Arnold Schwarzenegger Officially Attached to ‘Terminator 5′ [Updated]

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terminator 5 arnold schwarzenegger Arnold Schwarzenegger Officially Attached to Terminator 5 [Updated]
[UPDATE: Schwarzenegger has confirmed that he’ll return as The Terminator for Terminator 5, which begins filming January 2014.]

I’m going to restrain myself from making the obvious “I’ll be back…” joke, but suffice it to say – it looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger is indeed returning to the Terminator franchise.

The development of a fifth theatrical outing gained considerable momentum after Schwarzenegger announced his intentions to return to acting back in February.

The hedge fund company Pacificor acquired the rights to the Terminator series last year and it was made clear that they were under no obligation to continue on with the trilogy that Terminator Salvation was intended to start. At this point, it’s still unclear which direction future installments might take or how they’re going to navigate through the increasingly convoluted continuity.

Schwarzenegger was immediately inundated with offers after leaving office and Terminator 5 was one of the first projects he was rumored to be eyeing. Evidently, his desire to step back in front of the camera convinced Universal that this was the right time to relaunch the iconic franchise. They quickly tossed Fast Five director Justin Lin into the mix – and Lin later confirmed that he spoke with Schwarzenegger about appearing in the film.

Pacificor is now looking to finalize a deal for the financing and distribution of Terminator 5 and they’ve been shopping the project around to several studios. Lin is still attached to direct, but according to Deadline the real selling point is that Schwarzenegger is now officially on board as well.

Fast Five scribe Chris Morgan was reportedly involved with Terminator 5 at one point, but it looks like the film is currently without a writer. Robert Cort (Runaway Bride, Save the Last Dance) will produce and Deadline claims that Universal, Sony, and Lionsgate are already giving serious consideration to Pacificor’s package.

Schwarzenegger has been linked to several other films including Ji-Woon Kim’s The Last Stand and Antoine Fuqua’s The Tomb. There’s also the upcoming Governator animated series, comic book, and 3D feature film. The Terminator remains his most iconic character, however, and Terminator 5 would arguably put him back in the spotlight in a much more dramatic fashion.

terminator 5 and 6 Arnold Schwarzenegger Officially Attached to Terminator 5 [Updated]

Of course, the notion of Schwarzenegger returning to the series has left many of us wondering whether or not that would even work. I suppose a lot of it depends on how they decide to utilize him. Would he play a supporting (and non-cyborg) role while a younger actor (possibly Vin Diesel) does all of the heavy lifting? Or will Schwarzenegger slip on the leather jacket and sunglasses once again while the filmmakers offer a preposterous excuse for why The Terminator now looks like he’s sixty-three?

Honestly, if it’s the latter approach – count me out. I love the first two Terminator movies and I understand how iconic Schwarzenegger’s performance is – but isn’t it about time that someone makes a real effort to carry this franchise on without him? At this point, I’ve pretty much had my fill of John Connor stories and slight variations on the same basic plot template. Salvation definitely dropped the ball with its execution, but I think a story set during the Future War is still brimming with potential.

I know that Schwarzenegger’s involvement is a business decision first and foremost, but I really hope they find a way to use this opportunity to play with audience expectations and do something surprising with him.

If nothing else, I guess we should probably just be thankful that they’re not remaking the original Terminator.

Source: Deadline.

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  1. after t3 i have not or ever will spend a single dime on watching a terminator movie they ruined the franchise with the last two movies, i will only watch a terminator movie if james cameron and arnold are involved with making the movies

  2. they severely ruined my favorite franchise of all time…

  3. I think they sould be leave alone the saga!!!…I mean T4 was good…but that’s it!!!,,,T3 was the same…you cant do this movie without CAMERON…simple like that!!,,,he’s the heart of the franchise….

  4. I loved terminator salvation. was finally good to see the trashed waste lands of earth being shown.

    lets not do another running threw the city being chased by terminators movie that’s been done 3 times and the 3rd defiantly was poo

    i would like to see more terminators blood and guts not this m15+ stuff come on lets make it awesome :)

  5. The film series would be ruined by Vin Diesels involvement. I also think that Terminator Salvation was an excellent extension of the film series, and an improvement over the unexpectedly solid T3.

    Salvation has already set the T5 storyline in place for me. Get Kyle Reese to safety send him back through time. Simple plot. Arnie could be the captured model human that Cyberdyne used to the cyborg version of him. Arnie escapes to aid Connor in getting Kyle back in time. Add in huge action scenes and voila, you have a solid T5. By the way…Arnie (the human one) should die via the cyborg one.

    • More or less I agree. Have Arnold be his human counter part and center the story around him,John and Kyle Reese working out the plan to send Kyle back to protect Sarah. Still plenty of action opportunity and character building. Borrow a little from TV series as well as movies to further story line.

  6. The fact that Arnold is on board means little if the story is as awful as the last two. There was no character development in either of McDbag’s films except for sam worthington’s character, who freaking died anyway (and thus shouldn’t be in another film).

    The basic storyline I would like to see is 1) Connor is disgraced after his costly move at the end of T4 and the resistance goes on without him or with him being demoted and removed from a leadership role. IMPORTANT: Connor, Reese and the state of the resistance should be the only characters that need development. Boosting a Sam Worthington at the expense of JC is wrong…it’s wrong!

    2) the resistance begins getting their bums handed to them by Skynet (real Empire Strikes Back-type hopelessness and decline)and somehow Connor makes some big moves and begins to be respected again. Any such improvement in the resistance’s likely fate should be minimal and appear tenuous (or why do you need another movie).

    3) The only role I could see for Arnie is that of an early model Hunter Killer like the one that is rampaging in the flashback scene of the first movie.

    4) Reese would also have to begin distinguishing himself as it would make sense to send one of your best (though this should be saved for a third film).

    5) MOST IMPORTANTLY: It would help if Christian Bale sounded like a person and not someone who needs an iron lung. Speech therapy is not just for those with brain damage.
    *it is total BS to have the leader of the American resistance played by a Welsh actor!

  7. It would be good to see Arnold in the terminator movie again. Who did they base the look of terminator from was it from a human if so may be they have him playing a important leader that gives the terminator the hardest fight it ever face

  8. i am looking for T5 in 2012 and not in 2014.(arnold will be 67 and we cannot imagine him as terminator).so pls make it soon.

  9. i am looking for T5 in 2012 and not in 2014.(arnold will be 67 and we cannot imagine him as terminator ).so pls make it soon.

  10. I want Vin diesel to play in the next Terminateer 5 movie.

  11. I want Arnold in terminator5 that’s all.Without Arnold it will be a b******* movie.No one can take Arnold’s place in terminator series.He is the real terminator.Salvation was BS.

  12. Arnolds to old cuzzy. Unless the get him a terminator wheel chair thing to get around

  13. Terminator 4 kicked arse

  14. terminator 1 and 2 were the best. arnold played a good hero and villian in 1 and 2. terminator 3 was ok. but it had a crummy ending. i hated terminator 4 without arnold.

  15. I thought T3 was better than 1st one although the 1st one does bring back childhood memmories. My parents said i was obsessed watch them growing up as a baby. That be cool to see him in 5 regardless of his age..he still got that terminator in him…I really didnt care for 4th one…it seemed a bit to cheesy…I was hoping for more of a grousome and terminating battles…I am a bit surprised alot of people liked 4th one..I best from 1-4 is


    The show was pretty good actually that sucked they cancelled it.

  16. T3 did have a good point leaidng up to trilogy..They did everything to protect themselves as nukes fall on world as end the show made for a rich sequel….I really do not think T5 will get surprassed 4 one unless Arnold in it…I am watching 1st one right now.

  17. Please no arnold schwarzenegger in terminator 5. It just wouldn’t be right especially since he wasn’t in T4. He was perfect in the 1st three. While i DO respect Arnold, Cameron can make number 5 very good without him.
    Even though Terminator SCC had it’s cheesy moments, 1 thing that was very intriguing was how the machines wanted to help humans end the war. The machines (mostly the T1000’s) start to become curious about how humans can help them create even smarter and more advanced machines using there unique creativity that the machines will never have. This can lead directly from the end of Terminator SCC into T5.
    In multiple cases from past terminators the machines train themselves not to kill humans. They could potentially need humans to save themselves, to have more purpose, and even to merge with humans creating a new race of people who live longer with more capabilities.
    Pretty far fetched?…..maybe not :)

  18. If Schwarzenegger returns as the Terminator he will not be able to give a convincing portrayal due to his age (in my opinion). It is someone else’s turn to play a killing machine and few people are more terrifying than the Irish. The sound of Liam Neeson’s voice in Taken is enough to scare anyone including the bad guys who took his daughter!

    Colin Farrell delivered an excellent performance in Total Recall and made the Schwarzenegger version from 1990 look silly. Budding Irish actor Paul Curran would jump at the chance of appearing in Terminator 5 and hopes to play a soldier sent to protect Connor during the future war! A younger and more energetic cast would be able to perform more dramatic stunts and attract a new audience. Arnold should take a back seat…

  19. People need to realise…arny could be a t800 thats been beat up….easy to disguise his age then

  20. they should have old arnold fight young arnold in t5.that would be something different and it would be better because it would be two terminators of the same model fighting each other and they are evenly matched.

  21. I honestly really loved the “Future war” theme that they had going in Terminator 4, seeing earth in shambles with SkyNET in power, hunting down the Resistance was a cool experience. The tension that some scenes had such as when Marcus and Reese were in the gas station when suddenly a Harvester attacked made it for me.. I felt like I was in that gas station, holding my breath as the attack was carried out.

  22. I’ve just realised that Terminator 5 can if they choose to, ignore the plot of Terminator Salvations (TS). I think this because apart from the constant time travel deal the events of TS didn’t take place in the timeline of the original three films. I’ll explain, in short, the ending of Terminator Tv series shows John travelling through time where he introduces himself as John Conner and the soldiers ask who John Conner is, now in TS John Conner isn’t the big hero and saviour of the human resistance but another solipdier.

    So my theory is, that what Terminator 5 should be is a continuation of T3 as the original timeline. At least that’s my thoughts. Basically Termnator Sarah Connor Chronicles ended up getting a film just set far in the future, John wasn’t the great hero. Anyway that’s how I see it.

    As for the next Termnator, I think they should take their plot cues from the comics, and have part of it set in the future showing us John Conner trying to fight to get access to the time machine thing and sending the Termnator back our K Reese.

    • That’s soldier. Sorry writing using the iPad and my thumb slipped.

  23. No Arnold no terminater

  24. This new plot idea they’ve got of telling “Young Sarah Connor’s” story is the worst idea ever. It’s in danger of invalidating the first movie. Clearly, if Sarah Conner had encountered a Terminator when she is young, then she would not be so inexperienced with how to deal with them in Terminator1!
    They really need to just continue where Terminator4 left off. Ofcourse, killing John Conner was a stupid mistake, but why not just bring him back and put him in a terminator body? It’s already been proved in Terminator4 that the technology exists to turn an existing human in to machine.

  25. My love t1 @ T2 wasnt really fond of three and didnt no there was a four but yeah five would be the businss with arnold just have to write it a certain way

  26. Arnold is the creator of,”The Terminator”. Without his appearance the movie will be tasteless. Just like Batman without Christian Bale.