to like the Flash comics, but to me the pilot seemed forced. He’s in a costume and fighting villains right off the bat. Sure, the bad guy needs to be taken down, but that could have been taken care of without the costume. I think a costume could have waited a few episodes down the line. Too many cast members introduced at once, no time given to any of them so…who cares about them? But, as is often the case, the first season is often the weakest (Arrow, Smallville (ok it took a few seasons for that one), Agents of Shield). So can only hope things will get better in upcoming seasons.
    Then again, maybe it’s just me. The main character looks too much like a 12 year old boy to impress me too much as the Scarlet Speedster.

  11. Arsenal.. Nuff said

    Hopefully they do him some justice…

  12. CW does owe us Blue Beetle because of the 2010 test footage never evolved into anything else. I think The Flash could introduce Jaime Reyes as Cisco’s Hispanic amigo