Will Arnold Schwarzenegger Be In Predators?

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predators Will Arnold Schwarzenegger Be In Predators?

[UPDATE: Robert Rodriguez has since let it be known that Schwarzenegger has NOT been approached about Predators. See the quote from Rodriguez at the bottom of the post.]

Franchises all over Hollywood are being rebooted, remade and reinstalled.  Terminator Salvation got the makeover treatment while still paying homage to the original film via a “cameo” by Arnold Schwarzenegger (or at least his face). Now it looks like Robert Rodriguez and the makers of the forthcoming Predators are hoping to get Schwarzenegger to star in their sequel/reboot to the 1987 original.

According to Moviehole, the makers of Predators have “reached out” to Schwarzenegger in the hope that he’ll return to the sci-fi action series. I can only assume that Danny Glover was busy.

According to a Moviehole source:

“Robert’s camp has just reached out to Arnie’s. But they haven’t had a response yet”.

A second source confirmed Robert Rodriguez’ interest in getting Schwarzenegger in the film:

“They’ve written a role for him. Rodriguez is as against the idea of a straight-up remake as much as anyone – which is why they’re considering this an official sequel to John McTiernan’s film. Like Terminator, they know Schwarzenegger’s a vital ingredient of the franchise. Ideally, Arnold will see it that way too. Ball is in his court now”.

Schwarzenegger is clearly associated with the franchise even though he declined a role in the 1990 sequel. The original Predator is a first-rate action film that holds its own, even though it’s sort of like Alien set in the jungle.

Moviehole‘s source went on to say:

“The script is terrific… I hear. It’s partly the old Predators script Rodriguez did, but mostly new stuff by (Alex) Litvak. And it’s violent – like the original. Everybody here at (name removed) has pointed out how much better it is than (Paul W.S) Anderson’s abomination. Doesn’t sound like there’s any reason to worry”.

It all sounds very exciting – but will Schwarzenegger be interested?

He did allow his image to be used in Terminator Salvation and he’s confirmed a cameo in Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables, but will he have time to film a brief role in Predators considering he is currently the Governor of California?

I hope so – Rodriguez’ involvement gives credibility to the film, and the fact that it’s labeled as a sequel/reboot rather than a remake implies that Predators won’t be a rehash, or worse, another Aliens vs. Predator fiasco.

Let’s hope that Schwarzenegger accepts a part in Predators, however I’d prefer it be substantial rather than another five-minute cameo that detracts from the rest of the film.

Screen Rant will let you know more when we get it.

UPDATE: Here is a snippet of the quote Robert Rodriguez provided to Ain’t It Cool News, shooting down any rumors that Schwarzenegger has been approached about Predators:

…although I know Arnold personally and he’s the coolest person on the planet, I have not contacted him about this at all at this time.
As promised, I’ll keep you posted on such developments since Predator is such a fan favorite.

You can read the full quote from Rodriguez by going here

Predators is slated to open on July, 10 2010

Source: Moviehole

Update Source: Ain’t It Cool News

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  1. he’s too old but i wouldn’t mind seeing him make an appearance WITHOUT cgi.

  2. i think he despite the fact that he steers away from this stuff lately he is slowly coming back to it like you said the expendables terminator salvation and even a film cameo in a Asian bollywood film

  3. No way that Schwarzenegger will have a more than small role is what I believe. I hope I’m wrong, but I doubt it strongly with him fighting off a huge budget crisis at the moment.

  4. GET TO THE CHOPPAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    He Billy

  5. Man i hope he comes back to acting when his term’s over.

  6. Cant they just fire him as governor so he can make movies again haha. How much longer anyway?

  7. People don’t seem to realise that the man is getting old. I was even uncomfortable seeing him in T3.

  8. Hmm too bad they’re not waiting for his term to be over. I’d love to see Arnie come back for one last ride.

  9. Best news here is that it isn’t a remake. Another piece of good news is that Arnold might have a part in it. I heard a part of Arnold making a speech on the radio yesterday, and boy that accent brought back memories, would like to see him in a movie with some lines…

  10. I would love to see the film take place in California and Arnolds can play the Governor, (that’s what he’s doing anyway.)
    They could explain that he made his way into politics after his legendary heroics in the first film… Then he could order a special directive to the main character or something it would be great.

    You heard it here first folks,,, :-)
    Ok I’m off to write the script. Lol,,

  11. Good idea 790, but you know nobody gets voted in for their heroics anymore, it’s all a beauty contest now-a-days…

  12. One bad governor leads to another it seems these days.

    Arnold was voted in as a replacement for a recalled Governor.
    What a scam it all seems to be,,,

  13. perhaps the governator is another example of those infiltration Terminators.

  14. maybe we should have elected the predator…

  15. Why would Arnold do this film and not the latest Terminator film? surely those films mean more to him than Predator(not that I’m putting Predator down or anything, it’s one of my favorite action movies.)
    His time time is obviously precious so I can not see him being involved in this unless its just a walk on bit(What’s the point, Predators isn’t just about him!)
    Predator 2 was actually a good film, the others were crap, no character or story to speak of, but then again that’s the problem with most sequels and films for that matter that come out of Hollywood these days.

  16. @ The Glove – I actually do think Arnold is going to be able to do the NEXT Transformers movie, and had already been in talks for it. He’s going to be free from politics soon IIRC.

    Anyway, I wouldn’t mind seeing Arnold return to the Predators franchise and be able to provide knowledge and experience to help somebody else, but I doubt he will be the leading hero.

    I’d actually love to see a team-up between Danny Glover and Arnie. I actually think Predators 2 was better than the first movie.

  17. Two good things from this news story, that the King–Arnold, has a good role in it and that it is not a full remake but a sequel as to what Ken J has said.
    Now, even though he is the King even Kings need knights by his side. Meaning there should be some new blood in here too but problem is that the new blood these days are pansy-girly-boys! Ugh, next thing I’ll see is Zac Efron being an action hero being cast in the new A-Team, good grief!
    Which is why I voting for this guy right here:

    I know ScreenRant is a popular site, its true and Vic don’t be so modest, so if any of Robert’s people come here take a look at this guy and get him! He even does a great Predator scene!
    In the same words as the King…”Trust Me.”

  18. Er Terminator* not Transformers! I obviously have Transformers on the mind…

  19. @Phil and Glove

    I can’t believe you guys actually liked Predator 2… have you seen it recently? It is probably the cheesiest movie I’ve seen in years… You got the unrealistic shootouts in the street, the cliche rambo cop that defies the cpt and goes and kills everyone by himself when a million other cops haven’t been able to get the job done, they have all of these bulky laser devices on their weapons like they think it makes them look cool or something, the dialogue is full of typical action movie cliches, they stole a scene right out of Aliens toward the end, I mean, blatant rip off…

  20. I actually thought Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would take over for Arnie, especially after seeing Arnie’s cameo in “Walking Tall”, but looks like The Rock is in to kids movies.

    Predator 2 was better than Predator? Oh man, what have you been drinking? :-)

  21. Arnold was better as a bad guy. He sent a message to the youth of my era, that being bad pays. I looked up to him in Terminator as a role model. He set the standard for how to be a bad ass and unstoppable killing machine. Now he is governor. That just shows that being a bad guy will get you far in life.

  22. Come On Arnie, come back, u already said that u’ll “be back”.Will be excellent and exciting if u are back. In Terminator Salvation, he had a good cameo appearance, (better than the single minded Bale as John Connor).

    Well boys start praying.

  23. ill be more than happy if they did indeed make this a third in the story, not just another reboot cus this series does not need it, both predator films are fun to watch and id hate to see them tossed aside just to make a buck, looks like they choice the rigth director this time

  24. Im hoping Predators will be a 2nd sequel to the original film instead of a reboot. And im hoping Arnold can make time for a good cameo in it, even if its two minutes. While i still enjoyed both AVP films, i was always hoping for another sequel in the Predator franchise.