Will Batman Ever Make An Appearance in ‘Arrow’?

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Arrow TV Show Batman Will Batman Ever Make An Appearance in Arrow?

In the ten seasons of Smallville, Tom Welling’s Clark Kent crossed paths with many of DC Comics’ lineup of superheroes, from Aquaman and Green Arrow, to Martian Manhunter and Hawkman, but in that decade, he never met the most popular of Superman’s allies from the comics: Batman.

With CW’s Arrow premiering this October and with Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy now concluded, is there a chance Warner Bros. will allow the series and its protagonist to join forces with The Dark Knight?

It took a few years of success of Smallville before its showrunners could really explore the universe, drawing villains and characters fans would never have expected to see in the first few seasons. Yet, Smallville co-creator Alfred Gough revealed several years ago that even though they eventually could explore quite a bit of the DC Comics universe for inspiration and characters, Wonder Woman and Batman were always off limits. In an interview with IGN, executive producer Marc Guggenheim expressed his desire to make that reality happen with his series, “at some point” in the future.

dark knight rises movie poster Will Batman Ever Make An Appearance in Arrow?

After all, we’re already going to be seeing villains from the comics including Deadshot and China White as early as episode 3.

“Oh, my hope is that we can use him at some point. I think that plagued the Smallville showrunners more than it plagues us because, obviously, the Dark Knight trilogy is over. They’re not available to us yet. My hope is that they’ll be available to us at some point. That would be awesome. No question, that would be absolutely awesome. But I don’t know. That’s above my pay grade.”

Batman wasn’t a character Smallville could include because he was headlining their live-action film franchise, but in this day and age, would audiences be accepting of multiple versions of the character? Guggenheim believes so.

“Look at The Amazing Spider-Man. That was five years after the last Spider-Man movie. Audiences have become incredibly savvy about almost every aspect of our business. I think we actually make the mistake when we underestimate what an audience can handle. We never make a mistake when we overestimate it. I think they can totally handle it. Also, our hope is that we’ll get not just Smallville’s audience, but people who didn’t see Smallville. Smallville was certainly more comic book-y than Arrow is. So it’s a big tent. Certainly, Smallville audiences are savvy enough to know, ‘Okay, our Deadshot’s different than their Deadshot.’ Hopefully they’re savvy enough so that one day, I really want to have Justin Hartley on the show in a cameo, and everyone will hopefully laugh and we come up with a clever enough cameo.”

A big part of the reason Smallville writer and executive story editor Bryan Q. Miller signed up for the season 11 comic book continuation of the series was that he was now allowed to used Batman. Of course, that’s an entirely different medium and the books don’t compete against the television series or films.

Justin Hartley Green Arrow Smallville Will Batman Ever Make An Appearance in Arrow?

Justin Hartley as Green Arrow in Smallville

With Batman still representing the most important (and bankable) character for Warner Bros., even with Christopher Nolan apparently finished with the movies, Bruce Wayne and his cape and cowl are still going to be a major part of their film franchise going forward, especially when it comes to realizing Justice League on the big screen.

While it may seem unlikely at this point that Arrow will ever include an appearance of Batman, the series does embrace a far more realistic tone without the superpowers. If the the show is a success, and the studio changes its mind, Bruce Wayne is a character that fits in to the universe more than most, simply because he – like Oliver Queen - doesn’t’ rely on superpowers but instead uses his wealth to fight crime in a similar fashion.

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Source: IGN

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  1. Why not give Justin Hartley a shot at Batman. He might be really good! It would be a fun thing with all of us knowing he was ‘Arrow #1′! Just might be fun is all! ~ Stark

    • WOW

    • I think its a big mistake when actors play duel roles as superheroes. For example ryn reynolds as deadpool than green lantern. Ouch. Justin already did aquaman and no one really saw that I think, but if they did how might that have affected him becoming the green arrow? We need a new face, maybe something more batman beyondish.

      • Chris Evans played both The Human Torch and Captain America.

        • Which is consternating fans in the Marvel universe who want to see the F4 in an Avengers movie. Granted, they’re probably going to- if they even go that way- intro the Four in a support or cameo role, but we’ll still have to choose between two stellar Evans roles or deal with not having the Torch OR have another actor come in to play him.

          (…I can’t believe I just said ‘consternating’ non-ironically. What’s wrong with me.)

          • They are alreay rebooting the F4 movies so it is not a big deal

          • as someone with the name “stark” you don’t realize how far technology has come, if they wanted to use the old four they could and have Chris if he was will to play both rolls. It’s called a green screen, and techniques in the field for using it with a character that is seen more than once doing two different things has come along way, it would not be that hard to have one person playing both rolls. Time consuming with costume changes and editing but not hard. It’s something pretty much any youtuber can do now a days. Split themselves into four different parts, playing two or more rolls or singing different parts of a song. And if one or two youtubers can do it I think Warner brothers would be just fine at it. Depending on how they treated each character, and how they edit the film. That’s really where it would depend. Also the amazing things you can do with makeup. It’s truly a hard thing to believe that people can still use the Phrase “you’re uglier than dog s***”.

      • I have the pilot Justine did as Aquaman. It might have been a good show.

  2. I’m really disappointed that Justin Hartley won’t be playing Arrow! :-(

    • Ditto. When I first heard about it I thought it was a spinoff from Smallville and I was thrilled. JH was so great as Oliver Queen that I truly wanted him to have his own show when Smallville ended. No Hartley? No sale, sigh…

      • I agree!

    • I have to admit…my curiosity got the better of me and I watched the pilot episode of Arrow. I did find it held my attention, and I did like it. The guy who plays Arrow has more strength and moves than the original Smallville Green Arrow. I’ll watch a few more episodes to see if it holds true to the first! I still miss Justin Hartley tho!! <3

      • Very true. Stephan Amell seems (not meant as a slam) too deep an actor for the usual CW shows haha. From brooding, to playboy at his birthday party, and the physicality being far more believable (I do want to now how much of that stuntwork actually was him).

        Justin Hartley was a very cool Oliver, but even the new costume feels like a Green Arrow that was written to anchor a series, not support one.

        • I agree Andrew! I’m hoping the show doesn’t let us down because I did like the pilot! A few more episodes should tell! :-)

  3. I’d love to see Bruce Wayne come in at some point as an anti-hero to the series. We know that the Batman’s morals and society’s morals don’t always go hand-in-hand, and I think it could be beautifully done if Bruce comes into the show, essentially to ‘fix’ something, but, because of misunderstandings and Bruce’s general dislike of explaining himself, becomes the Villain Who Wasn’t Evil. It’s been done before, and I really like it when moral codes clash in a way where neither character realizes they’re both right.

    Historically, Batman has a way of ruffling the other Leaguers’ feathers, so this would be a great tie-in to a future JLA movie or, better yet, series.

  4. If you’ve been following the continuing story of the Smallville universe in the DC comics, it was very gratifying to finally see Batman show up and interact with the comic version of Welling’s Superman. So to have Bats show up in Arrow would be just as cool, and then why not other iconic DC heroes?

  5. I believe that, although it would be cool, Bruce Wayne should not appear in “Arrow”. I am not against possibly one of his many sidekicks appearing, Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, Jason Todd, or even Barbara Gordon. They don’t even have to become main characters.

  6. Arrow is The Dark Knight. A very rich man experience a cosmically great change in his morality and develops deep compassion and love for humanity and uses his power, wealth and intelligence to right the wrongs and to do justicework.

    • the whole first 2 episodes have felt very batman begins.. especially the stuff happening at the docks. I’m not sure if it’s accidental or if its a straight rip… & why is it starlet city ? We all know it should be star city. Metropolis Gotham and Star City top 3 in the DC universe.

  7. They do kinda reference Wonder woman and batman in Smallville. Season 10 Chloe says she wants to find others with powers like Clark’s and in her travels she has met a wonderful woman who will rock Clark’s world and a billionaire with some fantastic toys. It was subtle but we the fans knew what she was saying.

    • There is also a reference to Gotham City in an earlier season in the episode of the Reunion of Oliver’s Excelsior class mates. But Chloe clearly gives the impression that Batman and Wonder Woman were on there way to becoming Superheros but were not quite ready, just as our young Blur was not yet Superman. One of the main reasons Batman and Wonder Woman were not included is because Clark did not meet them until he actually became Superman, which did not happen until the final episode of the last season.

    • Hang on what about green lanterns “coast city”

  8. I wouldn’t put Batman in just yet, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Bruce Wayne. Maybe have him be in for a few episodes for a business deal with the Warren and the Queens. In a few season I wouldn’t mind a few cameos, but if I’d have to pick a Bat-family hero, I would pick Nightwing. He’s much more social and upbeat than the Bat which would make a better Foil to the somber mood of the Arrow.

    • Wow, that was a fail.. Walter not Warren

  9. Look I’m hearing all this talk about why batman wouldn’t be good for the show ect but look at it from a die hard fans view. It f###ing batman. Not only would the rating shoot through the roof but when u bring in the heroes like batman steel or even the question then you raise the fans need to watch the show. We can handle it. The better question is do the produces writters an would be big shots have the balls to give the fans what they want? Guess we will have to wait an see. Oh an fyi the show smallville was cool at 1st but as it went on it board the hell out of me cuz suprman seem like such as pu$$y. His heat vison was a joke, the freezing breath was badly done an don’t even get me started on his last min flight. Let see Batman pull up to the Green Arrow in the Batmobeil an say ( you need a lift?) Lmao that would be pimp.

  10. Bludhaven was mentioned, too. Can we get Nightwing? :D Bludhaven is a train ride away! I’m sure Bruce has a spare Batwing lying around somewhere to lend Dick.

  11. Im a great fan of all the superhero, why dont you continue another10 episode of smalville with the same cast, it will be great or make 2.5 hour movie at the theatre with all the cast of smallville, it will sell out at the box office. Please it will be a sell out. Please notify me if you are, ill appreciate it very much sincerely richard juarez from fresno, ca. Email richardjuarez1958@gmail.com.

  12. I think they shouldn’t have any superpowered heros and villains in arrow because then it would be to much like smallville. Also have you noticed that they have been putting bludhaven camos in it and in. The last episode oliver (arrow) Evan went to bludhaven so hopefully NIGHTWING!!!!!!

  13. I think introducing Batman would be awesome, and they wouldn’t even have to use the name Batman. They were so creative in playing around with the Oliver Character and his allies and enemies saying either vigilante, or Hood, or something other then Green Arrow. They could do the same thing with Batman, they could call him The Knight, or when they see him they could be like. There’s another vigilante on the loose, this one has the criminals more scared then this Arrow character, and have someone ask, what’s he look like. A bat.. Also, Batman would be coming to Star City to arrest Arrow, Batman hasn’t “killed” many, as far as I know. I don’t know I’m not comic savvy enough to make that argument, but they could have him come in and try to bring the Arrow to justice for all the murders he’s committed in the past. For example, When Punisher was introduced into the comics he was there to track down and arrest Spiderman or something like that. They could do the same thing, as well. There are many creative ways in introducing Batman into the series and not have legal issues with the companies. There’s so much they could do, even with just having Bruce Wayne make general cameos just to tease the idea would be awesome. I think they could do it, even if the studios said no to using Batman. There are many ways and loopholes to using the character without having to ask to use it.

  14. YES!!! Batman and Green Arrow team up alot, so it would make sense that they would work together in Arrow. I think it would be better if Christian Bale was still Batman, he is the best actor for Batman in history. Putting him on the show would make the audience even more interested as it would show the DC media becoming more united and continuous, by which I mean it continues character’s stories through multiple movie sagas and shows. Plus, everyone would go “woah, it’s Batman! It’s also still Bale!” And less comic-aware viewers would see that the Arrow (and Batman) universe is bigger than they think! :D


    • AGREED

  15. I dont think batman will work for one reason it is arrows show so he would have to be better than batman which any fan would no isnt true

  16. I just want Christian Bale as Batman or no Batman at all.

  17. It could work if done right, but it would have to be handled very delicately. He couldn’t make Oliver pale in comparison, but he’d still have to be superior. Also, if, when Oliver becomes Green Arrow, he continues to act similarly, he’ll be too close to batman, personality-wise. That could be mitigated by emphasizing their differences: Batman’s greater intellect and willpower, Green Arrow’s idealism and empathy, etc. Perhaps have Batman give Oliver a talking-to about killing… Batman would also need a good reason to be there.

    • I agree that he shouldn’t make Ollie Pale in comparison, but perhaps his methods should. The best way for Batman to pass on his philosophy is by showing that it works, instead of a long talk. As for a good reason, it could be some villain come to town, but I think the mob angle would work best. We already have the Bertinelle family around and disposed of, so it would be easy to see the Falcone family moving in to fill the power gap, and being the hero of Gotham that he is, Batman (or Nightwing) would follow to stop them.

  18. Do I want Bruce Wayne, Batman to be a cast member in Arrow?

    HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!

  19. A good reason to put Batman in the show, I think, would be to establish a parallel between Bruce and Olliver and confront the real big difference in their methods with Batman and his non-killing way.

  20. Personally, I don’t think Batman would be a good choice for arrow. He would completely overshadow the main character in the series. There’s just to many similarities between the caped crusader and cw’s Green arrow.

    First they are both playboy billionaires in real life that struggle with that and their costumed life. Secondly they are connected to rather huge corporations in the world of high tech. Bats has Waynetech, and Arrow has Queen Consolidated. Finally they are both angst ridden vigilantes that are hell bent on cleaning up their respected cities. Batman rarely left Gotham until he joined the JL after all.

    I wouldn’t necessarily stay away from the Bat-family altogether mind you. Nightwing would make a wonderful add to Arrow for an occasional team up against some extra-notorious villians. Initially Soloman Grundy or Deathstroke come to mind. But then a team up between Queen and Grayson against Drake’s version of Red Hood might be spectacular. Especially since Oliver has come a long way from being a costumed killer into actually doing good for the city. Tim Drake went the other way after his own personal trauma dealt by the joker.

    Bats however would simply take the light away from Oliver to much, at the most have Bruce show up without the cowl and utility belt to do business with the queens.Notice some potential in Oliver at a meeting at the nightclub and leave it at that.

  21. I think batman should be on the show but just to make guest appearances. That way the two characters don’t conflict. I also think on batman’s first appearance on the show it should be with Oliver going to Gotham City for some reason.

  22. Why not have Michael R back as lex luthor in the arrow series to go up against oliver

  23. the person who trained batman is the same person that trained sarah so why not put him in the show at some point superman aquaman and green lantern would never work at all i mean super powers and aliens do not fit with the vigalanty roles and villians that make up arrow batman is a must but please leave robin at home with alfred

  24. they could put batman in since dr wells (the flash) did metion batman when he was speaking to barry allen.And he did say he was a hero so it could easily think it could be done. maybe it could end in a new batman spinoff that would be awsome

  25. Probably will make an appearance depends on the villains, since Deathstroke is everywhere, probably for the deathstroke track down. other than that, nope, he is Gotham, so this question should have took more though first.