Justin Lin Confirms ‘Terminator 5′ Talk With Schwarzenegger

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Now that Arnold Schwarzenegger is back (sorry, couldn’t resist) to acting, rumors about Terminator 5 happening are as popular as ever. The (former) action star previously confirmed that the Terminator franchise is one of several that he’s been approached to revisit, but did not elaborate on how substantial said talks about the series are.

Now Fast and the Furious franchise helmer Justin Lin has spoken out on the subject, revealing that he and Schwarzenegger have held multiple discussions about Terminator 5. Whether anything will come of it, however, isn’t something Lin is so sure about.

Here’s what Lin told Omelete about a fifth Terminator flick:

“I feel I have a take that I would love to see, and I’ve talked with Arnold and we’ve talked and we’ll see. Again, I would love to do it, but it has to be the right circumstances. It has to be the right people. And there’s other projects too. But I’m in a position now that I can choose more than I could a year ago, two years ago. So that is something that is potentially in my future, but when I get home I will sit down and look at my options and choose what I want to do.”

Lin’s Fast Five hits theaters in two weeks’ time and is expected to (pardon the pun) tear it up at the box office. So while Lin will likely be courted to helm the next installment in that franchise, he’ll also be in a better position to convince studio heads that he’s the man to resurrect the Terminator series… once again. But that, of course, raises the real million dollar question: Should there even be a Terminator 5?

terminator 5 arnold schwarzenegger Justin Lin Confirms Terminator 5 Talk With Schwarzenegger

Like (just about) everyone else, I wasn’t exactly blown away with director McG’s Terminator: Salvation; the film just didn’t leave me interested in seeing the sci-fi franchise continue. But if there’s one thing Hollywood seems to be in love with nowadays, it’s rebooting “dead” franchises, be it The Crow, Lethal Weapon, the Alex Cross and Jack Ryan series – heck, even a cash-cow like the Spider-Man film series is getting the reboot treatment.

Salvation did excel in the department of visual effects and stylish action, and a filmmaker like Lin could easily go above and beyond in that area with Terminator 5. It could be interesting (“could” is the key word there) to see the Terminator series continue on and further explore the world of post-Judgement Day Earth, but that would require future installments to return to the more thoughtful and humane tone of James Cameron’s Terminator movies – and I’m not sure I see someone like Lin being up to that challenge.

Schwarzenegger is clearly serious about making a comeback as an actor, and he doesn’t sound all that hesitant about milking his previous hits in order to jump-start his career again. He’s already got new material like The Governator (as surreal as it looks) moving forward, so maybe another entry in the Terminator franchise will be put on the backburner while Schwarzenegger pursues more original projects. I wouldn’t count on it, but it’s still possible…for now.

Are you interested in seeing Schwarzenegger appear in Terminator 5?

Source: Omelete (via Collider)

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  1. Let me be the first to say this…Yes, it sounds like a good idea.

    • I don’t know what you think of Justin Lin as a director, but he’s a talented one, and I hope he can pull it off. At the very least, he needs to make it better than the last Terminator movie, which I hope isn’t too hard for him to do.

      Based on what he did with his movie Better Luck Tomorrow, I imagine he can bring good drama and humanity to the Terminator franchise. The special effects sequences can usually sell themselves. It’s the storyline, the drama, the push of the characters that matter most.

  2. The terminators, apparently, wiped out all of humanity. That’s some 6 billion + souls, with endless stories of “resistance” and “rebellion”. I think it’s time to leave the conner family alone. If arnie was the prototype as suggested in T:salv., then there could be arnie terminators all over the planet.

    Maybe he’s the scientist that made them, he realizes his mistake and has to fight an army of CG-younger arnies, like in T: Salv.

    there’s still lots of potential in this franchise. Let’s face it, if arnie does another movie, most people want to see another terminator, over let’s say… true lies 2? ugh.

  3. If they make it rated R and make Arnold a threat once again and actually kill anyone that gets in his path , like the original, Than yes!

  4. And people said the last one was bad! NO NO NO NO no more arnold.

  5. I really enjoyed Salvation. I thought it was far superior to #3. I would gladly welcome another installment to the franchise. Even keep Bale on( just have him ditch his “Batman” voice), cause I hate when they change actors!

    • I did as well thought Salvation was better than Rise of the Machine.

  6. Hellz to the YES!!! I am on board with this. As for Salvation I have never understood everyone giving it a bad rep. It was set in the future and you knew from the other movies that it was going to be all out war when it got to that point and that was exactly what it was. Did everyone really think were going to end the mechanical revolution in just one movie when money can still be made off this franchise? I thought it was a great movie and I loved the action but that is my two cents. It was a fun movie imo. Looking forward to the next one when Arnold will be back

  7. How is “tear it up” a pun?

    • Heh, well it’s not a painfully obvious pun, but… tear up the streets? Fast Five is about racing?

      That was a bit of a stretch, I admit. My apologies for the confusion. :-P

      • I thought it was pretty obvious :). But being a mechanic I suspect that would have to do with it.


    Go for it Mr. Lin! You have my blessings!!!

  9. Oh yeah I’m sure Bale can’t wait to do another Terminator flick. :)

    Mark these words, you will never see Christain Bale in another Terminator sequel and Arnolds too old to pull off a T-800 model. Why would Skynet bother to age his robots?

    The more I read these kind of articles its becomes clear that Terminator is over. They need to move on.

    What does this say about Arnolds “talent”. “Yeah I just want to keep playing a robot that kills people.”

    He has no talent its clear he was just the right bodybuilder at the right time.

  10. The stories in the Terminator universe are unlimited, but Hollywood is stuck on the Conners and don’t think people will come to see anything else. As others have said they could make the person who the design for the T-800 was taken from be Arnold. Resistance fighters could find him in a secired holding pen in a Skynet lab and entail his break out and the fight to make to the resistance lines. Add in that most humans would look on Arnold as a T-800 and shoot first before asking questions.

  11. I always thought it was pretty clear that there were over 101 models designed.
    To continue focusing on Arnolds model is even worse then continuing the Connor story.

    The only chapter Terminator left (imo) would be showing once and for all how Connors destroys skynet and sends back the Terminators and then somehow manages to repair the timeline.
    Any hiden Arnold scientist or Robert Patrick’s working on stem-cells he becomes the T-1000 in a skynet lab bs, is going to be just lame as T4.

    • I don’t think there are actually 101 models. When numbering things they usually start with a higher number like 100. So Arnolds model; T-800 model 101, is probably the second in line. That doesn’t mean there can’t be a lot of different models though. There would need to be enough different models so they aren’t easily recognized.

      So they don’t have to keep using the same old antiquated model. Between the first movie up through the Sarah Chronicles we have been shown over 20 models (most of them being T-888s from the TV series). The TV series really started getting carried away with things imho.

      Regardless though I was done with the feasibility of the series at #2. I could buy the T-1000 being an advanced prototype and it was Skynet’s LAST ditch effort. After that though T3 was crap and T4 wasn’t much better. At some point we gotta say the resistance has captured the facility and SHUT IT DOWN so they can’t keep making more advanced models and sending them back in time anymore.

      I like Arnold (and T1-2) but trying to keep this franchise alive by dreaming up more infeasible scenarios to both; keep him in and keep the franchise going is like beating a dead horse.

      I would much rather see Arnold return in Predators 4 than another Terminator movie.

    • I always thought it was pretty clear that there were over 101 models designed.
      To continue focusing on Arnolds model is even worse then continuing the Connor story.

      “I agree with you on that, they should do it like george romero’s dead series..that there are different characters on every sequel..

  12. Well if they are making another Planet of the Apes movie despite the failure that the previous planet of the Apes movie had turned out to be than I don’t see why they wouldn’t make another terminator movie.

  13. The theme in the Terminator movies is FATE, that we are doomed to repeat history no matter what we do to stop it…a al the end of T2. I do think it would be interesting to delve into an older Arnold being the man behind the bots or Skynet and possibly the man behind the time travel device. You can have him send himself into the future to see his own handiwork then come back to try and disable what is already getting out of hand and it tries to stop him. This way you can avoid the Connors and possibly end the entire story arc in one fell swoop…

  14. His voice might work, but the CGI Arnold face from Salvation wasn’t very convincing.

  15. T3 was terrible. Terminator Salvation was a whole lot better, a step in the right direction. Arnold returning? I believe that he was the problem in T3, that and the script. You can’t give him human emotions in part two and then have him be an emotionless robot lacking in any kind of emotion or attachment to anything in part 3 and pull it off. I understand that he was a different robot but they set themselves up for failure when they paid him 30 million dollars to beat up a girl, wear gay sunglasses(literally,no offense to anyone) and say a whole seven words. They probably should have spent way less on him and more on a second, third, fourth rewrite. There is so much source material to borrow from or adapt for the screen, including stories with Arnies terminator. They need to ditch the Connors and Arnold. Terminator movies will make an appearance every now and then. If not every five years, we’ll get them every ten. They created such a great franchise and world that they haven’t fully explained or taken advantage of. There wouldn’t be other humans elsewhere? Asia? Africa? An alliance? Some sort of United Nations? Someone that just doesn’t want to listen to John Connors? Just saying, I dunno

  16. It’s over let it go. T1 and 2 were great. 3 was utter tripe. and 4 was ho hum as was the series. Let it go. It ran its course. Wait 50 years till you reboot or something.

  17. Salvation was honestly a step up in my opinion from T3 (that movie was terrible), but to totally reboot the series? No thank you. Justin Lin helming the franchise reboot (or even being involved in a Terminator movie) is even more of a joke than actually talking about rebooting the series.

    Plus Arnold is what made me fall in love with Terminator, and lets face it the dude is old and his ass kicking days are over.

  18. The only way I can see this as a good thing is if they do a partial reboot and this next movie picks up from the T2 storyline. But that’s obviously not going to happen, and even if it does, there’s still a chance that it will suck anyway. So… Most likely if Arnold is in it, I’ll probably watch it anyway, I actually sat through that terrible mess of a movie called T3… *shudders*, but mainly just out of curiosity.

    • Well, TSCC was basically a reboot set right after T2, and that show was canceled. I honestly think the Terminator franchise should be left in the past.

      • Yep, I agree, unless James Cameron decides to do it himself and Arnold’s on board, that would definitely be interesting…

  19. Yes!!!!!, brink back arnie in the role he was made famous for. Have the story with John Conner (soilder) version & arnie kicking machines ares!!!!!. Christian bale, arnie, the cast from salvation.

  20. if they make part 5 they can’t let kyle reese see the arnold character or the arnold terminator. they made that mistake in salvation, in part one he says he did not know what the terminator looked like.

    i still want arnie vs. arnie

  21. Frankly they should have stopped there and then when James Cameron stoppe being at the helm of it.

    …OR ELSE, get him back and let T-5 be the LAST one of the series. Enough is Enough.

    • True, they should have stopped at T2: JUDGMENT DAY, there was no point in having a sequel..

  22. F NO! That’s definitely not a good idea.

  23. Get William Wisher’s script and add in more things to make the story more interesting…

  24. Like my friends, i think i liked Terminator Salvation alittle more than T3 despite Arnold being in that film. Id like to see the franchise continue with T5 set in post-judgement-day aslong he doesn’t send any HK’s,Harvesters,Terminators & John Connor himself back in time like MCG wanted to do. I hope Arnold will not only be there for the film itself but be there as a consultant to whoever directs. It would be nice to see the original big machines back being built that were seen in the first two films & the machines developing the laser weapons which they and the resistance both will use.

  25. For me, this franchise ended in the ’90.

    The only movie they should have made, is Terminator 0
    The story that tells how Kyle Reese & Co got sent back.

    The war ended in Terminator 2.

    • @ tuf

      I think thats what they been wanting to do starting with Termination Salvation. To show what happens to the point to where both Skynet & Connor send back the first T-800 & Kyle Reese to 1984.

  26. “Does that sound like a good idea?”

    In a word…. NO.

    Especially if Schwarzenegger is going to be involved. Thee are plenty of stories to tell and the Arnie T-800 doesn’t even need to have a cameo to do it.

  27. Id like to see T5 get made & see more of the post judgement-day war escalate. Id hate to see it be rebooted by someone & someone tryin to fill in the role that made Arnold most famous for.

  28. YES!!!!

  29. yes what?