Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Return Raises Interest in ‘Terminator 5′

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terminator 5 arnold schwarzenegger Arnold Schwarzeneggers Return Raises Interest in Terminator 5

It was just last week when Arnold Schwarzenegger confirmed that he and his agents would start taking offers and scripts seriously in preparation for his long-awaited return to Hollywood. Since Schwarzenegger is out of politics and back in for acting, I posed the question: What film would Schwarzenegger make first?

Would he return to any of the franchises that helped establish his career or would it be something entirely new? Little did I think that it could actually be the seemingly dead Terminator franchise…

Deadline has the exclusive that there’s growing “interest” from Universal Pictures in relaunching the Terminator franchise. The scoop continues to point out that Justin Lin, the man behind the studio’s last three The Fast and the Furious films, would likely direct. Also keeping to the Universal family, writer Chris Morgan, also from The Fast and the Furious franchise, would pen the script for Lin.

Hearing about interest in Terminator 5 is surprising news considering the bankruptcies and negative buzz associated with the stalled franchise since the disappointment that was McG’s Terminator Salvation. Even with Hollywood A-Listers Christian Bale and Sam Worthington, the hopeful start of a new Terminator trilogy set in the post-apocalyptic future did almost everything wrong.

Is it a realistic possibility for Terminator poster boy Arnold Schwarzenegger to return to the franchise? And if he did, would he be playing an aged human version of the character the T-800 robot was based off of or the Terminator itself?

I’d like to think Arnold could save the franchise and help bring life back to it, but he was there for Terminator 3 and that was a big letdown as well. There’s no doubt that if Arnold were to make his triumphant return playing The Terminator again, in a big budget 3D movie no less, it would bank well at the box office, but I’m more interested in getting a movie as good as the first two.

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Source: Deadline

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  1. I say bring him back. I don’t care if it’s Terminator, Jingle All the Way 2 or Junior 2: Adventures of cigar baby. Bring Arnie BACK!!!!!!

  2. Hell yea!!!!, Arnold reteam with James Cameron/ make arnie an aged human version, he said he’ll be back.

  3. Three simple steps to save the Terminator franchise…

    1. Bring on William Wisher Jr. and see what he wants to do for the final two movies
    2. Bring in Arnold (as a human) and bring back Christian Bale and Sam Worthington
    3. Get a director who knows what he’s doing

    • i do like the idea of him coming back as a human.

      • I second that idea :)

  4. Arnold as Baddy in Avater 2 ;D

  5. i dont consider bale or worthington to be actors at all, the both suck at everything they’ve been involved with and the supporting cast are the only ones who sorta lift them up. i bet if someone else directed and wrote salvation it wouldn’t have been any different b/c those 2 couldn’t act to save their worthless lives.

    i say bring back arnie for the hell of it, and make the story set after the breakout, for both continuity and story stand point.

    • however i would much love to see him get into serious shape (of the same size or bigger then sly) and be the villain of expendables 2.

      my plot for expendables 2: arnie and sly’s teams are sent to take out some druglord (wesley snipes), but aren’t aware of the other teams involvement. they meet up at a warehouse and get in a huge shoot-out and get a glimpse of someone else fleeing the site. some dialogue here and there takes place and the 2 teams find out church (willis) was the one who set them up and did so, so that the 2 teams would eliminate each other. we then get a huge action fest towards the end where sly and arnie + their own crews team up to hit willis, big fight at the end between the 3 ‘legends’ of action and the movie ends with sly telling arnie that it doesn’t change anything between the 2.

      what do ya guys think macho enough ?

      • Jwalka, First im not sure where you come up with some of your stuff but whatever, i would agree that Sam worthington is not the best actor, But Christian Bale , Dude your crazy but right, he isnt a good actor he is a great actor. I wont even bother listing the great movies he has been in. That said Salvation was a helluva alot better then T3. T3 was bad from the start Nick Stahl and Claire Danes,Kristanna Loken, Blahahahaha, Talk about bad acting, it was laughable.
        As far as Arnie, he should do expendables or something else , the Idea of him playing the Human model for the T-101, im not sure that its going to play out well, first off if they were using an aged Arnie as the model , wouldnt the copies be the same age for appearance sake , why would they make them look younger? Thats just dumb. It just doesnt work for me and if they bring back as the T101 it wouldnt work caus robots dont age, so i think they should leave it alone. OH wait I got it Arnie could be the models twin brother and he fights in the resistance to avenge his twin brother who was taken by the Machines and then used as a model for the T101

        • i wasn’t for the whole ‘bring him back as human model’ crap, he’s either gonna be a terminator or not be in it at all.

          and please do list some of the ‘great’ movies with bales ‘magnificent’ acting. i have yet to see that man perform at an above average rate, his ego is so large it crushes both himself and everyone around him, the one decent role i saw him in was american psycho… and that was half decent at best.

          • Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Prestige, American Psycho, Reign of Fire, 3: 10 To Yuma. Is that enough?

            • all the above That Monster said except Reign of Fire, but Ill throw in the Machinist, The Fighter, Equlibrium, Rescue dawn and Public Enemies. I thought he was good in reign but the movie over all was Blah

              • Well, I wasn’t talking about movie quality (although, I did enjoy the film), but acting quality :P

  6. No thank you.

    • yuo are a fool

      • as am i for making that spelling error…

  7. Universal should invest money in Arnold. They have a history of poor decision making. It will fail miserably.

    • you meant shouldn’t right ?
      idk he’s always been fun to watch in terminator, he was scary in #1, heaps good in #2 and somewhat decent in 3 (would have been better if the damn script was written properly), i think if they went through with it (the movie) it will do fine, so long as bale and worthington aren’t involved and arnie is in shape.

      • i agree with jwalka. ive always enjoyed Arnolds performances, even in some of his worse movies. id love to see him make a huge comeback.

  8. Do I want to see another Terminator film? Not really.

    Will I see another Terminator film in Schwarzenegger is in it? Yes, probably.

    But I will say this, TS is better than T3.

    • disagree, 3 was way more interesting and filled with action then that PoS known as t4. there where so many plot holes and issues (with TS) that it ruined the mood for me, acting script and directing where all terrible. it shouldn’t have even been referred to as a terminator movie, it should have been called ‘christian bale imitates a person with throat cancer.. again’, or ‘sam worthington think he can act part 2′ ;)

    • I agree. I can’t even watch Terminator 3 anymore. Even as an action film the movie is dull. The only part I do still like is the ending, but you have to sit through the entire movie to see that.

      If they do make another Terminator, then hopefully they put some thought in the script. TS was fun as a mindless action film, the plot had more holes in it than a deer sign in Mississippii.

      • Yup. i hated TS to start with but on DVD I found a liking for it as a mindless action film. T3 was awful, very powerful conclusion, but a decent 3 minutes at the end does make up for “Talk To The Hand”

        • no it really doesn’t nor does the stupid sunglasses gag

    • Ya, Salvation was more watchable than T3 I guess, but it’s like comparing to piles of steaming you know what. It’s still a steaming pile ;)

  9. as long as he kills bale in the first five minutes… im down for another terminatior….

    • This would be a pretty short movie. Mission accomplished in 5 minutes…

      • T3 established that conner was killed by a terminator.

        • T3 didnt establish anything it was horrible and im pretty sure any franchise that has been estblished using time travel as its base concept, has the ability to unestablish everything its time travel, they just say we went back and changed things. I really cant beleive that people prefered T3 with Nick Stahl and Claire Danes, lmao , I cant even watch that movie its that bad.

        • T3 doesnt count in the continuity. It’s a nonsense.

          • Just because you didn’t care for it doesn’t chang the fact that is still out there… and t1000 said he killed john connor. Whether you guys like it or not. I was really joking about him killing bale’s character. I thought salvation would have been much better if sam and his roles were reversed and the cyborg killed connor and then took his place.

            • It has nothing to do with me not liking it, Thr Sarah Connor Chronicles wiped that timeline from ever having had existed.

              • yeah , but they said Sarah Conner Chronicles isnt cannon either. Which is dumb also, I personally liked the show

                • Let us just settle on the fact that contiuity SHOULD (and actually does for me) end with Terminator 2. Okay? j/k :P

  10. You can’t rely on Arnold to save the Terminator series.

    Its already tainted beyond belief.
    Count on him, and the franchise is totally over.

    I don’t care if he’s an older version whatever, bring him back, and you might as well call it, Terminator 5, Desperation in 3D”.

  11. At some point you have got to wonder if he is the ONLY “model” on the assembly line. Surely they made more than just an Arnold model so why does it always have to be him? (I really like Arnold, don’t get me wrong, it just doesn’t make a lot of logical sense)

    Plus there is literally no where to go. They are already up to the recent past so the only option is to do a reboot which I do NOT want.

    • It’s because that model was based off of as soldier who volunteered for the program. There’s a comedic (and very weird) bonus feature on T2 which explains why that is.

    • um I believe there have been a few different models

    • Only model? What about the T1000? Or the T-X? And the reason it is always Armold is simple, his Terminator was mass produced on the assembly line, which is quite clearly seen in TS. He is the basic model.

      • This time he’s sent back to stop Abraham Lincoln thanks to Glen Beck and Sarah Palin who have taken over the world after the 4th film. It’s all in the deleted scenes and undertones and weed

      • While I really don’t want to argue this point, it would make MUCH more sense to have the T-800 be the chassis (that would be the metal endo skeleton) with an array of at least different heads/faces. That would also explain why Arnold is model 101 with him being the first, else why have a model number at all? Without different models it would be immediately recognizable which would defeat the ability to infiltrate resistance cells.

        Seems that Cameron even agrees with me…….”In the T2 commentary, Cameron states that the Model 101s all look like Schwarzenegger, with a 102 looking like someone else, leading to speculation that the 101 refers to the physical appearance while the 800 refers to the endoskeleton common to many models.”

  12. It may be more economical sense to put a terminator sequel that takes place in the present or at least near future. Somewhere between Rise of the machines and salvation.

    Arnie could play the first roboticist/geneticist that build the prototype based on himself. A dr. frankenstein-ish story, and it could show the actual moment skynet woke up.

    The protaganist? I say bring back Michael Biehn as Reese, who because of the changes made to the timeline, survived (maybe?). He goes back to fix the timeline and fights the many machines made by Austrian scientist Arnie. Or something similiar, but we need the original reese to go with the O.G. terminator!

  13. I think bringing him back in the series as a human version that they mold the terminator from is an excellent idea.

  14. Worthington an A-Lister?? give me a break lol. He is laughable at best.

    • A-lister in your opinion, maybe not… But A-lister he “IS”. Like it or not… If for no other reason than Jim Cameron vouches for him… Sorta like Steven Speilbelg and Shia LeBwhatever…

      • Can he command top dollar as Cruise or Washington? NO, he is no A-Lister.

    • brother, a almost 3 billion dollar grossing avatar would make you or me A listers, so lets not give that dude a hard time.

      • Avatar had nothing to do with Worthington! He was a voice and mo-cap actor for 90% of the film anyway. You could have replaced him with any other generic action star and the results would have been the same.

    • I’m with Anthony on this one. Worthington is not worth being A-listed. He can’t really act – He’s too stiff or I normally use the word ‘dead wood’. Shia is better than him anytime.

  15. What they need to do is have Marcus come back from the future naked as a full cyborg Terminator/ no humanity within. -He is a great actor and so is Bale, with the addition of Arnold and an already established “GOOD” director, and The Fast and Furious man has my vote… This may be worth watching after all…

    • just give him a new heart….

      • he is a cyborg , im sure they have a yamaha 2025 heart(Robo cop joke) somewhere, lol

  16. i really like arnold but he is better off doing a new brand name franchise then do another terminator franchise that literally has ran out of gas. terminator salvation was entertaining, but MCG killed the franchise with more confusion and ultimately ending any suspense left in this series by destroying skynet, nuff said..

    • they destory Skynet in every movie, lol

  17. He will have to change his catchphrase to
    “Ouch, me back”

  18. Cool!

  19. They should bring back William Wisher n find other great screenwriters 2 polish the script…..N Arnie should portray the T800 with CGI makes him look younger….


  21. Nope no more Terminator for him. Obviously he’s too old to play T1000. Why not put him in another Alien movie? He has success on those genre as well such as Predator and Total Recall. Him and James cameron should definitely team up!

    • True Lies 2

  22. Or maybe him and Spielberg should team up that should be a movie goers dream come true!

  23. i dont care what anybody says, i enjoy the hell out of terminator salvation. sure is full of plot holes and the story is pretty week, but Christian Bale and the army fight the machine, i just came . . . i say give it another chance with Terminator, but do it right!

    that and i’ve heard that he wants to do some WWII thing where he’s supposed to kill a bunch of kids but doesnt

    • I have to agree, Salvation was ten times better than Terminator 3, it had the gritty approach it just needed to have more mass Human vs Machine conflict that people have been waiting 20 years for.

  24. I would love to see Arnold return as King Conan.

    That sequel was promised years ago and they were waiting for him to get older. Well, now he is.

  25. Since he looks like a scrawny old woman now how bout
    Scrawny Old Woman Vs. The Hip Replacement Monster??

  26. hell yeah i loved the last one, and it would be awesome to see arnold do a terminator 5 and show them start sending reeses and the five terminators from the first three films back in time with time travel and actually end the franchise with the humans riseing over the robots.

  27. @deano, the Terminator in T3 was programmed to tell Connor he killed him. That being the case Connor’s death is purely speculation and can be avoided. I think that’s why it was programmed to tell him that.

    Also, Rob that bonus feature your referring to is on the T3 dvd.

  28. @Loco Lobo 73, you may have had a problem with the cast of T3, but the film established quite a lot.

    The ending left the door totally open to the future war. Its MCG and the producers of Salvation that ruined that opportunity.

    • no it didnt, this is a franchise that is based on Time travel and if you take in account Sarah CC also, which completely retcons T3 , then it didnt happen, again this is a franchise built on time travel and by going back or forward discounts everything that has happened hence the reason Skynet keeps poping back up after they destroy it. Oh yeah and it wasnt just the cast the whole movie is horrible all the crappy one liners the stupid ass whinning John Conner. Loken was horrible

  29. DSB how would you have handled the plot of T3?

    Connor and Co once again thwart Skynet?

    You had to have the events in T3, happen so you could get past judgement day.

    What do you guys expect the same film that was Terminator and T2.

    • Honestly? I wouldn’t have made it in the first place. The ending of T3 is brilliant and incredibly powerful but the rest of the film just isn’t very good.

      It didn’t need to exist. They stopped judgement day from happening in T2. Why couldn’t they have just left it at that?

      • b/c they wanted to leave it open for sequels – be able to milk more money out of it :P

        i admit t3 had abit to much comedy and cheesy moments in it, but on the whole i found it to be pretty good, not as good as 1+2 but pretty decent for what it was.