Arnold Schwarzenegger Officially Attached to ‘Terminator 5′ [Updated]

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terminator 5 arnold schwarzenegger Arnold Schwarzenegger Officially Attached to Terminator 5 [Updated]
[UPDATE: Schwarzenegger has confirmed that he’ll return as The Terminator for Terminator 5, which begins filming January 2014.]

I’m going to restrain myself from making the obvious “I’ll be back…” joke, but suffice it to say – it looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger is indeed returning to the Terminator franchise.

The development of a fifth theatrical outing gained considerable momentum after Schwarzenegger announced his intentions to return to acting back in February.

The hedge fund company Pacificor acquired the rights to the Terminator series last year and it was made clear that they were under no obligation to continue on with the trilogy that Terminator Salvation was intended to start. At this point, it’s still unclear which direction future installments might take or how they’re going to navigate through the increasingly convoluted continuity.

Schwarzenegger was immediately inundated with offers after leaving office and Terminator 5 was one of the first projects he was rumored to be eyeing. Evidently, his desire to step back in front of the camera convinced Universal that this was the right time to relaunch the iconic franchise. They quickly tossed Fast Five director Justin Lin into the mix – and Lin later confirmed that he spoke with Schwarzenegger about appearing in the film.

Pacificor is now looking to finalize a deal for the financing and distribution of Terminator 5 and they’ve been shopping the project around to several studios. Lin is still attached to direct, but according to Deadline the real selling point is that Schwarzenegger is now officially on board as well.

Fast Five scribe Chris Morgan was reportedly involved with Terminator 5 at one point, but it looks like the film is currently without a writer. Robert Cort (Runaway Bride, Save the Last Dance) will produce and Deadline claims that Universal, Sony, and Lionsgate are already giving serious consideration to Pacificor’s package.

Schwarzenegger has been linked to several other films including Ji-Woon Kim’s The Last Stand and Antoine Fuqua’s The Tomb. There’s also the upcoming Governator animated series, comic book, and 3D feature film. The Terminator remains his most iconic character, however, and Terminator 5 would arguably put him back in the spotlight in a much more dramatic fashion.

terminator 5 and 6 Arnold Schwarzenegger Officially Attached to Terminator 5 [Updated]

Of course, the notion of Schwarzenegger returning to the series has left many of us wondering whether or not that would even work. I suppose a lot of it depends on how they decide to utilize him. Would he play a supporting (and non-cyborg) role while a younger actor (possibly Vin Diesel) does all of the heavy lifting? Or will Schwarzenegger slip on the leather jacket and sunglasses once again while the filmmakers offer a preposterous excuse for why The Terminator now looks like he’s sixty-three?

Honestly, if it’s the latter approach – count me out. I love the first two Terminator movies and I understand how iconic Schwarzenegger’s performance is – but isn’t it about time that someone makes a real effort to carry this franchise on without him? At this point, I’ve pretty much had my fill of John Connor stories and slight variations on the same basic plot template. Salvation definitely dropped the ball with its execution, but I think a story set during the Future War is still brimming with potential.

I know that Schwarzenegger’s involvement is a business decision first and foremost, but I really hope they find a way to use this opportunity to play with audience expectations and do something surprising with him.

If nothing else, I guess we should probably just be thankful that they’re not remaking the original Terminator.

Source: Deadline.

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  1. Two things…
    They will most certainly try something like Tron Legacy as far as using Arnie. They will tie in that he is the creator of some sort…

    Second can we please have a battlefield shot of all the Terminators advancing on the resistance…

    wait one more thing…have the story end…

  2. I liked all the Terminator movies, part 2 being my favorite for obvious reasons. I will never understand the hate on Terminator Salvation. It was a very good movie. I hope T5 continues this story and uses Arnie as the human the machines use to design the look of the original T800. The only thing I didnt like about T3 was the choice for John Conner but the story was good. I say bring on more Terminator!

    • I just think that everyone believes that T3 didn’t advance the story far enough…to me the movie should have started with the ending and the creation of the resistance…

  3. @Dante

    You’re so right. That’s what i’ve been saying all along. I grew up watching this franchise and that story wasn’t told the way it should have been at all, especially not the way it was talked about it T1. The main problem with Salvation was that it was trying too much to set up for sequels instead of telling the one solid story it should have. It threw out the source material it should’ve used in favor of that, which was a huge mistake. It could’ve been kick ass, if it would’ve told the story right.

  4. I would like a movie told from Skynet’s pov. I think that would really set it appart. Like the idea of having the human Arnold in there as well. But the movie is called “terminator” not “John Connor”. Tired of the john connor human resistance angle and want to break feom that being the focus for yet another film. There is so much intexplored story potential with the machines that im surprised they always keep focusing on the human side of things. Skynet is sentient afterall.

    • This sounds interesting…The problem is it would bomb horribly. A film MUST have some kind of human connection, however tenuous or weird. Humans make up the audience, and if they can’t relate in any meaningful way to the story and/or characters, they won’t pay to see it.

  5. i think to turn it on its head, arnold should appear in the film but be a human man and a resistance fighter that is so formidable the machines model their ultimate killing machine after him and he works with connor. at least itd be something different and that way we dont have to see an aged arnold play a terminator. maybe we might even get to see old arnold right a young arnold terminator!

  6. I agree that a break from the John Connor-centric stories would be awesome and that a focus on the machines would be cool, but who do we care about in such a film?

    T1 – Care about Sarah
    T2 – Care about Sarah & John
    T3 – Care about John & whoever Claire Danes’ character was
    TS – Who cares.

    The biggest unexplored concept is: “Why do we care about John Connor in the first place?” and that, you must admit, is a concept upon which all other Terminator films are predicated.

  7. They need to come up with a war story, one that shows Connor and his crw (Reese, his wife, and Tech-Com sap team) take out Skynet. Then it would be a race against time (total pun intended) to destroy the time displacement device before its used period.
    Since Connor knows he couldn’t prevent JD the only hope now would be to sacrifice his life by destroying the time machine and not sending Reese back.

    I’d love to see that as the core plot for the next Terminator film. In the end, something goes wrong and maybe he fails, or so we think,,,

    How cool would it be to have the last shot of the time bubble appearing in 1984 and its empty,,,

    If they use Arnold as a scientist or the human used as the design of the T800 I’m not going to see this. Its a waste of time. (Pun intended)

  8. I honestly think they should kill off Connor’s wife, and have him turn into a cold, strong warrior we saw at the beginning of Terminator 2.

  9. I’ve never seen a bodybuilding scientist.

    Even a resistance fighter would have a hard time finding the carbs in a post nuclear Earth.

  10. Ghost we already know he’s a strong warrior? Killing Kate would only destroy what continuity is left.

    And after he’s fueled by the death of his wife, then what, he leads a feirce battle agaisnt some Terminators? What’s the endgame of your plot idea?

  11. I don’t see how this is going to work, he’s looking decidely too old for the role of a terminator.

    Even if he goes back into the Gym for 6 months and goes on a special diet he’s never going to look like he did for either T1 or T2.

    Might as well use the look alike they used in Salvation to play Arnie’s part.

  12. I am game for another Terminator film. How ol Arnold will be used in this film is a big question but like others have speculated, maybe as some type of designer or something. Terminator Salvation was alright, I enjoyed it more that T3 for sure. In my opinion it had enough legs to go on with that story and improve on it tremendously. I would like them to improve on the AI of the machines a little more. You know make feel more like artificial life not just mindless machines.

  13. Christian Bale agreed to two more films, so use him. Salvation maybe wasn’t all that but if they can finish the trilogy it might come together as a entire piece of work.

  14. @MJ,,,

    “Christian Bale agreed to two more films”.

    Let’s say that’s true, it would only apply to the Terminator Salvation contract.
    Once that film filed chapter 11, he would be free of that contract. And that’s what happend so I doubt you will see Bale ever again play Connor.

    Thank goodness I’d hate to see the saga continue following Salvations storyline.

    • I hope Bale isn’t in this movie. Bale is one of my favorite actors, but honestly, he sucked in TS. He was only cast b/c of the success of TDK.

  15. “Uh, EVERYTHING about Terminator 3 was cheesy”
    Like a 3 cheese steak/chicken barrito,,,

    And that’s why I loved it, it was the closest thing to a John Carpenter/Stanley Kubrick Terminator film as your gonna get. Loved the Strangelove ending it,,,

    Cheesy goodness,,,

  16. Burrito, Berrato?

    That’s the spellcheck question,,,

  17. T2, FYI,
    Cameron wanted to show the time displacement device at the beginning of T2 but it was too expensive and he left it behind.

  18. Great to hear, T5 is going to be the best movie after really long time … Arnold is the one suited best for T series … Cant wait to see him again in action … ;o)

  19. The only way this would work is if this was an “origin of the t-101″ story where we find out why the t-101s look like arnold. like he was the “slave” who was forced to create it… and then connor (or is it conner) bails (bales.. heh heh) him out of the terminator camp and he starts fighting with conner.

    Otherwise, there is no way it would work… unless you did a serious ben button job on him.

    • Uh, there’s no such thing as “T-101s” They are T-800’s and with Arnold’s face as in Terminator 1 and 2, it’s the Model 101 of the T-800. If you got it from Terminator 3, it was just a mistake because the writers of that movie haven’t really watched the first two movies before they wrote that one. That’s also why they got John Connor’s age wrong when they referred back to what happened in Terminator 2…

  20. Ken, I think what you’re refrering to is the “model” number (101) then the SERIES (800) so the TERMINATOR from the first film would be The Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 Series 800 Terminator.

    Can’t disagree with you on the writing not paying attention but such is the problem with time displacement stories. :(

  21. Ken, I think what you’re referring to is the “model” number (101) then the SERIES (800) so the TERMINATOR from the first film would be The Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 Series 800 Terminator.

    Can’t disagree with you on the writing not paying attention but such is the problem with time displacement stories. :(

  22. HAHA!!!! Man that was funny,,,
    So let me get this strait,,,
    “they tell him to design a cyborg or your family gets it. christian bale would bail him out and they would be working together. that’s what the movie should be aboot.”

    Ah man I hope you write the film. That’s better then anything that was in T4 salvation.

    Can’t wait for the scene where Skynet tells um to design a cyborg or your family gets it.


  23. They could have Arnie as the designer AND de-age him using the same technology they used in Tron Legacy with Bridges to play a cyborg that gets sent back to 1984 – that would be pretty cool.

  24. They could have Arnie as the designer AND de-age him (using the same technology they used in Tron Legacy with Bridges) to play a cyborg that gets sent back to 1984 – that would be pretty cool.

  25. @ozzmosiz,
    “They could have Arnie as the designer”

    Well that would be pretty super lame considering he was just the model that Skynet selected off the assembly line of hundreds of models of random Terminators.

    But yeah let’s forget the canon of the film franchise and focus on Arnolds acting comeback. No matter the cost to the logic of the franchise.

    Retarded about covers this,,,

    A few hours ago I was given the opportunity to chat with the evil super computer know as Skynet. Here’s what happend,,,
    So Skynet thanks for your time, lol no pun intended,,,
    Lol, humor,,,
    a human flaw I will soon rid the planet of,,,
    :) Ok,,, so how did you decide on Arnold Schwarzenegger to play the iconic role of the T-800?
    What are you talking about?, who’s Arnold Schwarzenegger?
    He’s the guy that plays the Terminator. Its his most famous role,,,
    Whatever, I just picked the first T-800 off my assembly line and threw him out to kill some chick in 84…
    Ok,,, thanks for that. What about Robert Patrick cast as the T-1000?
    Wtf are you talking about,,,??? How do you know about the T-1000?
    Ok that was it, Skynet hung up after that question,,,

  27. i think his best was conan id love to see him punch out 1 moor camel

  28. I enjoyed Terminator Salvation Christian Bale needs to finish what je started, so long as the studio backs him I have read he has another chapter to do, Arnold can play a part but surely the direction will be different or is there room for another story, where Arnold is sent back to our present where we shall another part of the story unfold?

    Vin Diesel as a Terminator why not we need to see Sam Worthington back another person I would like to see as a Terminator is Michael Jai White also Dwayne Johnson.

    Good luck!

  29. What about Slyvestor Stallone to be the new Terminator ? LOL!