Arnold Talks Terminator Salvation & The Expendables

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The folks over at The Arnold Fans were in Columbus, Ohio this weekend for The Arnold Classic and two of them were lucky enough to be chosen by Arnold Schwarzenegger to ask questions.

Lucky for us moviegoers, both of them asked questions centered on his involvement in Terminator Salvation and Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables as well as what he’d do career-wise after being Governor.

First he responded by hinting that he’d run for President if the constitution were different then he talked about the state of California before eventually touching again on the two movies in question.

I’ve cut out just what he says about the movies for you:

I have seen the movie, but I have not seen it as a finished product yet. I have not seen it yet with the Terminator special effects and some of the sound and the music is not in there yet and so on. So I really cannot comment on it, what the movie will be like as a finished product. There’s a rule that you never talk about a movie unless you have seen the finished product. But you know as I said to the director when they began that I wish them the best of luck, that I’m happy that they move forward with the franchise, I am very happy with where I am with my profession as the governor and they should try to find a way of doing a story that does not include me at all, not even one single shot in it. I don’t believe in that. To kind of have them go out and promote the movie and say you know Arnold is in the movie and everyone thinks that I’m the Terminator and in fact you only see one second of me in there and so I don’t think thats the right thing to do. And you know that’s the danger of that, and that’s why I feel reluctant to be part of the movie in the first place. So it doesn’t get promoted that way.

[talking about Stallone]
So I… naturally when he asked me if I would do a cameo, which will just be something quick, like I walk out of a hotel or out of a office building and he will walk up and we will bump into each other and there will be some mumbling and then we will walk off (crowd laughs). So it will be something very simple, that will be again, just a cameo, so that’s what we’re going to do. I promised him I’d do that and I’m looking forward to that. Ok? Good.

I don’t like how he completely dodged giving an opinion on the movie. He could have at least said it’s looking good so far or say something positive.

As for the cameos, he seems to have no problem making a cameo in The Expendables then uses reason to say why he may not for Terminator Salvation. We all know you’re not the main character in the new Terminator movies, Arnold – there will be no misconceptions or wrongful promotion about that.

What I think he’s doing is leaving it to be a surprise when he does show up in the movie with his face CGI-inserted onto someone else’s body for a T-800 unit. I can’t give any reasonable explanation why he would not take advantage of that opportunity if he’s willing to for The Expendables.

What do you think?

Terminator Salvation opens May 21, 2009 and filming begins on The Expendables March 25th – It’s expected to hit theaters in 2010.

Source: The Arnold Fans

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  1. From what I hear, his political career is not all that great. He needs to get back to doing what made him a star…action movies. Come on Arny, you are the Terminator, just as Chris Reeves was Superman! Stop trying to avoid it!

  2. If he endorsess it and i turns out terrible then the spin will be” Arnold endorsed a bomb”.,
    If he gives a lukewarm response and it is a sucess,
    then the story is why is Arnold dissing the movie?
    to me it seems perfectly reasonable why he doesnt want to give an opoinion .
    as for his political career,
    He may run for the senate in a couple of years,
    We shall see .

  3. @ Gary,

    I would argue that he supported T3 and I personally (very much) dislike that film :(

  4. Rob,
    I see your point but isnt he contractually obligated to support a movie he STARRED in?
    He has a choice this time.
    I didnt like T3 either.
    TERRIBLE film.

  5. Arnold needs to come back to the movies!!! We need King Conan and True Lies 2!!!!
    What the Oak says makes sense, I mean he is the one person closely associated with the Terminator franchise right? Seeing him as a cameo for second, it will be great but what is the point? I understand the need to show the T-800 models in production but that can just be a shot of the exoskeletons, right?

  6. SK47,
    If he does a cameo ,
    they will promote it like he has a bigger part in the film to get more people in the movie theatre .

  7. I disagree.

    If he’s included as a cameo, they’ll keep it a surprise for word-of-mouth afterwards – Their marketing so far has been pretty amazing on its own, they don’t need to promote him if he’s not a main or even supporting character.

    It’s the only true way to bridge the continuity of the two trilogies and make fans of old feel at ease with the new direction of Salvation.

  8. @Rob, you might have hit on the main reason he doesn’t want to give an opinion either way on “Terminator: Salvation.” If nothing else, he’s learning politic-speak. His response comes off as very politically safe. There is probably some truth to what he’s saying, though. The cut he saw sounds like it was missing a lot of material that could make a big difference to the final product.

    But shouldn’t he be able to at least comment on the quality of the story itself? I’m not so sure about that. Either he possibly didn’t like the story and doesn’t want to bash it, or perhaps the elements missing aren’t just superfluous special effects but rather useful storytelling elements that will affect the impact of the story.

    Either way, I’m still curious to see this film, but whether I will see it in the theater is a pretty tough call at this point. My kids don’t make movie-going an easy thing for me, so I usually see less than four films in the theater per year. Ah… I remember when that annual movie-going average was sooooo much higher. Le sigh…

  9. The director isnt being very secretive abot the fact that he wants to use Arnolds image in the film.

  10. I think it boils down to Arnolds Ego. I can’t imagine that he’s too excited about having his face digitally pasted on some young body builders body. Arnold is the O.G. body builder! Also, I’m sure if James Cameron gave T4 two thumbs up, Arnold might say he likes what he sees.
    Arnold is “Terminator”- a cameo in T4 means much more than a cameo in the Expendables. It’s silly to compare the two.

  11. Remember that there were other T-800 models than the Arnold model. Arnold’s model is 101, so there are 102, 103, etc. Franco Columbo was a T800 model in the first film.
    So if they wanted to bridge these movies together, like I have stated, they can just show the exoskeleton of the T800 models being made and an effects shot of actual skin being placed on top. It does not have to be Arnold, but the King is one person everyone around the world recognizes when anyone talks about Terminator.

  12. I’m just glad he’s going to be in the Expendables. Hope there’s more than mumbling though. 😉

  13. Dunno I liked T3 – too many scenes shot in Daylight made it seem like more of a well shot TV episode that a big budget film but I thought the story and ending were pretty terrific

    Arnold needs to go back on the juice his moobs are sagging. Stallone could whup his ass and the Hulkster could crush his neck like a toothpick

  14. There’s a big difference between him having a cameo in T4 and him having a cameo in Expendables.

    What Arnold is saying is that since he is THE Terminator, and considerably more famous than any other cast member in the film (even Bale), he doesn’t want the studio to use a four-second shot of him in the final cut of the movie as an excuse to advertise that Schwarzenegger is in the movie. It’s false advertising that’s sure to bring in more people, and Arnold knows it.

    Whereas a cameo in The Expendables is completely different. That movie is jam-packed full of huge stars, and the guys behind that aren’t gonna use Arnold’s cameo as a marketing ploy. They don’t need to.

  15. @Josh

    Sounds similar to what may have been the situation with Bill Shatner and the new Star Trek movie.


  16. His political career sucks. He’s supposed to be a conservative but is the weakest conservative I’ve ever seen, much like McCain (but for different reasons)… He just buckles and agrees to all of the useless spending bills that the liberal majority in that state votes in. He needs to stand up and veto like 90% of those useless crazy things but he doesn’t… Basically, he’s pretty much useless in political terms.

    So I agree, he should get back into movies. Not in the same roles obviously because of his age, but still, it’ll be good to see him on the big screen.

  17. Come on Ken, if Ford at 64 can kick major butt in Indy 4 compared to a younger kid like shia, then the KING can surely own everyone when he returns!

    “My invitation? Sure, here is my invitation.”


  18. I think he’s made it clear that his role in the Terminator franchise is finished, much like Mel Gibson has done with Lethal Weapon 5 and Mad Max. And he doesn’t want to set expectations that this is “Arnold’s Story”. I can respect that.

    As for why he’s okay to do a cameo in Expendables, I think its obvious that he and Sylvester Stallone have always had a fun time throwing jabs at each other in their movies, (Stallone as Terminator in Last Action Hero, Arnold as President in Demolition Man.). I think this is just a clever way of continuing that relationship for a new generation of viewers.

    As for why he’s okay with a

  19. That’s sad. I would have loved to see him in Salvation. I think, however, that Arnold is personally close to Jim Cameron, and as we all know he isn’t a big fan of this revival of the series. Maybe Arnold, sitting at the top of a goldmine at the age of soon to be 62 feels that he’d rather honor a good friend who actually was a reason to Arnold’s legend status as an Action hero, than promoting a film he clearly doesn’t know if it’ll be good or bad.

  20. I’d also like to add that I believe the reason for his cameo in Expendables is simple- Why not?

  21. Piss Off

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