Arnold Schwarzenegger Officially Attached to ‘Terminator 5′ [Updated]

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terminator 5 arnold schwarzenegger Arnold Schwarzenegger Officially Attached to Terminator 5 [Updated]
[UPDATE: Schwarzenegger has confirmed that he’ll return as The Terminator for Terminator 5, which begins filming January 2014.]

I’m going to restrain myself from making the obvious “I’ll be back…” joke, but suffice it to say – it looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger is indeed returning to the Terminator franchise.

The development of a fifth theatrical outing gained considerable momentum after Schwarzenegger announced his intentions to return to acting back in February.

The hedge fund company Pacificor acquired the rights to the Terminator series last year and it was made clear that they were under no obligation to continue on with the trilogy that Terminator Salvation was intended to start. At this point, it’s still unclear which direction future installments might take or how they’re going to navigate through the increasingly convoluted continuity.

Schwarzenegger was immediately inundated with offers after leaving office and Terminator 5 was one of the first projects he was rumored to be eyeing. Evidently, his desire to step back in front of the camera convinced Universal that this was the right time to relaunch the iconic franchise. They quickly tossed Fast Five director Justin Lin into the mix – and Lin later confirmed that he spoke with Schwarzenegger about appearing in the film.

Pacificor is now looking to finalize a deal for the financing and distribution of Terminator 5 and they’ve been shopping the project around to several studios. Lin is still attached to direct, but according to Deadline the real selling point is that Schwarzenegger is now officially on board as well.

Fast Five scribe Chris Morgan was reportedly involved with Terminator 5 at one point, but it looks like the film is currently without a writer. Robert Cort (Runaway Bride, Save the Last Dance) will produce and Deadline claims that Universal, Sony, and Lionsgate are already giving serious consideration to Pacificor’s package.

Schwarzenegger has been linked to several other films including Ji-Woon Kim’s The Last Stand and Antoine Fuqua’s The Tomb. There’s also the upcoming Governator animated series, comic book, and 3D feature film. The Terminator remains his most iconic character, however, and Terminator 5 would arguably put him back in the spotlight in a much more dramatic fashion.

terminator 5 and 6 Arnold Schwarzenegger Officially Attached to Terminator 5 [Updated]

Of course, the notion of Schwarzenegger returning to the series has left many of us wondering whether or not that would even work. I suppose a lot of it depends on how they decide to utilize him. Would he play a supporting (and non-cyborg) role while a younger actor (possibly Vin Diesel) does all of the heavy lifting? Or will Schwarzenegger slip on the leather jacket and sunglasses once again while the filmmakers offer a preposterous excuse for why The Terminator now looks like he’s sixty-three?

Honestly, if it’s the latter approach – count me out. I love the first two Terminator movies and I understand how iconic Schwarzenegger’s performance is – but isn’t it about time that someone makes a real effort to carry this franchise on without him? At this point, I’ve pretty much had my fill of John Connor stories and slight variations on the same basic plot template. Salvation definitely dropped the ball with its execution, but I think a story set during the Future War is still brimming with potential.

I know that Schwarzenegger’s involvement is a business decision first and foremost, but I really hope they find a way to use this opportunity to play with audience expectations and do something surprising with him.

If nothing else, I guess we should probably just be thankful that they’re not remaking the original Terminator.

Source: Deadline.

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  1. Somehow I knew he’d be back…

    …see what I did there? Lol

  2. Interesting, well most ppl would be expecting him to don the leather jacket again but I hope they go in another direction.

    • With motion capture the way it is now, does anyone think it is unlikely they’ll just have him entirely mocapped to render him in the movie as the younger Arnie T-800?

      • I have a feeling that is exactly what is going to happen.

  3. “I suppose a lot of it depends on how they decide to utilize him. Would he play a supporting (and non-cyborg) role while a younger actor (possibly Vin Diesel) does all of the heavy lifting? Or will Schwarzenegger slip on the leather jacket and sunglasses once again while the filmmakers offer a preposterous excuse for why The Terminator now looks like he’s sixty-three?”

    Sorry im lost, but what happened to his character? Is he not a Cyborg or robot anymore or whatever? Ive only seen parts of Terminator 3 on the USA network, and I watched a bit of Christian Bales Terminator, but I had no Idea what the plot was or what the hell was going on…

    I watched the first two movies. He fell into the Lava at the end of the 2nd, didn’t know how he came back into the 3rd movie at all.

    Can someone fill me in real quick on why hes not a cyborg anymore??

    • He’s always been a cyborg

    • A number of people have proposed that, considering his age, he isn’t well suited to play a T-800 (or 850) anymore so they suggested he play the scientist that creates the cyborg’s skin and who better to model a face after than your own?

      It’s not a bad direction to go until you start to think seriously about it. I mean why on EARTH would a human want to help Skynet wipe out the last of humanity? And for that matter why would Skynet feel inferior enough to enlist the help of a lowly human?

      • Thats what I was thinking!!!

      • thought it was pretty evident in T3 that the human Arnold, a soldier, was having his everything about him analysed and studied as he was the prototypical soldier. felt it was established that skynet would you the data gathered to model with his likeness for the t-800

      • simple. he was forced. all the humans were being rounded up and forced to cooperate. remember in t4 how they are forcing humans to work for them? maybe they have his family and they tell him to design a cyborg or your family gets it. christian bale would bail him out and they would be working together. that’s what the movie should be aboot.

    • hey Tim he is a terminator in 3. just another one that was repeogrammed by connor’s wife in the future and sent back in time. The reason they are talking about a human arnold version is that in T3 we are ahown videos of an american soldier (arnold) thats undergoing performance test etc. skynet will eventually use his likeness to create the terminator.

  4. If it were up to me, I’d make him a prisoner at Skynet that they modeled the T-800 after… or is that too obvious? It would be a nice cameo anyway

    • I was thinking along the same lines. Even with all of the story lines we’ve been through, we still have no idea how Skynet came to design the T-800. Was the T-800 already being built before Skynet became aware? Was the lead scientist using his own likeness when designing the T-800? If the T-800 was designed and built prior to Skynet becoming aware, what was it’s original purpose? How did Skynet acquire the T-800 technology and begin construction of it if the T-800 wasn’t originally designed by Skynet?

      There’s a lot more story that they could tell that fleshes out the first two Terminator films while remaining true to their original story lines. The key will be who they get the write the film and whether or not the writer is a true Terminator fan. Just the questions I’ve listed above are enough for at least half of a film worth of explanation.

      • In the first Terminator film the model 101 , was the model that Skynet felt was best suited for 1984 LA.

        This leads us to Terminator 2, where the timeline is altered, and future Connor knowingly sends back a Terminator just like the 101 so that John and Sarah will recognise it quickly.
        Since the timeline still didn’t change (T3) old Connor sends back another 101 to insure young Connor makes it to safty before Judgement Day.
        Well that took the timeline directly to tween Kyle Reese, then added a uber Terminator that was half human with a strong heart, (uh man how lame), then showed us a Connor that didn’t have direction or really any leadership. Female falls for the urber Terminator, ok let’s attack Skynet,,, CGI Arnold makes his apperance, chaos insues, Connor keeps up with being thrown against metal bars, pipes, smoke, then gets the death strike in the heart. Next thing ya know, open heart surgery, Connors good to go, urber Terminator salavation.

        And some ppl actually believe Salvation was better then T3,,, hoLly Kubrick,,,

        • At least TS tried something new instead of rehashing the old films like Terminator 3. The only new idea Terminator 3 added was contradicting the theme of the franchise about changing the future. Oh yeah, and the female Terminator so they could add sex appeal to the movie.

    • Yeah, he could play a human that worked for Skynet which the T-800 was modeled after. Doesn’t have to be a prisoner but can fit into the story somehow. I wouldn’t mind seeing Robert Patrick back in some role either (for nostalgia purposes) thing is if they want to market this to a new generation they need to start with new actors. I appreciate them including the original fans of the series by bringing back icons but it has to be done right or risk being unintentionally funny.

    • Actually it doesn’t work very well. We are working with T3s storyline and in that they had not developed anything remotely resembling a human chassis at the time of Skynet’s awakening, it was all military hardware.

      Even using the T1 storyline we know that the “Terminator” units weren’t created until MUCH later, after humanity was nearly wiped out. Before that were the T-600s with rubber skin and even those weren’t created UNTIL there was a need to. They were created to infiltrate the few remaining resistance cells.

      Now I’m sure they could come up with some hokey plot to explain it all but in doing so it will turn out just as bad as T3-4. Something I think we can all agree we can do without.

      • Exactly,
        At this point the desperation on the part of Swarzenagger and this B-list “Fast Five” director is no more impressive then Mcg’s attempt.

        Ok let’s see Arnold plays a scientist or captive resistance soldier its still desperate and ruins the franchise. I bet this film makes Salvation look good and I’m really not even joking.

        Some of you guys think the chase scenes in T3 were a joke, just wait,,,

      • +1. I was totally thinking that.

      • Wow, just… Yeah… Um… Words are failing to describe that scene… That accent… I can’t… It could’ve worked, except for the… I don’t think I can even call it an accent, it’s a blight on American dialects of all kinds… An affront to nature and humanity… And yet I feel a need to show it to all of my friends

        • Uh, EVERYTHING about Terminator 3 was cheesy…

      • Wow, I never had seen that before!! Since it isn’t officially in the movie, it isn’t officially canon. Thankfully.

  5. you people crying about his age should shut it and take a look at sylvester stallone, sly isn’t even a body builder and he’s tanked up. arnie can get into shape within 5 months guarantee (another example is christian bale, he goers from 20-30kg to around 100 within 3-4 months).

    but like many have said before, i hope he isn’t a cyborg sent back in time, they should stick with continuity and keep it in present time (post apocalyptic). salvation was a mess b/c of all the garbage they threw in there just to compete with the likes of bay’s transformers, imo ditch all the garbage special effects and stick to just humans RESISTING (hence why they’re called the resistance) the robot invasion, and just include upgraded versions of the robots we saw in #3(which eventually upgrade into the ones from T1 and 2).

    get a new director, writer(s), ditch christian bale (or give him less screen time (even though the movie is about him(connor) bale sucks anus and shouldn’t act in anything) and not to many vehicle moments (especially onjes with working radios) ;)

    • It has nothing to do with him getting back into shape. I’m sure he can physically perform the part but it’s about the physical age of his face. That’s one part of the body you can’t “tone”. So would you prefer they cake make-up on him like they did a young Magneto in X3? or would you want them doing a CGI overlay to make him look younger?

      • again look at sly, he had botox and a facelift so all they do now is cover up the hideous scars he has near his jaw/beck area. and imo he (arnie) didn’t look all that bad in expendables, sure you could see the wrinkles but again, those can be fixed at a painful cost (both physically and financially(thought it wont really bother his wallet as much as his self esteem))

        • But Stallone hasn’t been pushing pencils for the past few years, and was taking steroids (at least from what I’ve heard).

    • jwalka,

      I know you’ve been here for a while, but if you want to continue to comment here you really need to get a grip on your tone: “you people crying about his age should shut it” is out of line and I see this sort of thing from you very often. You can make your entire point without leading off with a comment like that.


  6. Well Terminator Salvation established that Cyberdine were experimenting on convicts before judgment day. Have an opening scene where a CG de-aged Arnie plays a lifer who was a CIA hitman or something getting a reduced scentence for agreeing to donate blood, bone marrow, hair, skin, stool and semen smaples to Cyberdine. On judgment day he gets in a fight and dragged to the hole.

    Also R rating. TS was supposed to be a war movie, not Transformers 2.5.

    • The Blu-ray had an R-rated version that added a boob shot, and more blood. And to no surprise, it added nothing to the film’s quality. Soo much for an R-rated being a “must”.

  7. Personally, unless they are going to take the franchise in a NEW direction, I’m not really interested. The whole going back in time thing I could buy for 1-2 but it got silly for T3 and continuing to up the ante.

  8. YES! YES! YES!

  9. I wish they do a flat out gritty battlezone movie, without all of the silly fluff of “cool” new robots or any other gimmicks. Just a war between humans and robots.

  10. I could see this floundering for a few years before they finally decide to just reboot it (like everything else) and start all over. Arnie will get involved in other projects that push this one back a few times before he steps down from Terminator all together. Just my guess as to the future of this franchise.

  11. Am I the only person who liked salvation?

    • As much as I love Arnold, the story ended at the conclusion of Judgment Day. It didn’t make the cut into the movie, but any Jim Cameron fan likely knows that John Conner grew up and became a Senator and actually met his ‘younger’ father, Kyle. Skynet was never created and Earth was never destroyed. Good story, the end.

    • salvation was great

    • It was fun as a mindless action film, but it still had a lot of problems. A lot better than Terminator 3 though.

    • No you are not the only one.

      If they are not going to bring Bale back then they tie SCC into the movie timeline and go from there.

      What I don’t get is why no one has gone after the person who came up with time travel?

  12. I’ve reviewed every film, television series and more. I love the franchise. I love the characters and timelines and detail they provide to it. I HATE the s***-end-of-the-stick studios have given this franchise in it’s last two incarnations (TERMINATOR: Sarah Connor Chronicles, that meat grindered 25 years of fandom on Friday evenings and Salvation that was simply terrible movie making). There have been some great concepts presented above and I hope that they’re able to DIG DEEP for this next one.

    Having Arnold back in is a total treat, but one that MUST BE USED APPROPRIATELY but DIFFERENTLY, not not haphazardly. I’m done with seeing things created to “show cool things.” I want another great chapter to the mythos that is still missing after way too many years that T3 only caught a smidgeon of.

  13. Come on if you’re gonna replace McG get a talented director like a Len Weismen or a Darron Aronefsky, McG isn’t that great but he’s 10 times the director of Justin “Ass and Titty Shots” Lin.

  14. Why would he come back to this franchise. He should move to something else. Make him go back to the Predator franchise, unless he feels he is too old to get his a$$ whooped again?

  15. Beserker, guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger thrive off attention.

    When that attention stops, (no longer in charge of Calefornia) it gets desperate. What the role he’s known for world wide, the fricken Terminator. A mindless killing robot, he seems to releash the character. I wonder why, (not really) he’s in love with himself and he craves the adrenaline of being a star or leader or whatever.

    He’s really a sad guy with WAY to much power and money.

    • That’s all actors/directors who want a comeback.

      • And here I thought people became actors because they don’t want the attention and want a private life… :-D

  16. Uggggggggggg

    He should be the whiley old vet brought out of retirement to fight a Predator

    No more friggen Terminator films please

    • Suddenly the role of Lawrence Fishburne in predators comes to mind… then arnie would go the same route and gets rubbed out in a much bloodier way.

  17. All hail Lord Garth Formerly of Izar!!!


  18. I was hoping they only make another Terminator film if the script was good and that they hopefully conclude the movie series.

    When they announced that Helena Bonham Carter was playing the main villain in Terminator: Salvation, I was expecting her to be the Skynet equivalent of the Borg Queen from Star Trek. I was so disappointed in the end when I saw the film and it was a wasted opportunity to have a really iconic and memorable villain in the franchise. They should have had a confrontation between her, Christian Bale and Sam Worthington towards the end like with Picard, Data and the Borg Queen in Star Trek: First Contact’s climax

    Arnold Schwarzenegger needs to do more dramas rather than just doing huge action blockbusters because he pigeonholed himself as an actor who just did action movies. He is an underrated actor. So, I hope that he does more dramas, tries to reach his full potential as an actor and tries to win an Oscar.

  19. Yeah, I’m over it.

  20. Terminator Salvation was awesome and the only people who didn’t like it were who didn’t get it.

    Haters gonna hate.

    Can’t wait for T5. More for fans.

    • salvation kinda sucked, dude….
      sure the plot MOSTLY made sense, but the execution was pretty poor.
      however I do agree, haters gonna hate, i’m stoked for this regardless.

      • I enjoyed the film, but honestly, the plot had more holes in it than a deer sign in Mississippii.

    • “Terminator Salvation was awesome and the only people who didn’t like it were who didn’t get it.”

      Are you high, or just slightly off? Or did you just not see any of the other movies in the franchise? Salvation made little to no sense. The editing was choppy and there were (as a previous poster said) more holes in it than a deer sign in Mississippii. The mecha and bike-inators were pointless. None of the T-600′s carried engery weapons due to them all being loaded up with mini-guns because some one thought it would be cool. Why are the T-600′s on guard duty all messed up as no one has ever attacked skynet headquarters and there would be no need to flesh them for infiltration. How did skynet even know what the “arnold-inator” looked like, besides the fact the series 800 model 101 didn’t make an appearance til Reese was an adult. And as to J. Cameron excuse that all model 101′s look like Arnold… yeah super intelligent AI make infiltraitors that all look the same rather than using a randomizer. The only thing well done in Salvation was Christian Bale’s acting. They should have known that if you put Micheal Ironside in a Sci-Fi movie for any amount of time it will suck.

  21. DAMNIT. This is how T3 should have been like. Diesel as the good Terminator and Arnie as the bad. That should have ended the franchise. T3 ruined so much…It’s not like they can do another pre-war movie again.

  22. Cool, Arine is back for Terminator 5.

    I hope the film happens but it doesn’t have a director or a writer yet so I wish Ridley Scott or John Hyams (who directed Universal Soldier Regerenation) will be the director.

    Universal Soldier Regerenation was awesome and the fight scenes was the best part.

  23. sweet

  24. I think that John Connor needs a HUGE WIN against the machines. This needs to be shown in dramatic, grand, & epic scale. I mean WHY is he this supposed savior of mankind? You don’t just lead a ragtag group of rebels in minor skirmishes and get called SAVIOR of mankind. (Unless one of those skirmishes is destroying a Death Star) I haven’t seen anything in the Terminator movies that show “Savior” Connor.

    Honestly, for him to be a savior in the vein that James Cameron alluded to then he’d really have to die, in some spectacular machine-stopping act of selflessness, and become a martyr for the cause.

    • That makes sense. So far we haven’t seen John Connor being a savior of mankind. There are so many angles that they could flesh out while keeping the storytelling fresh. I think it all comes down to who they get to write the script. If the writer(s) is/are avid fans of the films and really get into the meat of the story, there’s a great chance that the new film with Arnold could really bring the franchise back to life. They’d be wise to keep the Michael Bay action scenes out of the film as that just makes Terminator look like it’s competing with Transformers. They are two different story lines and they need to be treated as such. A film far more focused of the meat of the story and far less focused on action scenes will be well received I think, because there are a lot of things people would like to know about the details of the story, and those can’t be discovered with shaky-cam action sequences from one end of the film to the other.

    • See now THAT would have been a better idea for T3. A weird, distant future but yet at the same time, prequel to T1. We would get to see them win against Skynet, see Skynet sending the T-800 back (and the T-1000) and then see the Tport machine captured and them sending Reese and their own T-800 back. /sigh.

  25. I’m pretty sure they are gonna continue where Salvation ended. More or less anyways. With flashbacks.

    Arnold could be one of the few who were tested in the beginning for the Terminator program like Sam Worthington or as that Sergeant Candy person whose likeness was used as the unused scene suggested.

    But frankly speaking the best way to go about it would be to show Arnold as the original maker/ designer of the robots or something. Would be cool to have flashbacks and then show him in the present day.

    Basically it needs talented writers. Very badly.

    Come to think of it… EVERY movie needs talented writers. Scribes are gonna rule the world… someday. Or robots for that matter :D

  26. Now that I think of it again I believe Sarah Connor has to come back. I mean she was epic. So badass. The reel world needs more women like her.

    Maybe time travel might play a huge part again. Maybe what happened in Salvation might all be bogus if the past is altered.

    And I agree @Dante. John Connor barely survived in Salvation and he didn’t actually do anything saviour-worthy. Sam Worthington’s character (I forget the name) was more of a hero.

    Big victory needed. Hell yeah.

    • Marcus Wright.