Will Batman Ever Make An Appearance in ‘Arrow’?

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Arrow TV Show Batman Will Batman Ever Make An Appearance in Arrow?

In the ten seasons of Smallville, Tom Welling’s Clark Kent crossed paths with many of DC Comics’ lineup of superheroes, from Aquaman and Green Arrow, to Martian Manhunter and Hawkman, but in that decade, he never met the most popular of Superman’s allies from the comics: Batman.

With CW’s Arrow premiering this October and with Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy now concluded, is there a chance Warner Bros. will allow the series and its protagonist to join forces with The Dark Knight?

It took a few years of success of Smallville before its showrunners could really explore the universe, drawing villains and characters fans would never have expected to see in the first few seasons. Yet, Smallville co-creator Alfred Gough revealed several years ago that even though they eventually could explore quite a bit of the DC Comics universe for inspiration and characters, Wonder Woman and Batman were always off limits. In an interview with IGN, executive producer Marc Guggenheim expressed his desire to make that reality happen with his series, “at some point” in the future.

dark knight rises movie poster Will Batman Ever Make An Appearance in Arrow?

After all, we’re already going to be seeing villains from the comics including Deadshot and China White as early as episode 3.

“Oh, my hope is that we can use him at some point. I think that plagued the Smallville showrunners more than it plagues us because, obviously, the Dark Knight trilogy is over. They’re not available to us yet. My hope is that they’ll be available to us at some point. That would be awesome. No question, that would be absolutely awesome. But I don’t know. That’s above my pay grade.”

Batman wasn’t a character Smallville could include because he was headlining their live-action film franchise, but in this day and age, would audiences be accepting of multiple versions of the character? Guggenheim believes so.

“Look at The Amazing Spider-Man. That was five years after the last Spider-Man movie. Audiences have become incredibly savvy about almost every aspect of our business. I think we actually make the mistake when we underestimate what an audience can handle. We never make a mistake when we overestimate it. I think they can totally handle it. Also, our hope is that we’ll get not just Smallville’s audience, but people who didn’t see Smallville. Smallville was certainly more comic book-y than Arrow is. So it’s a big tent. Certainly, Smallville audiences are savvy enough to know, ‘Okay, our Deadshot’s different than their Deadshot.’ Hopefully they’re savvy enough so that one day, I really want to have Justin Hartley on the show in a cameo, and everyone will hopefully laugh and we come up with a clever enough cameo.”

A big part of the reason Smallville writer and executive story editor Bryan Q. Miller signed up for the season 11 comic book continuation of the series was that he was now allowed to used Batman. Of course, that’s an entirely different medium and the books don’t compete against the television series or films.

Justin Hartley Green Arrow Smallville Will Batman Ever Make An Appearance in Arrow?

Justin Hartley as Green Arrow in Smallville

With Batman still representing the most important (and bankable) character for Warner Bros., even with Christopher Nolan apparently finished with the movies, Bruce Wayne and his cape and cowl are still going to be a major part of their film franchise going forward, especially when it comes to realizing Justice League on the big screen.

While it may seem unlikely at this point that Arrow will ever include an appearance of Batman, the series does embrace a far more realistic tone without the superpowers. If the the show is a success, and the studio changes its mind, Bruce Wayne is a character that fits in to the universe more than most, simply because he – like Oliver Queen – doesn’t’ rely on superpowers but instead uses his wealth to fight crime in a similar fashion.

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Source: IGN

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  1. I think it makes sense to try and introduce Batman eventually – my only worry being that a well-written Batman might just prove more badass than Green Arrow 😛

    But really, I think it’d be a great chance to eventually give Batman his own live-action spin-off…a series in the vein of Nolan’s trilogy (maybe get Jonathan Nolan to write?) would be great. Like Person of Interest.

    • I agree that a well-written Batman might prove more bad-ass than Green Arrow. I would also be fine if they had a bad-ass/humorous competitive relationship like they did in the old comics, but I think that they should introduce him in a later season.

  2. I believe its a bit premature at this point. I would’nt mind a Bruce Wayne cameo or reference but putting Batman in this is just too soon.

  3. i’d like to see a tv batman that isn’t adam west but more badass like he is in the animated series, arkham games and the nolan movies. but not as some side character, only way i’d like to see him in arrow is if it leads to him having a spin off and his own tv show where he’s awesome

  4. I think they should focus on Oliver first and then worry about any other potential hero guest star. Maybe Bruce can cameo and eventually do a season finale team-up?

  5. I think this show would be a great screen test of a traditional grey suit/black cape and cowl look. I think they need to transition to that as they move forward with the JLA and future batman films.

  6. Focusing on the Oliver Queen story is of course a must. The show shouldn’t overreach in the first season. I also worry, however down the line, when they do explore the universe in Arrow if Oliver Queen’s persona would be too similar to Batman if he does indeed make an appearance. So far it seems that way.
    Even without the Batman making an appearance, Nightwing can totally fit in this context and provide exposure to general public not familiar with the character. In that direction we get some of the Bat Mythos in the show but without compromising the character of Batman through his oversaturation in the media market: nolan trilogy being completed but still fresh, Arkham Games, Beware the Batman, any other appearance etc.

  7. Warner Brothers in Burbank: More bean counters per square inch than any other place on the planet. Where creative thinking is only applied to making money.

    But even the accountants at WB have to see that the direction Marvel is going with it’s shared universe on the big screen is the way to go. It’s inevitable. Nobody right now is talking about how Marvel is making a mistake and should separate their character franchises and follow WB’s lead…….. HA! Avengers was a game changer.

    Face it. Accountants are not good at making art. They are not creative people. They think they can simply hire “creative” people, put them in harness, hold the reins…… and apply the whip to their backsides when necessary. Good movies can be made this way, but seldom are great movies produced like this. The more control over the product by bean counters, the poorer the output. Have you noticed that the small money WB projects like cartoons and TV are more creative and take more risks than the big screen stuff?

    WB needs to get some real creative visionaries like Bruce Timm, and put them in charge on some of these projects. Cut them loose, and keep their money grubbing paws off the steering wheel.

  8. It could be so easy and awesome if Hollywood and its derivatives weren’t run by lawyers. The only thing that prevents awesome crossovers like that is the convoluted exclusive rights licensing crapiola that is going on everywhere.

    • Yes. Lawyers, especially corporate lawyers. Making money from people disagreeing with other people.

      This is also an impediment to creativity.

      Also, in so many films the ideas and characters feel like the result of a focus group. Targeting the demographics. That’s another reason why Batman hasn’t been seen in Smallville. The Green Arrow has the super rich crime fighter demographic nailed down. Did Smallville need two super rich crime fighters? Focus group says no….. lawyers say no…… bean counters say no.

      Creative people say yes to Batman and Green Arrow together. Just think of the possibilities! Not only would there be interesting conflicts created in the crime fighting realm, but you could have conflict in the financial realm between the two super rich, Bruce Wayne and Oliver Queen characters.

      See what I did right there?

  9. The problem is, where do you draw the line? If they add Batman at some point will we then get to see other characters? Seems to me that doing so would just turn into Smallville 2.0 and if that’s what the wanted to eventually do they should have just continued with the other cast.

    So IF they want to differentiate themselves from Smallville they need to avoid superhero cameo of the week. Of course on the flip side, can this show survive with Green Arrow being the only hero for more than 1-2 seasons?

    and why was Wonder Woman off limits for Smallville? Possibly because of the impending WW TV Show that got the axe?

  10. I say the more Batman the better 😀
    It’s a given that they should first focus on Queen’s story and establishing him as the main protagonist, but after that? I would definitely be interested in seeing Batman pop up in a few episodes here and there.

    I just hope it’ll be done better this time… I like Smallville as a show, but they really didn’t pay attention to the source material. All the characters that showed up where half-@$$ed versions of the REAL characters IMO.

  11. Think of it this way. Just pretend for a moment that you’ve got this movie that you want to make, and you need to find/beg/borrow a bunch of money from rich investors….. who are mostly men.

    It wouldn’t hurt if the protagonist in your movie was a rich guy/super hero. Right?

    Like Green Arrow, Batman and Ironman too. Demographics at work.

    Wonder Woman? That’s a tough one. To hook the female segment, she would need a completely different character arc and story than any that we have seen so far. WW in the past has been for men. Kicking ass like a male superhero but in this sexy stripper outfit in a push up bra with high heels.

    Imagine now what a Wonder Woman movie would have to be like to nail down the 20s and 30s women of today.

  12. Very good article. These individuals who go out of their way to make such wonderful articles for us nerds too read and argue over don’t get enough credit for their hard work.

    It would be awesome to see the worlds greatest detective show up and help the emerald archer solve a crime or save the city. If not then, at least have Nightwing or another Bat-side character show up.

    The real question I have is, will the Man of Steel himself appear, when the show is more grounded? Or does he now have to follow the rules of the Batman since he will be on the big screen next year? WB should use that Superman Returns costume at least one more time since we hardly had a chance to see Welling in it. It would be cool if Tom Welling himself appeared as Superman on “Arrow”, but I know that won’t happen since this is not a spinoff from “Smallville.” It could have worked though much like Buffy would guest star on “Angel” (Whedon sure knows how to do it).
    Anyway they should at some point have Black Canary and Speedy on the show. I’m hoping this show doesn’t fail. Life has been to odd lately without a good D.C. comic show on. Ten years of one only makes me wanting more.

  13. i´ve watched the dark.k.r. now for the third time,and the movie is getting better and better. i love both blockbusters of this summer, the avengers and batman are perfect movies with different style and tone between them both. the 2 movies are both my nr.1. and to the series arrow, if batman would have a cameo or a bigger part in the series,then it must be a respectful and worthful interpretation. nolan and bale have created a great batman character. i can´t imagine a better interpretation of batman then nolans did.

  14. Hope batman makes at least one appearance in arrow would have loved to see him in smallville or a mention at least

    • They did mention him.. It wasn’t an obvious reference but I remember Chloe saying something about a billionaire with high tech gadgets .. Something like that..

      • yeah so they made it seem like chloe knew who batman was .. but i dont get why they couldnt do flash or wonder woman when they had nothing lined up movie wise .. i mean i guess i get why they couldnt do hal jordan or any green lanterns after him but that would of been cool too ..

    • Both WW and Batman were mentioned in one of the last few episodes of smallville…. it was Chloe talking to Clark about her travels and the other heroes she had found.

      Just an odd bit of trivia for you.

  15. I think the most telling bit of that entire interview was when he said “our Deadshot is different than (the comics) your Deadshot. Uh huh in other words “be savvy” enough to understand this show has NOTHING to do with the comics… at all. Don’t even think of it as a comic book show.

  16. I feel the more Batman the better. But thinking on it, Batman maybe too strong of a character and could take over the show. It may be smarter to use maybe Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl or even Batwoman. So that way they’ll have a Bat presence without over shadowing the show.

  17. Jim Caviezel has to be the next Batman. He’s perfect for the job and he’s someone Nolan would approve of himself since he’s on his brother’s own show. I can see Caviezel guest starring as Wayne on Arrow for sure, and that would already establish him for his own movie. I really think this could work.

  18. They should make references of him as an eccentric billionaire and build up to a cameo in the later seasons.

  19. I’d love to see Batman / Wayne in this show but has to be done the right way as others have said. As good as Batman is the producers of this show have to remember that Arrow is the star. They can’t overdo Batman’s appearance / roll to the point where Green Arrow looks sub-par especially when it is his show. Heck, I’d love to see any DC characters in the show but has to be done keeping the main star of the show in mind.

  20. If Cashgrab does make an appearance in Arrow then it’s important that Cashgrab is treated with the respect that he is due.

    Also important is to make sure that the epic awesomeness of Cashgrab doesn’t overshadow Green Arrow.

  21. They should let Speedy and Black Canary play as a cameo first, then Nightwing, or Robin, then eventually, Batman (in later seasons). If they wanted to put Batman in the first season, wouldn’t it be better if they put Bruce Wayne first, then progressing after 3 or 4 seasons, then… BAM! They eventually show the one and only, Batman. In his trademark costume (it’s fully up to the show’s writer for the colors). If they also wanted to introduce Superman too, it’s best that they don’t. But it’s up to them. Let them do whatever they want.

  22. I’m just concerned that after the Nolan films, the bar has been raised so high that the TV-Batman might pale in comparison. They can certainly give it a shot.

  23. Armie Hammer for Batman PLEASE!!! He wuld own in that role

  24. Another idea I like would be Hawkman and Hawkgirl on the show. In all the appearances it was one or the other they have never been togher except for the comics. A husband and wife crime fighting team,think about it.

  25. How about just Bruce first then Batman, then again this could turn out like GA’s role in Smallville…….

  26. I just can’t really make a decision, right now. I need to see the show, and how it works before I decide if Batman can work. If this show proves to be hardcore awesome, then please add the Bat, but if this is just going to be another Smallville, then please don’t ruin the Bat’s rep with by forcing him to participate in the show.

  27. I wouldn’t be against this but the show has to exist on its own for a few years before pulling in another big hero, whether it be Batman or Nightwing. Smallville didn’t start doing this until season 4 and then it was only cameos from Flash and Aquaman.

    Arrow looks very promising, but it has to stand up for itself and carve its own identity or the Smallville comparisons will never go away.

    I hope this is as good as it looks.

    • you hit the nail on the head sam , smallville didnt really dive into the dc stuff until season 4 and even then it was pretty loose ..

  28. I remember they wanted to have Bruce Wayne on Smallville to rival Lex in a episode but was off limits because Batman Begins was in developement. So they decided to settle with Oliver Queen/Green Arrow instead since he’s similiar to Batman. I can’t wait for Arrow to air but Batman making a appearance, id wait a season or two to see how the show pans out.