‘Spartacus’ Star Cast as Deathstroke in ‘Arrow’

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Manu Bennett in Spartacus Spartacus Star Cast as Deathstroke in Arrow

Fans of the CW’s runaway success Arrow may have yet to see under the mask of DC Comics’ deadliest assassin, but when they do, we now know whose face they’ll see. Given the villain’s proficiency with both fists and swords, it makes sense that Spartacus star Manu Bennett would be cast as Deathstroke the Terminator.

Deathstroke’s role is certain to become larger as the second half of the season nears, and the show’s producers deciding to go with a proven physical actor, not a stuntman, hint at how much the show may delve into the complicated past between Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and Slade Wilson.

The masked assassin has already made his first appearance on Arrow this season – boosting the ratings a full 30% – so it’s likely that the showrunners will want him on the show as much as possible from here on out. We don’t know if the decision to cast a proven actor as Wilson is a sign that the character’s popularity was even greater than expected, since stuntman Jeffrey C. Robinson previously played the role, but the casting seems to be good news all around.

Arrow Deathstroke Casting Manu Bennett Spartacus Star Cast as Deathstroke in Arrow

Manu Bennett will be immediately recognizable to fans of STARZ’s swords-and-sandals epic Spartacus, playing the titular hero’s regular accomplice Crixus. With experience in hand-to-hand fight choreography, and the build needed to make a convincing Deathstroke (the villain’s first appearance was somewhat…lacking in size), Bennett seems a perfect fit.

Specifics aside, it’s hard to think of an available actor that would better fit the mold. Sure, the producers will have a challenge of making the 5’10″ Bennett be physically imposing next to the 6’1″ Amell, but it wouldn’t be the first time they got a bit creative with the source material. But now that Wilson has been cast with an accomplished actor in his own right, the chances of Deathstroke remaining hidden beneath that mask are next to none.

So far, the show’s perspective hasn’t shifted very far from Oliver and his immediate family, so don’t expect to see much of Wilson’s own upbringing or journey into mercenary work. That being said, there’s still an untold story of exactly how Oliver became the man he is while stranded on that mysterious island, and how Deathstroke’s trademark mask ended up being left behind.

Deathstroke in Arrow Damaged Spartacus Star Cast as Deathstroke in Arrow

As the first real physical threat to Oliver seen in the show so far, there is a chance that their later encounters on the island got darker than we might have thought. First things first, though, as Bennett will have to take a backseat to Jessica De Gouw’s recently introduced Helena Bertinelli (A.K.A. The Huntress).

The female counterpart to Oliver’s vigilante persona made a promising impression, and her role will only be growing as the season progresses. So for those who fear DC’s greater catalogue of characters jumbling up the show’s plot, or are starting to feel the monster-of-the-week formula so far, all signs point to Bertinelli and Deathstroke becoming more consistent figures in the near future.

The next episode of Arrow - ‘Vendetta’ – airs Wednesday @8pm on The CW. Watch a preview for the episode below:


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  1. I hope he is a better actor than in Spartacus. I also wish they would GIVE THEIR HEROES some masks. A subtle green mask would look so much better than the stupid green paint.

    • Errr…it’s the CW. He’s good enough of an actor.

    • Manu Bennett is a very good actor in Spartacus… What are you talking about?

      • He grunted a lot, and his facial expressions never really changed. Lets face it, Spartacus was glorified porn, not a lot of acting required.

        • Do you even watch the show? Yes there’s sex and violence but the show is a lot more than just that by far.

          • Let’s be honest mate, no one watches Spartacus for the script

            • You kidding? Crixus has all the badass lines in Vengeance. He’s really developed the character since Blood and Sand. Manu Bennett is a great actor.

              Favorite Crixus Quote:
              “Spartacus lost his wife, yet his fire still burns. Agron, a brother, yet his fire still burns. We have all lost. We have all seen those held as friend, as family, as lover, fall to the Romans, yet our fire still burns. And together, we shall ignite an inferno!” -Crixus

              • i love spartacus. from the moment i saw the first trailer i have wanted to watch it. the sex and violence are a bonus. its a great show with great storylines. i got chills reading that quote from crixus. one of my favorite lines in the whole series

                • Please don’t feed the troll

                • I love Spartacus. The action scenes are awesome. The show just keeps me entertained from beginning to end. The Walking Dead does that too for me along with Breaking Bad. Manu Bennett should be a great addition to Arrow and can hopefully take the show to the next level with having at least 1 constant villan.

        • Spartacus has one of the most well written storylines on TV. Obviously, you don’t know Steven DeKnights work. Many Bennett is a fantastic actor and has major screen presence! I am excited he will be on Arrow.. Can’t wait!!!

    • u do realise in the old comics Green Arrow put grease/paint instead of the mask

      • According to the video you linked, the engine grease mask is from a LATER “origin” comic book.
        Before this origin was established, he simply wore a green mask.

        So, in the “early comics” Green Arrow wore a mask.

        In a later origin story line, he was given an “engine grease” mask as part of the events leading to his escape from the island.

        However, he continued on from there, wearing a mask.

    • yes I agree ,you would think Ollie’s money he could afford better facial disguise .better hood etc.

  2. sweet he was awesome in spartacus cant wait to see him in arrow

    • @ hemp

      The cw is doing fine, and Arrow is their new hit. So they call him the hood, so what? Be quiet and just enjoy a weekly superhero show that is actually very very good.

  3. Mew… Are they everyone going to actually call him by his name & not hooded vigilante. Should just call the show Hood. Next year CW now will more than likely have a show called Hood about read riding hood just cause I said it. CW is God awful minus Supernatural I hope the season ends with getting his name finally.

    • Who care what the other characters on the show refer to him as? Just be glad there’s a quality comic-based show AT ALL. Whining nitpicking fanboys are annoying.

      • LOL

  4. You’d think with Deathstroke giving them such a ratings boost, they’d have more characters show up in their actual costumes(or at least a close approximation).

    • You have to consider that most stuff aired up to now was already filmed or almost done with production by the time the Deathstroke episode aired, I am fairly certain that some changes will be made (if the producers/writers are smart) in the second have of the first season.

      • Yeah, people don’y really seem to realize how much work, effort and planning go into making a single episode of a show. These were filmed months ago so it’s not like they can just listen to fans reaction and tailor the storyline accordingly. Folks, they’re not just throwing this stuff together on a week to week basis.

  5. I’m not a DC fan but I’ve read that Deathstroke is one of the deadliest in all of DC Comics. Now that Manu Bennett will be playing Deathstroke, I will be watching this show!! Crixus will kill everyone!!

    I hope Manu Bennett furthers his career, he should start being in hardcore action movies and superhero movies. He’s great on Spartacus.

    • Well, he did make his name as a convinct in the Steve Austin movie The Condemned years ago so he can definitely do more action.

      Pretty cool (though a little weird) that they have an actual actor playing the character now when I thought the stuntman did a good job and wouldn’t have needed to show his face but honestly, I’m not as concerned with Slade Wilson’s TV appearances as I am with a Wade Wilson movie.


      Also, I must’ve missed the Deathstroke mask on the island cause every scene showing the island since episode 1, I’ve been keeping a close eye out for it and even constantly paused the show but still haven’t seen it. Anyone got a screenshot?

      • Pilot episode, right before Oliver embark on the boat that rescued him

  6. If anyone doubts Manu’s acting ability they should watch ‘Once Were Warriors’for his outstanding performance as Jake the muss.

  7. The casting on that show just keep getting better and better !

  8. Suddenly glamor goes away, giving way to unglamorous characters. http://bit.ly/SDjyG1

  9. I was thinking this guy could be the really psycho bad guy in that Highlander remake they’re talking about

  10. Manu Bennett has somewhat comic book appearance, after all I like his performance in “Spartacus” makes me believe he can play Deathstroke

  11. Manu is a very good choice to play Slade Wilson. He’s already a known face, after his portrayal as Crixus in Spartacus, and I think they’ve done a great job at casting an actor who’s got the physical presence and acting ability to play a character that a lot of people were waiting to see more of !

  12. Hi, i would like ask if is here any chance to get that Daethstroke sword?
    Or where I can find it?


  13. Seriously!?? lol. People are all bent out of shape about him being called the hood in the beginning!? haha. I guess people dont remember the entire young superman series where he couldnt ever fly…. at all… but please, keep complaining about how they were building up his name. lol