‘Arrested Development’ Movie Plot Revealed?

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Arrested Development1 Arrested Development Movie Plot Revealed?

The anxious fans of Arrested Development might get their wish for a feature-length movie soon. Yes, we’ve known for a while now that a movie is in the works – but it’s had a rocky history, and until it actually starts production, fans have remained skeptical. However, a recent revelation from Mitch Hurwitz indicated the movie is indeed on its way.

Now, a source of ours who recently spent time with one of the show’s stars says she knows the plot. While we remain as skeptical as everyone else, the pieces are starting to come together – and they make a lot of sense.

In addition to the early plot details, we have been told this storyline will be announced within the next few weeks. So, whether this turns out to be true or not should be decided within the month. It’s an exciting time to be an Arrested Development fan, and if you enjoyed the TV finale, this movie seems to be a direct continuation of the final episode.

Reminder: The following is unofficial and should be taken as RUMOR. Check out the (very meta) alleged plot for the Arrested Development movie:

Ron Howard is making a movie about the Bluths using an A-List cast. But Dr. Tobias plays himself because nobody wants to play him in the movie. The Bluths decide to make their own movie in contention with Ron Howard’s.

It sounds simple enough and extends the finale to a larger scale. Moreover, it provides an opportunity for celebrity cameos that might give the movie even more entertainment value for those who may not be as familiar with the show.

cast of arrested development movie by mitch hurwitz Arrested Development Movie Plot Revealed?

And if that is in fact the plot of the film, our very own Ben Moore will have all but predicted it in his analysis of Mitch Hurwitz’s recent comments. In the article, he mentioned that he would like to see Maeby create a self-referential movie about the family.

As we’ve said, this is unofficial word from a source who claims one of the show’s stars explained the plot. If the official announcement is only a few weeks away, we will finally be able to put this to bed and follow production of the film – instead of speculating about it endlessly. Either way, this has become one of the most anticipated TV-to-movie developments in recent memory.

What do you think of this potential plot for the Arrested Development movie? Would you like to see this or do you have another idea of how it should go down?

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  1. ~crosses fingers~

    This was the best show on T.V. It’s premature cancellation was a crime.

  2. I don’t care about the plot, I just want the film to be made. It’s the dialogue which is king!

    Maeby creates a film about her family?


    • she worked in a movie studio, remember?

      • um…you’ve obviously never seen the show.

        • Him?

        • lol “her…?” is a reacurring joke, theyve definatly seen the show

  3. I love this idea.

  4. I love any good news about an AD movie and I think that plot would be hilarious and a great way to get non-fans into the theater.

  5. Greatest show top be cancelled,

  6. adfjal;fjafjakf

    this was the best show ever!! i would totally see the movie!!
    i love jason batman!

    • We can’[t have a topic without “Bats” being incorporated somehow, can we. :)

  7. this show and freaks and geeks were the best! why does crap run for so long?

    • When the humor takes some sense to get people don’t get it. People just want to see snookie fall down and show her vagina.

  8. Oh boy I can’t wait. Laugh out loud every time I watch.

  9. This show was awful. It was canceled too LATE. I don’t get the love that some people have for this show. The movie is going to bomb and bomb hard.

    • @Andy S

      If you can’t watch Arrested Development straight through from beginning to end, and not see the genius of the comedy, I feel bad for you. It’s pretty great. The in-jokes alone are better than most other TV comedy I see or have seen.

      • No need to feel bad, Kofi. Everyone has their own tastes and AD is not mine. I watched the show the first season for the first few episodes because of the cast, but I found it pretty much unwatchable. Then again, I feel pretty much the same way about The Office, too.

        • Then why post in a story about AD? If you disliked it, why read the article?

          I think you’re simply trying to stir the pot.

        • I too watched the first few episodes and couldn’t believe how insufferable the characters were. the plot sucked the jokes were lame, and i think i started to hate myself.


          after episode 9 (because yes, to judge a tv show WITHOUT being lame about it you must watch more than a few episodes)it became so satisfying i nearly pooped myself.

    • As to whether or not it’ll bomb, the movie will cost, like, fifteen million dollars or less. Considering how popular the show is, I would bet you any day of the week that it won’t bomb.

  10. Snore.

  11. I think a subplot should be that the Bluths get a new lawyer played by Ellen Degeneres, who Lindsay falls in love with. Tobias then thinks the only way to get her back is to have a sex change. Hilarity ensues. You’re welcome universe.

    • I just came in my pants.

    • That would be awesome-but she needs a cool name….

  12. It sounds like just the kind of ridiculous convuluted plot the AD guys would go for (and kind of already did). I’m sure I will love it but not sure how much non-fans would.
    They need to re-run the show (at least on British free-to-view TV) to try and up the general anticipation levels.

  13. If this is true Jesse Eisenberg MUST play George Michael in Howard’s version. MUST.

    • I was just scrolling down, about to post that myself. If Cera and Eisenberg have the guts to make fun of the face that they’re pretty much the same guy, I’ll instantly gain newfound respect for both of them.

      • *fact, not face.

        • Faith is a fact?

          • I’m going to jail because you don’t understand what a blloper reel is?

    • Yeeeeeees

  14. It should be:

    Ron howard makes a movie about ron howard making a movie about the bluth family, ect. Because post-post-modernism.

  15. Please let this be true, this would be my most anticipated movie of all time.

  16. I’m so freaking pumped

  17. Please, let this happen. I just lost my club membership.

  18. I think they need to have a scene where Winkler (and maeby Baio) have to somehow “jump” a shark. One of my fav scenes is when Winkler goes to comb his hair ala Fonz. And Bob Loblaw was the best name (or maeby it was An-yong). Hello. Goodbye.

    R. B.

    • Winkler jumps a shark on the docks, after they think they have tracked down the seal who bit Buster. Very subtle, but made me laugh.

  19. I think they need to have a scene where Winkler (and maeby Baio) have to somehow “jump” a shark. One of my fav scenes is when Winkler goes to comb his hair ala Fonz. And Bob Loblaw was the best name (or maeby it was An-yon). Hello. Goodbye.

    R. B.

  20. The point is to come up with a plot “skeleton” on which the prototypical Arrested Development characters and dialogue can hang. What’s nioe about the Howard/Bluth dueling movies idea is that they can neatly bring in more than on guest star (episodes are by their very nature limited to just one or two) without overwhelming the core Bluth group.

    Jessie Eisenberg as George Michael is geniou; I also vote for a reappearance of Dave Attel as Tobias. And having Ellen Degeneres play Lindsay would be pretty good, although I’m not married to the idea.

    It’s as Anne as the nose on plain’s face.

  21. I have literally been waiting for this since the show cancelled. I also further the idea of Eisenberg playing GM. The role of who would play Buster and Gob makes me want to puke of excitement. This movie isn’t for mainstream, it’s for the fans that have invested so much time into this show. Please let this happen. BEES?!

  22. I don’t know, that plot line doesn’t sound too funny to me. I was hoping it would start with Lucille being in jail for her part in the fraud and embezzlement of the company, and mirroring some of what George did in the first season. Great to see Liza Minelli in it, but you gotta bring Henry Winkler back somehow too.

  23. I think that the plot line has the potential to be funny but i could go badly….idk i just want this movie to come out i looooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeee micheal sooooooooooooo much!!!!

  24. I’m so excited! Although am I the only one who isn’t thrilled at the thought of other actors portraying the cast? When I think Gob – I think Will Arnett…and honestly, I wouldn’t want to think of any other actor portraying Gob. Nor do I think they would do it justice. I mean, COME ON!

    I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. I’d be far more stoked though if I knew they were going to be keeping the original cast. Either way, I’m excited.

  25. Is an Arrested Development movie a huge mistake, is Spielberg redeemed, did Netflix just ruin itself, is Lucas ruing Star Wars again? This and more discussed at http://filmsnork.blogspot.com/2011/10/filmsnorks-bad-idea-1-arrested.html

    thanks for the support

  26. They’re keeping the original cast. Everyone’s just talking about the movie maeby was pitching to Ron Howard in the last episode of Arrested Development. They want to see who will be cast to play in maeby’s imaginary movie that takes place within the actual Arrested development movie. I.E. the fake movie within the actual one.

  27. Please please plz plz give us this return!!!

  28. They need to reference every inside/running joke in the series
    #i’ve made a huge mistake

  29. I would like to see an Arrested Development movie! LOL :)