‘Arrow’ Casts Brandon Routh as The Atom

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Brandon Routh Superman Returns Arrow Casts Brandon Routh as The Atom

Last year marked the beginning of Warner Bros. and DC’s shared cinematic universe, with the rebooted Superman of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel leading the charge toward the announced (and long-awaited) Justice League film. While divisive, Man of Steel introduced fans to a brand-new Kal-El in the form of British actor Henry Cavill, following the not-so-successful 2006 effort Superman Returns.

That film, of course, starred Brandon Routh as the title character, and though Routh’s performance wasn’t really to blame, it marked the first and only time he got to soar through the skies as the Last Son of Krypton. Now, it seems that Warner Bros./DC will be putting Routh to work once again.

According to TVLine, Routh will appear throughout season 3 of The CW’s Arrow in the recurring role of Ray Palmer, though comic book fans probably know him better as DC superhero The Atom. Palmer will emerge as the new owner of Queen Consolidated and brings with him a mysterious set of plans for the company’s Applied Sciences Division. No word on whether the character will already have superpowers before appearing on the show, but in the comics, The Atom has the ability to change his own size as well that of objects around him.

Brandon Routh Scott Pilgrim Arrow Casts Brandon Routh as The Atom

Brandon Routh in ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World’

Judging by this description, it’s hard not to think that including the size-shifting character on Arrow is DC’s way of beating Marvel’s Ant-Man to the punch, but as it stands, the decision to add Routh to the cast is a solid one. In addition to Superman Returns, Routh has previously played comic book characters in Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World as well as Dylan Dog: Dead of Night. He’s a performer with leading-man looks and a reasonable amount of onscreen charisma who has somewhat fallen off the radar. So it’s reassuring that DC is continuing its tradition of casting DC alums on its television series. (Remember when Dean Cain guest-starred on Smallville?)

For Arrow, Routh’s casting marks just the latest in a consistent line-up of new additions to the show. In the past week alone, both Devon Aoki (Sin City) and Peter Stormare (Constantine) have come aboard the show in significant roles. It has yet to be officially decided whether or not Arrow or sister show The Flash will tie into DC’s ambitious big-screen plans (though Stephen Amell is denying an appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice at the moment). In any case, Arrow is certainly taking advantage of the vast roster of characters DC has at its disposal.

Are you excited that Routh is joining the cast of Arrow this coming season, or is the small screen becoming too crowded with DC heroes as it is? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts.

Arrow season 3 premieres on October 8, 2014 at 8 p.m. on The CW.

Source: TVLine

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  1. Wait a second here. There’s something very wrong with this picture.

    An Atom article and no Goldilocks? The **** is happening here, you guys? Isn’t this one of the things he’s always wanted to read about? I….I’m getting scared now.

    • Hello,everyone! I did not “shrinky-dink” away like The Atom. I have been off the grid for a month or so and on approved medical leave from my job at Wal-Mart as sadly I must report I have been out-of-state taking care of my father who has multiple terminal diseases (a sudden shock to himself and the whole family, when discovered the beginning of July). Brain tumors, aggressive lung cancer, and loss of mobility in both legs and one arm. It has been a sad trial and shocking time for all of us. I am hoping to be where I have better computer access soon, and will be back on ScreenRant as usual (miss u-all!). I just sat down tonight on a relative’s computer (since I have been in Wisconsin and am currently in Arkansas, but live in Upper Michigan). But for the record, I have been calling long and loud for Arrow to introduce The Atom (Ray Palmer), and it is finally becoming a reality, apparently. Hope he is there, powers and all, and in the cool costume from the (you guessed it…:) old comics of the 60s! Now if only they go somewhere with those hints of Dr. Fate in Constantine, and CW goes ahead with their Hourman plans…! I have not been where I had a computer for the most part this month, and so have missed out on much of what has been going on on Screenrant. Tonight is the first chance I have had to click onto the site, so maybe I should start singing, “I feel like a Virg**, Scren-Ranted for the very first time!” or “Feels like the first time…” or something. I should be back up in Michigan later this week, and will be getting things back on an even keel as far as ScreenRant goes. In the meantime, thanks for remembering me (even those of you with tar and feathers who want to burn me in effigy!), and keep watching those flix and reading those books and comics…”Goldilocks” is comin’ back!!! (Uh, oops, no…guess that was “Kolchak” used to say that…!).

      • Good to see you back Goldilocks.

        Lurked around here for ages and have enjoyed your posts, well most of them lol. I did wonder why you weren’t posting on here.

        Anyway, I hope everything works out for the best for both you and your father.

  2. good for him, I liked him as Superman/Clark – I always thought he got a raw deal. He was awesome in Scott Pilgrim as well

  3. I love how when this show was first advertised, it was to be “in the vein of Batman Begins and a more realistic version of the DC Universe”. And now, we have had a super-serum that makes people into monsters, the traditional version of the Flash, Solomon Grundy, a sonic-boom weapon provided by Vibe, and a prison-base on an island. And now, we possibly have Ray Palmer aka The Atom with his traditional shrinking powers.
    I’m so happy they’ve decided to do this instead of being like the Nolan Trilogy. This slightly more gritty version of the DC Universe works much better than the “realistic vision” they promised.

    • Agreed.

  4. I hope they stick pretty close to the comics with the full suit, the white dwarf matter, and being able to control his density. He probably won’t be able to travel through phone lines lines much though in this age of wireless cell phones.

    • Funny enough they haven’t shown him or Atomica do that in New 52.

  5. Lmao I think this is so ironic its hysterical and I think this is a great casting decision at the same time I thought Routh was pretty decent in Superman returns but to this day I felt like there could have been more part of that was more so the writing of Returns than his acting I think but hey I think the dudes a darn good actor good choice and I still think its funny.

    • I agree with your enthusiasm about the casting choice however i must point out that this in fact not ironic. A fun coincidence, yes.

  6. Cool.
    Glad to see the DC original hit the small screen before the Marvel copy hits the big screen.

  7. Glad to see Brandon Routh getting another shot in the DCU. Superman Returns had its problems but Routh wasn’t one of them.To this day,I still count myself as a fan of a flayed but noble effort to relaunch the Christopher Reeve series in the new era of CBMs when Superman really needed a reboot for a new generation. That said,Routh had a good attitude regarding his treatment by WB which green lit a sequel before pulling the rug out from under him after the success of the Dark Knight cause WB to want to make everything DC related realistic and grounded.

    Even though Nolan and Goyer were the original driving force behind Man of Steel, its clear that the Superman stand alone series in the vein of the TDK trilogy they conceived has been redirected and repurposed by Snyder,Cavill and Affleck into a cinematic universe and that is spilling over into the DC television world where the gritty Batman Begins toned Arrow series has really started to embrace the more fantastical elements of the DC universe.

    Brandon Routh has gone on record saying he hasn’t met Henry Cavill yet but would like to . It seems that could happen at Comic Con this year because Cavill will likely come in for the BVS/DC films panel and Routh could be brought in for the Arrow panel along with other new cast members.

    It would be a great symbolic gesture to have these two men be seen together as a passing of the mantle moment as well as creating a “Team Superman” of current and former men of steel and surviving cast members of the 50′s show and Donner films
    to square off against a similar “Team Batman” and even a “Team Wonder Woman” photo of Gal Godot and Lynda Carter.You could even have a “Team Flash” since John Wesley Shipp is part of the new Flash series.

    Such events could really help start some massive pop culture buzz that reaches across generations for BVS and Justice League.

  8. This is fantastic! I’m a big fan of Routh’s. I’ll get boiled for this but I actually like Routh’s Clark/Supes more than Reeves’. For me, Routh performed much more within himself, while Reeves, albeit effectively so, was more often than not “acting”; in other words what he was doing was Put ON, however effectively. My fave part of Supes The Movie was the first part as he arrives at the Fortress of Solitude. Reeves did a better job in Superman II.

    I liked Routh in Dylan Dog Dead of Night & him being Ray Palmer / The Atom opens up very juicy DCTV Universe possibilities with a The Atom spinoff TV Series if all goes well on Arrow & more than likely appearances in The Flash.

    The Flash, The Atom & Arrow altogether now: JL Three! lol ;-)

  9. Its good to hear that the creators of Arrow are expanding their universe by adding more superhero characters, but I’m worried that to have Atom change his size would require allot of CGI especially if he choses to go super small. I mean the scene at the end of season 1 with the destruction of the city was quite crap visually. If they want this to be a success they need to improve on the visuals.

  10. Does anyone remember that Routh basically ruined “Chuck” because his acting is like nails on a chalkboard? Happy about The Atom. Seriously depressed that I’m going to have to suffer through Brandon Routh’s acting though. Watching him and the equally awful actor Stephen Amell on screen together will be painful!

    • I don’t have a problem with Stephen Amells acting..in fact, in some cases, he’s even managed to impress me. On the other hand, Brandon Rouths acting is very hit and miss. Sometimes he’s right on with his lines and timing, other times, it seems like he’s talking so sloooow because he is desperately trying to remember his lines…


    Routhy is great, if I had my way he’d still be SUPERMAN, MOS lost the magic of what Superman is all about, but c’mon not Atom?!?

    These ain’t connected to the DC movieverse no matter how many people wish it, not gonna happen… bring him in as SUPERMAN! < That would be beyond awesome!!!

    Geezuz, glad to see him but will not see him as Atom at all!

    • yeah me too, love to see him again as SUPERMAN :) his looks as SUPERMAN is remembered so much even children, please create another series for him as SUPERMAN like SUPERMAN NEW ADVENTURES or how about METROPOLIS because SMALLVILLE is finish, you can continue it :) please please a tv series again for SUPERMAN :)

  12. Good on him,Brandon did get a raw deal in his appearance as Superman.
    Come on the movie wasn’t all that bad.
    Arrow if it keeps up the good storylines could go on to a 10 year run just as Supernatural and Smallville has done.
    C W please bring back The Tomorrow People.

  13. I always thought Matt Bomer of WHITE COLLAR would make a great Ray palmer.

  14. I thought the initial idea was to keep the Arrow series ‘grounded’- with a ‘no-supes’ policy. Apparently this has been discarded with the planned Flash and The Atom intros. I knew it wouldn’t last but I kind of liked the grounded approach. If ever a ‘supes’ was introduced in the series, his powers would be within the planes of reality and practicability. Shrinking people and objects doesn’t quite fall under this category IMO.

  15. To this day I still enjoy ‘Superman Returns,’ and I’m glad that actor Brandon Routh gets to play in the ‘Arrow’ sandbox.

  16. I’m tying not to think what he had to do with Bryan singer in order to get the superman role.

  17. Glad to see that we will see The Atom “shortly” (or not see him…he is not real large). I’ll bet that since Marvel stalled around so much on doing Ant-Man that DC is stealing a march from behind on them, that Marvel is feeling rather “small” about now (see what I did there?).

  18. brandon routh looks is a good choice of a superhero :)
    hoping to see him as superman again even in a tv series :)

  19. In my own suggestion, I would suggest for brandon routh to play captain marvel (shazam part) in the movie. While for black atom u could use d rock.for atom u, itz up to u to decide who can take d part. Perhaps it could be some one younger.

  20. Seeing Roth on Arrow was a pleasant surprise, plus he’s easy on the eyes :)

  21. Excellent addition to Arrow.

  22. This is a good move. There can’t be enough DC heroes on the small screen, even if crowded into one series. Smallville brought us just a tease of some great DC characters like Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. I’d love to see them appear on Arrow as well. The Atom appearance and Routh casting also excites me about this season.

  23. Atom, Arrow, Firestorm, Flash, maybe add Green Lantern

  24. The only problem I see is that if Arrow, Flash, The Atom or any other superhero’s who have been on the TV are in any stand alone cinematic movies of their own or in the Justice League movie then not using the small screen actors in the movies and replacing them with other actors may actually hurt the movies. I think that is one of the reasons Superman Returns didn’t do so well is because Smallville was on at the same time.

  25. I wish they wouldn’t make so many different universe in dc comics.

  26. It will be awesome to have TV cast as superheroes eg, Tom Welling – Smallville, Grant Gustin – Flash, Stephen Amell – Arrows (I prefer Josh Hartnett, I think from Smallville),Matt Ryan as Constantine, Jay Ryan – Beauty and the breast, Brandon Routh as The Atom and others. Maybe because public will accept them as already know they background role due weekly TV viewing of cast. Put them all together and you got a blockbuster film without having to promote too much as public already seem them in action…..old faces new show or movie……