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[Note: While this episode of the Screen Rant Underground (ep. 56) released earlier this week, we wanted to bump the actual post to its regular Wednesday time slot - since we know some listeners have yet to subscribe in iTunes (what are you waiting for?) and come to the site looking for the cast each week. Thanks to our new producer, the episodes should be available every Monday from now on!]

The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode fifty-six of the Screen Rant Underground.

Join host Ben Kendrick as well as fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, Kofi Outlaw as we offer our thoughts on upcoming fall television shows Arrow and Elementary, answer some entertaining listener questions, and discuss rumors of Lobo in the Justice League as well as Dr. Strange in Thor 2, plus confirmation that Daniel Craig will star in two more Bond films.

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Screen Rant Underground: Episode 56 - Arrow and Elementary

In episode 56 of the Screen Rant Underground podcast we preview upcoming fall television shows Arrow and Elementary, answer some entertaining listener questions, and discuss rumors of Lobo in the Justice League as well as Dr. Strange in Thor 2, plus confirmation that Daniel Craig will star in two more Bond films.

[0:00] News: Daniel Craig starring in two more Bond films as well as rumors of Lobo in the Justice League and Dr. Strange in Thor 2.

[53:48] Rants and Raves Fall TV Preview Edition: Arrow, Ben and Kate, as well as Elementary.

[1:48:15] Pre-Discussion Box Office Battle

[1:56:59] Discussion: Listener Email Extravaganza

[2:20:37] Mailbag, Twitter Handles, and Contact Information

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw.



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  1. I honestly believe that after a few seasons of putting it in a superpower free world it would be REALLY nice to add in a superpowered diana prince and other heroes. Instead of focusing on him being a vigilante then you can focus on him being a underpowered hero compared to all the other powered individuals and constantly improving and coping with being a human being. DC ABSOLUTELY MUST ALLOW BATMAN TO CAMEO. There are SO many opportunities for two powerless individuals training together and tag teaming and being heroes while there are people larger than life coming into the world. It could become VERY existential and a nice change of pace after a few seasons of gritty realism.

    • Could be cool for sure. Though, with Bale finishing out his Dark Knight movies and a possible Batman reboot in the Justice League, they’ll have to be careful that there aren’t too many conflicting versions of the character out there at once.

      it would be fun to see the two of them go toe-to-toe or partner up.

    • If the show lasts half as long as Smallville, you can count on it ;)

  2. 1 – Finding Nemo 3D
    2 – Resident Evil: Retribution
    3 – The Possession
    4 – Lawless
    5 – Paranorman
    10 – Odd Life

  3. I mentioned something about a listener mail podcast and I didn’t send any in, I would’ve probably asked a bunch of questions one being what about hearing the Green Lantern podcast…

    I would agree with Anthony lets make a great first JL movie then we can do the Lobo thing(maybe) I like to see an Earth in Crisis movie where something is going on with Earths core it needs to be investigated(Batman) and it disrupting the Ocean(Aquaman)and messing with Paradise Island(Wonder Woman), which later turns out its Brainiac or Darkseid(Superman) messing with the Earth/Universe(Green Lantern or Martian Manhunter), where they would need multiple heroes running around the world(The Flash) trying to stop the problems…

    I have to say Dr. Strange to me could have a Batman Begins esque journey for his origin story, where he travels the world searching for answers after he his accident that stops him from being a surgeon & I have to agree with Kofi this could be overloaded, Thor 2 has so much going from Malekith, Kurse, Jane Foster in Asgard, and Loki answering for the events of Avengers and now they are going to add someone to it that conceivably takes place for Selvig and then have him be Dr. Strange later on, I would rather see Thor explore his relationship with Lady Sif and journey through the 9 realms…

    I’m looking forward to Millers take on Sherlock, originally not so much but I want to see his psychitzo take on Sherlock…

    • Ah yes, the notorious Green Lantern podcast!

      It’s definitely going to be interesting to see how both films handle as much as they’ll evidently have packed into them.

      I like the Crisis idea, assuming the characters weren’t just spread around the globe for the final battle.

      • I’ve already faced the GL and transformers podcast will never see the light of day…

        Thor 2 should be mostly about Thor but it could be overcrowded or great ensemble cast, we shall see…

        I agree Ben they should come together by the end but a Global crisis in Act 1 can introduce the characters trying to figure out the problems on their own & serve as a way for character to come across each other or someone has to recruit them(Martian Manhunter maybe) but by Act 2 they are getting together or fighting over who’s going to solve the problem & Brainiac would be an interesting villain because he can replicate Superman’s powers, make multiple versions of himself, & he can shape-shift(pretend to be one of the heroes)…

  4. The Lobo from the Young Justice tv show was spot on if the rock can pull that kind of lobo off its a Win!!!

    • Yah, that’s definitely the kind of dynamic that we had in mind. It’d be a challenge for sure though – in a live action film.

  5. The problem with the JL movie to me is that it just seems like DC is only focusing on that one movie instead of the future. With Iron Man, Avengers was in mind. The other thing is that, how can they just immediately team up, show the conflict in the group, and give them all character development all in two hours?

    • I think we share this concern. Anything is possible but it’s hard to imagine caring about these characters as much – given that we won’t have seen their actual backstories and challenges play out prior to coming together. Without any meaningful context, it’s hard to imagine that audiences will get as much character drama bang for their buck.

      • Exactly, character development will be limited because the film will most likely focus on its two stars: Batman and Superman. Another thing is that I just don’t see their first gathering up being all that. A villain like Darkseid can obviously be reason enough for a team to need to appear, but how will people like Green Lantern and Wonder Woman be involved in the mix.

  6. Another good podcast.

    I’m looking forward to the BOB loser rant (Anthony)…… but Rob is right. If everyone isn’t on board with the concept, even if they lose repeatedly, then it can’t work and you might as well drop the whole thing. I’m a fan of Anthony’s rants, and the bad cinema he is on deck to review is going to be a fun podcast. But on the other hand I don’t want Anthony to be emotionally scarred for life from having to watch a movie featuring a talking dog and cat.

    And FYI – On the fantasy superhero teams battle, I think you forgot about Professor X……. couldn’t he control Superman’s mind and make him crush the other Justice League members? Or is Superman immune to telepathic mind control? Just saying.

  7. You know what would be cool, if Marvel instead of introducing a superhero before the Avengers 2, introduce a villain that will play an important part in the Avengers 2….this way it will resonate more with the audience….we could see whats behind the villain, what drives him/her to attack Earth..that´d be a fun spin in the franchise….introducing heroes in every movie can get tiring…just saying…

    • They are absolutely going to have to up their villain game for Avengers 2 and hopefully part of that is giving that character a presence (even subtle) throughout Phase Two. Loki is a great character but next round, we’ll need someone who can actually pose a threat to the combined efforts of the heroes.

  8. I find the vision of the JL movie presented in the podcast hilarious. If you’re creating some kind of hope that WB/DC will in your opinion get this right because of the recent batman movies, the man of steel trailer and some Alex Ross paintings, good luck with that. Historically I can’t share the same optimism.

    This is not the first time that you guys have spoken about the potential JL movie in the podcast which I find very entertaining but some of you guys on the podcast just come off like pissed off DC fans. DC comic book characters are not the definitive superheroes for everyone and your vision of what a JL movie should be seems more in line with wanting to create some manufactured dynamic that will help differentiate JL from the Avengers, instead of just using the source material to help deliver something great.

    The recent batman movies are all Nolan’s doing and the powers that be over at WB/DC have demonstrated they can not handle their own characters in that tone because they are too busy trying to sell toys instead of using the source material to make a great movie, look at superman returns and green lantern. It’s a stretch a huge stretch to think the JL movie will be grounded in a more serious tone. The reason the batman movies worked is because there were no other superheroes around, it was his universe and same thing should happen for the man of steel; according to Nolan that was the pitch. The Man of steel movie will take place in his own universe and focus on how humans would react to this alien being.

    Some one on the podcast said that WB/DC does not seems sure of itself when it comes to this movie and its characters, I on the other hand just think they give creative control to the wrong people who make bad business decisions.

    • Los -

      I’m not sure any of us are saying there’s a definitive vision of what the movie will be, we’re merely talking about a movie that’s in the very early stages and talking about how the film could be positioned – especially given the high bar that was set by The Avengers.

      That said, I’m not sure what you mean in some of your points – given that we have several news articles on the site that point to:

      a) A darker toned Justice League movie –

      b) A Man of Steel film that will likely acknowledge other superheroes –

      c) That DC is setting up a shared universe for future films –

      A few of your core beliefs about the Warner Bros./DC dynamic contradict what we are hearing.

      While some of our conversation is casual speculation, most of our points are based on details we are hearing about the production – especially that Warner Bros./DC intends to launch Justice League without exploring a lot of the characters individually. Using your comic book example, the Justice League only works because the characters had been established in their own books first. As a result, our argument that Lobo could work in the film or that the movie should be like watching real life greek gods are only the result of trying to find valid ways for DC’s intended approach to work – not outright endorsing the ideas as the only way to go.

      I’m sure we all want to see the best Justice League movie imaginable and are open to whatever direction the film takes BUT there are certain elements in place that mean DC isn’t simply going to stick with the source material to make the thing work.

      Not saying you’re wrong. It’s a good discussion to have – and, until we hear something official, anything is possible.

      • Thanks for your thoughts Ben. It would be cool if the things you guys are hearing about their possible direction pans out. I don’t have much faith in them because of how they have handled some of their previous moives but really would love to be proven wrong.

        • I think we’re on the same page. We often joke about the unpublished ‘Green Lantern’ episode of the podcast – but it was definitely chock-full of complaints about the way DC handled one of their better characters (and one that could have been a hit on the big screen).

  9. We forgot to mention it on the podcast but Deadpool87 was this week’s box office battle winner! Congrats! I’ll be sure to mention it on next week’s podcast.

    PS: This never gets old:

    • SWEEEEET! And awesome episode by the way. Not so sure about Lobo in a Justice League movie. Doctor Strange introduced in Thor and played by Aragorn son of Arathorn… AWESOME!.
      Box Office Battle
      1.Resident Evil: Retribution
      2.Finding Nemo 3D
      3.The Possession
      5.The Words
      10.The Campaign

  10. On the JL + Lobo debacle.

    Doesn’t Lobo overlap Martian Manhunter quite a bit?

    Both bounty hunters

    Both with similar powers, undefined powers but nearly Superman powerful in fact

    Both from another planet

    I think both Lobo AND MMH in a JL movie would be redundant.

    I’m going out on a limb here, but do you think perhaps WB/DC is thinking about Lobo instead of Martian Man Hunter?

    • I would rather see Martian Manhunter than Lobo. Johm Jonzz far more interesting and possesses a more vast array of abilities than Lobo. I do love Lobo though. He’s like a weird mix of Wolverine and Deadpool.

      • Yes. I agree. MMH over Lobo. That way the JL movie will stay closer to the source material. Maybe save Lobo for later.

        WB/DC definitely has a challenge ahead of them. I sure wish the two could be seperated.

        DC – WB = Good
        DC + WB = Seldom good

        I slightly lean Marvel over DC regardless.

        Marvel has damaged superheroes. Physically damaged as in handicapped.

        Professor X is paraplegic.

        Daredevil is blind.

        Hulk is retarded.

        Even Thor in the original comic books uses a cane in his Donald Blake persona.

        DC characters all seem to be perfect physical specimens. Not that Marvel doesn’t have it’s share of handsome square jawed muscle men. I just think Marvel is more courageous in the way it deals with real world problems…… like Spiderman’s money trouble. Iron Man and his alcoholism…..

        • Hulk is retarded lol funny stuff

  11. We learned that these podcasts don’t need Anthony Ocasio…

    • @dawko

      I disagree. Anthony is funny. Even at his most contrary I like him being there. And even when I don’t agree with him, I’m always listening to what he has to say.

      His devil’s advocate position can sometimes drag out the topics being discussed, but I’m cool with that.

      Only one thing the SR needs: I wish a woman could be a permanent part of the podcast. Roth is always a welcome addition. Or whoever…… might change the dynamics at bit. Maybe too much?

      • Wasn’t he high in this podcast? That would explain his behaviour :D

        • We recorded right when I woke up. Ben banned me from ever drinking on the podcast. Punch drunk is all I have left. ;-)

      • @Heustis: I agree with everything you just said man.

    • Anthony brings his own style to the Podcast, you can always count on Anthony to make an argument nobody else will make and if Ben, Rob and Kofi all agree I guarantee you Anthony will not…

      • We all agreed on Magic Mike. ;-)

        • Rob wasn’t there the day we’ll never know…

  12. Does anyone know of some cool LEGOs to get little kids?

    • By “little kids” do you mean yourself? :P

  13. Box office:

    1.Finding Nemo 3D
    2.Resident Evil
    3. The possesion
    4. Lawless
    10.Odd life

  14. Be great if they make a Mentalist / Elementary cross over episode.

  15. I haven’t see Elementary yet, but I honestly can’t see why so many people think ‘Sherlock’ is the definitive version of SH – it’s so far from the source material, it isn’t even funny… and I’m guessing Elementary isn’t exactly a closer adaption to Sir Doyle’s work either. As a normal tv show, Sherlock is great, and the story lines are very good as well, but as a SHERLOCK HOLMES adaption, it’s not very good IMO.

    Sure, the Guy Ritchy movies are way too over the top with action and kinda dumb’d down (especially the second one), but at least they’re staying faithful to the characters and tone from the books – and the last bit of news from the script-writer said that the new one’s going to be more of a thriller than a buddy-action flick, so that sounds very promising.

    1. Resident Evil 5 (or whatever the new one’s called)
    2. Finding Nemo 3D
    3. Lawless
    4. The Possession
    5. Expendables 2
    10. The Odd Life of Timothy Green

  16. Thanks guys for responding to the question, appreciate it Ben..i also agree that the Justice League would win in the end but it definitely would not be easy, there are a ton of great matchups in that showdown

    • Justice League for sure.
      …ALTHOUGH, with the Hulk you never know right? He’s pretty damn strong (and in recent years, smart – contrary to what Heustis said about him ;)) but if you take Hulk and Supes out of the equation (because IMO, they’d end up fighting forever), JL would still win, without a doubt.

      But it’s not really like there would be a plausible reason for them to go up against each other anyway…

  17. Like I’ve said in the past, I’m very skeptical of a Justice League movie. It seems like WB is rushing this just to make a quick buck instead of handling the characters with care and doing solo films for each before the big one.

    I would really prefer Man of Steel be a separate standalone trilogy like The Dark Knight trilogy. I have more faith in Snyder & Nolan dealing with the Superman mythos on their own without having to force things in to tie into a Justice League continuity.

    • Yah, if there weren’t so much money up for grabs, it really would have been nice if DC could have developed a genuine vision for their shared universe – not just forced one to strike while the iron is hot.

  18. are you guys gonna review the dark knight returns part 1

    • We might cover it in rants and raves but the featured reviews typically cover TV shows or movies with a “broader” (for lack of a better word) demographic.

      That said, I’ve really wanted to check it out.

  19. I know I’m probably going to get reamed for saying this… but I would really like to see a podcast where the news segment doesn’t include a news story regarding Marvel/Avengers/Phase 2. I think just about every single podcast since the Avengers released has included at least 15-20 minutes of discussion about Marvel’s next group of films (endless speculation, conjecture, rumor, repeat). It’s a little much at this point.

    There are so many interesting and good news stories out there that you guys post and never discuss on the podcast. I understand that’s probably where everyone’s interest lies, but we know so little at this point that each discussion becomes a wish list of things we want to see in future Marvel movies. Plenty of other great movies are coming out soon, and the heavy focus on Marvel is making me lose interest.

    Like I said – that could just be me.

    I love the podcast and listen regularly each week. You guys are awesome and I hope you keep up the good work!

    • I’ve actually tried to be more conscious of this.

      Both the Fall 2012 Movie Preview, Expendables 2, and the Watch podcast didn’t include Marvel/DC news. So recently, on average, it’s been more of an every-other-week thing. That said, we also get heat when we skip a story that was big on the site – just to do a non-Marvel/DC story.

      We definitely appreciate the feedback though – and you are right, it’s all speculative right now. We cover a lot of topics at SR – so there’s definitely a diverse range of things we can cover. It’s just a tricky balance.

      Thanks for listening and glad you like the show!

  20. 1.Finding Nemo 3D
    2.RE Retribution
    5.Expendables 2
    10.Dark Knight Rises

  21. Downey’s my favorite sherlock holmes, and jude law my favorite watson. In fact I like the whole casts of those movies, the movies themselves too. I dont know I guess I dont really care for the moderness of Sherlock especially seeing house(whos based on sherlock holmes) for so long. That sherlock is just too similar even though hes a bit more eccentric and violent.

  22. You guys forgot about Hulk he can take out Superman Easy and Spiderma had beaten Batman in a death battle

    • nope

  23. Hey! Thanks for the shoutout! Great episode…I always find myself agreeing with Anthony whether I want to or not lol. I have always liked your movie preview podcasts…will you be putting one out for every season? (will there be a winter movie preview?)

    • Glad they’re useful! I think Kofi included a lot of winter movies in the fall preview. Though, we might do a more focused holiday one – as those films get closer.

  24. Haven’t you guys listend to the ultimate showdown song by angry lemons mr rodgers beats every one

    • I pretend that The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny doesn’t exist – since my heart can’t bear to see (SPOILERS) Godzilla eat Optimus Prime.