‘Arrow’ Producer Denies Connection to DC Movie Universe

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Arrow TV series Cast Arrow Producer Denies Connection to DC Movie Universe

The CW’s superhero vigilante series Arrow has proven itself as an effective way to introduce a host of live-action renderings of DC’s deep catalogue of characters. Season 2 has introduced us to Amanda Waller (Cynthia Addai-Robinson), Sebastian Blood (Kevin Alejandro), Black Canary (Caity Lotz) and Isabel Rochev (Summer Glau), with Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter Nyssa (Katrina Law)Cyrus ‘Solomon Grundy’ Gold (Graham Shiels) and Barry Allen a.k.a. The Flash (Grant Gustin) on deck.

The introduction of The Flash is particularly important, since he’ll presumably be the first super-powered character, opening the possibilities for more of the same type of super-powered comic book heroes and villains to join the ever-expanding Arrow gallery. Given the plans to launch The Flash into his own standalone series, the big question has been whether or not DC and Warner Bros. will use the show’s runaway success as a chance to merge the show’s universe with that of their expected Justice League movie crossover.

Not anytime soon, according to Arrow executive producer Greg Berlanti. When asked by Fandango if we can expect to see some of the small-screen characters joining the likes of Henry Cavill’s Superman and Ben Affleck’s Batman somewhere down the line, Berlanti responded:

“We haven’t had any of those conversations other than to say, what characters are we allowed to use this year and advocate or request certain ones that are of interest to us. And every now and then, they’ll say, ‘You can’t have that guy.’ They don’t say why, and we figure out why later on.”

This may disappoint plenty of fans who were hoping to see DC take advantage of Arrow‘s popularity and bridge the movie and TV universes, just as Marvel has attempted to achieve with it’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. series and it’s recent direct tie-in to Thor: The Dark World

Justice League with Green Arrow Arrow Producer Denies Connection to DC Movie Universe

There were signs that this would be the case, however – not long after learned that Dick Grayson – AKA Nightwing, Batman’s former Robin and loyal ally – would be a part of Batman Vs. Superman, reports surfaced that Nightwing would in fact debut on Arrow first, with The Vampire Diaries star Steven R. McQueen potentially in the role.

This leads us to re-think what we thought we knew about DC and WB’s overall plan – or maybe their lack thereof. It’s old news that WB has been far slower out of the gate than Marvel when it comes to establishing their big-screen comic book continuum, but the success of Man of Steel set the stage for a Batman/Superman face-off, then Justice League, then presumably any number of spin-offs based on DC’s array of characters. However, it was only just announced that Warner Bros. has signed Man of Steel screenwriter David S. Goyer to a first-look deal, possibly setting him up as the main architect of their big-screen – and small-screen – franchises.

Arrow could have been a potential centerpiece for developing multiple DC adaptations across several different platforms, but Berlanti sounds as if he’s in the dark about the studio’s overall plans. Still, he has established a dark, mature tone for a character who had previously been written off as a Robin Hood-style caricature, and his enthusiasm hasn’t waned, saying “Getting to participate in any way in the story – considering how much they meant to me as a kid – is really, I just feel lucky about that all the time.”

Arrow Oliver Queens eyeshadow disguise Arrow Producer Denies Connection to DC Movie Universe

Berlanti also elaborated about his approach to the character’s development. Oliver Queen will be getting his classic Green Arrow mask soon, and it appears that despite many of the shared-universe questions, Berlanti is approaching Queen’s development carefully:

“And it evolves the way it’s supposed to…When it comes out naturally, that’s when it’s best. And that’s been the fate of Arrow, and I guess that’s the path we’ll follow.”

Careful, thoughtful development of this kind of project generally leads to better quality, which in the long run will please the large fan base associated with the comic book movie genre, but DC fans are getting mighty impatient. DC and Warner Bros. aren’t in any immediate danger of losing their audience, but we won’t see Batman Vs. Superman for nearly two years. Establishing common ground between the television universe and that of their next big event film would be the kind of bold move needed to stake their own claim on comic book property crossovers while appeasing longtime fans.


Arrow returns Wednesday, December 4th @8pm with ‘The Scientist’ on The CW.

Source: Fandango

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  1. I’m highly disappointed with wb/dc progress so far. If they can some how connect this show to man of steel that would be awesome. I look to the future and I just see their end credits being minimal and lame.

    • The difference in Quality, Stunt Work, and multiple other things between the two just wouldn’t make sense to connect the two. Stephen Amell has gotten better as an actor and maybe he could shape up before the two universes merge but at this point he would be overshadowed by Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill. Also Grant Gustin isn’t exactly the most amazing actor either for the flash so It wouldn’t make much sense to bring in two sub-par actors into a multi-million dollar franchise where the stakes are higher. Don’t get me wrong, I love Arrow but it belongs on TV.

      P.S.—–I’d be ok with a cameo just from Amell the rest of the cast can stay FAR away.

      • I think Stephen Amell would work moderately well but the rest of the cast and even writing would not work well in the Man of Steel universe. They’re making a smart choice not connecting the two if you ask me. Plus, they’re already using Flash, Deathstroke, Deadshot, Chine White, the rumored Nightwing and the writers are showing no signs of reducing the number of DC characters appearing. This means if the films were to use the same characters, they would have to take into account what happens in this show. I find connecting them both will just handcuff both versions resulting in a huge mess.

      • Bingo!

  2. This is clearly a damn lie. If Arrow isn’t connected to the DC Movie Universe, then why is Arrow introducing Bary Allen (aka The Flash) towards this show?

    • If it was why would they use two TV actors that aren’t hot tickets at the moment? There is a difference and you can tell

    • Bart Allen was introduced on Smallville too.

    • What exactly makes it a lie? The producer is telling the truth and I’m ok with Arrow being on its own universe and not connected with MOS. You think Batman will ever appear in Arrow? No, because WB won’t allow that to happen, same goes with Superman. WB didn’t plan on having Arrow as part of their DC Cinematic Universe. I think it’s better for this show to stay on TV and not crossover into the big screen.

    • Flash of the show will be different from the one in the movie.

    • Because there would be another Flash used only for the DC comic universe.

      Warner Brothers does crap like that. i.e. “Superman Returns” was released in 2006 while Smallville was still going on; Tale of two supermans.

      • And the problem with that is???

        You seem to want either:
        A. a show that would cost WAY too much. (Can’t pay a movie star salary to a cable TV show actor)
        B. MUCH lesser known actors to play these characters on the big screen. (I would not have wanted to see Tom Welling in Superman Returns)


  3. i like Amell but i think Arrow would be way to hard to connect to the movie universe, not by story but by time itself, by trying to connect in to a movie universe it will stall the story of Arrow moving forward

    • Agreed.

  4. agreed, henry cavill was hardly a hollywood A-lister when he was cast as superman. it’s still not too late in my opinion to make this into one cinematic universe. if afflecks batman is different to bales (which i’m sure it will be), it could easily work. i mention this only because of the comments that arrow is just copying the tone of nolans batman trilogy.

    i think a lot of this depends on how well received the new barry allen/flash in arrow is going to be. if written and directed well he could become a fan favorite like amell has become with green arrow and could easily help lay the foundations of it all co-existing with the man of steel continuity. i guess only time will tell.

  5. I had a feeling this would be the way they would go as soon as Grant Gustin was cast as The Flash. That will be an important role in Justice League, just don’t see him playing the role on the big screen. As successful as Arrow has been, it’s only successful in CW terms, it’s not lighting the world on fire, I doubt they would have Flash’s origin story on a show on the CW rather than on the big screen, it just wouldn’t be seen by enough people. That being said, it’s strange to have 2 different versions of the character out there at the same time. The Quicksilver thing is different, 2 competing studios, but DC attempted this before, green lighting the other version of Justice League in the middle of the Dark Knight trilogy that would have featured a different Batman (that would have been a train wreck). Assuming Arrow, Constantine and Gotham Central will also not be connected.

    • Exactly. With the DC TV shows, those shows of course won’t connect because they’re run by different networks. Arrow is run by The CW, Constantine in NBC, and Gotham Central in FOX. Though the Hourman is adapted to The CW, I’m wondering if that’ll be connected to Arrow?

      • Slade, how are you liking the show’s portrayal of your namesake? I like the show but I’m not really feeling the Deathstroke part.

        • I love the portrayal of Slade Wilson in Arrow. This version is much better than Smallville’s Slade Wilson. The island flashback is cool to see of how Oliver develop himself becoming the man he is now, I like that Slade is his mentor and friend. I’m quite excited to see what will happen to Slade on the island. We’re getting to see Slade get the serum that’ll give him his abilities like in the comics. Since we’ve been hinted that H.I.V.E. is in the show, the more we learn about them, the sooner Deathstroke appears (probably). H.I.V.E. and Deathstroke had a hitstory back then. When we do see him appear, I do hope they change his costume something a bit similar to his look in Batman: Arkham Origins.

          • Here’s to hoping that Deathstroke gets his own show…

    • A couple good points there, DK.

  6. I’m totally cool with this. However, I wish they weren’t blocked from using certain characters. I’d love to see a full stable of DC characters, especially with the tone and depth that Arrow’s had so far.

  7. If WB is planning on NOT interconnecting their film and television DC properties, then they should really just say so, officially. These comments from Berlanti do not really prove anything. They just add to the existing tangle of speculation, and make those who want a crossover feel disappointed.

    I think that Arrow could coexist with Man of Steel. They do not have to constantly reference each other or adhere to an exacting master timeline. Tonally, there is some compatibility, IMO.

    However, I am okay with separation, as long as Flash (and Green Arrow, Black Canary, Nightwing eventually) gets a good portrayal on the big screen. Just give us some clarification one way or the other, WB. C’mon.

  8. Not connecting the TV and movie universe could be a blessing in disguise, just in case Arrow’s barry Allen AKA The Flash does not work out. I personally think I would prefer a slightly older, blonder, more mature…well, more “Barry Allen”-ish Flash myself, since that is the one I know and love and was raised with in the comics in the 60s and early 70s.

    Instead of sitting around just waiting to see what wil happen with batman and Superman, DC & Warner shoukld also be simultaneously working on other stuff for movie team-ups to roll towards a JLA movie before I am so old that I will go blind and deaf and not be able to appreciate it! Things like a Flash and Green Lantern movie team-up (there y’go, Green Lantern #2 and Flash flick all rolled into one,) against maybe Sinestro, since the basis of that story is already there, and Professor Zoom, the Reverse-Flash. A perfect 2 on 2 match-up, can’t get better than that. Want to up it a bit and give the heroes a harder time? Toss in Time Commander to help the baddies and liven things up. Or how about teaming up some JLA members who are not members of the “Big 5″ (Supes, Bats, WW, GL, and Flash), like The Atom, Martian Manhunter, and Hawkman. Bet you could get a decent movie out of that. And then some personal favorites of mine, Doctor Fate and Hourman. Hourman may get some interest drummed up out there with the advent of a TV show dedicated to him. There’s a few landmarks for you, DC and Warner…I planned the itinerary, you do the flicks. A few problems solved right there (uh, I hope and wish??!!).

  9. I just want an Aquaman trilogy, is that too much to ask??

    • I thought the aquaman pilot that was developed by the creators of smallville was pretty good. too bad the show did not get picked up

    • Apparently.

      We may see him in a movie, but I dont know if they ever make a solo movie let alone a trilogy.

  10. Good.
    I love ‘Arrow’ but dont think these versions have what it takes to make it on the big screen. No, Henry Cavill was not an A lister before Man of Steel, but he was at least a MOVIE actor, not just a TV actor. Yes yes yes, I know about “The Tudors” but I also know about “Cold Light of Day” and “The Imortals.” Meaning that he had already broken through that barrier and shown he has what it takes. I am not so convinced about some of the Arrow cast, this KID playing Flash most of all.

    Leave Arrow, and the soon to be Flash, where they are now, on the CW.

    Whats wrong with having two versions of some of these characters?

  11. I think it’s better this way because the low-budget treatment that characters get in Arrow wouldn’t fit very well in Blockbuster DC Movie territory.

  12. Someone should press harder on WB to find out if they are still doing a Flash movie, Variety reported 2016 Flash and now reporting Flash will be in BvS.

  13. Thank god they wont connect it. dont get me wrong, i love arrow, but they changed so much that it would other characters origin stories for the movie.

    Plus i am not happy about the guy who is playing flash, but i do like Amell to play a different Green Arrow in the actual movie universe.

  14. So, my hopes for Todd Lasance as Green Arrow and David Lyons as The Flash are back on then?


  15. As I predicted, Arrow is not in the same continuity, hence the reason why they can go all out and use many comic characters and alters them as they please to fit their own story. Like it or not, it’s highly unlikely to see these characters in the same place with Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill.

    It’s quite sad and disappointing though, cause all the build up in this series will be such a waste not to use for DC Movie Universe. I’m starting to think that this show is in fact Smallville ver.2 T_T

  16. This is great news. Not that I expected anything else but it’s always good to have rumours turn out to be just that.

    This never made sense to me. I’ve never seen the show but I know it was made before MOS, so it couldn’t have be planned all along (Who’s to say that Arrow would have been successful). Why force something that risky unless it was planned?

    One rumour down, ten to go.

  17. i am definitely OK with keeping them separate, the things they are doing on Arrow are 10 times more interesting than MOS was.

    • Right on. I’m actually more worried about the cinematic universe tainting Arrow, rather the other way around.

      I really loved MoS at its debut, but since then I’ve been convinced that it has some glaring issues. Overall I still like the movie, but some of the decisions for the upcoming BvS have me worried that that it will be crap.

      Originally, I would’ve loved Arrow to crossover with the DC films, but now I don’t. Batman versus Superman could surprise me and be really good, but I think DC is rushing their products in a desperate bid to compete with Marvel; and I don’t think they’ll succeed. I like both companies rather equally, but it’s just that Marvel was crazy-prepared and very patient.

  18. I like man of steel more because he to deal with a bigger threat than arrow has in any episode

    • That’s because Superman is an alien that had to stop an alien invasion that tried to destroy Earth and turn it into the new Krypton while Green Arrow is more like Batman, fighting local thugs and supervillains within his own city.

    • I got to agree with Dazz. Different heroes have different skillsets that lend to different challenges and foes.

      But feel free to like what you like. If you like the greater threats that concern the world at large, more power to you. I’m the type of guy who likes it all.

      I enjoyed Man of Steel quite a bit – the action is far beyond anything we’ve seen in a Superman film before. It really showcases what Superman is capable of. I think that’s what really appealed to me. But upon second viewing, it felt a little too action-y. It became a bit too much destruction porn-ish. I don’t blame Superman for any of the destruction and death (he did what he could), but the film fails to demonstrate why the Earth needs Superman. I mean, if he never arrived on Earth, it would have been fine. How would all of humanity (except maybe Lois Lane and Martha Kent) not revile Superman? And they harp on this theme of Superman bettering humanity, but he doesn’t really do anything like that.

      On the other hand, Arrow is just perfect for me. I think it does what MoS doesn’t, it demonstrates some philosophy. Whether or not vigilantism is warranted, and whether or not killing criminals on the spot is right. And so much more.

  19. I mean’t he had to

  20. Can you say “Plausable Denyability” I think there’s more to this kinda than meets the eye. DC/WB is taking an intresting way about seeing what fans will migrate to by way of bringing out TV shows, consider it the testing ground for future movies. So Arrow lets say is the firstof this testing, so far fans have enjoyed it and enjoyed the star who plays him. The potential for him to be Green Arrow on the screen have increased.

  21. I have to admit that I am rather disappointed with this show. It is not so much the acting, which I believe is being hampered by a rather chaotic script that seems to have no underlying plot-line.

    It seems as if each show is a compartmentalized situation without any substantial theme bringing all the pieces together. As a result, the show appears to drift from week to week with not much more than mindless violence being used to attempt to attribute the show to another super-hero.

    Had the show brought the same elements of darkness that were seen in the trilogy, I believe the actors already involved would have much better material to work with making them appear more substantial than they are.

    For the most part, this is what we used to call something for the “bubble-gum” generation…

  22. The Pros/hints it will connect: The whole first season was “grounded” in reality, this season we have talk of super humans nearly every episode and a certain scarlet speedster is on his way next week. Stephen Amell said that they (producers/writers) had to get permission from Christopher Nolan himself to used said speedster, why would they if there was going to be no sharing of universes. Marc Guggenheim has said on Twitter that he would like to see Arrow join the DCCU. Greg Berlanti’s interview states that they find out why they are told no on using a character later, I think he is specifically referencing Nightwing, and the recent questioning of whether he would be involved in Arrow or Batman vs. Superman.

    The Cons/hints there will not be connection: There has been no mention of anything from Man of Steel in Arrow or vice versa (my theory is that at this point Arrow is still about five years behind the world finding out they have a Superman, and at some point the show will time jump if they ever want a shared universe, here’s hoping).

  23. I really hope this is true. Although I’m ok with certain actors, I never liked the idea of this being in the same universe as MoS.

  24. Arrow has never disappointment me so far. I love watching Oliver Queen/Green Arrow from a (Year One) retrospect, this gives me hope that maybe DC can pull off maybe in the future a ‘Green Arrow,” movie. ‘Green Lantern,’ movie was horrible, so let’s not take a character like Aquaman quite yet and let’s flesh out Deathstroke/Slade Wilson, Black Canary/Sara Lance, and Oliver Queen/Green Arrow first. I can’t wait to see Ra’s Al Ghul hopefully by this seasons end.

    • Yeah, Arrow is a huge hit for me. Supernatural & Smallville are the only other shows I’ve watched on CW.

      Smallville was good, but for me it kinda derailed at the end, and it never at any point was a show that I would call “great”.

      Supernatural, I love, but it can be hit and miss. It’s still enjoyable, but I think it’s past its prime, and will never be quite as good as the early series. I think partly due to filler episodes. I don’t have a preference for monster-of-the-week episodes or the major plot advancing episodes – it’s just that I don’t think the show balances the two well.

      Arrow to me is great because no episode is filler. So many sub-plots advance each episode, but never feel like overkill. The season seems so well-planned (very crucial for any show’s success – Breaking Bad managed this well and was excellent. 24 started strong, but weakened over time due to lack of planning and foresight).

      Oliver is developing relationships with his mother, his sister, his friend Tommy, with Laurel, with Diggle, with Felicity, etc. He’s fighting villains of the week, but they’re not one-offs – like Deadshot. The side characters are interesting. Diggle has history with Deadshot, Moira is complicit in villain’s plans, Thea gets into trouble due to grief and drug abuse (but never becomes the annoying, idiotic damsel in distress stereotype), Malcolm Merlyn is an interesting villain that you can be somewhat sympathetic towards. Oliver’s journey on the Island moves forward in a linear fashion yet events in the past mirror events in the present thematically. We see Oliver morph GRADUALLY into a badass due to awesome mentors, not just with a training montage. So many great reasons to love the show.

      We haven’t seen much of Barry Allen so far, but I’m confident The Flash will be a successful show. I’d like to see them do their takes on Aquaman or Green Lantern because the writers/directors really seem to think the show.

  25. I think the main reason why Arrow and and the DC Movie Universe shouldn’t mesh is because the Green Arrow is almost an exact copy of Batman. You really don’t need two characters like that in the movies. It’s as simple as that.

  26. To Producer Andrew Kreisberg,
    To best of my knowledge I have never posted at this site and since this is the first time I have been willing to use a name and give out my e-mail, I do not see how you could say my comment is a duplicate. And, I now feel if I try to say anything through this site, my comment will be discarded and no attention paid to it.