Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Return Raises Interest in ‘Terminator 5′

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terminator 5 arnold schwarzenegger Arnold Schwarzeneggers Return Raises Interest in Terminator 5

It was just last week when Arnold Schwarzenegger confirmed that he and his agents would start taking offers and scripts seriously in preparation for his long-awaited return to Hollywood. Since Schwarzenegger is out of politics and back in for acting, I posed the question: What film would Schwarzenegger make first?

Would he return to any of the franchises that helped establish his career or would it be something entirely new? Little did I think that it could actually be the seemingly dead Terminator franchise…

Deadline has the exclusive that there’s growing “interest” from Universal Pictures in relaunching the Terminator franchise. The scoop continues to point out that Justin Lin, the man behind the studio’s last three The Fast and the Furious films, would likely direct. Also keeping to the Universal family, writer Chris Morgan, also from The Fast and the Furious franchise, would pen the script for Lin.

Hearing about interest in Terminator 5 is surprising news considering the bankruptcies and negative buzz associated with the stalled franchise since the disappointment that was McG’s Terminator Salvation. Even with Hollywood A-Listers Christian Bale and Sam Worthington, the hopeful start of a new Terminator trilogy set in the post-apocalyptic future did almost everything wrong.

Is it a realistic possibility for Terminator poster boy Arnold Schwarzenegger to return to the franchise? And if he did, would he be playing an aged human version of the character the T-800 robot was based off of or the Terminator itself?

I’d like to think Arnold could save the franchise and help bring life back to it, but he was there for Terminator 3 and that was a big letdown as well. There’s no doubt that if Arnold were to make his triumphant return playing The Terminator again, in a big budget 3D movie no less, it would bank well at the box office, but I’m more interested in getting a movie as good as the first two.

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Source: Deadline

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  1. The only thing Connor stopped in T2 was cyberdyne. The series begged for more after that.

    Logically the research would then fall into the military. Don’t forget the T-1000, left a lot of terminator parts in the steel mill. Including an forearm.

    • clearly some people either didn’t pay attention to the dialogue of t3 or didn’t care b/c they where to in love with #1+2.

      • That’s b/c the dialogue is horrible to listen to.

        “She’ll be back”, “You wanna live, come on”, “I like your gun”. *facepalm*

      • Uh, I always pay attention to films I watch, in T2 they destroyed the arm, the chip and the terminator itself, plus Miles Dyson was killed and all of his research at Cyberdyne was destroyed in the explosion.
        This was made pretty clear at the end of T2. Where it should have finished. In T3 Connor claims they didn’t prevent Judgement Day only postponed it.
        So how exactly can that future still exist to send back Terminators? T3 is so full of temporal plot holes.
        See I did pay attention.
        And there is a reason people are so in love as you put it, with T1 and T2, because they are prime examples of 2 of the best action films of all time.

        • If they destroyed every part of the T1000 at the end of T2, prevented Judgment Day and erased our doomed future with Dyson’s research. How come John Connor still exists at the end of the movie ? His father was Kyle Reese, sent from the past after the T800 to protect Sarah Connor. No future war, no John Connor.

          Whatever he’s saying now, Cameron himself ended T2 with a door open to more sequels.

          • Because that happened in the past! John Connor’s birth is part of now established past. “Always in motion the future is”
            Anything that happens in the future has to follow events of the present.

            • However, going back in time and changing something would change the way everything would happen in the future. Remember in Smallville when Clark went back in time to not reveal his identity? Once he changed that, the future changed too this time concerning Doomsday.

              T2 only prevented Skynet. As you know now, Skynet is alive and working under the name Watson and presently winning at Jeopardy…we need a plan soon

  2. DSB,,, in the real world,,
    Cyberdyne would have backed up the raw r&d data at an off site location. All research and development companies do that.

    Terminator left his arm behind in a coveyor machine. Obviously that was enough for the military to create the hunter killer cyborgs.

    The TX instantly infected the web when modemd into the LA school system looking for Connors resistance soldiers.
    Then it was just a matter of time before the web was infected with Skynet. It then only had to wait for the military to try and squash it and bamm. Skynet has won.

    Meanwhile to nudge skynet along the TX infected the Hunter killer tanks and drones. Creating the perfect rise of the machines.

    • hence the reason they went to Cyberdyne to blowup the building. Dyson, states that the only other place the data was being kept was at his home and at Cyberdyne.

  3. Loco Lobo 73, the paradox theory worked in Back to the Future,,, but if time travel was used by Skynet it would have created a new time line. Apart from our reality.

    Therefore destroying Skynet in that future wouldn’t erase John. And btw, Skynet wasn’t destroyed in any of the films. Even in Salvation.

  4. Like I watch Smallville. :)
    Bottom line the only way to stop Skynet is to destroy the time machine before it can be used. Since John knows this, he and the resistance would know this time around to take it out asap.

    If the time machine was destroyed before it could send back the first Terminator, that timeline would cease to exsist.

    After T3, Its all about stopping the time machine, not the pre judgement day skynet.

    That’s where Mcg dropped the ball.

    • i think the beginning of the new trilogy should have focused on him merging with others and forming the resistance, right where #3 ended. i mean we never learn as to how john becomes apart of that bogus militia which served no real purpose in the movie (besides being total d***s).
      the script for 4 was terrible, the most annoying thing for me was the misplacement of the famous terminator lines, they didn’t have as much feel behind them as they did in the previous 3 (for the most part).

      i would love someone to make a serious terminator movie like #1 and 2, 3 was a step down but not so bad if approached with skepticism (if people didn’t judge it based on 1+2)

      • its a sequel what was it suppose to be judged on if it where to be judged on its own mertit it would have been completely panned , the dialoug and the acting were crap, the story was full of holes. I will say this, the last 30 mins of the movie where good

    • Well if John Connor destroys the time machine then he will not exist! Remember the only reason John exists is because he sends back a savior (Kyle Reese) to protect Sarah Connor (John’s mama).

      If the 1st Terminator did not go back to the past then Kyle Reese would have to go back himself and try to pick up Sarah in a bar. Would be far easier to get with her fighting a Terminator than going to a bar in LA…lol!!!

      • That’s not neccessarily true though… You are assuming that doing something in the future affects the past in a ripple effect, there is no evidence that that would actually happen.

        Are we all really having this discussion? About temporal mechanics? Man this site is crazy sometimes.

        • Actually , “the man out of time” theory states that an object that moves through time may affect future events but would not erase things that already exist, but would only create an alternate time line.

  5. Arnold has to do a King Conan movie!!! Besides that…Terminator? I love Arnold but a lil too old to run around nakie and kicking ass…heh.

    I just wish Cameron stuck to the Terminator franchise. T4 was not horrible but also didnt hit the right emotional buttons as the first 2 Terminator flicks and felt a lil hollow…like a Terminator! Anyways I hear T5 + 6 will be headed in a new direction and I hope they pull it off. Remember the original Terminator time line has changed so the future that John Connor is in now will be different than the one shown in T1-2. Mind busting I know!

  6. @Bryant, what if they go after the time machine and find out that events are unfolding just the same way Reese explaind to Sarah?

    Booo hsss,,,

  7. Maybe if they could some how also get James Cameron to come back, maybe then we could get a movie as good as the first two.

  8. Well, the good thing about possessing our own imagination: we can just pretend like the franchise ended with T2, as it’s also equally possible for me to imagine Aliens was the end. Aliens 3 never existed in my mind and it never will. I did like T3 better but it was definitely weak.

    Unfortunately I don’t think this would be the right route to go for Arnold. He’s too old for the role and that franchise has already reached its peak.

  9. The Terminator: “Directed by: James Cameron. Written by: James Cameron.”

    Terminator 2: “Directed by: James Cameron. Written by: James Cameron.”

    Terminator 3: “Directed by: Jonathan Mostow. Written by: John Brancato and Michael Ferris”

    Terminator: Salvation: “Directed by: “McG. Written by: John Brancato and Michael Ferris”

    Terminator 5: “Directed by: Not James Cameron. Written by: Not James Cameron. Starring: Old Arnold = Suck”

  10. He’s even BETTER fit for what a Terminator should be now. A Terminator is more dangerous if he’s able to infiltrate, and frankly Arnold looks much more like the rest of us now than he did 20 years ago. So from that aspect he’s a much more realistic Terminator now.

    But please, don’t let any other popcorn director ruin the franchise even more. Bring someone in who understands the Terminator franchise and can deliver something great to it. McG had all the great ideas, but was unable to deliver.

  11. he should leave the terminator movies alone, the last one TOTALLY killed the franchise anyway… But I would love to see a KING CONAN or True Lies2!!

  12. Two words: James Cameron. His involvement is necessary to have any Terminator movie be good. Because it’s really unlikely he will be involved in any subsequent Terminator movie, it’s unlikely that any such movie will live up the standards set by T1 and T2. That being said, I’d love to see the studio try…

  13. I seem to be in the minority; I thought Terminator: Salvation was a decent movie. Any movie released in 2009 needs to have an asterisk next to it as they were all greatly affected by the writers’ strike.

    Not every movie can be great. T:S was better than T3 for sure. What I found absurd was the number of critics who rated GI Joe above T:S in 2009. Ridiculous.

  14. Matt I don’t remember hearing the writers strke effected Terminator salvation.

  15. there r two things that r wrong for TS. fans and viewers generally expects that when the machines took over, we won’t see humans flying choppers, planes, cheering for battle on airport at ground level and women wearing makeups. two, they never explained how the machines knew about kyle reese. two mistakes, and everything goes wrong for TS. the rest, i have no complaint.

    • so ur saying that there was no chance of planes or helicopters serving the nukes?

      but u were ok with the submarine?

  16. We need a future Terminator with lasers all over the place like we see at the start of 1, 2 and 3. Someone can give us this while having a good story, right?

  17. tho surly if the terminator had killed sarah connor then what would of happened to the time line?

    tho you may say how do the terminators know of kyle reese, id guess that its all to do with the chip and, also in salvation it seemed as if the bold woman was a terminator sent back to set up the future war.

    the series could be handled more better i agree, as they do neglect it and could really make it a full and omg franchise

  18. awsome vin diesel and arnold swartznegger this is going to be an awsome movie

  19. they should make it more true to how terminator 1, 2, was. 3 wasok. but it could have ended better.

  20. I thought that Terminator Salvation was an amazing movie! At least Christian Bale and Sam Worthington gave the series a story other than an entire movie based around Arnie and CGI.