‘Arrow’ Huntress Image Released, Firefly Will Appear

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arrow keyart closeup Arrow Huntress Image Released, Firefly Will Appear

The odds may have seemed stacked against CW’s Arrow, building a TV series around yet another bow-wielding youth, but the results so far have been nothing short of a runaway success. Star Stephen Amell and the show’s writers have shown enough promise to warrant a full season order, meaning fans have even more DC comic book character appearances to look forward to.

With Deathstroke the Terminator previously confirmed, it seems villain Firefly will also be making Starling City a dangerous place for Oliver Queen. How the firebug’s costume will be translated to live-action remains to be seen, but the first image of Huntress’ overhauled design is now available.

The initial ratings success of Arrow‘s premiere episode brought enough comic book fans and CW viewers on board early, explaining how the premise of a young man playing Batman with a bow and arrow would still manage to seem realistic. But with more and more outlandish DC characters slated to appear, the show’s writers have a challenge on their hands.

Deadshot was the first ‘costumed’ villain to be brought to life through Arrow‘s darker lens, and the treatment of the character was well-conceived. Pulling no punches while portraying a man who kills people for money may be a strong sign of the direction Arrow will head, as the newest confirmed villain, Firefly, looks to take things to an even darker place.

The appearance of one of DC Comics’ lesser-known anarchist arsonists comes from EW, and proves that it won’t just be headlining villains who will be worked into Arrow‘s fiction. As his name implies, Firefly AKA Garfield Lynns has a more than casual interest in fire. Originally a visual effects/pyrotechnics expert in the comic books, Arrow‘s version, played by Andrew Dunbar (SGU: Stargate Universe) casts the antagonist as a former fireman left disfigured from a blaze. Mental instability leads Lynns to arson, and a confrontation with Starling City’s new protector.

Arrow Firefly Andrew Dunbar Arrow Huntress Image Released, Firefly Will Appear

It should be entertaining to see how the traditional Batman foe will be fit into the more grounded approach to Arrow‘s rogues gallery, if for no other reason than the special and practical effects a villainous pyromaniac wields.

Firefly won’t be the only one of Gotham’s residents making an appearance, as Huntress AKA Helena Bertinelli/Wayne is quickly approaching her full reveal, coming November 14 in the episode “Legacies.” Since the modern comic book version of the anti-heroine is the child of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, how the show’s creative team handles her backstory will be analyzed by fans from the word ‘go.’

The connections alluded to (or ignored altogether) will be cause for discussion, and given the title of the episode, DC and Warner Bros. are inviting it. That speculation will have to wait until airing, but in the meantime, EW has released the first official preview of Helena’s outfit. Have a look:

Arrow Huntress First Image Arrow Huntress Image Released, Firefly Will Appear

Helena’s costume is a far cry from the stylized purple bustier of the comic books, which is to be expected. Arrow executive producer Andrew Kreisberg explains the challenges of constructing the new look, and what small touches have been incorporated for devoted fans:

“For the Huntress — she’s basically wearing a cape and a purple bikini in the comic. That wouldn’t play so well. So her costume is much more functional while also being sexy and you see there are also hints of purple, which ties into her comic book costume. We also think that on our show, no one is wearing a costume — they are uniforms or outfits. Also, in the comic, Helena is devoutly Catholic. You can see in the Kevlar she’s wearing on her chest, it’s actually in the shape of a cross, which we thought was really cool.

Jessica De Gouw, the actress bringing Huntress to life, has previously explained how her character will be acting as a foil to Oliver, while also willing to cross even more moral lines than the titular hero. The exact story that brings these two vigilantes together is under wraps, but Kreisberg does provide a bit of a set-up:

“What we really liked was that on an emotional level, she and Oliver are both damaged by their pasts. As we say on the show, they’ve both gone through a crucible and come out the other side. This is the way they’re coping, but somehow, Oliver has taken the darkness inside with him and is doing something positive with it. She’s taken the darkness inside her and is seeking revenge and doesn’t care who gets hurt in the process.”

The Huntress Arrow Show Arrow Huntress Image Released, Firefly Will Appear

The producers have at least two episodes planned for their incarnation of Huntress, leaving the door open for the future as well. While a Helena Bertinelli storyline is expected (given that she’s reportedly on a revenge kick after the murder of her family), the Helena Wayne version has always been a strong supporting character in the Batman series, so there’s no question she has the potential to be a recurring figure. And with potential connections to Bruce Wayne, not to mention her fellow ‘Bird of Prey’ Dinah Lance, the show’s writers could drop a few bombs.

What do you think of the approach to this version of Huntress? Is her character one you’d like to see as a regular cast member, as Green Arrow was to Smallville‘s Clark Kent? Sound off in the comments.


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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. Can’t wait for the Huntress episode! It’s gonna be awesome! >>>—–>

    • hope she looks a bit like the comic

  2. “For the Huntress — she’s basically wearing a cape and a purple bikini in the comic. That wouldn’t play so well…”

    I don’t really care! I want to see Huntres, not a watered down version of Nolan’s Catwoman!

    • I agree with Roguedork19. At least, the producers can go a considerable length to the comic character! There are versions of the Huntress, in which she wears sth like a full-body leotard, not a bikini, what’s wrong with that, for example? The promo pic looks fine for now, but not quite what fans expected: perhaps, they can still develop her looks more in the future.

  3. Huntress costume in the comics is completely ridiculous. But this promo image isn’t really looking any better.

  4. I really dont think I’ll ever understand why the “reality” version of a costume has to be so plain? the reason these people dress up is to either hide thier identity or to just show how crazy/flamboyant they are. whats wrong with an outlandish/over the top costume? I say bring it! why would that hurt the integrity or the spirit of the show?

    To me, it just makes it seem like the producers dont feel the average audience can handle it? If thats the case, why not take broadway shows and the like remove the costumes they wear? would the play CATS be CATS w/o the cat suits?

      • Episode 5 shows deathstroke

    • Costumes in comics are only so colorful, loud and flamboyant, because it makes the characters instantly recognizable without going into time consuming facial detail too much, and because they can be used to visualize motion (hence the silly capes).

      You don’t need all that in live action shows, because you have actors with unique and easily recognizable faces and voices, and showing motions isn’t a problem either, obviously. That’s good, because all those silly comic book costumes that might look great on paper would look like ridiculous Halloween costumes in a live action show. They want people to go with the drama instead of rolling around on the floor laughing. Hence the changes.

      Btw, since you brought it up: the reason for silly and over-the-top costumes in theater plays and musicals is almost the same as in comic books: people who sit in the back of the theater can’t make out the actor’s faces, so they need easily recognizable custumes to identify them by.

      • Which would all be true, but The Avengers happened.
        I don’t recall anyone laughing at the guy dressed in a flag, the robot man or the thunder god in a bright red cape.
        The idea that costumes can’t be translated more directly, that they still can’t maintain the iconic nature, dynamism and larger than life qualities found on the comic book page is a fallacy maintained by the lazy and devotees of shallow, uninteresting realism.

        • I do recall several people laughing at Captain America’s costume. He looked ridiculous lol. His TFA “military uniform” was much better and practical. His Avenger’s spandex “costume” looked out of place and silly. Everyone else looked much better.

            • No. Just Captain America in The Avenger’s. He looked good in TFA. Thor’s attire was good. The Watchmen costumes didn’t look ridiculous. DaredDevil also looked good im his costume.

              Nope. The problem lies with Cap’s outlandish flamboyant spandex piece. It could have been much better. His new look in Marvel NOW looks would have been a much better choice..

      • Thor looks completely different in the comic than he did in the Avengers; So did Hawkeye. Captain America’s costume is different as well and not as colourful. Iron Man is one of those rare costumes, that look really good off the paper. Plus aside from Thor(thats why he is different in the movie!), no one really has as a colorful costume as the characters in DC do.

  5. I’m excited to see her and to see how she fits in with Oliver/Arrow. The show is phenomenal, and keeps getting better each week. I’m looking forward to seeing who else they bring in from the DC universe. They certainly have plenty of source material out there. I’m really hoping this show continues on at least as long as Smallville, as I really believe it has a better story to tell and expand on.

  6. cant wait!!

  7. And then Michael Caine unexpectedly showed up for Miss Helena Wayne… :D

    Seriously, though, as much as some of us want a Batman connection here and he showed up here at some point, I don’t think this Huntress will be Helena Wayne. Or she could be named so, but it won’t be her real identity.

    And speaking of The Waynes, what if the name Thomas Wayne is on the list? Maybe there’s a Wayne Enterprises’ branch in Starling City and Thomas Wayne or at least the ones running the Starling City branch isn’t as innocent as we thought. Now that can pave way for Batman to show up in the show. Just a thought, for fun…

  8. Huntress and Firefly? Its shaping up for a certain rat with wings to bust through the skylights.

  9. She looks badass. I dig it.